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Found 4 results

  1. Like so many others, I am having trouble porting my number to Vodafone. I have moved from Virgin to Vodafone. My Vodafone sim allows me to make calls and use the Internet but I can't receive calls or send/receive texts. I've contacted customer services who have said exactly what other people with the same problem have had said to them i.e. I will put you through to the porting team who confirm that my number is with Vodafone but all of 'the files' associated with my number have not been transferred. They say we will raise this with our 'back office team' who will contact Virgin. My Virgin sim went dead on the last day of my contract but interestingly, it has come back to life and I can now make and receive calls, send and receive texts and use the Internet. Not sure how they're going to bill me for this. I've been using mobiles for 16 years with the same number for the majority of this. I've ported many times before with no problems. As a first-time customer with Vodafone, this is a poor introduction. I would be grateful if Lee from Vodafone could help out.
  2. Hi I have an issue with e bay and an one line store recently and wondered if some some could help me ? I ordered an item for halloween and paid extra to get the item for next day delivery after checking they were able to do so. I waited patiently to discover halloween came and still no outfit, i had struggled to find their telephone number to contact them and was still waiting on the reply to an e mail regarding this. I hadn’t been out in 2o years so this was a very special occasion to me and I love halloween so spent far to much on this so I could have a great time. In pure desperation I was trying the internet and any where to see if I could find their telephone number but still could not find them? In desperation I called one of the 118 numbers to see if they could help not knowing latter I would find out for this one call and they still didn’t have the number it would end up costing me £15.oo and being on a benefit its all a real struggle for me. When I finally found their number out of pure luck and (I have no idea) I phoned them and they seamed nice and did try to help, but they told me that some one had left the parcel bag some where and its probably been stolen. When I asked why didn’t they e mail or call to let me know I was given excuses of were not sure who’s have gone. The only thing he was able to do was to ring his people who he gets these orders from direct so I could get it their, but it was approx 1 /2 hours away one way in Halifax. Out of pure desperation I said I would collect checking with his first that the order was correct and the size I didn’t want to go all that way and find I couldn’t get it. He said it was correct so I drove to halifax knowing I would have to be quick because tonight I was due out, it wasn’t easily either because I have a condition that leaves me in a lot of pain. When I got their I was told the size I wanted 24 wasn’t available the item only went up to size 22 and this is stated on the from of the package which was very upsetting I only went for this item because the size was 24 but it was also an extra £25.00 because of this. I didn’t know what to do so all I could do was bring it home and try it, but when I did it didn’t fit I was very angry and upset and didn’t go out due to the journey took me far longer than I wanted leaving me late in a lot of pain and the out fit didn’t fit so my whole day was ruined. I feel very cheated and lied to about the size etc.. the out fit is no good to me really halloween is gone and it cost me £65.00 with out delivery etc I paid £72.00. It has just cost me a lot of upset and money instead of the night I was looking forward too. I was going to keep it in the hope of loosing weight by next year and having it here already, because I bought lots of other items to go with it. But feel very cheated and hurt by the company. I have sent them a e mail.. which is below along with a reply but not sure my rights etc and how to handle the situation from here on in.. Can some one one help me and give me some advise. Many thanks This is a copy of the actual letter sent to the company. I am writing due to buying this above order from your company recently, After struggling to to find your telephone number I had no choice but to check directory which latter I found cost me £15.00 to do so. But after speaking to you I discovered that my parcel was one that had probably been stolen and there was no way I could receive it on time for that night. Even though I ordered it with plenty of time and checked this would be ok and paid extra for delivery. You did try and help me but to get this order I had to drive to Halifax over 2 hours to get their then back. Costing me £17.00 in Petrol money one way only £34.00 in total, which you promised to reimburse. Before I left for Halifax I double checked that the order was correct especially the size and I was promise everything was correct, yet when I got their it clearly stated that these makes only went up to size 22 not 24 as promised In the advert. Which is the