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Found 8 results

  1. Hi all, first off I'd like to say that I am really quite bad at figures/dates/number related things so please bear with me. Its why I'm here I took out a Wonga loan in Sepetember, I'd done this before as an emergency and paid back. Fine. This time I could not pay back. I lost my job. Here are the figures: I borrowed £350 in September I was due to pay a single payment of £455 in October. I couldn't. I set up a repayment plan, that bounced. So I set up another which I paid a few times. It bounced again because the minimum they would accept is £40 per month, which I can't afford. And now I'm here. As it stands my account info looks like this; Total amount owed £560 Capital repayment £350 Interest £366 Repayments made £160.97 Can anyone advise me what is the best way to approach them? They WILL NOT reply to my emails (only standard meaningless replies) and continue to call me even though I have specifically said my phone is broken (true!) I'm here because I'm in financial difficulty and the interest they have added is making me even poorer. What is the minimum amount I have to pay them back? I have no income and live with my mum at the moment. Thanks
  2. Hi Guys Been a while since I have been on here and I currently have an outstanding loan with CFO which is capital 750 and interest around 270, so totals 1020. I have already been in a loop of paying off and taking it back out again, or rolling over interest - stupidly, I know. I have been scouring the net and indeed this forum for any hint of people getting success with a repayment plan for CFO - is this even possible?? I can afford to split the entire balance into 4 months, I can't afford to make it any shorter term than that. I am considering cancelling the CPA and advising my bank and then telling CFO. Also telling bank that my details are compromised and will ensure they do not allow CFO to take money from my bank. In anyones experience do you think CFO would accept this form of repayment plan - I know some people struggle and have to offer only token payments, so hoping there is a glimmer of hope that this is not going to completely destroy my life. Thanks
  3. I left work to go back to uni in september so had to give up full time work. I contacted lending stream to advise them of this and offer a repayment plan of £30pm which they accepted. I paid this every month but noticed I was accruing a lot of charges and contacted them. They said because the repayment plan wasn't set up over the phone it wasn't valid. I challenged this as it doesn't state this anywhere in my terms (and is a nonsense excuse) and they agreed and said they would remove all extra charges. I have stuck to my repayment plan but they then removed my option to repay online.When I contacted them they gave me another made up balance with hundreds in extra charges? They keep ignoring me when I say the plan has been agreed twice now and just keep telling me to phone in. Both times I was on for twenty minutes trying to explain with the advisor not having a clue (english not first language) and not even being able to find my loan. I'm at my wits end. This was agreed in October and again confirmed in December I've stuck to my side every date the £30s due so why aren't they letting me pay?! Where do I go from here?
  4. I currently have a number of payday lenders and have been through the mill borrowing to cover interest, cancelling direct debits for council tax, on a continuous cycle. Eventually just snapped and decided to contact each of my lenders to advise of financial difficulty. Simply couldn't go on any longer paying interest and reborrowing, and now have final demands on council tax and the likes - danger! Mr Lender - Cannot believe how understanding they were, plan agreed immediately Lending Stream - A couple of useless customer reps on the phone but in the end 11 month plans agreed! Payday Express - Told me I didn't meet their criteria of 'hardship' over the telephone despite my ignored emails. Told me that someone would need to be dead, and I would need to have no money for a funeral and no job! Enraging! I quoted a few pieces of recent legislation and requested that they refrained from trivialising my circumstances, then challenged them on their right to define the word 'hardship' and asked whether the feel that in court they would be sided with, and accused them of attempting to manipulate standard terms to avoid current lending codes of practice. They then 'as an act of goodwill' offered me a repayment plan and told me they were always looking to learn from these experiences. So in the end I have an affordable plan. I was quite worried when I saw all the terrible dealings people have been having with this company. Wonga - Very professional and helpful TxtLoan - Also excellent in helping PaydayUK - Very professional in helping too I now need to try and sort something with 247moneybox - anyone had any dealings with them? I'd be happy to spread my loan over the next 4-5 months to clear it. Come March/April I will finally be out of this eternal loop. I have been trapped in th cycle for about 18 months. Nasty!
  5. Hi, I'm trying to get rid of my payday loans by setting up repayment plans and freezing the interest. Had no problems with the rest apart from CFO Lending they say at the moment they can't set up a repayment plan but I can extend it. I know thats not going to get me anywhere. Need some advice on where to go from here. Cheers
  6. Hi everyone, Just like many other people on here, I have been silly enough to get into the payday loan trap! Until I can get interest frozen, I am literally trapped in a never ending loop. I have recently got a break from quick quid who are allowing me to pay over 4 months, which is a lot but I guess its manageable. Txtloan also were very helpful and have a good repayment plan that i am happy with. Does ANYONE have any success with lending stream, I have not yet told them I am going to have financial difficulty. I can pay my due money this month, but next month is not looking good. I would rather tell them in advance rather than default and face all the nasty calls etc. So hopefully someone will have some success or tips for lending stream please?? Thanks
  7. Hi, I sent an email to WDA requesting to set up a repayment plan as I can't afford to pay it all off. The sent an email back stating I have 5 days to fill in an income and expenditure sheet and a copy of my bank statement. I am led to believe they can not ask you for a bank statement but I am unsure as to why and what to type in the reply to them. Some advice would be a great help
  8. Hi I have several payday loans and my hours at work have been reduced. The only way I know to get rid of them is with a repayment plan. i know not to ring them and do it by email or post. I just wanted some advice on how to write the email so they will stop the charges aswell and also not take the whole lot from my bank account. I have got new bank cards for my 2 accounts. Cheers
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