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  1. I can not believe a company as big as Everest can get away with their practices. I’ll be brief, 6 months after from initial installation we have half the house fitted (10 windows 2 doors) ALL badly fitted (exposed cavity walls) damaged brick work, ALL damaged products and no contact From Everest as to when going to be corrected and finish. Having been advised to do so we have contacted and paid for a solicitor to see if we can get released from contract, deposit returned and start again with another company. In a nutshell we can’t unless we wish to go to court and pay 10k plus and not be able to recover our money anyway. Everest sent a letter threatening us that we have to pay them 80% of the 13k regardless of state left in the house. So far we have paid 1.5k, we have a house open to the elements (no water leaking thankfully but have lots of slugs) and apparently nothing we can do. We have to let them in when it suits them (can take another year or so) and accept a fight to get anything replaced or fixed if broken so my question, surely this is wrong and somewhere a law protects us? Going to court we can’t claim solicitor fees and small claims a max £1000 to capped. Need advice or a brianwave please desperatly unhappy
  2. Since our recent upgrade last month we are still having lots of problems with our mobile view. It will be very helpful if people could keep us updated here as to the problems that they are having. Thanks
  3. Hi, a request for information and perhaps help. I have just found this forum and this particular thread as I searched for help relating to a very similar issue I am having with Marquis https://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/showthread.php?486134-Marquis-Motorhomes-Dealer-Refuses-to-Accept-Vehicle-Rejection&p=5157435#post5157435 How do I go about getting some advise please. My problem relates to issues with my FIAT engine and the fact that my new Motorhome has spent weeks in the garage waiting to be repaired. At present it is at week 8 of it's most recent visit to the garage with no sight of a repair anytime soon as parts are, and I quote "Not available". I bought the Motorhome from Marquis in April 2017 and the faults started in April this year when the vehicle repeated went into limp mode with engine warning lights comming on. I contacted Marquis as the seller but they insisted I deal with FIAT. However FIAT have been little better than usless and are baffled by the fault. The vehicle has spent hours in the worshop as parts were changed and I was told it was fixed only for the same fault to retun days later. I have been back to Marquis several times to ask as the seller that they get involved as I am getting no use from a £47,000 brand new Swift Motorhome with only 4700 miles on the clock. Each time I have got the same answer, " be patient, we are dealing with it at the highest level in FIAT" but still time moves on, my warranty is slowly expiring and I am paying tax and insurance on a vehicle that is spending more time off the road than on it. This morning I got a call from Fiat to advise they still have no timescale for delivery of the required parts. Then I received an email from Marquis in responce to an email I sent them, again telling me to be patient and refusing to give me the number and name of their head office. I am past patient and starting to get angry. It seems Marquis does not care and just prevaricate hoping I will go away. Any advise on what I can or should do next would be very appreciated. Thanks Michael.
  4. Hello I wonder if you can advise me. My son has had a loan from Money barn. He picked the car up and its been one problem after another with the car. He has phoned moneybarn to tell them, and they say they have opened a case but he should take it up with the garage. It is 14 days on Wednesday so does he still have time to cancel the loan and if he does should he send an email as well as phone them, he wouldnt have time to send a letter would he? Thank you for any help you can give.
