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Found 8 results

  1. Hi All I purchased a C8 in May this year, from around June the car has been back to the garage with the same issues, Diagnostics showed rail pressure sensor, fuel pressure sensor, or even both everytime they plugged it in and reset the the fault code, last time it was in the garage (just 2 weeks ago) they changed the map sensor. and and we are still having power issues as well as EML coming on, Well today the car ended up being bought home on the back of a truck and the diagnostics the mechanic did before he picked car up showed same faults again... Can I just reject this car now or do I have to give them another chance to fix it please help many thanks Lets
  2. Not a complaint so much as a query. I work 12 hour night shifts and recently took three weeks off as I couldnt get paternity leave. Now usually my shifts pay rate is ten hours of my 12 are paid at normal time and the last two hours are time and a half. But on checking my wage slips for when Im off instead of being paid my usual 40 hours standard and 8 hours at overtime which is what I get every week, Ive been paid 40 hours standard and no sign of of the 2 hours per shift at overtime rate. When I ask Im told its standard company procedure to not pay the last 2 hours of my normal shift when Im on holidays as its paid as overtime. When I point out my contract is 48 hours, 4 12 hour shifts Im told its irrelevant and thats just what the company does. This sounds iffy to me and Im down by 8 hours at £10.85 at hour for three weeks straight because of it which adds up pretty quickly!
  3. 'E-cigarettes are more harmful than regular tobacco with (up to) 10 times the level of cancer-causing carcinogens, Japanese scientists have claimed' http://www.ibtimes.co.uk/new-research-japan-claims-e-cigarettes-contain-10-times-amount-carcinogens-regular-tobacco-1476932
  4. http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/business-29896617 Be aware appeals are pending, this is not yet finalised
  5. Hi I'm in panic mode at the moment as my fortnightly housing benefit payment should of gone in the bank today (goes in for monday but can always see it saturday) I went down to my local council office about 4 weeks ago to take a load of recent payslips as they had totally miscalculated our payment and was over paying us by around £70 a week, so I wanted to get this re-calculated a.s.a.p so to prevent any problems. As of last week I hadn't heard anything back from them and have still been getting overpaid, so I called them to chase up what was going on but was just told "Oh this can take a few weeks" As of today I've still not heard anything but now it appears for some reason they've stopped my benefit, which on our low income and the fact we have 2 children whom get DLA, we are entitled to. I'm absolutely panicking because there's no one available at the council to speak to today, the rent is due and I have zero money. Surely even if there have been overpayments made, which aren't my fault as I've provided all details of our income whenever they've asked, they can't just stop payments without warning? What I'm really kicking myself about is I can't find the receipt the woman gave me the last time I took the payslips down to show I'd been, I suppose if it comes down to it I can insist they view CCTV footage to show I was down there!! Is there anyone available on weekends I can speak to about this?
  6. Hi Just been browsing the threads and a thought came to mind I am on Pension Credit and have two grown up sons at home Pension Credit are aware of this My sons every month pay from their wages their share of the household bills inc the Council Tax plus anything they had borrowed over the month (from my account ) This can be a credit of over £250 per month into my account (They mark the transfer as "BOARD " Will Pension Credit assume that these payments are Income when they reassess my claim or will they accept the transactions for what they are
  7. Hi everyone, I'm hoping someone can help please Situation is: I have been in FT employment for 5 years. For the last 2 have been receiving a regular fixed amount payment on top of my salary in lieu of a car (I have written evidence) Employer is now threatening to stop paying this without explanation or reason. Where do I stand on this?
  8. I've had some financial issues over the past few years which has led me to have a pretty abysmal credit file - I've got two defaults on my record along with multiple late payments. On the good side of things I'm not in debt anymore and my credit file reflects the fact I have numerous satisfied accounts. The trouble is when I decided to sort my finances out one aspect of that was closing down all my old bank accounts and starting afresh. Unfortunately because of the state of my credit file my bank (NatWest) would not give me a full current account so I'm stuck with their basic account. I'm not happy about this to say the least because I'm having to pay out £10/month for one of their 'Select Silver' accounts in order to be able to withdraw money from a non NatWest cash machine. Has anyone had any experience appealing such decisions? I mean it's not too much to ask is it - I have been banking with them for over eight years and I do have a very comfortable salary being paid in every month. I've tried talking with them, I've tried writing to them but they just give me the same old scripted response... They won't even advise me on how I might get a full account in the future.
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