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Found 14 results

  1. Hi there. I am trying to help a friend sort out a problem & hoped I might get some advice. He had a substantial debt, which the bank obtained a CCJ for sometime ago. Frustrating I know, but he does not know how much the judgement was for or what the payments should be & hasn't been sent any payment book etc . I tried to find out more, but he just said he waited until he got a letter from the court & then paid it! The situation now seems to be quite serious, I have seen the letter that says they are going for a warrant of execution & yesterday
  2. Hi, I need some advice. I have a credit card with Capital One which has reached its limit due to my card being stolen by someone in my family and used to make various online purchases which took me to my card limit of about £1500 - I did not find out about this until too late and I cannot possibly press charges against the thief as he is a family member. I agreed with Capital One that the best way around this would be to accept the charges and pay them myself, coming to a civil agreement with the man in question as a criminal charge would be completely fruitless as he is
  3. Hey folks. Over the last few months Ive noticed that whenever the Virgin Media Advert it on a banner top OR Side that loading becomes really slow and I have to try and reload the page. It is getting a little frustrighting Any suggestions? Using Firefox
  4. Hi all, I have 6 catalogue accounts in total. My total payments on them are £289.00 per month. I could make this payment fine when I was working, but I was made redundant just over a year ago and have struggled for the past year. I am getting to the point where I can't keep paying them. A few months ago, I phoned the largest payment catalogue and asked to reduce my payments. The lady I spoke to said if I made reduced payments on one, then all the accounts would be affected. So I struggled on. I would ideally like to reduce the payments to £100 a mon
  5. This week I had a letter from the Halifax advising me that they were reducing my faciity from £1750 to £250., because " I have not been using it" I have been with them for over 40 years. The facility enables me to make "emergency payments or holiday deposits". On average my account is £300 in credit My pensions of about £900 pm is paid in directly I have not been overdrawn for at least 15 Years My credit rating is very good The account is topped up when required from my Natwest account, which receives my returns from investments. My overall credit limit with Barclaycard and
  6. Hi all, I have an over draft with nationwide for 1,800. Yesterday i received a letter from nationwide saying that they are reducing my overdraft to 1,100. At present i am in my overdraft 1,791 and in a panic. I'm not sure what will happen will I be charged the interest of 50p a day or is it worth me asking for a repayment plan and asking for the account to be closed. My tax credit payment get paid into this account and now i'm wondering if i should ask for payments to be paid into another account advice would be very much appreciated.
  7. Only recently I had Reed look to pay me below the bottom of what they's quoted to get me to attend the interview for a job and then try to skim additional margin for paying me on Ltd Co. basis rather than PAYE. Now I have Randstad who have decided they got the pay rate wrong on a job I started after signing a contract at that rate and they've looked to cut the rate by 20% - they even attempted to backdate this and claim that I had to pay them back (something they've now backed down from). - are insisting that they had the right to make such changes immediately and without agreement (
  8. Ok I'm not sure what to do here I'm in a mess now. I have read all online but it's just general pages I need some human input and help here from someone who knows a little about what they are advising on. I have worked for next for 3 years Last year they reduced my contract from 16 to 13 hours I said yes because I was told I had no choice, this year again they have said to me they are now reducing my contract from 13 to 9 hours. I do not agree, all part time employees are being forced to do this, yet they have taken on an apprentice and a full time employee whilst trying t
  9. I am one of a team of 7 and have been on the team since it was first set up some 3 years ago (I have been with this nationally recognised company for almost 5 years in total). My line manager came to the job about a year ago. There are two part time members on the team. One works 4 days per week and has been with the team from the start. The other was recruited by my line manager about 7 months ago she is part time 3 days per week. In August due to personal issues which only my line manager and head manager are aware of I requested to reduce my hours to 3 days per week. It was agreed tha
  10. Hi i am after advice please, I have an account with JD Williams and had ordered a set of curtains (along with previous orders) the curtains came and was incorrect so these where returned and reordered, the new set arrived today and once again was incorrect so i called up to arrange return and complain about whats happened AGAIN!, I got a right jack the lad who was quite arsy, i became defensive and said things along the lines off 'well there is no way im going to make any payments towards the current balance I am not happy at all with the service and if you want a penny outa me then send a deb
  11. Hi, I have a secured loan with paragon, been paying it for 7 years and so far they have charged me over £36k in interest and I have paid £39K so far. My debt has only reduced by £2,800. I want to do a spreadsheet so i can try and work out how my balance will reduce over the years, I know interest rate may change but I just want an idea of how the payments will start to reduce my balacne becasue at the moment I see no light at the end of the tunnel! This should be a 300 month term and I can't see it'll get paid off in time if over 7 years I've only cleared £2,800 off balance. I thought it
  12. Re-titling job role and reducing pay Back in September 2011, I applied and attended an interview for the role of a manager with 3 direct reports. I was successful and commenced employment in November 2011. I was however disillusioned from day one and was informed I have no direct reports and that there would be 2 others equivalent to my manager’s role to achieve the business objectives. My manager asked whether that would be ok, to which of course I’d said yes. (as I’d left my last job and very little option)! He said the change would not affect the agreed salary and no further
  13. Currently on long term sick (since january) I am admin enhanced supervisor. Made the decision to step down so they can fill my position while i am off and when i return i will just be an admin assistant. Receive a letter today stating the max i will be allowed to work is 25 hours, (i used to work 39) - can they do this?
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