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Found 13 results

  1. Hi all! in need of some help bit worried and dont know how to tackle this situation, here are the details below: there was a a very small iceland store that closed down on a side road where they must of had around 7-10 parking bays, this is still closed down and no business is running there. i parked there for literally 5 minutes as i come back i got a PCN from parking and property management, there was a sign on the wall, i just thought 5 minutes as i was looking for a shop wouldnt be a problem! Date and time: 21/02/2017 at 12.38 received a few notice to keepers then a letter before claim i have ignored all of this! from gladstones. and unfortunately they are thrown away as i thought ignoring them would be fine. on the PCN it says issue reason 1: unauthorised parking the vehicle was parked on private property in a manner where the driver agreed to pay a parking charge displayed on the signage at the site. If this makes any difference please do let me know the name of the road one of the letters is mispeld on all of the letters received even on the claim form example being: turner avenue > tarner avenue claim form states: the driver of the vehicle registration xxxxxxx incurred the parking charge on 21/02/2017 for breaching the terms of parking on the land at iceland, xxxxxx the defendant was driving the vehicle and/or is the keeper of the vehicle and the claimant claims £160 for parking charges/damages and indemnity costs if applicable, together with interest of £2.49 pursuant at s69 of the county courts act 1984 at 8% pa, continuing to judgement at £0.04 per day. then accoss the page is says amount claimed: £162.49 court fee £25.00 legal rep costs £50.00 total amount: 237.49 please help and advise as i dont know what to do! Thank you!!!
  2. Ok Just start with some background. for the past two years 2014 & 2015 i have had relapses of prolapsed disks causing me to have long absences , after the last absence it was agreed that i would be covered under the disability act (or whatever its called now) also after i had my injections i had to have physio which the occupational health provided so i got back to work a lot quicker than if i had waited for the nhs . Now on to this year i had to be signed of sick because my shoulder had frozen i cannot lift anything of with with one arm , doctor has put me on pain killers and on the list for physio for the shoulder which will allow me to return to worl . When it was diagnosed i told my line manager to refer me to OH because the waiting list was 3 months and they could get me seen a lot earlier like last time , then when i spoke to them again after i was given another fitness note and again they saud they would . Also the reason i need the referral is that they could arrange to gety me back to work in a different area not doing the repetitive actions which aggrevate it while i am waiting for physio or sending me to their physio . The problem is when i go back i know i will face a meeting about my absence but i cannot afford to pay to go privte to jump the list also I cannot go back to full duties because even the gp said i would see you within a week again . So where do i go from here. I am unable to go to OH without the referral but without Oh i can see me being signed off until i get the phsio from the NHS
  3. just had a text message from BCW Group for "Ms xxxxx to contact us urgently", never heard of them but am guessing its a DCA, am currently awaiting to hear from Lowell and heard no more from HL Sols, what this lot want I have no idea.
  4. Hi all, My partner drives ambulances for a living. Recently he received a Notice of Prosecution for speeding (48 in a 40 zone). He believes that - a). He wasn't doing over 40 mph (His crew mate has confirmed) and - b). That is is warranted as an ambulance driver as this particular job was a "red call" (meaning that it was a matter of life or death). The trouble is, he doesn't work for the NHS or the ambulance service, it is a company that is sub contracted by the ambulance service and they have different rules. He has disputed the notice and recently had a letter saying it's been referred to the Magistrates Court. My question is, what leg has he got to stand on? What is the worst they can do? His employer won't back him up, and he feels that not only was he not speeding but even if he was, he had grounds to do so. He is 44 and has held his licence for 20 years.
