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  1. Hi, I am so glad I have found these forums - I thought I was alone in all this and now realise that I am not and that there may even be some light at the end of the tunnel. My situation is not unlike most others. I was aware I was in debt (credit cards, unsecured loans) but had never actually sat down and added it all up, mainly as I was 'in denial' I think, I had hoped if I ignored it then it would all go away - very stupid! I was working full-time as was my husband, I think I assumed that as we were both working we should be able to do all the things we wanted to, but with four children, expensive childcare etc it was never going to be easy. I found myself living on credit cards as after paying all the minimum payments there was no money left for food! A few months ago it all came to a head when I realised I was up to my limit with my overdraft (the bank had increased the overdraft on our joint account two months previously - my husband didn't even know about this, they never informed him and it was a joint account!). I also realised at this time that our monthly salaries were due to be credited the next week - and would not even cover the overdraft. We owed money to all my unsecured creditors as well as to the childcare provider. Nightmare!! This meant I had to tell my husband what a financial mess I had got into, including the joint overdraft he knew nothing about! He was furious to say the least but accepted that he was as much to blame for spending 'above our means'. I had to give up work as there was no way I could work full time with no childcare (earnings were just above the amount to get help towards childcare from tax credits), my employers could not let me work part-time and were totally inflexible. The summer holidays were fast approaching so I was left with little choice. I have now found a part-time job (evenings and weekends) that I can fit in and not have to rely on childcare (just my husband!). We have only got through the past few months because we had items to sell (motorbike, laptop) which has just about tided us over. Now all the phone calls are going to start again from the creditors, demanding money we don't have. We went to the CAB as soon as all this happened , they advised us to try to sell our house (brilliant timing!!! Just as the housing market goes into freefall). It has been on the market since July but nothing happening there, no great surprise things being as they are. We then took their next suggestion of contacting 'Payplan', which we have. They were very helpful but just confirmed what I already knew. There is no money left at the end of the month for creditors so we have to make an offer of £1 a month! I have now got these letters to send, but am scared witless as I know as soon as they go out the phone calls will all start again - having just shut them all up with the money from the stuff we sold (enough for 3 months of minimum payments!). I wrote to all of them as soon as I stopped working, explaining the situation. Some were brilliant (M&S, Sainsburys), others were phoning 8 times a day (Virgin MBNA surprisingly!), we have changed our bank current account as advised by CAB and First Direct have been sending us letters ever since, despite being told of the situation. We now have to change bank accounts again as we had not realised some of the accounts are linked to the same organisation and out money is not safe! I realise from reading these posts that I am at the start of a long road, I don't know what to expect apart from having to go to court. 'Charges' on the house have been mentioned as being possible - but I don't understand this as the house is technically worthless at the moment - we can't sell it, we have tried! At the end of the day I cannot pay what I do not have , I accept that trying to has made the situation even worse. Any words of wisdom greatly appreciated. I just feel like having a bit of a rant! To say this is stressful is a gross understatement, I am currently on 'happy pills' which says it all really! For the record my creditors are Abbey (personal loan), Egg (personal loan), Egg credit card x 2, Virgin MBNA credit card, GE Money Asda Card, GE Money Paypal Card, Sainsburys Card, M&S Card, Argos Card, Simply Be catalogue, First Direct Visa Card, First Direct overdraft. Grand total £29k minimum payments amount to around £800 per month. They will be getting £1 each, from this month
  2. I received a letter from Cabot Financial claiming they own an old debt of mine from four years ago amounting to £7800. This debt may be genuine as I went through a very bad time during my divorce mentally and lost my business and home. I thought all my debts were settled at that time so I would like to challenge them as my credit file shows no debt. I have sent a prove it letter and would like to know my next step, a CCA request or SAR request should they persist. I have read that sometimes unsecured debt cant be enforced because the relevant paperwork is lost, is that correct? I am about to retire and have no assets. Thanks in advance
  3. Can someone kindly advise how to calculate possible PPI reclaim amount ? I have calculated my monthly PPI interest amount figure using forum details located in which I have already paid over120 months but still have 60 months to expiry. Any assistance would be appreciated as I would like to know a possible figure in order to compare with Welcome's offer if successful.
