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Found 9 results

  1. If a contract states there is no notice due during a probationary period does this mean the employee can just tell HR they're going and leave there and then. Everywhere I look to check I'm finding a statutory period of one week - does this only apply to the employer? The employee is three months into a six month probationary period and has been head hunted. They wouldn't dream of just walking out under normal circumstances but their line manager will make their life a misery during any notice period.
  2. Hi can anyone help. Relative starts job on 8th February with 6 months probation which by her calculation takes her probationary period to 6th August. She assumed after 6th August she had successfully completed her probation. She was informed around 18th August that she had got it wrong and that her probation would conclude at the end of this month. Last week they advised her that they would like a further 1 month extension to assess her. No letter explaining what she needs to do to improve nothing. Her contract only states that she will have an increase in salary at the end of the successful 6 month period nothing about extending it. I think there is some kind of failure here but correct me if I am wrong She should have had a meeting around 6th August and not when they felt like it. She should receive a "extension of probation letter" explaining what she has to do. I know there is not much else she can do but it is galling to think that she thought as they had not contacted her around 6th August she had completed a successful probation. I think they dont now want to pay her the increased salary and that by extending her probation they dont have to pay and she will leave Any comments appreciated.
  3. Hi all I wanted to seek your advice in how to present myself in an impending probationary meeting. I was informed today I would need to have a meeting with 2 team leaders in my department (my current one and my previous one) because I have been late 4 times in the last month. This is my first month and the first 2 times were in my first 2 days, which I will admit is very very bad. But on all of the 4 occasions they weren't more than 5 or 6 minutes, and the last 2 were only by 3 minutes. Furthermore the 2nd time I was late it was because I had not been given a security pass at that point and so was trying 2 or 3 different stairs to see if I could get up without a security pass swipe. Whereas the most recent 2 times was because I got a flat tyre on my bike (I cycle to work), which in spite of that I was only 3 minutes late on both occasions. In addition to emphasising the fact that otherwise my attitude to work has been professional and I haven't taken any holiday or sick days yet, I also feel that on 3 of those occasions I was late I had also genuinely made a big effort to get in on time despite circumstances outside my control. Has anyone else been in a similar situation and what would you advise? I was told I can ask for a colleague or union rep to attend this meeting, should I ask for someone from the HR department to also attend?
  4. I was employed with a 6 month probationary period. 10 days after the expiration of this 6 month period, I was sent a letter to notify me that due to performance issues this period had been extended for a further 3 months. At the time I agreed to the extension and carried on with my job. One month later I was called to a meeting with my line manager and HR Manager and told that y probationary period had been unsuccessful and was asked to leave my position with immediate effect and they would pay me the one week notice period as outlined in my contract. As my probationary period had expired when they informed me that they were extending it, am I entitled to the month long notice period pay that is outlined in my contract as I had been with the company for more than the 27 weeks it states is needed for a 1 month notice period? I know that I agreed to the extension, but the letter I have notifying me of it is dated after the 6 months was up.
  5. Today I was called into the "office" at work by my regional manager, he had a go at me about not filling the "quick quote" forms out properly ( no one in the whole business fills these in properly .. including my store manager) He told me If I did not start to fill them out properly and if I didn't sort out my sales ( I am on £3,500 for the month ... my store manager is on £6,500) (Last month I was on £15,000 the month before £10,000 so its not as if I don't sell)the he will end my probationary period and I will have no job. I have had a look over my contract and no where in it does it state I am on a probationary period, when I started I was told I only had a 3 month contract (which should of ended 18/02/14) Yesterday I was told I was actually taken on as a 12 month contract (again it does not state this in my contract) So before I start questioning my Manager, Regional Manager and the company in general I thought I would get my facts right first Should my contract state how long it is for ? Should it state if I am on a probationary period, and how long this is for?
  6. Started work for a company on 10th June 2010 pay rises are on 1st July every year didn't get the pay rise as they said I wasn't entitled to it as I was a new starter and still have never received that pay rise but have had my yearly pay rises the same as everybody else but people on the same grade as me are being paid more as they got this pay rise. Should I not havebeen entitled to it after I passed my 6 months probation Also could this pay rise be back dated
  7. Hi there, I am new to this forum and need some advice. I have spent a whole morning talking to mortgage advisors only to find out that because my contact has a 3 year probationary period I can not take out a mortgage until this period has run its course. Firstly are probationary periods legal? And is 3 years excessive? I can find no where on the internet which gives me any guidance on the legal length of probationary periods. I never knew that this would effect my chances of buying a house. Am I able to fight the length of this period even though I have already signed my contract? Any advice would be extremely welcome. Finally is there a thread might might be a better area to post my question?
  8. I recieved a letter back in October 2011 stating I had been successful in my job application and interview, this letter also stated my starting wage would be £5.80 and that following a successful probationary period of 440 hours my pay would increase to £6 per hour. As NMW is £6.08 I rang up the employer to question this hourly rate and was told it should have stated £6.08, the letter just hadnt been updated following the increase in the NMW (£5.80 was NMW in 2009) I have now worked 1100 hours passing my probationary period months ago (approx feb/march 2012) still with no wage increase Last week I spoke to the lady in charge of wages & was told I will not see a wage increase as the original letter I recieved was "outdated" and I should not have received it. Apparently people in my role used to be paid above NMW but this has since changed. I am the ONLY person in my role (there are 5 others) on NMW and want to know if I have a leg to stand on taking this further? I know its "only 20p an hour" but I took a £1.50p/hr pay cut for this job. I am working 32-40 hrs per week & am a "mature student" in full time education studying for a degree along side. I need every penny I can get!!!
  9. I have recently ended a probationary trial period myself. I discussed the reason as to why with HR two weeks prior and stated that I did not approve of the office politics. After ending my trial period I handed in a Med 3 and self certification to cover myself. (two months). Do you think this will be the end of the issue or will the company make waves for me, as I am unsure of how much notice I should have given. Fortunatately I had not received a full contract of employment only a brief terms of contract in my offer of employment. I have no intention of making waves or taking any matters further, just to walk away quietly and put the last three months behind me.
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