  5. Hi! Firstly i am new here and just looking for a bit of advice, my issue is as follows: Last April (2015) I parked in an Excel car park in Nottingham and bought a ticket and returned within the stated time - not a problem. However, i was sent a PCN by Excel for being parked slightly outside the white line of the bay.. At the time in question there were building works going on in the car park and a lot of builders dust everywhere obscuring things, as well as the ground being very uneven in the bay and tricky to park in. I took the old advice of ignoring this charge as the car park was not full when my car was there and it was not really obstructing another bay and i therefore considered the charge unreasonable. I was passed through the usual debt recovery agencies (Zenith etc..) and the amount owed fluctuated until about October last year when everything went silent. About 3 weeks ago now i have received a new letter from BW Legal stating that the debt has been passed to them and the amount is now £154 including £54 costs. I have continued to ignore but they have somehow now got a hold of my mobile number and keep calling me - i have yet to speak to them though. Obviously it is too late to appeal the charge through the usual avenues but i just wonder what the best course of action is now, i still think the £154 is incredibly disproportionate for what actually occurred and so i do not wish to pay it, however it is a bit of a nuisance having these people chasing me. Any advice welcomed! Thanks
  6. We've had two letters today First letter: Notice to owner date of contravention : 27/01/2015 letter dated: 02/03/2015 received by us : 11/04/2015 Apparently we parked in a parent & child bay with no children, we do have two children under 6 but cant say for certain if they were or were not present ( though child car seats would have been visible within the car regardless ) amount: £70 second letter Debt Recovery Plus date of notice: 09/04/2015 received by us: 11/04/2015 demanding payment of £120.00 no later than 23/04/2015 Both letters have arrived today, almost three months after our contravention who would I write to and what would I write, I recall a template of an appeal here but cant locate it. many thanks
  7. Hi, I have an outstanding parking fine with Cheshire West and Cheshire Council that I can't afford to pay. I have an earlier one that I also couldn't afford to pay which is now with Jacob's baliffs - so i'm preferring that this later one will be referred to Jacobs soon. I'm currently dealing with Jacobs with regards getting a monthly installment agreement in place, but all the numbers on the council paperwork for the 2nd fine are for automated payment lines etc, and I'm wondering if theres anyone I may be able to speak to regarding getting it sorted, does anyone know if theres anyone at councils that I could negotiate with regards to sorting out some time to pay or installments? Regards Chesterxx
  8. This is the first time I've posted on a forum, thanks in advance for any help I'll really appreciate it. Last January I paid David Lloyd up front for a 12 month membership. I was of course tied in because I'd paid up front. I did use it for first six months and not much for second six months. I always knew I wouldn't renew because it was a one off opportunity because I had money available. I thought 12 months, done the time, won't renew. Late last year I started to get emails to remind me I could renew along these lines: Dear Ms Barker, Membership Number: xxxxx Just to let you know that you can pay your membership fees:- Online with a debit or credit card by going to the website xxxxxxx and following the instructions on screen. Via our Automated Payment System with a debit or credit card, by calling 0207 048 7438 (you will need your membership number). If you wish to take advantage of either of these services your current membership fee of £891.00 is due for your membership at Newcastle. Both the online payments service and the automated payment service will only be available to you for the above payment until midnight on the last day of this month. Of course, if you have recently sent payment please ignore this email. Yours Sincerely Stephen Empson Group Central Membership Manager In January I got texts and phone messages- pretty constant while I was at work- asking me to contact them to renew my membership. As I didn't want to renew I didn't call them just allowed it to lapse and moved on to using a local pool. Nothing once we got to February. Then today an email from ARC Collections asking me to contact them. I emailed them back to say why are you contacting me, I have no interest in renewing. Then I googled it and realised from other people's problems that they will be expecting 3 months notice and now admin fees. Am absolutely desperate, I can't afford this and I don't know what to do. Am also outraged because DL never gave me a moment of indication what they were expecting in calls, emails and texts. Not even a hint. I feel this is set up to ensure people who pay up front fall into this trap. They should contact people in advance and remind about the notice period. I just didn't realise. And now am in trouble. I haven't done anything else yet because I don't know what best to do. Would be so, so grateful for advice. Thanks so much