only reason I payed £25.00 extra with your self rather than others so I got the bigger size so I feel very cheated, and the clothes did not fit. By now I was very upset and annoyed being so put out and having to drive such a long way and pay well above the odds for an item that I did not receive and spent far to much on. I drove home which made me very late and was upset that the item did not fit and I had no costume to wear. As I explained via phone this was going to be my first halloween party (or just going out) in over 20 years. So I was very excited and looking forward to my favourite day of the year. Instead I have suffered a lot of upset and had to stay in. Not receiving my item. £15.00 on directory phone call for your number. Cost me extra in delivery £6.00. That didn’t turn up. Spent nearly 6 hours traveling to Halifax, also made me late. Costing me £34.00 in petrol. To collect a costume that did not fit, even though I checked the sizes again and again. I could of got this costume £25.00 cheaper If I hadn’t been lied to. (false advertising) Only to have to stay in and not go out on Halloween which was very upsetting. I was upset and angry after all I had been through, I am writing to collect the petrol money you promised me but also to let you know how upset I am I believe you let me down a lot and think you should rectify the situation on what I have lost out on. Yours Faithfully, THEIR REPLY Our contact number is on the shop. We have responded to your most recent message and we will honour the promise made to you on the phone that day. Regards Hi, First of all if you read the packaging make sure you are not reading the American size as you have received the correct size as we stated in one of the messages to you. The costume is a American brand and the size on the packet is American. If you doubt this fact check the manufacturers website. We also do not understand why it has took you so long to discuss this situation with us. You have also gone over the 14 day return period and you do realise that all costumes would be checked by quality control to test if they had been used or not. We have responded appropriately and honestly to your latest message. We will honour our promise made to you on the phone that day. We pulled the stops out to rescue a situation that was outside of our control. We have never lied to you about anything, our contact number is listed on the shop and we responded to your messages and sorted you a replacement costume with one of our contacts. Our price is what it is and you are free to choose to buy from us or not. Your claim of "False Advertising" is unfounded so be careful what you say, we will not take this matter up with e bay on this occasion due to the circumstances and we do feel that you was inconvenienced with this transaction but the issue was outside of our control and we did find a solution for you. The size of the costume is as stated and that is beyond doubt and can be confirmed by the warehouse. We have already lost the first costume in the post and we have paid for your replacement. We do except that this is not your fault and as per all previous communication clearly states you were very glad that we helped you and you leave it until now to contact us over 2 weeks after your event. So please do not now create problems as we rectified the situation in the only way we could and you agreed to collect the item. We did promise to cover you for the fuel cost and we will honour that promise. We can not refund you for that through e bay but we will refund you direct to your PayPal Account. If you wish to discuss the matter sensibly please ring us on …....... or …......... and we will gladly resolve the issue with you but we will compensate you for the fuel and the £6.00 delivery charge which will be £40.00. We are not obliged to do this but we will do as we feel that you made the effort of driving to collect a costume same day that we organised for you and we did promise to help out with the cost of doing so but do not take advantage with the claim for the other cost items. We appreciate the situation as we did at the time but we have done everything possible to rectify the situation. Regards
  3. Trying to change Uk driving licence to a Spanish one. It is a legal requirement to change over licence as i am a resident of Spain now. Trafico Spain have faxed a licence verification request to DVLA but DVLA simply say" We have not received any request. Trafico can prove the request was sent. I have repeatedly phoned DVLA but getting nowhere. I need to talk to someone from the office that deals with licence exchange but all i can get through to is a call center 0044 300 123 6801 Has anyone else got any experience with this dept? or offer any other ideas.
  4. Succesfully won a claim on behalf of my wife for HSBC CC ppi from 2003-2006 but they are unwilling to repay anything pre 2005 as they do not have the data to calculate it and therefore, despite the common assumption that they can average it ( their words !! ), they won't entertain refunding for this period . Any suggestions peeps ?? SAR worth a punt ??
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