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Found 5 results

  1. Thanks in anticipation of any one's help. I normally pay parking fines on the rare occasions I get them. However, I am in receipt of the BW Legal 'Letter of Claim' in respect of the Peel centre Stockport parking charges by Excell. I've totally ignored them so far and will continue to do so until a summons arrives, - the reason being, the payment machine was broken, I also tried to help an elderly woman pay without success so I just got back in my car and left, total time from start to finish about 3 minutes. Consider my surprise when I get the fine from Excell alleging over 15 minutes (I think). Round about this time people were exposing Excell in the press for doing this by showing that the shadow from the sun on their cars had not moved. Just wondering if any one has any experience or comments about how to open this practice up in court if necessary. Thanks again
  2. Sorry for having to create a new thread. I know there is already a lot of great information out there already and I have read loads already but I need some fairly specific advice with this one. So the story goes: I took my Dads car to the office the other night. We have use of a car park that belongs to a bank that we sublet an office from. All thats required is a little paper permit that I have had sitting between my dash and windscreen for months now without any issues. The other day my Dad sent me a text saying he had received a letter about a PCN being "overdue". He sent me a copy and I saw that the evidence pictures were really dark and hard to make out. So I logged in to the website to see the rest of their evidence. Looking through the pictures I can see that they are all taken in the dark using a flash that has done nothing except illuminate the reg plate in to a incomprehensible blurred mess. Cant even read the reg. There is one picture on the whole windscreen that if I up the exposure, I can just about see the permit in the bottom of the drivers side windscreen but obviously I cant see any details. The rest of the pictures of the dash and windscreen are all taken pointed away from where the permit is... So what should I do from here? Send an appeal letter with the photo that I upped the exposure on and suggest that perhaps the Parking Official didn't see the permit in the dark? Or is there a standard appeal letter I should send first? Thanks in advance for any advice given.
  3. Hi , I made payments to Newlyn for council tax owed to brent in 2011 and have recently discovered that over £200 of the payments were for Newlyn charges. I queried the charges for Attendance to Remove as no levy was ever carried out as far as I was aware. I have attached the response I got back from brent and would like some clarification on certain things; 1) If a vehicle was levied upon, don't they have a legal requirement to store and provide the registration number of the vehicle to me. 2)In the attached letter it is stated "there was a vehicle parked immediately outside the property which the bailiff believed he had seen previously , This was subsequently levied upon ". There is no designated parking or drive way outside my property as I live in a flat, so the cars can belong to anyone who lives along the road. Please advise on what further action I can take, regarding claiming back both the Levy fee and the Attendance to Remove fee. Letter is attached below [ATTACH]40192[/ATTACH]
  4. Hi, here is another debt I am trying to help a pensioner with. She is being hounded by these guys and I am just trying to help sort it out and get her to stop worrying when they threaten her with visits etc. She has paid a few pounds every so often which has kept it live and not stat barred. This agreement is from 1999 and was received back with no other terms/conditions from greenwood personal credit responding to a cca request. Being dealt with by C.K.Edrupt &co. agreement copy.pdf The 'right to cancel' doesn't look right to me, stating Isn't the creditor the one doing the agreement then? Why wasn't it shown at the time etc. Can anyone also tell me how correct their APR is please. how enforceable is this agreement? Thanks AS
  5. I am trying to help out a pensioner sort her debts out. She doesn't have access to internet etc so I am the middle man, this is the first of half a dozen+ debts lol. This is a copy of her agreement via a CCA request. Any advice on the agreement would be great. It was for a credit card taken out in 1998. There are some copied onto the back of the agreement. They also sent some other terms and conditions but nothing that is showing a direct link to the above agreement. I can scan up if required though. Link Financial Outsourcing bought the debt in 2001. Payments have been made a few months ago. All help appreciated AS pdf in post #3
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