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  1. MBNA sold debts that belonged to both me and my husband. Idem bought mine, Moorcroft bought my husbands. I emailed Idem regarding reduced payments that I would make, and eventually they responded agreeing to my reduced amount. However, Moorcroft ignore emails (sent day after day) and they will not reply despite my husband requesting that they not call, but put in writing instead. They call anyway, and to whomever called, I asked them not to call, but to respond to my husband's emails - however, the chap then called my husband's mobile immediately! I got a statement from Idem, and in exactly the same marked envelope (same return address, same statement format) my husband had one from Moorcroft. Does anyone know if this is the same company??? It's really cheesing me off that Moorcroft ignore all the emails. Also, they're sneaky so-and-so's: they are based hundreds of miles away from us, and yet they call the landline using a local number that they must buy to use, to look like they're someone local calling us - idiots! It doesn't take long for me to recognise the number and ignore it. But, they're making me so mad!!! I think I'm wasting my time re-sending the same emails but at least it proves the point that they're ignoring us, dispite contacting them on a daily basis!
  2. We've been through all the usual probate etc for my mum in law who died Feb 2018. We've now received letters from the DWP saying my late mum in law may have been overpaid an income related benefit. They say according to their records and those of the probate there appears to be a discrepancy and want us to provide all her financial statements covering 2003 - 2013. They've told us not to distribute any funds from her estate (which we had already as it all went to my husband, before we'd even heard from them). They've said they can work on the figures they have and calculate the possible overpayment but its best if we provide the information for them so they can make an accurate assessment. I assume the cheapest option would be to approach the banks with SARs? However, before I do this, can I ask the DWP to provide all the information they have regarding her payments of benefit and her applications for benefit because, to be honest, neither myself nor my husband recall filling in any forms for her (and its something we would normally do as she's registered blind). We do know she was getting a pension credit (savings based only) but we've no idea when it started or how she came to claim it - perhaps we've just forgotten as its so long ago. However, I don't want to just take their word for it so how best to approach this really, if anyone has any advice. I'm not trying to avoid any repayment (if one is due) but naturally I'd like to check for myself as well, if that makes sense. Any advice greatly appreciated.
  3. Last week sometime i was on my way to picking my nephew up from school, and at school hours the cars are parked almost blocking the road. I clipped a wing mirror , and my anxiety prevailed. I was too scared to stop so i carried on the the school . However i went back to the road it happened on with some courage ( possibly 20 minutes later ) and i could not make contact with the owner of the vehicle as it wasn't there. I know it's my duty to inform the police 24hours after an "accident" if details cannot be exchanged and i really didn't think anything more of it until today. A policeman was knocking at my door , i did not answer the door as i had just gotten out of the bath . So unless they are looking for witnesses for a crime that's taken place on my street I'm guessing this is there line of protocol. What is likely going to happen ? Is it too late to sort this out without getting points on my license and a fine? I'm guessing they are only perusing it because they have a license plate and a witness. Thanks in advance and i would appreciate not getting any abuse this was a genuine mistake.
  4. Hi.. First post on here so please just let me know if I do anything wrong. I've been reading through all the letters people have sent to Harlands etc but not sure they're specific to my situation. I was going through a tough time financially and cancelled the Harlands direct debit without letting them know first which I acknowledge was a massive mistake and has caused some issues. After the fine raising in price to something daft like 60 quid, I sent them this that I'd found on here - Dear Sir/Madam I refer to my membership at Xercise 4 Less gym in Kirkstall which was a month to month agreement. I cancelled my direct debit mandate in June but realise now that I should have given 30 days’ notice to cancel. Cancellation of the DD mandate was adequate notice of my wish to cancel. So I now offer to pay £11.99 for the notice period. I will not pay you any administration or cancellation fees. If you confirm in writing that you will accept the amount of £19.99 in full settlement of all that I owe, I will pay you promptly. If you fail to accept my offer within 14 days or you demand any higher amount, I will pay you nothing and my offer will be withdrawn. Yours Faithfully, Jack From: Harlands Customer Services Sent: 06 July 2018 10:17 ***** Subject: Important information regarding your membership payments to Xercise 4 Less Dear Mr ***, Please find attached a letter regarding your direct debit instruction, reference number for .... Xercise 4 Less. If you have any questions, please call the Harlands customer service team as per the attached letter, quoting reference number Yours sincerely, Harlands Customer Service Team I didn't hear anything back from that and they've carried on sending me texts / letters from Harlands to my old address. Today Credit Resolution Services text saying "You have been sent an email from CRS regarding your account. Please check your inbox... etc." I now receive a letter from them stating that I owe £140 pounds (Original £80, plus CRS £60 in admin fees). Re: CRS Ref No: **** Xercise4Less Leeds Ref. No: ***** We've been employed by Xercise4Less Leeds as your membership remains in arrears. As a result of this, our fees totalling £ 66.50 have been added. Therefore, your account balance now stands at £ 140.48. WE WANT TO REACH AN AMICABLE RESOLUTION WITH YOU! In order that we can do this, please ring our non-premium rate number - 01444 449165. WHAT ARE THE OPTIONS? 