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  1. Hi all I'm new here have been reading a lot of threads because I need to deal with some old debts which I'm being chased for by DCAS. I have one problem which I need to address urgently and hoping to get some advice here . I had a credit card and loan in Dubai . Usual story, lost my job and had to leave. I only had agency work when I returned to UK so couldn't offer any repayment. I was initially chased by debt collectors in Dubai who didn't use very nice tactics to say the least . I eventually had to unplug my landline. I have now been contacted by CWD who have sent me statements and signed agreements and have also sent me an Information sheet and reply form . It says you have received this because a company intends to take you to court. I have read through all the threads relating to CWD and cannot find anything that relates to my problem. The advice I'm after is is this a pre court letter and do I need to fill it in and return. . Grateful for any advice
  2. I hope to get some advice here my partner received letters (notice of sums in arrears, annual statement) from Lowell about the debt they bought from Okam Ltd for the amount of £10,785.89. That was shock for me but my partner remembered what it was. It was loan taken in dec 2012 with his ex wife. Original amount was around £3k. They paid as long as they’re were together. Then couple months later she left him but promised to pay for it. Unfortunately that loan was only on his name. That was very nasty divorce and he never thought about it. He moved few times and changed phone numbers maybe that is why he never received any letters from Okam. If he will have any doubts about her not paying he would pay this. We don’t know if Okam send any letters or not. Either she didn’t tell him on purpose or they never send anything. Now debt is in Lowell. And the amount over 10kis just not real for us. He called Okam yesterday and they couldn’t say much about this debt. They have on file that the loan existed but no more details. They said to contact Lowell. he called them. Guy on the phone was not pleasant at all. Tried to take his expenses which most of them my partner didn’t know about them as I look after all the bills. He could only say how much he earns (his self employed) and they told him that universal credit will be taken fully as his earnings as well. Then they calculated that he will have to pay around £480 pm. My partner did not agreed to this and said he will discuss all expenses with partner. Then he called Lowell again and spoke with manager. They offer to call us on 14/02 to find reasonable solution and agree repayments. But tbh I don’t know why from 3k now he has to pay almost 11k. He doesn’t remember when exactly was last payment. Definitely something in the begging of 2013 so it’s almost 6 years. He doesn’t remember how much was already paid. And we have received letter only with the total amount owed. My partner once paid off some phone bills debt (his ex and kids) to Lowell and now they back again. We are not able to pay this. My partner only works. I had to quit my job to look after our 2 years old daughter. We are receiving universal credit. What should we do now. How to deal with Lowell?
  3. I'm not sure if this is the correct place to put this on so Mods, please feel free to move. I lost my permanent job late in 2016. Being older (almost 60 at the time), I've found, like many others in my age group that it's almost impossible to find a job. I was asked at the Jobcentre if there was anything I could do to become self-employed. I am a good pianist and had been working towards getting my Diploma after an exam break of 40 years, thinking ahead to when I retire. I am one of the women caught in the 50s trap, no husband and a son who's still recovering from a recent kidney transplant. Life is not easy for us Anyway, I got approval from the NEA to start a teaching business. To date I have not had a lot of interest despite advertising, my website, leafleting doors and anywhere else I can push my business. Just two adult students since I launched on 3rd January 2018 and I didn't get them until October. It seems the NEA and the Jobcentre don't communicate very well. The Jobcentre has taken my start up day from the 18th November 2017. The NEA says I started trading on the 3rd January 2018 which is the date I launched the website and my business. I now get £0 in Universal Credit, the reason being they are using the Minimum Income Floor of £1092 per month which is based on best case scenario estimation. I thought, fine, I don't get a penny from them but what I didn't get told is that my rent (council) wouldn't be paid either. This MIF is a hypothetical figure. Even from when I put in the business plan I have had to drop my prices to £10 for half hour and £19 for a full hour. This week I will earn £10 as one of my students can't come for personal reasons. You can imagine my shock to find out the last payment the council received was on the 11th December 2018. I am now in serious danger of losing my home and my son and myself being thrown out into the street. I am 62 years old and my son is, as said earlier, still recovering from a kidney transplant which has not gone particularly smoothly. I am really at my wits end. Something I thought would put us on the path to a better and more stable future has turned into a nightmare and I've done nothing wrong. I was given a hard choice by the Jobcentre. Either give up my business which I've worked hard to promote and prove I've done that (how do you kill a website - I've already paid for the website and domain for a year, that doesn't end until December this year) and let down my two students, one of whom is very good and practising for her Grade 1 exam later this year or claim UC and completely kill the business. Not knowing that my rent was not going to be paid, I chose to keep on my business as I know it is the type of thing that will take time to build. A year (in my case less) is not a long time. The Jobcentre has now closed my UC