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Found 14 results

  1. Hi. Bought an LG 55LA965W TV in May 2014, £1,499, advertised and sold as 4k UHD ready. 4k didn't arrive until Sky introduced it in August 2016. I changed to Sky. Their engineer said my TV didn't have the connection needed for the Sky Q box, and wasn't capable of playing 4k. Rang Currys and told.. Nothing to do with us, ring LG. Rang LG and told... We never sold that TV to Currys as 4k. It isn't. That's despite LG's material/website/manual saying differently. I got nowhere and left it. Now, I've changed to Virgin and their top package which includes 4k progs. Have
  2. Getting ready for the Customs Declaration Service READ MORE HERE: https://www.gov.uk/government/news/getting-ready-for-the-customs-declaration-service
  3. READ MORE HERE: https://www.gov.uk/government/news/service-to-civvy--2
  4. So, it is ok for this to happen when the NHS want to save money, but someone who is already suffering from a dreadful disease who wants to end their life.. Cannot do so ??
  5. This is going to sound odd... I had a court decree granted against me: 22/01/2010 for almost £3000. It was in relation to a motorcycle that I purchased on Hire Purchase in March 2007 on a 4 year payment arrangement. I believe the last payment I made to the finance company was around August 2008 (I was made paid off - Contractor). I would have paid just over £2000 on a £3000 bike which had interest on top meaning I was due to pay around £5000 odds... Obviously the court claim in 2010 was for the remaining balance of the credit arrangement including interest! So, woul
  6. The Highways Agency is encouraging road users to spend a few minutes making sure they, and their vehicle, are fully prepared for severe weather. You might think that most of their advice is blindingly obvious, but a survey showed that: Many motorists (45%) don’t do any winter checks at all on their vehicle Nearly two-thirds of drivers (63%) do not check their anti-freeze, oil or water before setting off on a winter journey Less than half (41%) said they checked their lights were working before setting out. Just over half (53%) of drivers don’t have warm clothes in their car
  7. Hello All I am due to go to court on the 23rd September on behalf of my wife. Here is the history. There are two claims which have been merged, the lead claim is for around £400 and the second around £1200. I have sent a prove it letter 10th March 14: I sent a s77 request 14th MArch 14: And finally I sent a CPR31.14 letter: [/size]All of the above remain unanswered for the small debt (which is not on any credit file) except the standard CPR31.14 response saying we should have the contract. The larger debt they ha
  8. Hi All I have recently had my claim for mis sold PPI referred back to Ocean Finance by the FOS (just some background, it is a secured loan over 180 months with front loaded PPI included, although out of the 5 year window now). Ocean have responded today stating: "We remain satisfied that the sale of your policy was conducted in accordance with the rules which were in place at the time. However, as we have also assessed the sale in light of the paper which the FSA has recently issued it is largely based upon the content of this paper that we are upholding your complaint. As a result
  9. I have had my hours at work cut severely so cannot afford to pay my credit cards on a monthly basis. I owe money on my vanquis card (£2800) I would like to take the bull by the horns and set up a payment plan, but am unsure how to do this with vanquis. I realise I am not obliged o send them my income details, but just inform them how much I am willing to pay. With vanquis, I would like to post all communication to them, as I heard they can be quite disgusting on the phone. What address would I post this to, and what Any direction that you can point me in will be
  10. Hi, I have just rec'd my bank statements from Aug 2001. On them I see that I had a Gold Service account, for which I was charged £8 a month. No idea why I had this, I cannot see what advantages this Gold service account gave me. I understand that I reclaim this back. Also I had an overdraft and regulary had O/draft interest (which I know I cannot claim back obviously) and O/draft usage fees and later charges called O/draft excess fees - varying from £25 to £85 a month. Now and then they would charge me £35 or so for unpaid cheque and Direct Debit. Does anyone know what the diferen
  11. Hi everyone. After 6 weeks of attempting contact with our former landlord and one bounced cheque to show for our efforts we are now ready to move on to court action. Some background... We moved into the house last May and at the time everything seemed fine, we rented it through an estate agent who were there to basically set it up and then the landlord would be left to manage it himself, he seemed a nice guy and told us how he was spending more time at his girlfriends not far away than living here so after spending 6 months attempting to sell the place he wanted to rent it out t
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