  4. I am having an issue with a very slow moving solicitor who is the executor of my mother's estate. In an attempt to be proactive I have just been looking on the government probate search site (https://probatesearch.service.gov.uk/#wills) and on there it shows a Probate Number and a Date of Probate for her will. Does this mean that - the probate process is now concluded and the funds from her estate can now be distributed? - does it indicate that the process has been started and that the case has been assigned a number but that is it not yet completed? Thanks in advance for any guidance you can give.
  5. Could someone let me know exactly when a statute barred timer starts with student loan defer? Is 6yrs started when the defer finished or when it was asked for? Also I've noticed when searching for answers a recent "Doyle v PRA Group ruling" in Jan19 for statute barred debt. Does that affect old student loans? Anyone knowledgeable on this? Can't find a clear answer elsewhere atm For my situation statute bared would be latter part of this year unless that new ruling has any effect. In the meantime drydens have sent some requesated documents following a pap (even though the ones sent have their own issues imo). But my next responses if required,will at least depend on greater knowledge of the s/b situation .Thanks to anyone with any real info in this area.
  6. On Equifax in green it says i have been on the electoral roll for 13 years and it is green, but then next to it in red it says currently registered on the electoral roll no. What does that mean?
  7. Hi All Jut after bit of advice. I recently lost my pandora bracelet and 8 charms on holiday. I made a claim when I returned on my travel insurance. Limit for a single item was £300. My claim for the bracelet and charms was £490.00. They will only pay £300 as they say it was 1 item. Would you say this was correct? Charms were all bought separately over a period of a couple of years.
  8. Cannot seem to find the answer anywhere so was hoping someone may be able to advise onhow I may deal with this when the time comes? Think in the four months I have been on Universal Credit I have had a full payment just the once due to having a couple of part time employers with varied offers of work and hours whilst I look again for full time. Back in October/November I received two Tax Rebates, one higher than the other. This was a tad surprising so I rang the Tax Office to see if this was correct and was informed that one was definitely correct but the advisor seemed a bit confused about the other and couldn’t say for sure. He said my two options were to place the second rebate to one side until they sorted it out in April 19 or I could use it but may have to pay it back in April if it was paid in error. My problem was is that Universal Credit takes tax rebates as earnings it affected my paymentsand I got a big fat zero that month UC wise therefore having to use the rebate to live on. Ironically the Council “do not” take tax rebates as earnings so it didn’t count against my Council Tax benefit which was a blessing of sorts but obviously if I am in the same financial situation in April and this rebate has to be paid back I am going to be in difficulty. If that is the case and it was paid to me in error can I claim for any backdated payment of Universal Credit for that particular month? My thoughts behind this are that I was obviously paid nothing UC wise that month due to the rebate being classed as earnings but if the rebate has to be paid back then it was earnings I technically did not have, receive, earn, if you get my drift!!!! Ie – If I hadn’t been paid that rebate I would have received full UC for that month and I wouldn’t potentially be having to pay anything back in April to HMRC? Of course it may be that it is a legit payment and I won’thave to pay it back but I won’t know until April. All a bit of a disaster, I have no idea why HMRC couldn’t work this out correctly back in October… . Thank you.
  9. my friend cancelled his JSA claim today and has appointment booked with his ingeus advisor tomorrow, he has asked me if he can still get sanctioned for not attending as he is switching from JSA to ESA? sorry to keep going on but he keeps asking me.
  10. around 1999 we bought a car on finance from Yes Car Credit, I think it was a 3 year plan but after approx one year I became ill and lost my job, we could not keep up the payments so they came and collected the car eventually. ironically, the PPI we paid was supposed to cover illness, yet we were told not so, so we basically told them to pick the car up. my questions are: as we paid some PPI, can we claim it back? I cannot remember which bank we were with, does that matter? are Gladstone Brooks any good?
