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Found 1 result

  1. this is the story of my bulldog so far.. my 12 week old bulldog pup went in for entropian eyelash surgery after a refferal from my own vet as we wanted someone he trusted to undertake this operation for us... he came out 5 hours later and went through the most agonising death over the following 48 hours i have ever seen a poor animal suffer.,,, rushed back into my own vet who tried to save him twice over the last 12 hours of his life but he was struggling to breath and tyson fought so hard to stay with us. .im still upset writing this four weeks later. .i was refferred to the eye vets by my own vet to see an eye specialist whom he recommended highly, but the whole lot was done by a vet at the park my own vet had never ever heard of so very disappointed as we were referred here by someone we trusted and respected highly......... £1347 bill from the park later and i lost my beautiful dog tyson who was so energetic and full of life .. he was such a powerful dog the morning of his operation he pulled me up a steep hill he was so so strong and just loved life. R.I.P TYSON 18 march 2018 i paid my vet to refer me to an eye specialist as he had recommended that my bulldog have entropian eyelash surgery to correct in-growing eyelashes. .we discussed the matter on whom he would recommend to undertake the operation as we wanted the best for our dog and a speedy recovery.. we agreed that he should go to a particular vet at a particular surgery and he recommended him fully he took us to his receptionist and instructed her to make an appointment with this particular specialist , which was arranged for 48 hrs later and the receptionist said she would forward an email of his eye condition straight through to them so they could see what diagnosis had been made.. we took our wonderful dog tyson in for his eye op friday morning and we went in to see a vet who we presumed was part of the vets team who we were refferred to, as we had never been in this vets before. ..he said the dog needed this entropian surgery under both eyes and they make too small cuts under the eyelids and take a small melon shape out and sewed up again and he will be right as rain in about two weeks. he said the cost will be around 1350 pounds and they can do it now and get it over with if we agree and we can pick our tyson up this afternoon.. we did. .fatal... .we picked him up and his was happy to see us but a bit drowsy and sounded very hoarse which we were told was due to the anisthetic pipe and would clear.. we paid the bill in full on credit card and took him home to rest... he didnt seem to improve and started coughing a lot and kept holding his head up as though his throat was blocked and breathing hard. .i called our own emergency vets at 8pm and they said keep an eye on him, if he gets worse call back. .i put him in the car at 12 pm and rushed down to our vets and telephoned on the way to make sure the vet got there. .it was snowing bad that night we got to the vets and had to wait as he was stuck in snow in the meantime we tried to give him oxygen with the veterinary nurse. .the vet arrived and as it was weekend he took over from us and told us to go home and get some rest while they xray him and treat him.. he said he had fluid on his lungs and they kept him in an oxygen tent and gave him medication to expel water they said his breathing was not good and didnt know why.. the next day they had to recusitate him as he worsened and they inserted a tube down his airway to open up his windpipe. .he pulled through when they removed the pipe the vet said a 5cm piece of scar tissue was stuck to the outside of the the tube and when that came out he breathed a lot better, a vast improvement so we thought he was going to pull through.. ..sadly at 9 pm that evening he went into cardiac and they could not revive him.. as you can imagine we were extremely upset and still looking for answers they were proving very difficult to comeby as no one would say anything other than apologise for his death. we then asked for reports the following day from the emergency vet so we could at least begin to see what had happened...this has not yet been forthcoming despite the practice owner promising them to us. now my first question is this... .as i was refferred by my vet to the specialist, do i have a case of malpractice against either of them for not undertaking the operation with the specialist we had discussed , if so which vet has alleged malpractice? i have checked on the rcvs website and it appears that this could be malpractice. i must point out here that the vet who did this operation was not the vet we had discussed in the referral ..it was undertaken by a vet whom our vet did not even know of or heard of and was not the vet we had dsicussed being refferred too, hence why i feel it may allegedly be malpractice... please forgive me as it is difficult to explain all this as it is still very emotional and i really do appreciate any help that is forth coming.. all help appreciated with thanks to you all
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