claim but I have until May to reinstate it. I have gone without, don't go out or do things other people do. I have been trying to get a job, either part or full time to help things out but get turned down constantly, usually by the agencies who come up with one excuse or another not to put me forward for jobs, the latest excuse being I haven't worked in an office for a year! 45 years experience as a secretary, often working at Managing Director level doesn't count. I met last week with a representative from the NEA who didn't really seem to know why the MIF is playing such a big part in this or even why it's stopping me getting UC to top up my earnings. One can work 16 hours without losing UC or if working 30 hours, similar to the old Working Tax Credits which even applies to self-employed people. These are the people promoting this ghastly scheme and if they don't know how are the rest of us supposed to know? I spoke with the benefits office (their call centre in Scotland) on Friday. Lady there said I would have to get a Mandatory Reconsideration but that could take weeks and may not even be successful. I just tried to reinstate the UC claim - supposedly a one click operation. No, it isn't. Question upon question regarding employment if you work for a employer but absolutely nothing related to being self-employed (I have not completed these questions as they were ambiguous). The Jobcentre advisor I had (or have) is a very nice person but came across as not knowing that much about the NEA scheme (which is run by Pinnacle People). I feel I have been lied to and misled and I'm sure I'm not the only one. From what I've gathered so far, it would seem that if I had started up my piano business on my own, without the NEA scheme I could have declared it to the Jobcentre as casual earnings and they would have simply deducted what I earned from my UC payment. Why there is such a difference between this and being self-employed via the NEA Scheme just doesn't make sense. I hope someone sees this or knows of someone who has gone through this that can point me in the right direction. I'm sorry this post is so long but I really am at my wits end to the point it's making me quite ill.
  4. Hello all, My sister in law received what she thought was a message from her friend asking her to accept some money from her Paypal account and transfer it down into her bank then transfer it to her friend’s bank. She received two payments from two different sources, downloaded £500 and duly transferred it to her “friend’s” bank account. Turned out that the message she received was from a fraudster and the money she received was from two hacked PayPal accounts and the bank account she sent the money to was not her friend’s account. I know she should have questioned why her friend did not download the money herself, she should also have questioned why the money came from two unknown paypal accounts and maybe also double checked where she was sending it. All good things to have done but she is a busy working mum and acted in good faith and was victim to a fairly smart fraud. Paypal is now wanting the money back and has set Debt Collectors onto her. Has she got any defence against Paypal?
  5. Could someone please point me at the appropriate bit of legislation that best suits the following problem. Hints regarding any known, suitable course of action would be appreciated as well. Rather than ask loads of questions on here, I’d like to try and work out what to do, then ask questions when I’m aware of the basics. There are no names and no pack drill as I don’t want to alienate a dealer -yet. It’s tricky to decide what is unnecessary detail, so I’ll take advice on how much I should post here but in short: We are experienced and extensively travelled motorhomers. We bought a new £60,000+ motorhome last year, part exchanging our old one at approx £42,000. The handover started on 30th November 2017. There were several significant faults discovered during the handover, ie, leaking water system, faulty lighting system, faulty battery charger. They were addressed by the dealer and we took delivery late in the day. We stayed at the dealers overnight but by the next morning we had to get them back to fix others. One (an inoperative fresh water pump) was fixed and an agreement made to return with the remainder, along with any others that arose, at a later date, That’s where it all began. We have had a LOT more go wrong. Some have been fixed, others fixed and reappeared, parts replaced only to fail again. Some are significant, eg: - water ingress from a roof window. - a bed with broken slats, no ventilation and serious condensation problems. - basins and a shower that will not drain properly and smell. I could go on – and on – and on…………………….. We persevered and have spent a lot on improving the specification, eg, solar panels, inverter, water filtration, loo ventilating system, etc, etc, but now, after the latest broken, mouldy bed incident............................. The bottom line is we are so sick of it, we want rid of it. It is NOT what you expect when spending £60,000. Heaven knows if it will ever stop being a problem. Some of the faults turn out to be significant design problems. It is spoiling all our use of it and we cannot trust it any more. What should I be looking at to find out our rights and to what extent can we demand a remedy, up to and including a different vehicle, or refund? Will
  6. I bought car from Peter Vardy Vauxhall Aberdeen 22/11/2018. The same day on evening and next day two times engine malfunction light came on the dash board. I decide go back to the garage. They said: Is few problems there and I need leave this car for repair. Ok I accepted this. After more then 3 weeks car is still not repair and still in Peter Vardy garage. I don't want this car any more if is that many problems and claim my money back from them. I don't know how to start that. Thx
  7. Hi All, my network provider (Tesco) uses o2 which i am still having problems with sending texts, is it a breach of contract? Thanks for any info.