  5. If you discover issues caused by the recent upgrade then please post them here.
  6. can bes take over a residential property electric supply as they only do commercial electricity I need to no as been miss sold a contract please help the last few days have been hell bes utilities phoned me saying they were acting on behalf of my hopefully soon to be landlord no lease signed I have ended up in a contract some how I have been bullied and feel forced into this contract really not sure wat to do as I don't have a lease yet or permission to change the electricity supplier still they say I cant get out of it they say they are going to take over the electric suppy on the 25th and there is nothing I can do they also said the supplier at the moment cant reject the take over apparently I have no choice but to go with them all I want to do is get out of this contract. also the address on the contract is a residential house helllllppppppp
  7. It's obvious that the government is making it so difficult with benefits they are hoping that everyone will just give up claiming but I didn't know whether to laugh, cry or head butt the wall with this situation and just wondering if anyone has had similar problems because apparently the people in front and behind me in the cashiers queue had the same issue!! Had a medical appointment in London yesterday for my ongoing vertigo issue and am on UC at the moment (although haven't received anything as yet due to my last pay packet back in July!). However I can't remember where but someone told me as I am on UC I could claim back my travel expenses. The UC helpline (term used loosely) advised me that I could claim through the JCP but on contacting my Work Coach (again term used loosely) she advised me I couldn't claim through them but I could claim direct with the NHS. I called the NHS and that was correct but I had to take my proof of purchase, appointment letter and UC Reward Letter to the cashier at the hospital. Obviously I know unlike JSA where you get a letter stating you are receiving JSA you don't get the same thing with UC because the Council were complaining about that when I claimed Council Tax Benefit and the girl at the Council said it was all a bit of a shambles. So I called the UC helpline again and after half an hour trying to explain to an automated message that all I wanted was advice from and advisor I finally got through. The advisor told me that the statement on the dashboard was all I needed although all 4 pages of it seemed excessive and somewhat personal considering it states that I was awarded a massive UC total of £0 due to my wage the previous month of £xyz!! Queued for 25 minutes at the cashier’s desk at the hospital with all the documents and finally when I got to the window she wouldn't approve it stating that she needed a JSA Award Letter. I politely explained that in my part of the country and more than likely most of it by now including London there is no such thing as JSA and award letters anymore, (I may be wrong) and that the UC Office had said this statement would suffice. She wasn't for turning though and kept pointing to a clearly out of date note on the wall stating a JSA Award letter was required. I tried my best to keep calm and explained again that all is done online now and this is it, all I can offer. Eventually she took my number and said her supervisor would ring on Monday but keep my train tickets, which is fortunate I got a receipt because the machine eats the tickets once used!! As I left the guy behind said "Well we are buggered as well then" as he held up his UC Statement print out. When I got home I called the UC Helpline but was told they didn't deal with travel and I had to speak to my work coach and could only offer me an appointment next Wednesday!! I asked for a phone appointment because it seems a bit pointless taking up a walk in just for one question! I said that the previous UC advisor had informed me that a UC Statement would be ok but was curtly told that the UC advisor couldn't advise on that so didn't know why they had! I then rang the number for my Job Centre and went through merely to a switchboard who told me that my JCP was closed on Fridays. So we search for work for 35 hours a week and they work 4 days?!?! She however told me that the JCP can't help on that so I should contact UC Helpline!! I replied that the UC Helpline say they don't deal with that the JCP does and she said they didn't know why they advised me of that as they were wrong. After telling her I suspect she may be getting a few more calls from others with the same query I gave up at that point!!! So has anyone had any luck with claiming expenses of any kind with merely a UC Statement?! It seems impossible. The hospital say they need a letter that doesn't exist anymore, UC say it's down to the JCP to advise and the JCP say it's down to UC credit to advise. A system clearly created by a buffoon with no brain, sense or intelligence!!