  9. Hi all, I have been pointed to this forum by a friend who was certain someone on here can help. Back in November, I parked in my usual train station car park, run by NCP. I arrived later than usual, so there was no spaces in my usual spot downstairs. I had to drive to the top floor, where i found plenty of spaces. I parked up and walked away, paying for my ticket on the 'Ringo' mobile app as I do every morning. When I returned to my car I was surprised to find that I had received a ticket, as had about 12 other cars around me. It turned out that the space I parked in was a 'Premier Bay' (not usually what I'd expect to find on the top floor of a multi-story). When I looked closer, the bays were indeed marked (unclearly) 'Premier Parking', however the words were spaced about 15 foot apart, meaning in front of my car there was just the word 'Parking'. There was also no visible signage. The only sign displayed was next to the pay and display machine, which I never use due to preferring the mobile app. This was on a lamp post around 20 meters from where I parked, positioned side on so I wouldn't have noticed it even if I looked that way. There were two lamp posts either side of my car, neither of which had a Premier Parking sign displayed. I appealed to the NCP but it was declined (in hindsight after reading a few posts, this was the wrong thing to do). I then appealed to POPLA, but they said my appeal was received more than 28 days after the ticket was issued, so was declined. I have now received a letter from 'Debt Recovery Plus' demanding payment or court proceedings may commence. I have genuinely forgotten to purchase a ticket on occasions, and reluctantly paid the fine as I was in breach of the car park conditions, but on this occasion I believe NCP should have done more to make it clear that the spaces were allocated Premier Parking bays. Can anyone please advise me what would be best in this situation? The amount owed is now £120, which is outrageous considering I paid for a ticket that day. Any help or advice will be greatly appreciated. Many thanks Neil
  10. Hi folks, I had a classic mini up until about 4 years ago when I gave it to a garage for a restoration. Long story short they tried to shaft me by charging double the agreed fee for a job less than half done. I still haven't managed to save up enough to take them to court to get the car back however have continued to register the car SORN up until this year. I rang the DVLA a few weeks back and advised them of this story and they said to send a letter in and the car would be recorded as no longer in my possession. I did this and today have received a letter back that has completely astounded me. It starts: Thank you for your response in respect of the Late Licensing Penalty issued to you for failing to relicence your vehicle as required Say what? This is the first I've heard of any penalty. I'm certain the DVLA have my phone number and address as I have made sure things are kept up to date. I haven't had a single letter all call from the DVLA regarding this. Further down in the letter I get The case has now been referred to a debt collection agency I tried to call to find out what is going on, but the phone number of the letter is a fully automated phone system. You get the option to pay or a recording that ends in "Thank you for your call, goodbye" no matter what option you pick. Perhaps that is a good thing because I am thoroughly sick to death of the government. They've screwed up every part of my tax records recently (I've had thousands appear out of nowhere from self assessment earnings 5 years back that they "forgot to bill me for", shortly after that they did the same with NIC contributions from 7 years ago. I've had about a grand and a half of working tax credits yanked back from me and I'm still paying that off. I didn't think there were any more government departments waiting to screw me over but apparently I missed one Anyone have a phone number for a human that I can talk to? I don't want to scream and shout, I just want to know actually find out the details of this fine seen as they haven't bothered to send me anything about it up until now. I'd also like to ask why I haven't had any text notifications about the renewal of a SORN if it did indeed expire. I'm certain I signed up for that on the website some years back.
  11. I need to go to hospital to see a specialist, I have the right to choose which hospital I am referred to by my GP. This legal right lets me choose from any hospital offering a suitable treatment that meets NHS standards and costs. My GP has refered me for tests at a local hospital (before surgery for a cyst), and each time I have attended the local hospitals I have come home with an infection, and I am worried about going back to either hospital. Last time I was given a choie of 4 hospitals inc a private hospital with an excellent record (i chose the private hospital to have surgery and it was fantastic) I have booked the 1st appoitmnet at the local hospital (as that was the only choice on the letter) for a few weeks time. But now I do not want to go there for my surgery to the local hospital but want to go to Ramsay's network of hospitals which is nearby this privaye and I was referred here a few months ago - this is where I want to go. Shall contact the GP and ask him I don't want to have surgery at the local hospital and I want to go to Ramsay's network of hospitals because thats where I feel more confident with and there is a specialist there who I saw last time for surgery, I have a legal right to choose which hospital I want to go to and my right is to choose the hospital. Now I have to enter into an argument with my GP to insist on my rights. I am happy with the GP and dont want to have to do this but his reaction has forced me to do this. He is a new GP at the surgery and the letter he sent had only 1 choice and not 3 oor 4 choices I was given when I was sent for surgery a few months ago by another GP at the surgery, I've made a mistake and booked at the local hospital (which I regret it has a bad reputation and is not good, i'm not happy with it) Shall I go ahead and cancel it online and then get it touch with the GP and ask him the othet GP at the surgery referred me to a specialist at Ramsay's network of hospitals who removed my last cyst and this is who I want to see. I mean I was not even given a choice on the letter that came with the NHS online booking system. The GP is new to the surgery and looks like he choice the nearest hospital to my home which I do not want to go to. Shall I cancel the online appoitment and contact the surgery and make an appoitment with the GP and request that he send me to Ramsay's network of hospitals? The receptionists at the surgery will just try to fob me off if I ring them. I am having sleepless nights knowing I have booked at the wrong hospital (where I don't want surgery) I am going to cancel that appoitment and ask the GP to send me to Ramsay's network of hospitals where I had a previous cyst removed, what of the GP tries to fob me off?