  8. Hi I bought a car from a dealer back in September I've been advised that the turbo needs replacing. I have 1 years warranty with the car the warranty provider is trying to claim that it is wear and tear. I have checked the policy booklet and the turbo is NOT amongst the items not covered on the scheme I have. My mechanic stated that the air intake was broken around the turbo area and the seal was broken in half, he stated that it looked like a botched repair previously done. I have sent the warranty provider an email threatening legal action with my findings and am ready to take action against the dealer concerned. I have written a threatening letter to the RAC (the RAC are in charge of the dealer concerned) as well but I would like some advice or ideas how I can progress this matter?
  9. I had a free of charge replacement Hoover from Vax which has a 6 year guarantee. I have had it a few years and it has suddenly stopped working I contacted Vax about sending it back and they said they don't have a record of when it was sent to me though I knew it definitely wasn't 6 years ago. They told me I need to attach the receipt from the original one to the email but obviously I don't have that. I know it was October 2013 I received this Hoover as I had posted about it on my Facebook but it's the only thing I have which says when I got it. They should have a record of when they issued the new Hoover to me on their system as they had my details stored on there. So now I don't know what to do as I am within my rights to a foc replacement.
  10. I bought some headphones from Amazon about 6 weeks ago. They Developed a fault just after 30 days. Amazon have offered me a refund, unfortunately the headphones were at a promotional price at the time. The refund wouldn't be enough for me to buy a replacement pair from them. They have refused to either repair or replace them. I know under consumer law I am entitled to a repair or a replacement. Is a retailed such as Amazon able to ignore that if they simply offer a refund? I was very happy with the headphones and really just want a pair without the fault. Where do I stand?
  11. Much is written here about the Consumer Protection Act. (Formerly SOGA) What action can one take against a company who refuses to honour their obligations under this act?? As I understand it, under CPA regulations, a retailer must act within these Regs when things go wrong. The seller has the choice to 1. Repair the item. 2. Replace the item with a similar item. or 3. Refund all monies paid for the item. But can you force them to act ????
  12. I have had my car (Ford Fiesta) since June 21st last year. Now my issue is I have a knocking noise coming from the front passenger side of the car. No idea what it is. I rang Stoneacre up and they asked details and such and said your service is due, I had said, the service has been done through someone else because well they were cheaper then what stoneacre could do. He said ok, but your lifetime guarantee is invalid in that case, because you needed to get the car serviced with us for your warranty to be still valid. ok then, he said I can get the car serviced again with them and get my car looked at and repaired under my warrenty. I said Ill get back to him. I looked at my lifetime warranty book and it does say i should of got the car serviced with them. The car is less then 2yrs old. why cant I still get it done under the Manufacture warranty and not stoneacres. Im really confused on what i can do. When the car was serviced Ford parts were used on the service.