1. You want to continue your membership - The club want nothing more than for you to get the full benefits of your membership. You simply need to pay your arrears and either set up a new Direct debit with us for your remaining months or rejoin Xercise4Less Leeds if your membership has expired. You may also be entitled to a discount if you are able to settle your account balance in one payment. 2. You believe you've cancelled your membership - We understand the numerous reasons why people stop going. We'll listen to your reasons and do everything we can to resolve your account in line with the terms of your membership. 3. You're experiencing financial difficulties - We know times can be tough and therefore have a variety of possible solutions to assist you, including monthly payment plans that you can afford and recommending independent organisations that may be able to assist you in severe circumstances. We'll cease further letters for 7 days, so please call us on 01444 449165 before then. Yours sincerely For Credit Resolution Services Nuria Manson Collections Department Has anyone got any advice on what to reply with considering I've already sent an email saying I'll settle for £25? My monthly membership was only £9.99 and I didn't think I would have to pay any further for a service that I would not be using if I just cancelled the direct debit. Thanks for reading!
  5. I'm looking for some wise advice from those more experienced than I with insurance and subsidence claims. Our house (circa 1890 semi-detached) is on a small slope and had some evidence of small "historical" movements when we bought it 20 years ago. Very little has changed since, and a structural engineer didn't mention subsidence in an inspection 4 years ago. However, it seems the neighbour's house has developed cracks near the party wall in the last few years, and they seem to suspect OUR house is to blame as we are further down the (small) incline. They say they have inspection reports from the last 6 months, but we haven't seen anything yet. To complicate matters slightly, we are changing from our current landlord's insurance policy to a homeowner's policy in a couple weeks, as we will be moving into the house ourselves. We are worried about 1) raising the issue of subsidence on our current landlord's policy, as this might make our new (already agreed and paid for) homeowner's insurance invalid. 2) waiting until we move in to raise the topic, as our new insurance might balk at a subsidence claim if we make it shortly after the policy starts. 3) being stuck in a no-man's zone between the two policies, with neither willing to cover...if indeed there is subsidence. 4)the neighbours will take some sort of legal action and find a structural engineer that will pin all blame on us. Both our policies are with the same company, which will hopefully help. We don't even know if there is subsidence of course, but it does seem possible. Any advice from those who know more about how insurance companies would treat such things would be most appreciated. What is the best course of action? 1) Raise the issue immediately? 2) Raise it later? 3) Do our own inspection first and only then contact the company? (this will likely push us into the new policy period) Thanks in advance for any information or advice!
  6. Hi all, Hopefully someone can help/advise. My other half has a couple of debts (mail order) on his Credit ref file which total £2.7k they are causing an issue on his file due to the amount (apparently), he has been paying them back at reduced interest free amounts for 4 years now and seems to be getting nowhere as the repayments are £13 and £20 per month. Is it worth making an offer for them to write off the debts if we were able to pay a certain amount? Is this do'able? and are they likely to accept at all? My family have offered to lend me some money to do so but its nowhere near the full amount - i just want his credit rating to improve as there is nothing else untoward on there. Thank you in advance... Maudy
  7. I have today received a CCJ claim from the Northampton County Court Bulk Centre, for a credit card that was held with HSBC a few years ago. The last statement I can find for the account is 2009, although the assignment to the DCA was later than that date. Having read through the forums for some advice (which is very handy and I'm very grateful for) I'm going to write to them tomorrow with a CPR31.14 requesting the agreement, default notice and the assignment. From people's past experiences, what are the chances of them providing this information? And do they have to provide the originals, or just legible copies of the originals? And am I correct in thinking the fee to enclose is £1? If they do provide the info as requested, and I have no other defence, I can't afford to pay them the amount they're requesting. I could offer to pay them a token amount every month or I could borrow a lump sum and make them an offer of a full and final settlement, although it would be much less than they're asking for. Either way would I still end up with a CCJ? Many thanks.
