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Found 7 results

  1. Around 2 years ago myself and my boyfriend were at a party. We had just hit the legal drinking age and so being fairly immature and having a new found freedom of being able to buy our own drinks legally, we didn't quite know our limits. The end of the night came and we were both fairly drunk, although I was much more sober than him and could remember what happened. The end of the night came and the majority of people had left the bar/club. Me and my boyfriend were talking to some school friends when the doorman/bouncer approached us and told us to drink up because they were shutting. Admittedly, we were going quite slow but it wasn't intentional. Not even a few minutes later the bouncer took my drink off me. I informed him that i wasn't finished but he rudely told me to f off and leave as they were closing (which in all fairness was true, we should have all been faster and left when we were asked!). My boyfriend got annoyed with what he said and told him not to be so rude. We all got up to leave and the doorman continued to bombard us and tell us to go, trying to lead us out (at this point we genuinely were going and we actually walking to the door). My boyfriend got more annoyed and basically told him to f off and that "we were leaving". The doorman then proceeded to get in his face and push him. My boyfriend, being drunk and not knowing when to stop, pushed him back. When we walked out the door the police were there. I should stress that they weren't called specifically for my boyfriend but were already there for precaution for things such as fights breaking out. The bouncer lead my boyfriend to the police, told him he was banned and the police took my boyfriend's details. My boyfriend explained that he was in the wrong but also that the doorman had also pushed him. We left and haven't been back since. My boyfriend was never charged and he didn't sign anything for the pub/club to confirm that he was banned. There is a family party happening in a few months time at the same pub/club. My boyfriend is invited. Only a couple of my family members know of the incident and don't really feel like explaining it to others if we get turned away. I obviously also want to save him and my family any embarrassment by being asked to leave after an immature little incident that happened 2 years ago. Is there a chance he could go back and not get turned away? The pub/club is fairly local but is used a lot for parties and events.
  2. Hi everyone, its my first post on here and its going to be a pretty long one. Basically I went to a hungry horse pub with some friends last month and the visit was pretty mixed overall. The food wasnt too bad and we didnt really have any complaints initially, apart from missing an item on a few of the meals. The service wasnt great to be honest, the table was dirty when we arrived, it took 45 minutes for our dirty plates to be moved and when we left the desert plates were still on the table. We then took part in a music quiz and we should have won this, but as we were round the other side of the bar the manager didn't hear us and by the time I had made my way round it was too late. His response to this wasnt great, he suggested that we just get closer to the bar when theres one song left on our card. It was afterwards when we went to close the bill that we spotted that the cost of our deserts hadn't been taken off the bill, something we thought we were entitled to as part of an offer that is run by the pub on a thursday. I queried this with the manager and he was pretty unhelpful really, he wasn't willing to even agree that it should at least be stated more clearly on the menu that the meals we had were not included in the offer. Another member of staff did have a bit of an attitude problem and said we woudn't get the deserts knocked off because one of the group works there and they'd already give us a discount. we paid the bill and were willing to put it down to experience. After this I posted a review on tripadvisor, giving it a 1 star overall and was pretty accurate with my description of the whole evening. It then became apparent that the manager had seen the review and left a response of the site that was pretty well fabricated by himself. Even after this I was still willing to let the whole thing go. It was when he apparently pulled my friend to one side in work and told him that I bas barred from the pub and basically threatened to hit me if he seen me again. This is what got me riled up more than anything. I have no reason to believe that my friend is not telling the truth in this situation, I think that he wouldnt make something like that up as surely it would affect his job security. So after this I emailed greene king (owners of hungry horse) to inform them of the situation and told them everything, not leaving any details out. I have waited a few weeks for a response in the post as promised in a reply from them and have received one today in the post. To say I am disappointed with the response would be an understatement. The letter says that they have spoken to the manager and investigated fully. They have then stated 'that my behaviour