  13. this is the story of my bulldog so far.. my 12 week old bulldog pup went in for entropian eyelash surgery after a refferal from my own vet as we wanted someone he trusted to undertake this operation for us... he came out 5 hours later and went through the most agonising death over the following 48 hours i have ever seen a poor animal suffer.,,, rushed back into my own vet who tried to save him twice over the last 12 hours of his life but he was struggling to breath and tyson fought so hard to stay with us. .im still upset writing this four weeks later. .i was refferred to the eye vets by my own vet to see an eye specialist whom he recommended highly, but the whole lot was done by a vet at the park my own vet had never ever heard of so very disappointed as we were referred here by someone we trusted and respected highly......... £1347 bill from the park later and i lost my beautiful dog tyson who was so energetic and full of life .. he was such a powerful dog the morning of his operation he pulled me up a steep hill he was so so strong and just loved life. R.I.P TYSON 18 march 2018 i paid my vet to refer me to an eye specialist as he had recommended that my bulldog have entropian eyelash surgery to correct in-growing eyelashes. .we discussed the matter on whom he would recommend to undertake the operation as we wanted the best for our dog and a speedy recovery.. we agreed that he should go to a particular vet at a particular surgery and he recommended him fully he took us to his receptionist and instructed her to make an appointment with this particular specialist , which was arranged for 48 hrs later and the receptionist said she would forward an email of his eye condition straight through to them so they could see what diagnosis had been made.. we took our wonderful dog tyson in for his eye op friday morning and we went in to see a vet who we presumed was part of the vets team who we were refferred to, as we had never been in this vets before. ..he said the dog needed this entropian surgery under both eyes and they make too small cuts under the eyelids and take a small melon shape out and sewed up again and he will be right as rain in about two weeks. he said the cost will be around 1350 pounds and they can do it now and get it over with if we agree and we can pick our tyson up this afternoon.. we did. .fatal... .we picked him up and his was happy to see us but a bit drowsy and sounded very hoarse which we were told was due to the anisthetic pipe and would clear.. we paid the bill in full on credit card and took him home to rest... he didnt seem to improve and started coughing a lot and kept holding his head up as though his throat was blocked and breathing hard. .i called our own emergency vets at 8pm and they said keep an eye on him, if he gets worse call back. .i put him in the car at 12 pm and rushed down to our vets and telephoned on the way to make sure the vet got there. .it was snowing bad that night we got to the vets and had to wait as he was stuck in snow in the meantime we tried to give him oxygen with the veterinary nurse. .the vet arrived and as it was weekend he took over from us and told us to go home and get some rest while they xray him and treat him.. he said he had fluid on his lungs and they kept him in an oxygen tent and gave him medication to expel water they said his breathing was not good and didnt know why.. the next day they had to recusitate him as he worsened and they inserted a tube down his airway to open up his windpipe. .he pulled through when they removed the pipe the vet said a 5cm piece of scar tissue was stuck to the outside of the the tube and when that came out he breathed a lot better, a vast improvement so we thought he was going to pull through.. ..sadly at 9 pm that evening he went into cardiac and they could not revive him.. as you can imagine we were extremely upset and still looking for answers they were proving very difficult to comeby as no one would say anything other than apologise for his death. we then asked for reports the following day from the emergency vet so we could at least begin to see what had happened...this has not yet been forthcoming despite the practice owner promising them to us. now my first question is this... .as i was refferred by my vet to the specialist, do i have a case of malpractice against either of them for not undertaking the operation with the specialist we had discussed , if so which vet has alleged malpractice? i have checked on the rcvs website and it appears that this could be malpractice. i must point out here that the vet who did this operation was not the vet we had discussed in the referral ..it was undertaken by a vet whom our vet did not even know of or heard of and was not the vet we had dsicussed being refferred too, hence why i feel it may allegedly be malpractice... please forgive me as it is difficult to explain all this as it is still very emotional and i really do appreciate any help that is forth coming.. all help appreciated with thanks to you all