  8. A friend has received payment from MBNA for a miss-sold PPI policy. The advice slip attached to the cheque invites a telephone call to their offices, should there be any queries. This in spite of a notification letter, received some weeks earlier, stating that “This is our final response to the complaint” and referring the recipient to the Ombudsman Service, should the refund not be deemed satisfactory. If MBNA are granting telephone queries, would they not similarly accept written queries? Secondly, I have attached MBNA’s calculations by which they arrived at their refund and would be grateful if someone, with more experience than I, would be kind enough to examine those and give us the benefit of their advice. The credit card was provided circa ten years ago and has been steadily operating with a constant debt just shy of £3000, since then, with only minimum payments being made, each month (if that helps). Thank you. MBNA_PPI-Responce1of2_EDIT.pdf MBNA_PPI-ChequeAdviceEDIT.pdf MBNA_PPI-Responce2of2_EDIT.pdf
  9. Hi, Not sure if anyone can help, I took 2 secured loans out within a couple of months of each other in 2006/2007, the loans were with iGroup, via Easy Loans (which I understand is or was a broker) and both were for over £5k each. Both loans were settled within a few months, the PPI was added up front (if that makes sense), when I cleared the loans I paid all of the PPI too even though, as I understood it, the loans were for 5 years and the policies too.. I find it hard to believe that I needed to pay the PPI for 5 years x 2 even though the money from the actual loans was paid back within, at the most, 6 months. I took these loans out with my then partner. Both loans and policies were in joint names, although I was not working so wouldn't have benefited from PPI, I also had various existing medical conditions. A few years back I tried to reclaim the PPI with Easy Loans, but was unable to (I can't remember why) and I even contacted the ombudsman but my claim was not upheld. If I remember correctly, something was said about the policies (at that time) still being active, though I may be wrong. I don't really understand the new rule/possible way of claiming? But have contacted GE Money with a view of trying to find out if I can try to claim again and they have asked me for identity documents which I have sent. Just querying if I am flogging a dead horse before I possibly go any further? Or am I contacting the wrong company? Any thoughts and/or advice most welcome, thanks.
  10. Hi All, Here is the story: I check my car daily to make sure there are no new noticeable scratches and I did it last night and there were none on my wing mirrors. After driving to work and parking on the road this morning, I pushed my passenger wing mirror in as always to prevent it being hit and noticed 2 pretty big scrapes on it. The problem: I have no recollection of hitting or scraping my wing mirror on anything, then it occurred to me that I may not have known if I had because I put my music quite loud when driving as it helps me focus. Then I started worrying that maybe I hit and damaged a car and then remembered reading about the offence of failing to stop. I decided to call 101 and report that I may have committed the offence and told them 3/4 locations which I drive through to get to work as it would have happened in one of those locations. My question: If I did hit a vehicle and it's reported to the police what are the penalties? Bearing in mind that this is my first motoring offence (other than the 1 parking ticket I have ever received as a driver), I've been driving for almost 3 years and have no other criminal offences. I've read I could get disqualified from driving, up to 10 points and a fine of up to £5,000. Is this correct? Thank you in advance for any help.
