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Found 8 results

  1. Hi I wonder if anyone could help me. I had an RBS Classic credit card that I opened in 1999 and closed in 2009. I wanted to find out if I had PPI on the card so I raised a SAR. It was returned in the first instance saying that I had given them insufficient information, I had given them the last four digits of the card, dates the card was opened and closed, my full address that the card was registered to and my name. The letter sent back said that without dates that the account ran for and without an account number they couldn't help. I called the SAR team and asked what exactly was missing to be told that I must have been sent the letter in error as nothing was missing. I sent another letter telling them to look again and that I had been told by their staff that I had given enough information. I put the information again on the next letter, sent the previous letter plus their response and a copy of my council tax bill for proof. They have come back again and said that they can not find an account under my name at the given address and with the date of birth I gave and as the account was closed over 6 years ago they no longer need to hold any details.. ..I never gave them my D.O.B and the account was closed 4 years ago. ..so my question is can anyone tell me that to do now? Do I write back again? I had a loan with them and a current account also which I have successfully claimed ppi on, should I give them the account numbers for these in case they can link them? I am imagining that they will send me everything they have on those two accounts and not the credit card though and I will be right back where I started. Sorry if this post is long, new user and just finding my way. Any advice would be amazing
  2. Hi In 2006, I took out a secured loan with Welcome finance for £18,000. I'm now in my 7th year of paying them and I have asked for a statement several times and received nothing. I informed them years back that I have moved due to the property that I used to secure the loan being repossessed. The London Mortgage company has since been dissolved but I never really made payments to them. I have been reading several of your posts and came to the conclusion to do a SAR which I have done and recently received information back after 38 days. It turns out they are saying I still have £16000 to pay even after paying £326 each month. Some of the information looks iff and is unreadable. I feel that I have paid this loan and more but I'm not sure what to do from here. My next step is to claim the PPI but I need something more permanent to try and get this horrible people of my back. They have been calling me non-stop at work, home and my mobile. I never gave them my home or work number but they somehow have it and keep harrassing me. I would really appreciate some advice on what to do. Many thanks!
  3. Hello Again, This site was so good last time in helping me with some problems I had been having with a most dubious debt recovery firm that I thought I would come back and ask for further debt advice in trying to reclaim PPI on an old Egg/Barclaycard for a friend of mine and hope that the very kind people here will offer me some further advice. Chatting with a friend of mine a few months ago, we were discussing PPI refunds and to my astonishment, she told me that "she was still paying PPI on her Barclaycard and had never bothered to try to reclaim or cancel this" - well to say that I was amazed is an understatement and said that having had a few dealings with banks and credit card companies over the years that not only was she insane to take this attitude, especially as she has small children and is not particularly affluent, but I would be happy to take this on for her and try to reclaim it for her. She had the credit card with Egg initially and cannot remember ever being given advice by the company on any aspect of the PPI insurance when applying for the card or memory of even ticking the box to apply for this. She is and has been before the card/PPI application, employed in quite a good job that pays three to six months sickness benefit and she has no real history of claims for long term sickness benefit throughout her ten or so years at the company. The company look after their staff, pay private health insurance for them and really, there is no real benefit to her whatsoever in having PPI, now or when she initially started the account with Egg, In her statement when I sent this to Barclaycard on her behalf a few weeks ago now, she wrote - "I took out the credit card many years ago with Egg and had no idea that I was paying PPI. I don't remember it being sold to me but if it had been offered, I would have had no need for this and would have declined the cover. The first time I was aware of paying it was when I received a statement from Barclaycard that every month I am paying this insurance. This was within the past few weeks. I have absolutely no need whatsoever for this insurance and am certain that it was neither offered to or agreed by me at any point. It might be the case then when Barclaycard took over the card from Egg, they added the PPI without my knowledge or consent" They