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Found 19 results

  1. Not really looking for advice, but since I commented on someone else's thread, I thought I'd better start my own just to keep things straight: I get a pre-paid certificate for my prescriptions, have done so for a few years now. I pay by DD, £10.40 a month, I don't notice it coming out of my account, I get a letter once a year telling me it's been renewed, and I tick the box at the back of my prescriptions, no fuss, no hassle, my pharmacist has known me for over 20 years, that's it. Or so I thought... Got a letter the other day telling me that I had got myself a free prescription
  2. Cannabis-derived medicinal products to be made available on prescription READ MORE HERE: https://www.gov.uk/government/news/cannabis-derived-medicinal-products-to-be-made-available-on-prescription
  3. From the Guardian. Some people omitted to notify a change of address, but it seems the NHS has made mistakes. I know people here have been affected. https://www.theguardian.com/society/2018/mar/10/nhs-falsely-accuses-thousands-patients-prescription-fraud
  4. new here so treat me gently especially if this has already been discussed before (yes you experts can point me in the right direction if you so wish) but I would like to tap your vast knowledge base if you don't mind? Out of the blue the wife receives in the post a short curt letter from the Prescription Exemption Checking Service informing her that she's been a naughty person by obtaining a Free Prescription without being entitled and unless she can prove otherwise she needs to simply send them the original charge plus a nice fine for the pleasure - if she would be so kind ... e
  5. My brother has been off sick with a disablity (both physical and Mental Health) for more than a year. He is not receiving any income from his employer as his sick pay and SSP run out long time ago. He and his wife are in receipt of Universal Credit and my brother is also in receipt of Personal Independence Payment and more importantly due to his mental health not in a state of mind to take rational decisions. Their combined earning for the period was more than £935 however my brother's income was £0. Secondly when I last checked around last year December this net earning requirements use
  6. So I've been hit with these because I get tax credits. Stupid me didn't realise it's only if you get child tax credits you get free scripts, (I only get working). Should have read the form properly I know but there we go. I've called them and they will extend the payment dates but there's no way I'll be able to meet their demands, (approx £50 a month). I am able to offer £20 a month. Will they still be able to enforce a DEA if I am offering to make reasonable payments?
  7. My wife has had for a few years a pre payment account (Paid by Direct Debit) for her Px's We have just received a demand for an alleged claim for a prescription as "Exempt from Charges". Now the detail is she turned 60 in mid August this year and We cancelled with her bank the Direct Debit for any payments post this date. On checking Bank Statements we note that NHS have not claimed any payments from Januray 2016, although we have not until the date above cancelled the DD. We understood that the system was self renewing until cancelled and we have had NO com
  8. I have received a letter saying that I have incorrectly claimed for a free prescription. I have type 1 diabetes and I have never had any issues in the past. Will I have to pay this charge? Apparently according to NHS there is no challenge that I can undertake. This seems very harsh!!!!
  9. Hi, I've just received a penalty charge notice from NHS BSA for a prescription I got a couple of months ago. I rang up to complain (more details below) but didn't get anywhere with persuading the lady on the other end of the phone that I wasn't at fault. I have two questions: Firstly - how do I appeal? It doesn't seem obvious from the net or from the letter the NHS sent me. Secondly, do I have a case against the penalty charge (deets below)? So, the story: Basically, I rang up my GP about 2 months ago and asked for some items that were on prescription. They asked me if I had a pharma
  10. Have been regularly collecting my prescription of Tramadol for approximately 3 years - it comes in the bag with the rest of the prescription. Today, I am asked to sign a register that I am taking possession of a controlled substance, Tramadol. When did this come into force ?
  11. Long overdue. http://www.nhs.uk/NHSEngland/AboutNHSservices/pharmacists/Documents/eps-patient-information-sheet.pdf
  12. Hi I hope someone might be able to advise: a little background:- my mum is terminally ill and to give her an extra few weeks a blood transfusion has been suggested. Fine. Except that she's already terribly frail and petrified of hospitals, has dementia so like familiarity so rather than put her through all that we declined, and the GP suggested that instead she could have periodic injections of EPO so that her blood count etc would improve. Great, but EPO is only available on the NHS to end stage kidney failure patients, and she doesn't have this, so although it would help
  13. Does anyone know the full list of medications that the new law will apply to. I know that the stronger pain killers, and anti anxiety medications are included but there are a great number of both over the counter and prescription medication which can effect driving ability. I have already stopped driving because i feel unsafe. My wife is on a number of medications that warn of possible effects. How will this law be implemented because the effects of the same drug vary greatly from person to person.
  14. I recently had to go to optical express with a really sore eye, turns out i'd cut my eyeball. Anyway, while I was there they decided to do a full eye test because it had been 2 years since my last one. My eye was swollen but the optician said this wouldn't make a difference to the test as my pupil wasn't cut. So I got the prescription and took it to Tesco where I always get my glasses, when I received the glasses they were far too strong and I could barely see out of them. Tesco checked they had been made to the prescription, checked my records and seemed surprised there was such a big jump
  15. Hi all , i've just joined today as i need some advice if possible, ok, like a fair few im going through the same as many concerning my incapacity been stopped, my last payment was on the 27thMarch, i sent in a gl24 form with doctors note saying i want to appeal thier decision of nil points, on the 23rd march, as yet not heard anything back from them pretty straight forward right? right Anyway this week just gone an over the wkend i've become ill with a severe chest infection, i phone my Gp this morning for an appointment, but didn't have any so was give a call back, the GP called me back s
  16. I have an outstanding RBS credit card debt which has been assigned on to Arrow Global. My question is if the debt has prescribed as nothing had been heard of it for ages, until a recent letter from a CCA in Scotland. The last payment made by me was in Dec 2005. The debt was assigned to Arrow Global in Feb 2011. There had been no acknowledgement by me of the debt for over 5 years, so normally the debt would prescribe. However in Dec 2008 I wrote to RBS requiring penalty credit card charges on that account to be refunded, which were credited to the account. Also in Sept 2008 I made
  17. Anyone I need some Bactroban (a skin cream) but i'm embarrassed about going to the GP for a prescription. Can I buy this product in the UK without a prescription ie on Amazon or online? Any other way of buying it? Many thanks N
  18. Just for information the NHS run a service where you can buy a pre paid card for repeat prescriptions, my prescription would be normally £45.90, for just over £30 a quarter I get a card and on production do not have to pay, saving me personally hundreds of pounds. I only found out about this when a junior GP told me about it. Just wanted Caggers to be aware of this as some GPs/Pharmacies are not forthcoming with it
  19. Hi All Does anyone know the ruling on prescription charges for a 17 year old, lives at home with me (Mum who is on IS and CA), who can't claim any benefits, and is not in full time education. Many thanks for all info!! LT
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