  11. Hi there, heres the story, I paid for an early upgrade online with ee. the cost was £251 including the early upgrade fee to buy out the rest of my contract and the upfront cost of the new handset. Now I ordered this the same day my new bill was generated, however my payment date for this bill is the 10th of each month, it was not due for another week so I didnt see a problem. in the after morning after ordering I checked the ee tracker to find news of my delivery only to find it `timed out` it couldnt find any record of the order number in other words. I phoned ee to find out what was going on, the rep told me for some reason the system had taken my upgrade fee but then straight away refunded it and it was on its way back to my account, she apologised and said if I wanted it back quicker I could get an indemnity on the direct debit with my bank asking them to cancel it and I should recieve payment that same day. Since then I found a better deal with another provider on the same handset (vodafones 32gb of data v 8gb ee were offering for the same price as I was paying now monthly!) I decided id use the refund to pay off my contract with EE and go with that one instead of upgrading. I contacted the livesupport on the ee website just to ensure the upgrade hadnt been put through again and to make sure it was indeed cancelled before going with the other network. I was then told that I was not being issued with a refund, the funds instead had been put towards my account balance and it was now in credit (this was presented as something I was apparently meant to be happen with) Now I wanted the refund, my bills not due till the next week and I didnt want to pay it till my next payday which falls before my payment date anyway. I was told I couldnt be refunded as the payment had already been put towards my bill and id just have to get a refund of the credit after paying my bill the next week. My issue is I never authorised this, the payment was sent as part of the early upgrade service it was payment for the early upgrade fee and the handset it was never authorised by me to be used as payment for my bill. EE have just gone ahead and done this without my permission then used that as a reason for not refunding me, I dont see how this is legal to use a payment in a way it wasnt intended without asking esp when the payment is taken as payment for a specific. product and service such as an upgrade. Not happy as not only was my payment used for something not intended by me and without my permission but the woman on the phone in the morning was obviously utterly using me. What I think has happened is ee have sneakily used the fact I made a payment for this upgrade as a way to have me pay my bill off early and just cancelled the upgrade so they can use the payment for this. Obviously very dodgy practise if so! Im just wondering if my misusing my payment in this way ee may have broken any part of their contract, id love to get a bit of revenge by using it as a reason to tear it up. Latest update got in touch with my bank, they say I cant get an indemnity anyway as the payment was by card (so the ee rep was totally using me this morning it appears!) but that the payment is still pending so it shouldnt take any time at all for EE to refund as they can just cancel it.....lets see if they choose to or see if they choose to `keep the money` on my account balance against my will......what they do will decide if I take further action im guessing, EE rep claiming they dont have the ability to cancel a pending payment......utter rubbish! I will be taking this further! luckly ive saved the chat transcripts. anyone else experienced this kind of thing?
  12. Morning everyone. I purchased a HTC U11+ in November 2017 which was delivered on the 22nd December. On the 22nd January I noticed white lines on my display and contacted HTC to get the device repaired (I was at least one day over the 30 day refund period if the device is faulty). They received the phone on the 29th January and it took them three weeks to repair and return the device to me on the 19th February (despite them claiming a turnaround time of 5-7 working days). Today, I have noticed the same issue happening again, with white lines on the display and trail marks that fade away depending on what is displayed on the screen (it is more noticeable on green, white and blue backgrounds). This issue also seems to be quite common amongst users of the U11 and U11+. Am I entitled to a refund if I have allowed the manufacturer to repair the device but the problem still persists? Going by this link https://www.which.co.uk/consumer-rights/regulation/consumer-rights-act I assume I am but figured I would ask here for clarification. I have already asked HTC for a refund because the initial repair is still defective, but they simply stated they only refund items 14 days old or less and are only offering to repair the device again, which I'd rather not given their track record.
  13. Friend of mine put his house up for sale with Bairstow Eves after they promised him they had plenty of people on their books looking for properties like his - Ha! He did receive a couple of offers early on but these were declined as too low. He then accepted an offer but the buyer pulled out due to not liking something on a Homebuyers Report. No other offers were received. After the 3 month contract was up he gave notice then put the property up for sale with another agent. Not long after this the person that put the original (declined) offers in came back. The buyer was told to go through the agent the property was now for sale with. Offer was accepted and sale completed. A letter has now been received quoting parts of the contract that was apparently signed saying that Bairstow Eves could be entitled to commission - letter attached. Has anyone come across this before. My friend done what he though was right by telling the buyer to go through his agent, he was not aware of the terms that said that the original agent could also be entitled to commission.