  14. I am a primary school teacher (year 6) and don't let children go to the toilet during lesson time.
  15. We know taking the loan out was wrong but we had no option at the time, we took a loan of £250.00 and now unable to repay in lump sum, they text every day emails and its getting worse they demeand £359.00 now and sent this email We have made a number of attempts to contact you by email and SMS to discuss the outstanding balance on the short-term loan you took out on 14.08.12 and you have made no effort to return these enquiries. We have also warned you in advance of additional charges you have incurred. As we make clear to all our customers our product is intended to be a short term financial solution. If the loan is extended this product can become expensive. As we have not heard from you and not received payment we have been left with no alternative and are writing to advise you that this debt will be passed on to our Debt Collections Agency in the next 24 hours. As per the terms of the contract between Speed Credit and your self (see http://www.speedcredit.co.uk/terms.html) instructing the Debt Collections Team will add a further GBP 150 to the balance you owe. Debt recovery agents will call at the addresses we have on file for you until they are able to successfully collect the sums you owe. If our debt recovery agents, after a reasonable attempt at the addresses on file, cannot successfully recover the monies owed by you, we will issue a claim against you in the County Court for the outstanding balance plus the further charges and recovery costs that have been incurred. You should be aware that a County Court Judgement against your name will remain for 6 years on the National Credit Records (NCR) accessed by employers, insurers and banks and may result in:- a) difficulties in obtaining future credit b) difficulties in obtaining a mortgage c) being questioned at a County Court as to your financial circumstances d) any current employers being informed so an application against your earnings can be issued e) difficulty in securing future employment due to an adverse credit history and credit score f) a Warrant of Execution and bailiffs being instructed We will apply for a County Court Judgement followed by a Warrant of Execution and a Bailiff order to seize goods from your addresses to be issued simultaneously to the County Court Judgement. This Warrant authorises Certificated Bailiffs to seize goods at the addresses held on file for you (including what may be your family home). These goods will be taken and put up for sale at public auction until the total amount you owe is satisfied. The initial cost of issuing a County Court Judgement is GBP 45, this will be charged to your account on the date of issue. The further court costs including solicitors time, application for a Warrant of Execution and the appointment of Bailiffs will also be added to what you owe. As you can see thi s will ultimately cost you a great deal more if you do not deal with this matter now. It will also cause you a great deal of difficulty for many years to come. We strongly recommend that you settle this amount immediately to limit further costs, preserve your credit rating and your ability to gain full time employment. Please immediately pay 359 by either: 1) Paying online by visiting http://www.speedcredit.co.uk and clicking Pay Now; or 2) Make a bank transfer for GBP 359 to: Barclays Bank Account number 93462382 Sort code 20-50-94 Ref: Use your mobile number ************ as a reference so we can match it correctly ALSO please EMAIL us confirming that this has been done to stop the debt being passed to the Debt Collection Team and further charges being incurred. If you ignore this and our debt recovery agency is instructed it will be a short matter of time before the C CJ is issued and Bailiffs are instructed to seize goods. We look forward to hearing from you confirming a speedy resolution of this matter. If you have already repaid and this is not reflected in the above statement please contact us so we can investigate this further and correct your file. Regards Speed Credit - LEGAL RECOVERY t: 084 3381 3381 Can you anyone help as they just refuse to reply to emails and letter. cheers
  16. I have found that Barclaycard/ Stonebridge had been charging me for an accidental death insurance I did not want or apply for some years ago as being self employed and working at heights I had to carry my own special accidental death insurance. I have contacted both companies in March 2017, they passed me back and forth until late last year with no result other than an offer of £25 from Barclays and £50 from Stonebridge which I did not accept. In Stonebridges case they wanted me to sign a form saying that the payment was in full and final settlement which I found strange. I went on to make a claim through the Financial Ombudsman, but they were about as useful as a chocolate fireguard. They have just come back to me to say they cannot help. My question is should I now make a claim on the small claims court and if so who shall I make the claim against as I do not want to get bogged down between the two companies again. Any advice would be welcome. I have full documentation and a sequence of events if that helps. Many thanks for any help.
  17. On November 21st, 2017 I purchased 2 HTC 10 mobile phones from a seller on Amazon Marketplace. The phones were sold as new and unlocked. The phones arrived in early December and I gave one to my son for Christmas and kept one for myself. Last week, on April 26, my son reported that he was having a problem in that his phone had started switching itself off at about 3% of battery life but that this was getting worse and it now switched off at 20%. In addition the "touch" icons on the right hand side of the screen had stopped responding. I instigated a return with the seller, but that was refused on the grounds that it was now outside of his return period. I called Amazon and was told that I was entitled to a warranty from the manufacturer. I then contacted HTC who checked using each phones IMEI number and it turned out that the phones had originally been sold in the USA and "shouldn't have been sold in the UK", and that the phones were registered for warranty in the US and that one year warranty had ended in August 2017, some 3 months before I had purchased them. I have been back in contact with Amazon and have explained all this to them. I am supposed to have a warranty from Amazon that covers me in the event that the phones are not as described, which they obviously are not, and the matter is currently under investigation. The seller is registered as a sole trader with an address in Liverpool. There are several limited companies at the address and the seller appears to have no connection with any of them. The seller is currently active on Amazon. My question is, should I be more proactive in this matter? If so, how? If anyone needs further information, please ask.
