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Found 9 results

  1. Unsure if this is the right forum for this. in 2014 I was convicted of drink driving and got a DR10. As a result I stopped drinking and now only occasionally have a drink or 2 every so often, I was by no means an alcoholic, just weekend fun. The DR10 is realy affecting my policies still as I belive it has to be declared for 5 years.. Is there anything I can do at all to bring this off or down? I have seen a car I want but the DR10 is really messing things up.
  2. So i'm having a bit of a dispute with our house insurance, long story short, my husband didn't close the shower screen properly and left the bathroom with shower running for a period of time, I walked into my kitchen to find it had all collected into a bubble and burst through a hole in the ceiling causing damage to the walls, floor and plaster. Insurance told us we could claim through our escape of water and had to give them two itemized insurance quotes. We massively struggled to get these quotes with several traders not turning up or wanting to charge a fee to produce them, we asked if the insurance company could send out someone to quote and fix - they said no, we asked for a list of their preferred suppliers and was told they didn't have one. Eventually they told us they would send a loss adjuster out with a view to offer a cash settlement. Whilst waiting for the loss adjuster we had another leak when using the shower and it became apparent that the bath was coming away from the wall when we were using it causing the seal to break and the water to escape down the side, this was confirmed when we got a plumber out through our boiler cover insurance. So we resealed the bath but again the bath would move so in order to prevent more damage whilst waiting for the loss adjuster we stopped using the shower and stuck to baths only. We're still having to do this months later. The loss adjuster came, had no details of our claim as his system had crashed, he spent 5 minutes in the kitchen looking at the hole went into the bathroom, didn't ask us to remove the bath panel or look under the bath. He took some photos and left. We were then offered a settlement of just over £600 out of which a £250 escape of water excess was to be deducted. None of the works included in his scheduled involved fixing the issue with the bath. So we queried it. They've taken our query as a complaint and issued us with a final response claiming the loss adjuster took photos of the toilet which he claims was the root of the leak and we were negligent in fixing it hence as it must have been leaking a lengthy period as evidence by rust on the pipes (our pipes are all plastic so zero rust and 100% never been a leak) so they are refusing to pay out for any bathroom works. We've subsequently had 3 different plumbers out to the house for quote all which have been in the region of around £1700 and all the works listed are the same, all state that no evidence of a leak to the toilet and that significant removal and refitting of the bathroom suite and wet-wall will be needed to remedy the bath issue and the joist which has been soaked along with the fixing of the ceiling and flooring. The insurance company won't entertain these quotes or letters of evidence nor will the entertain the photos i've taken myself of the damage in particular behind the toilet which clearly shows plastic pipes and no rust anywhere there or under the bath. They've refused to let us see the report written by the loss adjuster or the photos taken and refuse to comment on how he could accurately know the issue when he didn't even look under the bath. They wont enter into a dialogue with us and have told us as they issued their final response we have to take it to the ombudsman if im not happy. Does anyone have any experience of this or words of advice on how to approach it with the ombudsman? what more evidence should I need or be gathering in order to support my complaint? I'm quite sure the insurance company are taking the **** in their offer but i've never had to make an insurance claim before so i'm not sure if this is normal or if i'm expecting too much?
  3. If you go to some comparison sites through topcashback they pay you just for getting a quote. You can do three a year and I made around £7. It isn't a fortune but it is money for nothing.
  4. My daughter has spent the last few days trying to get the best quote she could online and time and again she found what she said was a good deal but when she tried to purchase the insurance magically that quote was no longer available! Each time they wanted much more, why does this happen?
  5. Insurance companies could be forced to provide clearer information on renewal quotes, after coming under pressure from consumer groups. When consumers are informed of a new premium, they are not usually reminded what they paid previously. As a result, some customers may not even be aware that the cost of their insurance policy is going up. Now the City regulator is drawing up new rules to ensure renewal quotes include previous premiums as well. That would enable policy-holders to see whether, and by how much, their bill had risen. The Financial Conduct Authority's (FCA) decision follows pressure from consumer groups, including Which? The Association of British Insurers (ABI) has proposed the change itself, and has written to the FCA suggesting it. http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/business-28229282
  6. Decided to purchase a car tommorow from a private seller. It is a corsa and a R plate registration. Taxed and MOT tll april. Great for cheap motoring Just gone on to that price comparison site with that rodent and the quotes baffle me. Fully comp with a £350 Excess £342.00 Third party only £ 357.00 Confused.com
  7. hi guys i have posted threads on here before and have been given some good advice so thought id try for some opinions on this issue. ill try and put as much info as i can so sorry if i go on a bit. I have recently been on part time hours at work due to depression from the tragic death of our 4 year old son. Landlord knows about this as it was all over the news and he laid flowers at our door. We have been living here for 18 months and to be fair to landlord in the first 6 months we weren't always on time with the rent and he would turn up unannounced on many occasions asking why it was late. So since last november we have been on time every month until this november when we were 3 days late. He turned up and quietly put our notice through the door. We need to be out by 9th feb. Our rent was due on 10th but we are 225 in arrears at the moment until housing benefit clears. Today out of the blue a gas man turns up to check the boiler. I txt landlord saying arent we supposed to have 24hrs notice if anyone is going to turn up? His reply was. "Arent you supposed to pay the rent on time tell him to come back later if its not convenient". As i said earlier he has turned up out of the blue on many occasions once being very rude and aggressive to me infront of my kids! All because i went to his house as i couldnt get in touch with him on his phone when the boiler broke down. He was in america and didnt take his phone with him so his daughter had to sort a plumber out for us. As soon as he got back from his holiday he was banging the door (without notice obviously). "how dare you involve my family if there is any issues you deal with me and only me leave my family out of it." So today is the final straw for me and as you can imagine i have had enough of this rude heartless landlord and im at the point of saying stuff you and not giving him anymore rent and tell him to keep the deposit. Any thoughts, advice or ideas? Thanks in advanc
  8. So I've had a new contract phone and want to come out of my old one early. I phone O2 and I'm told one price (£118), a week later I pay my bill of £38. I then speak to an advisor on their internet live chat and I'm quoted £86.25. Great! phone up to pay the £86.25 and cancel only to be told it's actually £109! Am I right in thinking they need to honour their quote? the error is on their side and not mine. Even if they're not obliged I think they need to review how they handled the situation and at least offer a good will gesture! I've been a loyal customer for over 8 years and spent nearly 2hrs trying to sort this out! Any help would be great, I am making a formal complaint so any advice would be greatly received. Sherrine
  9. Hi, my daughter has just recieved her car renewal from Diamond came in at £1799, went on comparison website had quotes for about £760 with Admiral, Elephant etc, and finally got it down to £720 with original insurer, matched the price as Admiral and Elephant are the same company? All very cloak and dagger and underhand if you ask me!
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