replied back in the middle of April to say that she applied for PPI protection on Egg's website when she initially took out the card in 2003 and they were not upholding her appeal as they had viewed the documentation she saw when taking out the PPI and this was clear and accurate and that was their final response on the matter. She had not spoken to any representative and therefore had not been badly advised in any way they felt. Here things become a little contradictory to say the least. I wrote (in her name) to say how disgusted I was at this decision and wondered why with all the bad publicity PPI has had over the years, how they could morally justify continuing to take this from their customers, knowing how flawed this insurance had proved to be. Barclaycard wrote back to say that "no additional information had been received and therefore they were still upholding their original decision but wished to confirm that the PPI policy was cancelled at the end of November 2011" - something which was never confirmed or even communicated to her, either verbally or in writing. Very interestingly, she then received an "Annual Review of Optional Payment Protection Insurance on your Credit Card" dated November 2012 informing her that she had paid £300+ at an average of £27.00+ over the past year up till that date. So it would appear from this that the PPI was still being taken a year after it was stated to have been cancelled by Barclaycard and despite a further letter from me on her behalf, no confirmation has to date been received to say that this PPI payment is still being taken or has actually been cancelled by them. I love a fight and want to take this all the way. Am I right in thinking that my next move should be a SAR request and what do you think a. my next step on her behalf should be after that and b. our chances of getting her money back here after her paying PPI for at least ten years on the account. Many thanks for reading this (sorry it is somewhat longwinded) and any help will be greatly appreciated indeed. Janis x
  4. Hi, I just thought that I would see if I can get some help/advice on a situation thats happening to me at the moment. My 6 year IVA was completed a few months ago and I'm now just waiting for all of the loose ends to be tied up and certificates issued. When my IVA was agreed, I was informed that £11k of my debt was interest, which was going to be written off and the capital, I was going to be paying back over the next 6 years. I have paid back the full capital, not once did I miss a payment into my IVA. During the last couple of years I was told by my IVA company to persue mis sold PPI claims through a company they had instructed because any money they can re-claim from this cam pay towards the debt that was written off. Since I did this, I have recieved £7k in PPI claims and there was a creditor who never made a claim for my debt within the 6 years of my IVA, of which their debt was £7k. I have been told that all of this extra money will go into the pot that was written off, but to my calculations, this totals £14k and so I've now overpaid by £3k?? There are still x2 PPI claims being dealt with before my IVA can be completed and I cant get anyone at my IVA company to explain to me who is entitled to these extra payments, now my IVA is finished and more than paid up! Please can anyone help me, these are large amounts of money and I cant help but feel that Im now being taken advantage of! Has anyone ever been in this situation and what did they do?
  5. I'm writing about requesting PPI from MBNA re: my old credit card account. I am also wondering about claiming back charges to the account i.e late fees, overlimit fees, interest. etc. The monthly interest rate charge was 1.6674% . MBNA c/card a/c was opened on 7th May 2003 and on the statement it clearly shows Payment Protection Cover. The opening credit limit was £4,100.00 and the closing balance on 8th December 2005 was £5,926.16 . The a/c was sold to 1st Credit dca in January 2006, and then I started receiving discount letters from Connaught Collections. To date I have estimated that my account with Connaught, has a current outstanding balance of about £5,530.00 . I would really appreciate your advice on the first steps to dealing with this. I bank with Natwest and have a new Select bank account which was set up to replace my savings account (which I was using as a current account). From August 2013, the savings account will no longer accept direct debits and standing orders, and I have been advised by Natwest to inform all companies accordingly. I have yet to do that with the c/card dca's, especially when I saw this post here http://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/showthread.php?37604-Connaught-Collections-uk-ltd&p=314480&viewfull=1#post314480 where a respondent called HUSBANDKHAN is informing the OP to not contact Connaught, as that will cause a roll-on of 6 years further debt. Is this true? Can you elaborate further? It made me think of my own situation which is summarised below: - Made redundant from my full-time job in April 2003 - became Self-employed in January 2004 to date - Currently in repayment plans of £5 and £1 via advice from CCCS