  11. I have a question for you lovely, knowledgeable people. My brother phoned me this afternoon, quite irate. He had gone to his local Nationwide Branch to pay money into the accounts of our young nephews whose birthdays are coming up shortly. It was £25 into each account. This is something my brother has done for years. He is not on the internet as he refuses to get a PC. Long story short, teller refused to do this and all but accused my brother of money laundering - infront of other customers. She did say that if he'd had his passbook with him there wouldn't have been a problem but he's done this before many times and has never needed his passbook to do it until today. He's fuming and wants me to draft a letter of complaint for him. I want to know if you think the teller was right or wrong. As an aside, he's been with this branch for 50 years so not someone they don't know.
  12. Hi, Me & my brother are swapping cars, both cars are the same year & relatively the same value. We are simply swapping as his car is an estate and better for my large dog and my car better for him as his daughter (my niece) can only drive automatics and mine happens to be an auto. I'm just confirming the taxation side of things. I pay DD monthly on my car (so kind of runs from month to month) whereas my brother has paid for the full year upfront on his car. His car tax is paid up till May 2019 I'm planning on doing the transfer of ownership/sale online via DVLA website while I am at my brothers (he lives 30 miles away). I am assuming when I do the transfer online for both cars it will automatically cancel my tax DD with respect to my vehicle and as for my brothers car he will be refunded for his car tax for each clear month by the dvla ? We will then need to both re-tax the cars again from kinda scratch? Is this the correct procedure? To be honest I've never sold a car since the new car tax system. Obviously we will update our respective car insurance's at that time too. Thanks in advance ;-)
  13. Would a car parking company be in breach of GDPR if they passed over your details (as a registered keeper) to a debt collection agency, since the driver was the one who entered into the contract allowing them to do so, and not the registered keeper? Just a thought.
  14. Hello. I am 2 and a half years into a 4 year finance deal on my vehicle. It is all up to date at the moment. However I am changing job this month, but am going from self employed to full time employed and paid monthly. As I have no savings I will be going a whole month with no income so I am going to struggle to pay all my bills for this month. Before I start talking to the finance company about this to try and come up with an agreement (which I don't think they will be keen to do) what are the legalities of me missing one payment? I'm assuming they can't start repossession proceedings yet? I'm hoping they will agree to take just a small token payment this month then make up the shortfall over the next two or three but if they try to play hardball where do I stand? Thanks for any help.
  15. Hi, I am using a template letter. Should it be addressed to Halifax PLC? Bank of Scotland Group Plc, something else? I am using address found in Bank of Scotland privacy policy pdf.
  16. If someone had a drink driving ban approximately 2 years ago and I don't have driving licence details is the anyway to check this out like for example MID?
  17. I have 2 credit cards, both with Capital One, (£1.500 and £500), which I had been paying my due fees to every month, until recently, as I moved out of the UK to my original EU country. For the first couple of months I still continued to pay however things are not going well here and I've found myself with no money to pay the monthly fees. So I started paying £5 each month per card. I want to continue doing so, as I think that would not make things worse for me if at least they see I want to continue paying even if it's just a small amount. I don't know if that makes any difference, but I hope it does, because right now that's what I can afford. The problem I have is right before I left, almost six months ago, I closed both my bank accounts in the UK, as I thought it would be better to not have any open accounts. I continued paying the £5 using a debit card from an online bank I opened when I moved here, a bank which is based in Germany. I had no problems paying, I always did it oline via their Capital One online form. Unfortunately after a few months the online bank emailed me saying I neded to let them know whether I'm a resident in two countries or not, as they'd noticed I was making regular payments to somewhere in the UK. I got a bit scared by this so I decided not to reply and to just never use the account or card again. For the past couple of months I've been searching for a way to pay with another card, I've purchased a couple of prepaid debit cards which have been rejected by CapOne when attempting to pay online. I suspect it's the fact that, when asked for the address and postcode of the card, I put my old UK info and of course that doesn't match with the Spanish address I had to give to be able to register the prepaid debit card. But when I used to pay with the online bank debit card I also put the UK address and the payments went through anyway? So my question would be, if I put my spanish address in the Cap.One online payment page, would they be able to see that I'm paying with a card with a spanish billing address? I'm trying to avoid them knowing I moved out of the UK because I don't want them to know where I live now and have them harassing me here. They're already making phone calls to my UK mobile phone several times a day, sending multiple emails, and I suppose many letters may have arrived at my former UK address. Thanks.