  18. hi all hope you are well, i got a ford fiesta zetec 13 plate on finance from the car people back in June 2017, all running good untill around week and half ago. it wouldn't start at all, not even ticking over, to cut a long story short: Had RAC out to have a look, no joy ( said possibly starter motor) had it towed to local mechanic my dads mate who lives locally , had starter motor reconditioned to find it didn't make any difference... again wont start. had it towed by a local towing company to town to a electric auto technician, said was showing 15 fault codes, wiped it but the errors come back on. auto electrician going to get another auto electrician to have a look, so again needs towing to other part of town where he is. cars currently there now, had a call to say its going to be a "big" job looks like either a faulty wire or ECU. said im looking at £1000+ plus and its got to go to ford. hes going to have a look over the next few days and give me an update. the car only came with 3 month warranty, and the car people dont want to know to be honest, the car finance company cant promise anything has its past the 6 month period, but said she will raise a complaint which can take up-to 28 days. £200.00 down, no car to get to work, later!. looks like i haven't got a leg to stand on to be honest, i haven't got a spare £1000++ they can have the car back but no way i can afford the balance remaining 7000+++. welcome any advice cheers lee.
  19. I hope someone here can give me some advice. I am divorced, living in the marital home which has a joint mortgage and a joint secured loan. My ex husband is living with his new girlfriend in her house and is making 0 contributions to either the mortgage or secured loan. I am currently paying the £1200 per month on my own. As I am the one living in the house with my son, my ex knows the mortgage company and secured loan company will lean on me rather than on him to make payments. I have been going on for 5 years like this with no contribution from him. My ongoing problem is I can't get him off the joint mortgage , (I can't remortgage on my own, due new mortgage lending criteria they say I can't afford it, although I have been paying it for 5 years on my own) Every 2 years when the current mortgage deal expires I have a problem getting a new deal sorted out as my ex is obnoxious and won't fully cooperate. He now says he won't agree to any new deal to force me on to the standard variable rate which could potentially mean I won't be able to meet the repayments anymore. So although he no longer lives at the property and makes no financial contribution towards it, he seems to hold all the cards to potentially make me loose the house, is there anything I can do ?
  20. Hi In brief i had contractor to fit patio doors and a complete roof on our new extension 4 months ago, only now has he come back to finish the roof after many cancelled visits by him, The work is so bad that building control officer wont sign the roof off. i have contacted the roofer on many occasions and he keeps telling me its my fault because i always moan about his work and that he isn't a roofer (he has his own building business) . unfortunately i paid in full as he was a friend of a friend, I have a rubber roof which is peeling up because he used silicone to stick it down on the edges and i can see daylight from the inside through gaps plus the internal ceiling isnt level Where do i go from here as any advise would be rattly appreciated Thanks Ian
  21. Hi, I paid a narrator to do my audio book and he did a great job. I then had a company put the book on to 5 C.D's which they did, I have an issue and wondered what I should do next. All the C.D's are fine and the audio in the right order etc, the trouble is on each C.D it says track one two and 3 etc, but on one of the C.D's it has some obscure bands name come up, their album name and track title, obviously this was meant for someone else's C.D. My audio book is on there and not the bands, but it does not look good on me if I sell this book and this is what they see when loading the C.D Should I get back in touch and ask them to replace this one C.D and then me manually replace each one in the set of 5? (I have ordered 160) I just think they may think its no big deal as long as the right audio is on there, they have not been the best to deal with up to now anyway. I just want to know where I stand before I send them a message and not get fobbed off. Unless people think it is not a major issue and I can just let it go and sell them as I really don't want to wait a few more weeks for them, but can't see another option. Thanks Paul
  22. Hi all hope you can offer some advice. My wife signed up for a 6 month rent to buy scheme for a piano, after the 6 months we kept the payments going to cover the total cost of the piano, in fact we've paid over the total amount. This was agreed with the company. Were now getting calls, after 7pm mainly! asking for money, last call the guy even hung up on my wife, accusing us of not contacting them after the 6 months, which is completely untrue, we were always told they'll get this person to ring back. we have bank statements to prove payments but this seems to be falling on deaf ears. We have yet to get any kind of paperwork from these guys, apart from the initial rental agreement. Where do we stand? Thanks in advance.
