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Found 6 results

  1. Hi I am new to this web site and I would like to hear from people who have had dealings with difficult Freeholders My neighbour and I intend to buy the freehold of our property. Dobern Properties (The Kingston Brothers) are the freeholders, I would be grateful to get advice from other people who have dealt with them. I am well aware of their ruthless bullying style of management so I need to be well prepared before I proceed. Thanks
  2. As per the title we are in the process of purchasing a (new to us but used) vehicle & need advice. We had been looking for a new family car for a short while & seen one that we loved the look of online. we visited the dealership & the vehicle was in the showroom. My wife instantly fell in love with it & wanted it, so I asked a few questions. One of them was "does the 4wd work ok? (as I know there can sometimes be issues) The dealer gave me a slightly puzzled look & said it was a 2wd model & this one isn't the 4wd version. I said okay, by this time my wife didn't seem too bothered as she had fallen in love straight away with this one due to the great condition it appeared in (we had looked at others for around the same budget that didn't look in as good condition). We have small children & I explained that safety was paramount, he reassured us & said that Any issues at all would All be addressed, the car would get a Full new MOT, Full check & Full service before it was released to us, so we went ahead & paid the deposit. However.......... We have done a small online check & it shows that since paying the deposit it had failed the mot & also some advisories. I told my wife not to worry because they would of course All be addressed before we got it & that was the point of him mot'ing it. next check by us has revealed that All failures addressed & has passed the mot, BUT this is where I am needing advice before I speak to them. The advisories are all still there so obviously have Not been addressed. The advisories are that the brake pipes are: "slightly corroded from front to rear of the vehicle" And the other states that the "propshaft is missing from the vehicle" ??? I had an idea what the latter meant & sure enough, after doing a little research on the net & enthusiast forums & it has been known for these vehicles to develop a fault on these parts & replacing them (by a garage) can be quite expensive, some drivers have opted to remove the propshaft thus rendering the vehicle 2wd instead of 4wd (there are also some claims that it saves fuel but others argue that it is minimal) it looks like the dealer wasn't exactly honest with us as it obviously Was originally & is meant to be a 4wd model?? Also the fact that the brake pipes are corroded worry us too. I always thought that advisories were there to advise that although it has passed the MOT that it was advising that those other points mentioned meant that they should be addressed soon & would fail the next mot on those issues? Can anyone confirm if this is correct? This has left us now feeling uncertain about going ahead with the purchase of this vehicle but at the same time not sure where we stand? We have after all paid the deposit & agreed (in writing) the part exchange figure for our current car & the dealer has now obviously went to the expense of mot'ing & repairing the vehicle (even though he hasn't done the brakes or propshaft). We aren't the type to complain or go back on an agreement, so would like (& greatly appreciate) some advice on the best thing to do from here?? Thankyou for taking the time to read this & appreciate anyone taking the time to reply.
  3. I want to purchase a static caravan with cash, so no purchase repayments. Neither do I want to make a profit. I see it as 'buying memories'. Does anyone have any experience of renting a caravan out to cover the ground rent and insurance costs? Is this a realistic ambition? thanks.
  4. I woukld like to purchase one share in a company. The share value is about £4.00 at the moment. It seems i have to open a share dealing account and can be charged about £12 per trade. That is alot considering the stock is oinly worth £4.00. so i have to fork out £16.00 to purchase a £4.00 share The reason why i only want this one share is so i can attend the AGM and ask questions in a profesional capacity Any ideas my best option of getting just this one share??
  5. A few days ago I received a letter from Lowells and T-Mobile saying that ownership of this debt has been sold to Lowells. The history: Had an account with T-Mobile many years ago. When I was working abroad I asked for roaming to be added and if the minutes I used would come out of my monthly allowance or would I have to pay. They said monthly allowance so I used the phone as if I would have in the UK. When I got my next bill I was a little shocked I spoke to them and they said that the T+Cs of my contract (which was initiated online through another company that sells mobile phones and contracts) stands and that I was liable for the full amount. I did not have enough to pay and I disagreed with their stance and thus we have been in a stand-off ever since. Lowells have been chasing me ever since and they have had an entry on my credit file since the default on 10/06/2008. About 12 months ago I did ask for an SAR on all the documentation purporting to the account which they provided although they said that there is no physically signed contract as it was initiated and the act of switching on the phone demonstrates my agreement with the Ts and Cs of the contract. What is wierd is that I did speak to them about 6 months ago and offer what I thought I owed (about £150) in full and final payment with the debt being satisfied in full. They initially agreed, then tried to say that they would partially satisfy the debt to which I replied that I was not content and that I would not budge from my offer. Things have been quiet since then until I recieved this today. Throughout this process they kept referring back to T-Mobile, but this letter states that the debt was sold in 2010. Although I have blanked the address block out, the QR code and the line code on both letters are exactly the same, which would suggest that they have been printed off the same computer system even though one is from T-Mobile and the other from Lowells.....wierd. Questions: - I note that the debt was sold in 2010 but I am only getting this letter now. Does that mean I am likely to see Lowells taking this further? - Or is this more sabre rattling? - Could Lowells be sending me letters purporting to be from T-Mobile? Is this illegal? It seems so if it is the case. I fully intend on letting this reach the 6 year point after which I will have it expunged from my credit record but as I am in the process of buying a house I do not want this to come and bite me on the bottom.
  6. Hi guys, my very first post here so feel free to wade in with any comments or suggestions.. I purchased a persommin new build in june and paid for the turf to be laid in the back garden. I was told it was very recent so stay off it for a month. Two months later the grass looked good but the ground underneath was so wet and spongy that simply walking on it leaves deep dents. I asked the landscapers to look and they said "yep, you need a land drain, it's boggy". So I took this up with the persimmon site manager who got really irrate and said the landscapers had no right talking to me etc etc. He blamed the 'rain' and said to just wait. A few weeks later and no improvement I wrote to the regional head office and within a week the site manager was back to look. Still quite curt and short he said I'd bought a standard residential build and couldn't expect the world - I actually bought a 3 bed detached and it cost me everything I've ever saved. I have a 1 year old baby and not once have I been able to allow her on the garden which was one of the reasons for choosing this plot! eventually the landscapers were back to put in a french drain. They rotavated the existing turf into the soil, dug a trench (french drain?) and then relaid turf afterwards. It's been 6 weeks since and the turf looks great. BUT, the ground is still spongy underfoot. Not as bad as before but still to the point of leaving dents. I really have no idea what to do or who to approach next. It's so stressful and incredibly difficult trying to deal with them now I've actually handed over my money! Any advice or comments would be great.
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