  18. Morning, sorry if this isn't in the right section, just need some advice. I am applying for my first ever passport tomorrow as I have booked an holiday for January, 6, 2019 as I am going to send of my form tomorrow at the Post Office with check and send and my foam contains pictures for my passport and other supporting documents. Does anyone know how long it takes? will I get it before January? Also, is it 100% that I will get a passport? or could I be refused one? as I never had a passport and I am also a British citizen as I was born in the UK. I am just worried that I will get refused a passport, should I be worried? as I am looking forward to going to Benidorm for 7 days in January and I am excited to be going on a plane for the first time. Any advice would be great thank you.
  19. This concerns someone I know. They have been subject to bullying and victimisation by supervisor and line manager over a period of months. This was flagged up to department managers, who have recognised the issues. They have witnessed some of behaviours and others have reported incidents that have happened. Department Managers have now had half a dozen complaints about the behaviour of the supervisor and line manager concerned. The departments managers have said that unless my friend makes a formal complaint using the grievance procedures that exist, that they can't do anything. My friend has health/vulnerability issues that make this difficult, as the process involved may cause additional stress they want to avoid. The question is whether Department Managers with HR responsibilities can hide behind having a grievance procedure, to avoid taking actions, when they have enough evidence of a pattern of behaviour that should be sufficient to act upon. My HR training as a Manager was that I did not need to receive a complaint under the grievance procedure to act. That I could commence disciplinary procedures based on information I had received or bevaviours I had witnessed. What is the correct legal position in such situations ? What are the consequences for Managers that fail to act, once they are made aware of conduct that could be considered bullying or victimisation ?
  20. Friend of mine had a limited company and his van is on finance in the name of the limited company. The V5 is in the name of the company but the insurance is in his personal name. I don't think there is anything wrong there as you can insure (with owners permission) a vehicle that does not belong to you. but - the ltd company is now dissolved, he is still paying the finance. How does he stand legally with regard the V5 being in the name of a dissolved company and the insurance in own name.
  21. I am asking generally as I can see things going this way if I'm honest. Embarrassingly I have been married around 13 months after a 6 year relationship and we bought a property Feb 2017. Mother in law provided £60K as gifted deposit (proof that it was non returnable) and Wife provided £100K that was gifted to her by her mother. We set the TR1 up as tenants in common 70% her way and 30% mine due to the fact that she provided roughly a third of the houses value upfront and then we went halves on the mortgage. We also setup with a solicitor that the first £100k of the sale of the house would go to my mother in law to cover renovations she's paid for. Now I have strong evidence my wife is carrying on with a work colleague (been seen out, tracked to his house, shes hiding messages and always on the phone). Am I right in saying that if we divorce and the house sells, given that it'll be worth around £420k the following is correct: Value - £420k Mortgage O/S - £200K MIL - £100K Remaining = £120K The remainder would be split 70/30 based on the TR1? I hope this is the case as wife has put me in a bad situation but equally herself by messing around so soon into the mortgage. She's indicating that a solicitor has told her that her £100k investment would come off first but that makes no sense as we have paid the mortgage 50/50 and the TR1 would be a pointless exercise. Hope this makes sense and someone can offer something before I seek legal advice.
