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Found 5 results

  1. I wrote to County Court explaining I had misunderstood their 14 day order to return info to them, after 16 days, asking for an extension. They have replied saying my claim is struck out as I have 'made no formal application for re-instatement of the claim and relief from sanctions' I have read Part 3.9 of Civil Procedure Rules and understand what has happened (sort of!) Is this about the process? Is there a form to use and guidance about what the Court wants to re-instate, please
  2. Hi ,can anybody help my situation. I am a newby I had a kitchen company apply to the courts for a payment to which they said I owed, this first started in 2013 they claimed I owed on several invoices over a period of time I phoned them on several occasions to state that I have never had or authorised anybody to have these items. I even phoned head office but they would not have any of it so it went on until in dec last year I phoned head office and after getting nowhere they said they would refer it to the legal dept to which I said see you in court, that's where I am at . I had a letter from the courts asking if I wanted mediation , which I phoned but because I wasn't prepared to pay anything that was not the way forward , then I went on holiday with my family ,when we came back there was a n149a,b,c judgment or order form that stated I had to return by 29th july when we came back off holiday the date had passed. ive tried filling the n244 in but not sure I have done it right and don't know where to send payment can anybody help in any way hanks.
  3. A friend has got into problems with Toothfairy Finance. They are unable to meet their repayment in a few days time. I sent an email to Toothfairy via their contact form on their website on my friends behalf. The email was to request a suitable repayment plan and to inform them that my friend was revoking any right previously given to use a CPA on their debit card. My friend has also cancelled this CPA with her bank this morning. However, my friend has just received an email from Toothfairy asking for evidence of her income such as a pay slip. They also acknowledged that she had requested they cancel the CPA. Toothfairy have said they will not use the CPA for a reasonable amount of time. However, they then state that should a payment not be received or a plan set up to pay off the loan that they will reinstate the CPA without further notice, and attempt to take repayments. ( she did not request they cancel the CPA, she instructed them not to use it, and that she revoked any previous permission for them to use it). Are they allowed to reinstate a CPA once she has notified them she has revoked their right to do so, and she has cancelled it with the bank?
  4. Hey everybody, Love this this site, helped me loads with getting a claim from Arrow Global struck out. Here is an outline of what happened: -Debt was from natwest credit card from 2007 -Claim was put through Northampton County Court by Brian Carter (surprise surprise) -When I requested the documents, they said they were handing the case to the claimant Arrow Global -I did everything as requested by the court, had allocation questionnaire that I handed in -Case was moved to my local court -A country court judge ordered that before any further proceedings, a court order was made that the claimant supply the court and myself with the CCA within 28 days (I think) of the order being made -Arrow failed to supply the CCA and the claim was struck out by the judge on the 21st of June. Here is what the letter I got from Arrow said, they acknowledged that the court had struck the claim out on the 21st June and it was typed by the court on the 26th of July. After over 4-5 months since I requested a CCA they finally attached one, and it looks like it's all there. Now they are saying that if I do not communicate with them or sign the declaration (no chance) they have attached then they will reinstate the claim. Can they do this as it has been 49 days (7 weeks) since the case was struck out. Also they have not supplied the default notice, notice of assignment or anything stating how much I owe. Also I was staying in Scotland at the time I signed the agreement and the address on the cca states this. I'd been living in scotland for 2 and a half years so would the debt be statute barred since it has been over 5 years (my credit file says there were 8 missed payments before the end of 2007, which I'm assuming meant the last payment I had supposedly made was back in June/July of 2007)? I'm hoping somebody can help me with this. Any help would be greatly appreciated! Many Thanks
  5. hi all, I purchased a property in 2007 for £105000 which is now in negative equity. More recently properties of the same kind on the street have been sold averaging £80000. The lender had carried out 2 valuations over a period of six months when the original mortgage was taken out. The first valuation report hadthe reinstate value of £87000 and the second at £92500. Recently i been advised the lender is to renew the insurance policy and that sum insured would be £107000. I opposed this figure and told the lender that their original reinstate valuation is wrong and was overvalued to reflect the house price market of the time and believe the reinstate value is approx £70000. I received a letter from the lender stating they inputted the wrong reinstate value at the time of completion and a more upto date reinstate figure is £105000. I called and spoke to their agent who told me that the letter is wrong and no incorrect reinstate value was input on completion but the reinstate value had been indexed linked twice giving the incorrect figure of £107000 rather than £105000. The agent confirmed what was in the letter andwhat she told me was contradictory. Now i have two issues which i need some helpful advice (1) if a property has a sale value of £80000 is it a fair understanding for the reinstate value to be £105000. Is the sale of the property reflective of the cost to rebuild the property? Is the rebuild cost not a factor determining the cost of sale? in other words are properties sold less than the actual cost of its building even when condition is good? (2) The lenders agent was unable to give me further information on the indexed linked figure for me to determine the difference and any over charging on my account. As their is contradictory information but an agreement to some error on their behalf does that equate to a breach and what actions should/can i take? anyone had any experience with their lender with regards to over valuation?
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