since July 2005 with different c/card companies and one bank – First Direct. - I also have three closed accounts i.e. HSBC bank account, HSBC credit card (a joint account with ex-boyfriend), and Lloyds TSB for Car Insurance that I will want to investigate. - This week, I contacted Kwik Fit Insurance by phone for PPI redress on car insurance payments dated November 1998 to November 2002. They told me that they stopped selling PPI, but didn't state when this decision was made. - Upon their request, I quoted all the relevant details and was told that there was no record of my account. I do have my paperwork with details to hand. Kwik Fit were courteous and I received a prompt email response and a letter the very next day. It stated that they will investigate my complaint and get back to me in 20 working days. There is a lot going on with my accounts, however I want to now focus on the open accounts that I am currently paying, first. Re: MBNA, I believe that I last contacted them on the 26th February 2007 to set up automated bank payments. This was in response to their letter dated 19th February 2007 where they had ~ “intention to issue a Statutory Demand under the Insolvency Act 1986 (Bankruptcy) as we are unaware of any valid reason for your non-payment”. They went on to say ~ “Should you fail to contact us within seven days then our designated agent will be asked to attend your property in due course within the hours of 8:00am – 8:00pm for the purpose of serving you with the said notice.” Please let me know if there is any other information you require? I welcome your advice on the first thing to do to get claims of PPI with related charges, and with other relevant guidance. Also, am I legible to claim back main payments made on the accounts over it's duration? Thanks in advance. Regards, AdvS1
  6. Hi, Please bear with me and I'll try to make this brief. I raised a PPI complaint in April of this year with GE Money Home Lending, which is in relation to an old mortgage with First National Mortgage Company. After months of stalling on their part, GE has told me my complaint is barred under The Limitations Act 1980, reminded me that my complaint falls outside of the jurisdiction of the Financial Ombudsman Service, etc etc. They have also referred me to the underwriter for the policy, Cardif Pinnacle (I do have the paperwork naming them as the underwriters). I contacted the Financial Ombudsman Service who suggested we may get somewhere with the underwriter. They are very helpful, but given their workload have advised it could take anywhere from 18 months to two years before we have a decision from them. In the meantime, I have contacted Cardif Pinnacle myself because the Financial Ombudsman Service haven't heard anything from them since August. Cardif Pinnacle have emailed me to advise they have no record of me or my PPI policy on their systems. They have emailed GE to find out if PPI was added to my old mortgage loan as they have no record of any such policy ever being set up. Their feeling is that GE should be in a position to confirm whether a PPI policy was incepted and if so, why Cardif Pinnacle were not made aware of it. I am doubtful GE will bother getting back to Cardif Pinnacle, but will relay my communications to the FOS. Any advice welcome as I am not in a position to take them to court. Am I fighting a lost cause? Thanks
  7. Hi, I'm not getting very far with my PPI Claim with Citi. I have completed the PPI Mis-sold form and I have also requested a SAR, as I don't have any of the original paperwork when me & my husband(was then) took out our loan with The Associates. This was between 2000 and 2001. Would they still have my information on record from this far back? I hope there is someone who can help and advise me what to do, as I don't seem to be getting any further forward with this and I don't want to give up. Thanks
  8. I thought I already had a thread for this but can't seem to find it, so doing this one, so as to give encouragement to those who are having problems or are unsure about claiming. In February 2012, I sent off my PPI claim to Barclays for a loan I had taken out in 2001. In April 2012, I received a generic standard rejection letter and phoned them to find out the specific reasons and was told that it was because they had no copy of the agreement. Luckily I still had the agreement and other supporting paperwork so sent them a copy of that, with a letter that I required them to re-examine my claim. After many months of sending them "What are you doing and hurry up" letters and a Formal Complaint about lack of responses and the time taken, they have now replied. They have upheld my claim and enclosed a cheque for £2300. I am very pleased with this as it is just slightly in excess of my calculations. It does go to show that you must challenge them and not just accept any old tosh that they send out. It does also show that you can do all this yourself and don't need these so called expert claims companys. Of all my PPI claims, I now only have one that has not paid up and that one is with the FOS, so may be some time yet. Just remember "Never Give Up: Never Surrender". Jedicris
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