  23. Last week, I had a small claims court case, the details of which isn't really important as my question is about the judge. I lost the case, but it seems to me that the judge was having a bad day and he took it out on me! The person who had taken me to court had included all fees and the income loss for the day were included in the total amount that he claiming against me. But at the end the judge decided to add the fees and the another £95 on top of what he was claiming again, and almost doubled the amount that I have to pay now. I tried to explain to him that he was making an error but he wasn't hearing me and threatened to kick me out of the room. Does that seem normal? Is there a way to make a complaint about this judge and maybe get another hearing? I feel that the decision was really unfair, and his general attitude towards me was really dismissive and disdainful. Just to clarify, the following is the details of the break down of the claim: £90 refund for the service that he has paid for £60 filling fee £80 hearing fee £20 travel costs £350 income loss for attending court on the day Total £600 After deciding in his favour and awarding the full amount claimed, the judge added the following on top of the amount claimed: £60 filling fee £80 hearing fee £95 income loss Resulting in the amount of the claim going up to £835
  24. Hi, ive been following http://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/showthread.php?424491-Harlands-and-Xercise-4-Less to help. i cancelled my direct debit and also sent 2 cancellation emails to xercise4less via their website as i was moving further than 50 miles away from the gym i was paying membership for. As i cancelled the DD before sending the cancellation emails, the only response i got to the emails is that my account is in default and i must pay it. I assume they then sent various letters to my old address as on the letter to my new address they said they had added admin fees for me not replying to their letters. I replied with the following: Dear Sir or Madam I refer to your letter of 24 august 2017 received 30 august 2017 and our subsequent phone discussion. I have already forwarded my cancellation emails with xercise4less where I request to cancel membership twice. Also please find attached proof of address. In addition I cancelled my DD mandate on 19/05/2017 and this was adequate notice of my cancellation of the gym agreement as per High Court judgement from the case of The OFT v Ashbourne Mgt Servcies ltd in 2011. I now realise i should have paid one further months fee for the notice period and am willing to offer you £9.99 now. If you confirm in writing within 14 days that you'll accept £9.99 in full statement of all amounts due, i will pay it promptly. If you fail to accept my offer within 14 days, or if you demand any admin or cancellation fees (unlawful penalties), my offer will be withdrawn and i may ignore further demands from you and/or harlands/xercise4less. Such reports may be reported to Trading Standards Yours faithfully, They then replied saying the same thing pretty much saying my account is in debt. They also said my proof was 4 months late as in my original emails i only said i was moving location but not where to, which is true, but if they needed extra proof why didnt they say this instead of declining my offer and saying i owe them money!? i replied saying please refer to my statement about Office of Fair Trading versus Ashbourne Management Services Ltd. They then replied saying in 6 years nobody has ever found that in the case that cancelling a DD is sufficient and they are saying if i can find it please let them know otherwise i still owe them £121. Im in a bit of a pickle, should i just ignore them?? thanks, Dom
  25. Hi, As many people have had an issue with Xercise4Less I too am having a problem with them right now. I saw a student advert on a free month from Xercise4Less and did not realise I was being sucked into a 12 month contract, and only realised after a month was paid for after my first free month. once I saw a month being paid for I immediately cancelled the direct debit! Now I have received a letter from a group of people called "Harlands", saying: (Date of letter 17/10/2017, Date recieved: 21/10/2017) "Your bank have recently advised us that your Direct Debit instruction has been cancelled. The terms of your Membership Agreement mean that you have to repay all your installments by direct debit. Therefore, you must call the HARLANDS HELPLINE immediately on 01444 449033 to reinstate your Direct Debit over the telephone. " They also said: "If you do not call us by 7 NOV 2017 you will be charged an administration fee". I really have no idea what to do! The idea of it being free was really appealing to me. I have already paid 1 installment (this installment got taken out on 09/10/2017), with 10 months left as I have already had a free month (my free month started on 09/09/17)! I'm not really using the membership, also I just can't afford to pay for a whole year, being an 18 year old student! Any help, to what I should do next? I've read on other threads that I should call up (I was about to until I read the other threads). Is there anyway I can get them to cancel my whole 12 month membership? Thank you very much!
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