  22. Hello a bit of a long shot but maybe someone on here has had a similar experience or is going through a similar issue! To cut a long story short, i have now left my civil service job, up until 2015 i was on the Classic pension scheme but then had to move to Alpha ( no choice because of my age at the time ) so 3 years. I will shortly receive my options letter, but having read on the civil service website i may be able to take my pension before age 55, i am 53. i aware i won't be able to take the Alpha part of the pension until i am 55 but it clearly states on the website that the Classic portion of my pension can be taken at 50. The reason i am asking is because theres seem to be some confusion about the Alpha transition, i am also aware of the pension reductions should i take it now, but i am ok with that. Obviously i know i have to wait for the options letter but maybe someone can shed some light on what to expect? Thank you in advance anyway!! Angela x
  23. Hi. As some of you may know, I'm having problems with my employer. Their latest "trick" was to call for a capability meeting (I have a "protected characteristic) So far, ok. I have no problem with that... We (Union Rep and I) went through. We discussed it, we all agreed on a slight amendment to my work. Basically, they agreed to curtail the amount I drive. The agreement was three days a week, I would be limited to under 200 mile, and I would agree that the other two days, I could do over that amount, but not over 300. The people there were: Head of HR. My Line Manager. My Union Rep. Recorder. Myself. Everyone seemed happy. About two weeks later, I got an invite to a "follow up" meeting to discuss it. As it was a "follow up meeting" I thought it was just as well to go alone, as the trip is 250 miles, and it didn't seem worth dragging a Union guy along. As soon as they found out I was alone, they delayed the start of the meeting for 40 minutes. When it finally started, the HR person excused herself, and was replaced by another manager. So, at this meeting, there was: Manager No1. Manager No2. Myself. Note taker. Then, basically, they laid into me nonstop, slagging off. I would also say that most of what they said was complete bull****. "Figures and data" pulled from thin air, etc. Finally, they told me that my hours were to be cut from 40 hours to 15. They followed this up with a letter than made even more ridiculous accusations, None of which were either true, and furthermore, they couldn't actually quote any reference or back up with any form of details of specific instances. They reiterated the cut from 40 to 15 hours... What I'm asking is, was the 2nd "follow up" meeting even legit? We had the first Formal "Capability meeting", we came to an agreement - then the invite to a "follow up" meeting arrived (And I quote) "Please attend a follow up meeting on Friday 1st June 2018 xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx During this meeting we will discuss the adjustments that you have requested and what measures we can put in place to support your request." Obviously, they didn't discuss the details from the first meeting, simply ran riot and called it a Capability meeting. Any thoughts?
  24. I had a fixed term loan between 2010 and 2012 which I paid off when I moved house. I sent a SAR as i wanted to check on the charges levied during this loan and have received all the documents back. The annual statement summary received during the loan only stated - Date of agreement - Duration of agreement - Amount of credit - Gross loan - Payment protection premium - Staement period They did not show the interest rate, balance of the loan or any payements made. Reading Section 77a of the consumer credit act. As they haven't shown those details then my understanding is that I didn't have to pay any interest during the period which the statements weren't compliant. Is my understanding correct and if so am I able to claim back the interest when I claim other charges frrom them? Thanks
  25. Recently I came across some old account numbers and decided to check if any might have had PPI on them and if I might be able to claim anything on them prior to the deadline next year. As I have no details other than the banks referance numbers I filled in the PPI Checker on the Halifax site where one of the account numbers was from. I few days passed and I got a text this morning from Halifax saying "Felix, Thank you for your PPI Complaint, We'll communicate with you via SMS during the course of your complaint" Now all I have done is check to see if I had PPI, I haven't made an actual complaint yet. Is this text just what they send out when they are checking if you even had PPI or does it look like they have found PPI on my old account and have auto opened a complaint? Also I have heard that Banks may phone you up to ask you questions about your claim. I have Dyspraxia and would feel more comfortable being able to read questions carefully and think about my answers and put them in writing. Would I be within my rights to request any questions be put in writing?
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