  8. I was a dual fuel energy customer of Future energy, joined them in August of 2016 I provided them with accurate usage figures for the previous twelve months and they set my monthly direct debit figure. Service wise it was poor from the outset their web site never functioned, just constant messages saying they were working on it and the service would be available soon. Unable to access bills on-line I was reliant on paper billing and in May 2017 even this stopped! I telephone Future on numerous occasions to express my concern that I was not receiving bills and that I was worried that my monthly payments may not be covering my usage, I was always reassured that if that was the case I would be informed of the need to increase my monthly direct debit. Fast forward to March 2018 when I receive a letter from Green Star Energy informing me that Future had gone bust and they had been appointed by OFGEM as my new supplier. I have now received a letter in the Future colour scheme with Future energy logos, but which is in fact from the administrators, they have meter readings for my electricity supply but apparently, they have no readings opening or closing for my gas supply. They have therefore estimated my gas usage and on that basis, I now owe them £700!! Questions Did Future Energy have any sort of duty of care towards me with regard to the management of my account providing regular bills and so keeping me informed that I was accruing a negative balance? After all its far easier to increase monthly payment by £30 or £40 than pull £700 out of the hat. If Future did have any duty of care as they have now gone out of business is there anything I can do? In any event can the administrators force me to pay an estimated bill? As always thanks in advance for any guidance or advice. Nosnibor
  9. Guys, I won a Mk4 Golf Gti with 8 months MOT on Ebay for the princely sum of £50 last year. At MOT renewal I booked it into a local garage who failed it on corroded brake pipes and a few other things coming to a grand total of £600. Now I like the car, it's never let me down so I agreed to have the work done. Next day, garage rings to say they've lowered the petrol tank and found further problems with the brake flexible hoses and it would need a new rear caliper because they'd broken the bleed nipple on the old one, price now £950! Needless to say I wasn't going to pay that amount so now we're at a loggerheads where the car is sat in his compound undriveable so I cant even pay him the original £600 and take it away to repair it myself. Any ideas please on how I should proceed with this matter?
  10. Hi, I'd like to hear if you have had problems the same as me and if so have you been able to get DFS to do something about them? I bought a 2 & 3 Seater Leather sofas last year and they arrived a few days before xmas 2016. From day one there was a problem with the left hand side of the 3 seater sofa (lack of padding, seat dropping away in the corner and misalignment, where it does not match up to the other side) on the 4th January I emailed telling them of the issues I had with the sofa. They did reply and sent out a Service Manager on the 28th January. He agreed that some repairs needed doing. Thinking about it after his visit, I decided that I did not want a repair, I had paid £2500 and did not expect to have repairs done, I visited the store where I bought it from and they said they would like me to give them a chance to put the issues right. I reluctantly agreed on the understanding that if I wasn't happy with the repairs I wanted a replacement. The repairs were carried out in April of this year but most of the issues were not sorted out. Well long story short, I have sent numerous photos, emails and made phone calls, received a visit from the Store Manager and since registered my complaint with the Furniture Ombudsman and gone through the same rigmarole again only to be told all these months later that DFS still refuse to accept there are problems with the sofa and I now have to pay out for an independent survey, as they need evidence to take it any further. I cannot believe it, if you read the consumer law I've followed all the correct channels but it's got me nowhere. I even contacted the finance company but have heard no more from them. I wish I'd never walked into the store and bought the sofas. where do I go from here without spending out more money ?