on my day of the visit was inappropriate and was affecting the enjoyment of some of our other customers'. It then goes on to say that ' I am therefore supporting the house managers legal right to ask you to leave on the day in question and to refuse you future entry to the establishment. This decision is final and not open to further discussion'. Now this has really disappointed me. At no point did we behave inappropriately and I cant believe that a manager of a pub would fabricate this to justify banning me from the premises. Also at no point were we asked to leave the pub, again I am astonished by this claim. Basically I am asking for help on where to go next. I have emailed greene king again to try and point out that what he has said is not true but I dont expect a response from them, especially when you consider how blunt they have been in the letter. Even though I have no desire to return there, I don't want the manager in the pub to feel that he can do something like this and effectively win. Thanks in advance, James (hope I've been clear enough here, just a lot of information to get across)
  3. Hi guys, Not been on here for a while as mostly sorted the majority of my debts with help from this great site but would like some advice please. I came out of a pub about a year ago after being there for nearly 3 years as a tenant with a brewery. Unfortunately when I came out I still owed the brewery about 6k, a combination of rent for the property and beer supplied. I asked them if they could write off the debt with no luck and then made them an offer of £10 a month as i am only working part time now. This was worked out on a pro rata basis with the help of National Debtline. They refused this offer and so i have only paid them a couple of small payments in the last year. I have now received a letter from their solicitor asking for payment in full!!!! My question is this, is there anyway I can legally challenge this debt as I didnt ask for them to give me credit when I took the pub on, neither did I sign any form of credit agreement? Obviously the solicitor is threatening court which if that is the case then they will only get what I can afford according to my income (which is what I have already offered them), but I would prefer not to go to court as have managed to keep all other creditors and DCA's etc away from court proceedings. Any info gratefully received.
  4. Can anyone help, myself and my partner used to run 2 pubs however due to lack of support from the pub company and also extortionate rent we quit in February 2012. During March 2012 we wrote to pub company confirming that we wished to make an offer of repayment of any sums owed in respect of goods however disputed the level of rent we hd been charged on both pubs. We received no reply. In November 2012 we received a pre action protocl letter from pub companys solicitor , we sent a lengthy reply stating we had wanted to make a repayment offer in respect of the o/s goods but disputed the rent and had received no communication from the pub company. We received no reply to this letter. We have now received a claim form in respect of the sum of £39,245.45 which is stated is in respect of goods. This is not broke down between goods and services. What do we do as we wish to avoid a CCJ, myself and my partner have nothing the pub trade nearly caused us to go bankrupt and we now survive on a small income, we explained to both pub company and their representation that they had nothing to gain by taking this action as we own nothing and have nothing??? Any advice on defences to this debt and the fact the rent and goods have been lumped together for claim form purposes?????
  5. Hi I don't know if I have put this in the correct place. We were in a pub this evening, and a girl was cleaning an area of the bar when a glass bottle fell and a shard of broken glass cut cut my eyelid. The manager/supervisor came to find out the situation and played it down sticking up for his staff, saying it was just an accident to which I appreciated but my eye was still bleeding from the incident. The supervisor/manager filled in an accident form, on the accident report that the supervisor/manager he did agree that there was a cut above the eye. He also gave me a number for the manager and the website address address for company involved.We have the address of a witness who agreed that the supervisor/manager handled the situation in the wrong wrong way and who is willing to corroborate the situation, what would our rights be?
  6. Would be grateful for some advice here if anyone can help. Ive scanned and attached a picture of my van and the ticket (with importantg bits tipexed out). I asked the lady going into this pub if it was ok to park on their forecourt as the pub was boarded up and she explained that it was fine as thats where they normally put their table and chairs but as they have closed down for refurb i could park there. She lived in the top flat of that building. Then when i returned to my van i got the attached ticket. Noooo! Have i been stupid? [ATTACH]38691[/ATTACH]
  7. http://www.itn.co.uk/home/47362/Cameron+leaves+daughter,+8,+in+a+pub
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