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Found 18 results

  1. British Gas owner Centrica says it will shed 4,000 jobs by 2020 as it announces a big fall in operating profit. The group said that it was chasing savings of £1.25bn per year by 2020 and that this would likely see a "reduction in like-for-like headcount of around 4,000" by the same year. Some 65% of of the savings will be in operating costs and around £350m will be in the consumer division, which will see "further digitisation". There will be a further 1,000 roles created by 2020 across three departments, however. The announcement came as the firm reported its full-year res
  2. Hi, I am in receipt of Employment Support Allowance and I would like to run a small not for profit community project, which I would like to register as a Community Interest Company (CIC) and would volunteer running it part time ( a couple of hours per week). I understand if I’m in receipt of ESA I am allowed to do some ‘permitted work’, and that specifically includes volunteering for a CIC company. However, I cannot find any information whether you can or cannot register your own CIC and volunteer for your own CIC while in receipt of ESA. If anyone has any infor
  3. Hi all, not posted for a while, but got a "bee in my bonnet" with Barclays of late.. It concerns their £30 "referral fee" on our business account.. Basically, money gets paid into our account every day, apart from Sun & Mon, from credit card receipts. Now, strangely, the "debits" got applied before the "credits" meaning the account would momentarily show as overdrawn occasionally, by a few £. I must add that no payments from the account have ever been "returned unpaid" and that we don't use cheques. Doing all of my banking "online" and "paperless" it wasn't until I received
  4. On the 30 November, I appeared in Court to dispute a Council Tax Liability Order. My defence was that; 1. Hull City Council were not properly recording payments made on my account. 2. That the nature of the collection process, if performed by a private company, would be defined as extortion and prohibited. This included a specific mechanical process which has been outlawed recently after abuse by debt-collectors and bailiffs. 3. That the Council are knowingly targetting those with mental health issues as they are the least likely to challenge these suits. This being in direct opposi
  5. Hi Folks, Long story short but I missed 3 payments on my car (I lost my job) the agreement with the finance company was terminated and they wanted the balance in full (I couldn't afford to pay it in full). The car was repossessed (I agreed to this and met them to take it away). The car went to auction and sold for more than £10k than what the outstanding debt/balance was. How do i stand with this? The company are saying that they are entitled to keep all the money even though they have been overpaid by over £10k on the figures they sent me via their solicitor and the c
  6. You will have seen on the news today that Tescos have suspended a number of senior managers, because they managed to over estimate half year profits by £250 million. How can any company manage to get their sums wrong by that amount ? Does it just confirm how much money these companies are involved with. Last year it was revealed that supermarkers took 58% of all retail spending. They keep building all these extra large supermarkets, as well as all the small high street stores. Perhaps they are getting too big to be able to run them properly ?
  7. Hi, not sure whether this is in the right area.... My friend invested a third into purchasing a property with another couple. For a while they rented out the house and shared the income. The house was refurbished and put on the market for sale. The house sold with completion last month. She was hoping for her "share" this month, however the couple have stated that her money will only be available in April after his accounts has been finalized, income tax for the year. I assume he his self employed. From what she tells me, it seems she will be penalized for his tax deductions ? - whic
  8. Hi please help as I'm worried to death. I've just found out that I should have paid tax on my rental income over the past 5 years. I'm about to put my property on the market and am unsure about what to do? I have been told that there is an Inland Revenue form that I must fill in. Any help greatly appreciated.
  9. Hi, I work for a not for profit organization, in the last year we have had our workforce reduced by 2, and 2 members of staff have gone part time. We were told about 6 months ago that these measures were necessary as takings were down. We have just found out that our directors (of which there are 2) awarded themselves over £400,000 in 2 years as back pay as they were not being paid enough. This they have admitted to us when a member of staff requested the details of our company from companies house. We are back up to taking the same amount of money as we were last year, albeit with less and re
  10. "The company, which offers short-term loans to households and businesses, said revenues rose by 67% in the period to £309.3m and it lent £1.2bn - 68% more than in 2011 - in total to more than one million people. The number of borrowers defaulting on their loans rose in 2012, to 7.4% from 6.4% the year before. The payday industry is currently facing a Competition Commission inquiry amid concerns over how it operates." :- http://uk.news.yahoo.com/wonga-confirms-weekly-profit-more-1m-092822996--finance.html#OpU2r4O
  11. HSBC has reported a £13.7bn pre-tax profit for 2012 as the bank was hit by further misselling provisions of £1.5bn and its £1.2bn fine from US regulators last year The bank saw profits fall 5.5 per cent last year, down from £14.4bn in 2011. The bank has set aside an extra £1.5bn in 2012 to cover compensation payments for the misselling of financial products, including £1.1bn to cover costs related to the misselling of payment protection insurance and £397m to cover costs relating to the misselling of interest-rate swaps. In total, HSBC has set aside £1.6bn to settle PPI-related claims.
  12. I've just noticed this:- Of course, it is true, they are a "not for profit" ... but at the same time, it is not true - because they are a non-independent organisation which is set up to ensure the interests of the parking industry members. The BPA is set up with the intention of fronting and protecting a highly profitable industry. There is no altruism about them. The exist for the profits of their members. Their members join them and support them in order to ensure their continuing profitability. So, "not for profit"? ... Yes - but at the same
  13. Europe's largest bank has also reserved a further £500m for PPI claims http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/business-20202586
  14. http://www.dailyrecord.co.uk/news/scottish-news/axemen-atos-face-40m-payday-1352958
  15. http://www.dailymail.co.uk/money/news/article-2210537/Tescos-profits-fall-time-20-years.html
  16. Hi, Over the last 2 years of being with British Gas on a Pay Monthly Eco 7 meter, I've noticed that the clock has moved forward by 21 minutes. The reason why I notice this time is because the eco 7 times have crept forward by 21 mins. THis ALSO includes the DST changes so has NOTHING to do with that. I called British Gas to ask about this, and asked 'Where did this mysterious 21 minutes come from'. The lady was unable to answer and basically said 'thats impossible, the meters are on a 24 hour rotation'. Anyway, she couldn't grasp the concept that some clocks run fast and on the other
  17. I wonder if there is a law against DCA's purchasing debts from original creditors at a small percentage and then claiming we owe them the full amount or more if they then add interest. Surely this can't be legal. Has anybody managed to find a way of obtaining the purchase price and then challenged it? It can't be possible to claim outright that you owe a much higher amount if technically the original lender has sold it off cheap.
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