  11. Hi I'm really struggling at work and I don't know what to do. Nobody listens to me or wants to know and it's very much affecting my mental health, especially as I used to be so well depended on and valued. I work in the public sector and it all started in 2015 when we were took over by new management, who don't care about my welfare. I'll bullet point some of my issues below: I work remotely from the rest of the team and I'm sat in an office all day, every day by myself. Sometimes, one of my colleagues will come and work with me but this has been very seldom lately and the subsequent loneliness is horrible. This is worsened by the fact I have to do quite menial work that the rest of the centralised team don't have to do (they get more fun stuff and share an office). My boss is non-existent. I've not had an appraisal since 2016 and I haven't seen him since around April/May this year despite him being on site a few times since then. I became really upset a few weeks ago as I found out he'd been on site to do another person's appraisal and he didn't even nip in to see me that day. Furthermore, the boss above him I'm told worked only in the office next door to me last week and he didn't acknowledge me either. I'm starting to think I'm some kind of monster but I can assure you I'm not. Before being taken over by the new management I'd been highly thought of and nominated for awards. In 2016 it was decided by management that I needed someone to help me. They employed a lady who has learning disabilities and mental health problems and I was left to train and look after her with little support. She hadn't even had her Access to Work assessment done until around 14-months after starting post. This put a lot of strain on me and in January my union made me contact HR. My boss was then MADE to come and see me by them about all the stress I was under. He came to see us I'd say about twice after which but then he disappeared once more. My colleague sadly then went on long-term sick and has been off now since February. I've since done a learning disabilities course over the summer and know about the employment laws and support so I'm a bit more equipped for if/when she comes back. Still, I'm very angry about this whole situation which has 1) left me feeling helpless and 2) has resulted in my colleague being off sick. My work gets 'stolen' by the centralised team. By this I mean that through the system they access my work and just do it for me and leave me with the aforementioned menial duties. I've tried addressing the people who do this by 1) asking them if they have a problem with me carrying out the work (which I was assured there wasn't) and 2) by asking them to leave it alone for me to do but I'm just met with the 'we all work as one' quote. I feel we aren't working as one though, I'm actively having work taken from me to benefit others and it's making me feel devalued. How does that constitute teamwork? Lastly (I won't go on too much), I'll add that I've never had a sickness review. Everybody's meant to have one but I have a clear record since 2015, and I've been off sick about 3 days since then. Again, it makes me feel I don't matter and my absences aren't to be taken seriously. I've done everything I can to try and combat the negative feelings that arise from my job like looking for another (which isn't easy where I live), going to therapy, trying antidepressants, doing a degree, attending college, learning another language and guitar etc, but I still can't escape my anxiousness and depressive moods. I'm wanting to up-skill and re-train and I'm doing really well in my degree but I can't help feeling I'll be useless at whatever I go on to do and it's crippling me; my confidence is at an all-time low. If I say something to someone, I fear it'll fall on deaf ears & I don't want to go off sick because I'm frightened that it'll impact any future plans. What would you do if you were me? I feel I'm at a dead end. When we were taken over by the new management my personal staff file was dropped in the car park in the dark for all to see and for cars to drive over and I feel that serves as the perfect metaphor for the treatment I've ensued.
  12. Hi all, I am posting on behalf of a friend who has been privately renting a flat for the last ten weeks. The flat is one room part furnished with communial kitchen and bathroom facilities. The room has no bed, just a matress on the floor, a sofa, a sideboard for storage and a chair, there is no radiators and no heating. There is no working shower and when you run the tap on the sink the toilet leaks ???. In the kitchen there is no working appliances (e.g cooker fridge etc.). There is no fire escape, so if a fire broke out downstairs, he would have to exit via a window with a twenty five foot drop. There is no lock on the door to his room so this can be accessed at any time by anybody with access to the building including other residents. He has no written tenancy agreement and the landlord just sends him a text when he is about to arrive, without prior notice. There are other issues but I think this initial post is long enough any advise would be much appreciated thanks in advance
  13. Hello, I have requested from IDEM my CCA, initially they said they could not find it, i stopped making payments, they have since sent me an application for the cards i took out, dated 1993 with my signature on it, and what appears to be a generic copy of a CCA listing terms and conditions, it has a newer address on this(not the one at time of application) and it states term such as a £12 charge if i go over my credit limit, which i did do in the past but was actually charged £25/£35 ( i believe the lower charge of £12 came in around 2006) therefore what i really want to know is this classed as a valid CCA or are they trying it on?
