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  1. Hi there, Is there anyone out there who can help me? We have a former GMAC mortgage that went over to mortgage Express. We were keeping up with the mortgage until I finally succumbed to my illness and disability. We are currently five months in arrears which works out to be £4250. I was working part time and my wife was working full time and up to earlier in the year keeping up with our mortgage. We thought we had sorted ourselves out with my working part time and my wife getting a full time job a while ago. I had an operation several years ago, that resulted in dama
  2. Hi. Been paying Stepchange for over a year now. Various Credit Card + overdraft debts totalling just over £30k. I will be in a position to clear them next year if I can get F&F acceptance at around 35%. Should I also be seeking to obtain CCA's to see if the debts are enforceable and also look at unfair charges etc on the overdraft (Santander) Also possible unfair charges on original account when it was A&L
  3. Had interview with compliance officer re PC have to provide copies my wife business accounts for last 4 years - no problem sending HMRC accounts photocopies. No profit made. No savings but we took out a lifetime mortgage on house and draw down to clear debts ( Credit Card 11K) Would they regard this as income? does that leave me liable to interview under caution + having to pay back? How far can they go back? and can I stop having PC as I am ill and can't take stress? HELP! Thank you
  4. Evening, I requested a SAR from Co-op, I had a loan from them several years ago. I gave my name, address from when I made the application and the reference number from the loan. They have replied to me saying they are unable to verify my signature(s) after checking my records. They have asked my to provide photographic ID in order to investigate the matter further. Is this normal? Has anyone experienced this with Co-op? I've requested SAR from other places with no issues. Many thanks
  5. Hi Everyone, Happy New Year to all I know this is probably a really stupid question so please don't shout at me (I'm not well at the moment) ... I am wanting to get my PPI reclaims underway and I wondered if making a claim would resurrect any old debts? If that even makes sense? Is it better to do myself or through the "Resolver" reclaiming tool from the Money Saving Expert website - it's free but there's no mention of doing as SAR? Thanks in advance
  6. I've read through all the threads here, and this seems like the best course of action - to write a letter to CRS (who have now taken over from Harlands with harassing my daughter). It's a similar situation to many on the forum - except she was 17 when she signed up, and there was no "adult" involved in either signing up or payments. We have emailed the gym once saying this (on receipt of the first Harlands email): Dear Sir/Madam I am contacting you after taking advice from your staff onthe phone. I have had a contract with you since 2/9/17, which wassigned when I was 17. I
  7. Hi all My mother died in September and I've been putting off applying for a probate grant but I've made an attempt at completing application for probate form, (PA1) https://www.gov.uk/government/publications/apply-for-probate-form-pa1 and Inheritance Tax IHT205(2011) https://www.gov.uk/government/publications/inheritance-tax-return-of-estate-information-iht205-2011. I've read HMRC guidance notes but I think I'm missing something when completing the online version IHT205 because it flags up that my mother's estate could be liable for Inheritance Tax. I've carefully assessed
  8. So quick question for anybody in the know I am about to start a new job monthly paid - However I am concerned... The company do Payroll on the 20th of the month. With this date up and coming in less than 2 weeks - Would the company do payroll based upon 1st - 31st of the month where applicable and pay it on the 20th during that period (Like where some companies pay you on the 26th / 27th till the 31st for example?) Or would I only get paid a week if I started next Monday? Slightly worried?
  9. Hi folks, my mother died in September and I'm executor of her will. I've arranged for for an estate agent to view her vacant property in order to prepare a probate report. I'm also getting two property valuations so that the house can be put on the market after probate is granted. I'm going to apply for probate myself and I don't anticipate that inheritance tax will be due because once sold there's a large equity release payment outstanding. my question is does anyone know the difference between a standard probate report and an enhanced one? There is a fee of £250 for
  10. Question on EPC requirements: Expiry at end of the year - if want to enter into a tenancy agreement within next few weeks, does Landlord need to re-new the EPC? If tenancy is above the max £ level (>100k) does this mean Landlord does not need to re-new the EPC and does not need to adhere to the minimum energy efficiency requirements? Current EPC shows E. Thanks for clarity.
  11. Does anybody know if a new passport has to be declared for new addresses every time they move and is another fee still payable if move more than the occasion intending or would it just be the single fee for a new passport renewal.
  12. Hi, can anyone tell me if alleged"defaults" from creditors can remain on my equifax file or for that matter any credit reference agency? in my own case.. i have won 2 cases against me alleged to default in 2012 whilst i understand they are going to fall off the file this year... its later in summer.. my query is .. having won my cases, does that not say the dispute was won on an alleged debt.. therefore should not be there?
