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Found 9 results

  1. Today the form has arrived. Was due in January 2016 so i had some peace. 4 years since the last one came and i was left in support group. There doesn't seem much in the way of real sensible questions, some really silly ones that i just despair at. But the sentence that says i can use extra sheets if needed will mean quite a few pages that cover all the important things, the things that really matter. Its a good job i/we have a few weeks to do it, my daughter/carer will be helping. I will need to give this form as one example of things that stress me out and make my illnesses worse, and waiting for the outcome. And sorry...i forgot to ask the thing i came here to ask...... Assuming they will haul me in for questioning, can i get the assessment recorded still? for ESA?
  2. hi all, I used halifax website to submit my ppi complaint. they correctly discovered my old loan and credit card 2004/6 and sent me a 7 page questionaire to complete and gave me six weeks to do so... I just had a text msg to say three weeks later they are still waiting questions: can they really give me timescales to complete their form? do i really need to complete their form... can i send them a completed fos form which requires much less information? shouldnt i send them one sar for full statement for each acciunt? any help would be gratefully received zubo
  3. Hi I wonder if anyone can help with this query. In 2012 I recieved a letter from Arrow stating we owed money to a company for £6750 which for a loan taken out in 2006. I am convonced this was paid off with a consolidation loan but being so long ago I have no documentation. the last course of action in a statement which they provided to me was on the 01/05/2006 although they said it was on the 01/07/2006 (no proof) and a further letter stating a payment in 2009 which was rubbish. after a long drawn out saga with me trying to get further information with no luck they eventually filed a CCJ in January against me and my ex wife. I responded with a defence and they did not reply to this so the judgement was stayed. Because it was a joint CCJ I submitted the defence thinking it would be for both of us. However on the 03/07/14 they were awarded a CCJ in default against my ex stating she did not file a defence. She put in a N244 and we went to court yesterday to get the CCJ set aside. The judge refused this because I did not mention her on the defence and allowed the CCJ to be awarded against my ex only. Mine is still stayed. The real question is we raised the question of the debt being statute barred .We had not made a payment in over 6 years (although I believe it has been paid off. I am still living at the same address and have received no default notices and even had a credit card from the same firm until recently.) No acknowledgement of the debt was made in writing. The CCJ was awarded outside of the 6 year timescale. The judge said it was not statute barred as the CCJ was applied for in January even though it wasnt granted until after the 6 year period. A lot of forums I have read state that it would be statute barred and we could apply to have the CCJ set aside as it was issued after the 6 year period. Can anyone confirm this the judge couldnt have got it wrong could he.??? If the judge is right there is a lot of misleading information out there. Even though my part of this remains stayed I am really annoyed with myself for not keeping any paperwork. i think its a lesson for us all to keep stuff for at least 6 years. If any one could answer this id be very grateful. Thanks very much.
  4. Hello,happy new year to all. I was puzzled to receive a letter stating that because I receive either incapacity benefit severe disablement benefit or income support on health grounds I would be contacted by Atos regarding a questionnaire and assessment. I don't get any of these benefits my husband receives pension credit that includes me on his claim, which has recently been reviewed. I do however get low rate of DLA lifetime award, which according to a letter I got earlier in the year, I wouldn't be assessed until 2015. not sure what to do I have no idea why they think I get one of these benefits there is no phone number on the letter I have to send the questionnaire back within a month, although they can't stop a benefit I don't get!
  5. An ex colleague is asking for my help ref a claim from a DCA It is a MCOL He has sent the defence back stating no response to 31.14 etc Today he received a letter from Northampton with a Directions Questionnaire. Form N180 Why is Northampton sending a directions questionnaire? And not his local court The N180 form has no section to attach draft application notice for directions (strike out) TTHE N149 AND N150 ALLOCATION QUESTIONNAIRE HAVE BEEN REPLACED BY THE N180 DIRECTIONS QUESTIONNAIRE Something is not right or am i missing something?
  6. has any 1 got a photocopy of a completed (filled in) FOS questionaire so that i can copy from it,as i'm not to good at filling in forms and things.it would be a massive help if you have. thanks
  7. hi all. just a simple quick question need answered please if you can????.what's best for starting a ppi claim?????.sending 1 of those ppi template letter's or sending in a FOS questionaire. thanks
  8. Out of the blue my dad has received a questionaire from natwest telling him he had PPI on two loans dating back to 2008 & 2009. They ask him to fill in the questionaire which basically asks if he requested/needed/wanted it. He doesn't remember. Is it best to answer with this? I think he was self employed for some of this time (short amount) but he can't remember. Any help or advise would be very welcomed.
  9. HI Quick question my eight weeks are up since submitting my questionaire, the last letter I had stated I would have a reply by the 6th September, nothing has come through do I put this to the FOS now? Or give them a couple of extra days. I phoned today and they could give me no indication when they would respond.
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