  14. Hi all Lloyds are a bunch of @@@@@@@@@@@ Early 2004 I had credit cards with Easymoney and Morethan … the card issuer was Lloyds In 2006 Lloyds took both over reissuing their own cards. DX100UK … can Lloyds offset any earlier PPI against the current debt? I submitted SAR on 16 May for both and received a copy of one the agreements no mention of which dated 2004 and Lloyds statements for bothe Lloyds accounts 2006 and 2007 but nothing from 2004-2006. they claim they only need to send last 6 years statements... ive sent a chaser on 21 Jube … so far nothing... I had asked you to provide full account information over 40 days ago and so far have sent me statements for one account for 2006 and 2007 despite the account starting in 2004. If I do not receive a full set of statements for both accounts by end of June I will submit a complaint to the Ombudsman and the FCA. What else can I do? thanks
  15. i had a HP agreement in novemeber 1998 for a car taken with welcome finance. Recently i thought i would try and find out if ppi was included. I was young and silly at the time but needed a car. Through writing to WElcome -i have found out i did have PPI and what the premium was paid including the dates taken out and also a policy number. - all paid off i may add. Welcome have stated they dont know who the underwriter is with?? i have contacted: Aviva Llyolds in relation to this and both even after quoting policy number etc have denied being the underwriter?? I,m not sure who else to contact in regards? anyone else have any underwriters for arround that time that i can contact please? any help would be appreciated. thanks
  16. Morning all I have a HP 1510 Deskjet printer that has normally worked fine till today! It is just printing blank pages, I replaced the ink not long ago so unless it has dried up in the heat I am at a loss, I have tried the usual routes, I;E Troubleshooting and it did say something about the USB cable so did what it suggested but it not even print a test paper as it comes out blank! I was trying to locate how to see if the ink is alright but not able to find out?, the printer worked fine last time I used it Thanks in advance for any help/info xx Sandy
  17. Hi, all and thanks for any advice in advance. Mum signed up to have wall insulation done in her dormer house, room in roof. the initial surveyor said that the walls under the windows would be insulated from within the roof space(behind the walls) and the cheeks, sloping roof section, would be insulated with over-boarding to the floor and would it be ok for the skirting boards be removed and we fix them after. also part of the roof to be over-boarded too. we agreed to this. it was then passed to a different company to do the install. no other survey was done. or contact made till the install date.when insulation was fitted they only came down half the walls with over-boarding and completely missed other walls. when I complained they hadn't done job to what we where told, reply was basically "tough we have done enough to comply and it's been passed off by an inspector". few other minor issues where found which they did agree to fix ie. rockwall falling off back of walls and not enough put in to cover wall. contacted CAB. and they say that because no money has changed hands, it's not a proper contract etc, so can't claim breach of contract. this is still in the process of the installers to come back and fix the work they said they would. other issues, a light fitting left hanging from ceiling with exposed terminals, and my mother also has alzheimers, and no impact assessment was done. who do I complain to, and do we have any other recourse, as to make the rooms into what was promised will now cost us hundreds if not more of pounds. so really what is meant to save people on a low income money is actually costing them hundreds of pounds. Rant over.
  18. Details: Finance Company: Raphael Finance Product: mini cooper convertible 56 plate 74k miles Term: 5yrs Repayments: £133.71pm APR: 19.9% Start date: 11th March 2018 Settlement figure before June 2018: £4068 Settlement figure after May 2018: £5950 Hello Everyone, I am new to this group and have a car finance problem which I would appreciate help with. Briefly the costs of running this car are beyond my capabilities. I am locked into the repayments and not allowed to sell the car, yet I must get to work. I have been offered just £1500 on part-exchange by the garage I bought the car from. I have tried to take out a bridging loan from my bank (natwest). I am young and have not built up my credit rating enough to get a loan, and have no assets to gtee. any loans. I am finding myself in a very stressful situation whereby I can neither afford the car and cannot get rid of it without being ripped of by unsecured loan sharks who want 40%APR. Please help ♥♥
  19. They used to be Blemain, now are 'Together'. I am always behind with my mortgage. I am on a very low self employed income and it is erratic. So always end up having to pay three or four months arrears when they threaten me with an eviction. They have an court order due to persistent late payments. My circumstances have changed since I lived at the house...my gf who is also on the Deeds split up. She pays the mortgage, I pay the second mortgage with Together which is about £500 a month. I can never do one of those things with income and outgoings because is so erratic and I dont even live there. But I pay it every few months when I can so she doesn't lose her home, and at some point maybe we can sell it. But, because of all the charges and extra interest etc the amount I owe after paying it for about 10 years is about £10k more than I borrowed! Yet am Paying £6k a year! Total amount is about £60k and its a high interest rate because that is all I could get at the time. So virtually everything I earn bar about £100 a week pays that. And as I only get money erratically and then £2-3k every three months or so on average, I can never get in front just keep paying off the arrears and my living and some debts. So I am very depressed about it and cant see a way forward, except that one day we may be able to sell it. But there is no equity in it atm, and I am losing £6k a year really while the market is stagnant and yet actually reducing nothing its gone up over £10k. Problems started when the banks called my business o/d and loan in as then I had no way of budgeting to cope with the erratic income. I am effectively homeless, and cant even get tax credits because of my circumstances, and living between a few sets of friends and a new girlfriend. She has a tiny flat so I cant store anything there, and cant stay at all when her son is there...no room to swing a cat. All my stuff is with friends in my 'rooms' there, and I have nowhere to sit and do my books which are a few years behind and no doubt I am being chased for that too on money I haven't earned but fines for late books. I am in a total mess and cant see what to do. What can I do? Are these charges even legal? I am told they are not? I want to sort this out first as it will be one thing off my mind if I can stop them doing that. Then I have to face the HMRC and explain why I haven't done my books for several years afterwards.