  13. Hello, I used Resolver to find out if I had any PPI with Studio catalogue, I attach the response and although the sum would be very small if I were successful, I feel that it is a matter of principle as this response is, I think a fob off. Studio response1.pdf
  14. Hi all Someone has just told me about this site and said it's the best place for advice I wonder if anyone can help me please The company I last worked at have just started liquidation proceedings. I was made redundant a month before this happened and so I have only received 1 months pay in lieu My query is I've received a P45 from them but the pay to date figure states 2 months pay They say their accountants said it's right as it's what I've earned - but I never received it and now I have to wait to see if there's any money to pay creditors who are beneficial into the continui
  15. In short I brought a samasung S8+ mobile August 2017. On doing a reset April 2018 it has a screen burn (samasung advice) I brought the phone from Amazon 3rd party seller. I tried to contact the seller who refused to communicate with me Amazon also tried and advised me to apply for a charge back form the credit card company. I have today heard that they will not do this has the card was used at Amazon and Amazon will not help has it is with a 3rd seller. the phone is less than a year old and appears i have no redress to any resolution in either a repair, refund or
  16. Hi, I've been looking through my credit report and have realised I have 2 'settled' accounts, both with defaults registered. One is with o2 and another is Lowell (an o2 account!) - I've emailed both companies to try and see if it's the same debt or not! I don't ever remember having 2 phone contracts out at the same time... Am I correct in saying only 1 of them can register a default if they are the same debt? The o2 default was registered September 2014 & the Lowell default was September 2013 - both completely different amounts. My question is - if those 2 defaul
  17. Hoping someone can give me some advice here. Arrow Global and Restons have issued me with Court papers for an HBoS debt which goes back to 1997! Over the past 10 years I have requested the CCA and have SAR'd other DCA's but the CCA has never been sent, only an Application Form with retyped up-to-date Terms and Conditions. Now, of course, Arrow Global have applied for a CCJ. I don't think I would be able to go to Court myself (as a pensioner I don't have the funds for the trip to Northampton for one thing) but do you think I should dispute it? And if so
  18. Hi. Wondered if someone could help with my ET please. I am doing this alone so any help would be very much appreciated. My complaint is quite long so Ill just keep the headlines. In reality I was made redundant due to a breakdown in work relationships. My notice of dismissal and paperwork shows I was dismissed because of redundancy. My role was still in existance and therefore my argument is that I could not have been made "redundant". I was given redundancy pay. I submitted my ET claim for unfair dissmissal. The organisation sent a load of gumpf back. Most of which doesn't seem rele
  19. We have recently received the Deferment Form (D10) for my husband, who has old-style student loans from 1994, 1995 and 1996. His loans (according to the letter) are still administered by Honours Student Loans. We are puzzled, as this is the first time we have received the 'new' version of the form. He is self employed and does not receive support from any other sources, so we can happily answer NO to question 3.1. Do you receive support from other sources. I'm puzzled by question 3.2 Is a student finance loan your only source of income? Firstly, I'm not even sure
  20. Hi Took out a Welcome Finance secured loan in November 2007 for £20k I have no defaults, pay £386.53 a month. My partner is about to be made redundant and was wondering about offering an early settlement figure. This is now under Prime Credit 5 since the demise of Welcome Finance. I know in my last statement in 2016 the remaining balance was £19719 it has been repaid in theory several times over with their extortionate charges. Is it worth pursuing early settlement for this with partner being made redundant? Thank you
  21. Hi. I bought a second home 5 or 6 years ago with the intention of renting it out, or occasionally using it as a weekend home. Ii arranged a sky dish install and tv aerial at the time, but never installed a tv. Due to my wife extended illness, the house has sat unoccupied, although I maintain it and keep it secure and tidy. However, from about 6 months after buying the house (as a new build) I began getting demands for a tv licence. These were and have always been addressed to " The Occupier" I have since just been ignoring these and throwing them in the bin along wi
  22. Hi, Thanks for having a look at this. In hindsight I'm a bit confused about what happened earlier when a bailiff turned up at my door. We moved house 3 years ago. My other half didn't update the address on her car's log book, only her driver's licence. She got clamped/fined in September 2016 and updated the log book address. Fair enough, our mistake, it's a pity that we didn't have warning letters forwarded to us but hey ho. Today a bailiff turned up regarding a PCN for driving on a taxi only street in June 2016. Again, we hadn't received any previous correspondence reg
  23. Brief history is that I have been awarded enhanced rate of both components of PIP for a fixed period. The award letter tells me I got 18 points for Daily Living and 14 for Moving Around. According to the experienced Benefits advisor who helped me with my claim, I should have got considerably more points for both components and, given my age and the nature of my conditions, at the very least the award should have been for a much longer fixed period if not the PIP equivalent of indefinate. Obviously, I cannot be awarded a higher rate but I absolutely do not want to go through the hell of ma
  24. Hi We changed broadband and landline provider in May 2017 from Fuel Broadband to EE, we were not tied into a contract with Fuel Broadband at that time. When we tried to pay the last bill of £20 we were unable to as the site wasn't active nor were any of the contact details to pay them. Today we received a text message from the Post Office saying that we owe them £20 and threatening us with debt collectors. This is the first contact we have had. On phoning them they couldn't find details of our account and told us they would have to get Fuel Broadband to contact us. They rang us and t
  25. Hi all. I have spent hours browsing through the RLP threads and they are very helpful. Thank you! Short version... I am in my 20's and recently (incredibly stupidly) took something worth under £15 from tk maxx and was stopped. Security guard was very fair. I told him of mental health problems and he dealt with it in store. No police. Usual ban and rlp print off. I am currently waiting for letter. I fully understand the position the forum has in dealing with RLP and plan to follow by the letter. My question is if the company start ringing the house
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