  12. The summary is that the landlord failed to establish a sinking fund to collect money to set against major works. A large lump sum payment was demanded creating a huge burden and was based on estimates without surveyor inspection based on what the surveyor thought would e required for a set of properties on the landlord's books without consideration that the new freehold bought (where I am a lessee) already had major works done in 2000/2001. The other adjacent properties had not had this kind of work done. This new freehold where the contention is was bought in 2004. There is legal ambiquity whether the contents in the lease agreement support the setting of a sinking fund in a manner that sums be collected early for a target amount towards major works at a future date. The Leasehold Advisory Service pamphlet appears to suggest that a sinking fund of this manner shoudl operate with regard to inent of this type of clause. The landlord's solictors had acknowledged that sums were demanded in contravention of the lease terms but then redirected through the service charge estimates received on March 2012 for 2012, 50% in retrospect from 25th Dec 2011 to 24 June 2012, and then the next from 25 June 2012 to 24 December 2012. In initially I had asked to pay in monthly instalments for the estimated amount demanded over a period that would at least somewhat reflect the time the sinking fund should have been built. But this was refused. The works were completed by the first week of September 2012 and actual cost invoices should have been received. A Part 18 request for such invoices and actual costs have been side-stepped by the claimant in reply, who resent the estimates and the composition of the estimates only. A response stating that the Part 18 request has not been met has been sent to the claimant. A defence has been filed within the time limit and a N152 and N150) just received. I would appreciate advice on how to fill the N150 to get the matter heard by the Leasehold Valuation Tribunal, especially as I would like to bring up further issues such as excessively high insurance premiums (approximately £2,000 per annum) being charged and subsequent large service charge demands met for the internal refurbishment of carpets, which in the view of the 6 lessees of the property is not required as the carpet is in good order and a high charge for electrical rewiring, when the common parts only have two light bulbs.
  13. So here is my story so far. ATOS WCA last year, passed with 16 points. ATOS reassesment beginning of this year, scroed 0 points for the same conditions i had last year. Went to tribunal, waited 6 months for the hearing and won it in August. Beginning of this month i was called by the Job Center folks to come in and speak to an advisor, which i expected, theres 6 of these interviews...or at least there was. In my first interview three days ago, the woman who interviewed me was really helpfull, taking time to explain things and asking how bad my health problems affect me. She then dropped a bombshell on me...i would be referred to Ingeus, the Work Programme people who "look after" JSA claimants. She looked almost apologetic, and said that there would be a chance that Ingeus would not even call me up and basically pass me over, which is what happened with the six interviews i had with the Job Center last year, i went to only one of them, was never called back after that. I got a phone call from Ingeus today, they want me to come in next week o.O The ohonecall interview was like i was on JCA all over again. Not one mention about how fit i was. I was asked to bring in a CV for my first appointment, i was then asked what kind of work I had done before, what kind of work i was "looking to do now", how far i would be willing to travel to find a job, how long i would be willing to work per day, and then the "interview" on the phone ended. Whats going on here? Will I end up being forced into a job on my first few interviews with this Ingeus lot? I told her i was on ESA and she said "yes we have it on our records"... o.O
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