  20. I have (or had until recently) a secured loan with GE Money for just under £25k. I had got into difficulty back in March 2015 with repayments and ended up going to court to stop repossession proceedings (which I did). All had been going well and agreed repayments made until June this year when GE sold the debt to a company called Arrow. No explanation given, just a letter stating they were exercising their right to transfer ownership of the debt. So, GE advised me that Arrow would be in touch with my new account details etc. in due course. Since I had been making the mothly repayments via electronic transfer (GE were being difficult about setting up a DD), I tried to make July’s payment as normal but my account had been closed at GE. Then at the end of July I received a letter from Arrow with my new account number but no details on the total debt they had now taken over or what the monthly repayments should be. I wrote to them (I can send you a copy of my letter) on the 8th August asking for clarification on what my monthly repayments should be. In the meantime, I completed a direct debt mandate and informed them that I assumed the repayments would be at the previous figure set by GE. No response was received and the direct debit to Arrow commenced on 1st October 2016 at the rate set by GE. I then received a letter from Arrow this month stating I was over £2000 in arrears (!!) and they would be asking a representative from Excel Counselling Services to visit my home to discuss the debt and how I could propose to repay this. The letter was worded in a non-threatening manner and no legal proceedings were motioned HOWEVER I have enormous warning bells going off in my head having read up on Excel and visited their website. I received a letter from Excel today stating they will “visit my property unannounced” if I do not telephone the contact given on the letter to arrange a home visit. This in itself is scary, especially since it is half term and my daughter is at home this week. I do not want to expose her to this. I really do not know how to proceed with this and would greatly appreciate some advice. I fear this is the start of eviction proceedings all over again and that Arrow are playing the softly softly approach before going for the jugular!
  21. Hi. We and our neighbor have a shared roof, also the roof it’s at an angle, he’s at the highest point, we are lower. Last year we had a leak, we called a roofer to check and he wanted to check neighbors loft, he didn’t agree. We fixed everything on our side, now we have a leak again, our roofer said it’s defiantly them, but again, they don’t want to let anyone up there. What can we do? We contacted the council but both properties are freehold. Thank you
  22. Hello everyone, I am very sorry to be posting such a familiar tale, but am also thankful to have come across this site. I joined Xercise4less as a rolling monthly member in February, as I knew that I would move before the year and chose not to sign up to a years contract for this reason. I moved away recently, so went in to the gym in October time and spoke to a member of staff about cancelling the membership, they advised me that I could cancel it when I liked as I was a rolling monthly member, so I cancelled my direct debit and thought nothing more of it. Until..... I was checking through my email and had received one from Harlands stating that I owed £19.99 and a £25 admin fee, which would increase by £25 if not paid by 6th December. I thought there must had been a mistake, so contacted the gym. The member of staff I spoke to admitted there had been fault by the staff who was new and not aware of the procedure, although said it was nothing to do with them, and I was subsequently passed from pillar to post between Harlands and Xercise4less with both feigning ignorance and saying that neither of them could clear the charge. I offered to pay the original £19.99, but not the £44.99 given that this was due to miscommunication, however I did this by phone and the terrible Harlands staff member was just very rude and said there was no way she could remove the charge without confirmation from the gym that they were at fault (which they refused to do) and told me that I just had to pay (which I didn't). Of course I am very anxious about being charged a lot of money/being chased by debt collectors, but have found this site reassuring. Please could someone advise me of the best course of action? Thank you in advance and best wishes, El
  23. It was reported in the press last week that Freeview was experiencing signal problems due to adverse weather conditions. Around this time we were losing reception on BBC1 or ItV for several seconds or more. The freeview advice was not to retune the tv and once these specific weather conditions cleared, reception would be back to normal. We're still getting signal drop out. Just wondering if anyone else was experiencing the same?
  24. Try & keep short: Son bought '65 Airstream Caravan (yes the polished type)from Florida & shipped by agent in Derby. The agent is a clown & has stupidly paid customs & excise far too much as paid on wrong code. Instead of 5% as its a '65 and due to its weight I believe he's paid 20% which think is about £3.5k. Its his fault & C&E have confirmed they don't know why he paid that amount. Now he isn't releasing caravan unless my son pays whole amount. He only actually owes £937 which is payable on delivery to his door only which he is happy to pay. Police can't act as civil at moment & he has started to contact trading standards. Despite not having the extra he is understandably reluctant to pay the demanded balance in case especially as its the agents fault he paid incorrectly but that he either doesn't ever get back from Gov or has to wait a long time for it. At one point he called police because we thought the van had been vanished as he refused to send any container shipping details either but it is supposed to be in UK now. I am tempted to call the bloke & try & resolve but suspect will still be no avail or to get a solicitor to just send a warning letter to him to release the vehicle. Anyone with any experience in this area gratefully received of how we should proceed.... thanks. I'm going to post additional info as its transpired but on new posts to try and keep clarity and make it easy to understand Information Point 2 the following is info answered by my son as we have gone into it: The person who has the caravan is the shipping agent: He used an unknown shipper to actually collect it from Florida and transport it to New York, and then on to the unknown ship to the unknown port in the UK. He initially invoiced me the correct vat figure which I paid him. I checked this with HMRC and they said sometimes shippers and shipping agents to do this and appears to be a legitimate method as opposed to me paying HMRC directly. It was only when it cleared customs he issued me with a new invoice for the duty and vat. I think it was the US shippers that filled out the customs documents incorrectly and led to a much higher figure. HMRC said the only people who can amend that paperwork are the ones who filled it out. I would contact them directly but he won't tell me who they are or how to contact them. He's just taken it as gospel that the higher figure is correct, paid it from his own account and invoiced me for it. "But I still have no actual proof he's paid this amount. He won't give me any documentation or reference numbers with which I can contact anyone about this. As said, maybe he should be asking HMRC for a refund but I don't know if he can do that unless he resubmits the paperwork. But then I asked him to sort that and he just says I have to pay him the full amount."
  25. Hi I was just wondering if someone can help with the problem I am having with Alpharooms. Background- On 24th August 2017 I booked, and paid, a 4 night break to Benidorm for February 2018 for my wife and myself. Next day our daughter (14) asked if she could also come. I called Alpharooms and they said that it would not be a problem to add our daughter but there would be a £30 modification fee. I said that was ok and booked and paid for daughter this payment was made on the 28th August. To date I have not recieved any conformation of this change and everytime I email and ask for conformation I get a reply asking me to pay £320 so they can proceed with the changes. I have also called them and they tell me they are awaiting a reply from their suppliers which normally takes 24hrs (this has been going on for nearly three weeks now). They also say they can only see one payment (the 2nd payment for daughter) so will have to get in touch with their accounts department to verify payment. My card statement shows both payments have been made and recieved by Alpharooms. This has now been going on for nearly three weeks now and when I called today I was asked to wait another 48hrs for suppliers to reply to them. Is there anything I can do? If I want to cancel booking it is going to cost me £90 according to their t&c's. Thanks for reading and hopefully someone can give some advice about what to do.
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