  14. In para 69 of the Supreme Court ruling in R (on the application of UNISON) v Lord Chancellor [2017] IRLR 911 SC the Judge stated "The case also illustrates the fact that it is not always desirable that claims should be settled" Would it ever be possible to argue that a particular case shouldn't be settled because it holds Public Interest? I noticed he didn't state it as a ruling but in passing Please, if there is a Case Law, I would greatly appreciate it. Thanks
  15. There is an interesting article in The Times Business section today about a possible debt bubble within the Debt Collection Agencies. Seems ironic! Search, using your favourite search engine, - The Times with "Questions are growing about a possible bubble in the debt industry" It claims financial experts are worried about the expansion of the debt purchasing industry is creating a bubble that will soon burst. They say that most of these 'toxic' debts have scant paperwork; time barred or belong to the poorest sections of our society. Therefore, they will find realising these potential assets will not work. That is they will have difficulty getting the money. Since these DCAs have borrowed heavily to purchase their port folios they will soon run into financial trouble. It goes on to say that these companies have become more aggressive ( and in a lot of cases illegal) in their activities to collect on these debts. They list some of the complaints inc. spitting in envelopes sent out to people. Yuck! Cabot, Lidorff, Intrum, Arrow, Hoist, Lowell are amongst some of the names mentioned as having unstable business models. Hedge fund managers are worried a lot of these companies will go bust. I wonder what will happen to all the debts purchased? sidley
  16. Hi, New to the forum, so please be gentle - I'm not in a good place at the moment. It has taken me days to pluck the courage to seek help on this. This is a little long, but I'll do my best to be brief. Started new job role in September 2016, after being made redundant from a role I loved. In the December 2016 I started experiencing increased anxiety and OCD issues, visited GP and was placed on a waiting list for a mental health referral. After a telephone consultation with Mental Health Unit I was deemed low risk - I work, wash myself and generally 'function' like a normal person. March/April 2016, issue became more severe and spent two days off work speaking to Samaritans. Visited different GP who immediately referred me to local mental health unit as a high risk patient. I have been under that unit since then with weekly appointments. Wr agreed weekly appointments as they discovered through treatment that working was an important part of my character and anything that could jeopardize this would have detrimental affect on fragile mental state. It is fair to say that the Unit have never experienced any like myself as they're not used to what they describe as a 'high function' mental health patient; that is I work and look 'normal' but behind the scenes fall apart. I did have a diagnoses of bipolar disorder over 20 years ago, but this was different. Have now been diagnosed with OCD and anxiety so severe I'm classed as disabled under the Equalities Act. Upon returning to work, during my return to work I explained everything with a line manager. And we agreed that I could have the weekly appointments, so long as the time was paid back and it caused little disruption. Everything has gone well until recently. In December 2016 HR became involved due to absence levels affecting the 'Bradford Score' making it really high. HR got involved and had a medical report from my psychologist, explained I am disabled and work need to make necessary adjustments. These adjustments are more around office temperature and asking people not to spray perfumes on the office floor - I work in a call centre. And, to issue a parking pass to reduce anxiety levels. Work is so hot that I sweat, it causes and OCD reaction and I often go home at lunch for a shower and fresh set of clothing, for example. I've had no occupational health referral. I still have to email daily to get the heating turned down - from 23/24 degrees at my desk. One aspect of my role I cannot do due to my OCD is ask customers to complete a survey to get feedback as the feedback will be about me. HR and myself have spoken about this and they were going to request another medical report to support this. However, this hasn't happened due to line manager leaving and HR wanting to wait for new manager. Not doing surveys has lost me an annual bonus and payrise. Doing them causes distress and self-harm. Also, they advertised for the line manager for my team, I have applied. They are announcing who has the role. I haven't even been told if I had an interview or not, as my application shows as pending. Everyone else has been told this. I even know who has the role. Last week, I had what I describe as a 'turn', after several days of having emails ignored asking for the heating to be turned down to it actually being increased last Thursday, I lost it. During afternoon break during a strip wash - I do this very break - I had heat rash all over my chest and my face was bright red due to the heat. I emailed HR and the management demanding they turn the heating down as it was torture for me in work - I actually used that word too. Friday I called in sick and was thinking of self-certifying for the week. I'm seeing my psychologist this week. I really dread the thought of going back in, but I'm also scared of the consequences my bradford score is off the charts. Any help or advice would be greatly received. Please. And, thank you reading this long post.
  17. Hi guys, new here and after some advice on a rather messy situation if possible..... Around 2011/2012, i was discharged from an IVA id been paying into as i lost my job at the time, was out of work for a lengthy period, and had no way of covering the amounts set. The IVA company handling my account told me the creditors would "probably" start contacting me again in pursuit of the monies outstanding. Some did, some didn't. After a period of around 6 months, i was offered settlement on a couple of these, which I accepted. As i wasn't being pursued by the others, i assumed the matters were closed. Naively. Roll on to 2 weeks ago when I received a letter from Drydens, this was a phishing letter as they wanted to know if i lived at my new address, of which ive been at 8 months. No mention of debt, just an "is this you" letter. i ignored it. Today ive received another letter from them, addressed to me and detailing the debt of approx £1200 to a company I've never heard of. I believe this company to be a Luxembourg company that buys debts. But to me, it could be anyone, and none of the original creditors I owed. After 5.5 years, to be honest, I have no idea who i paid off, who's was left chasing, and who gave up. This amount is on my credit file, but again, i have no recollection of the company Drysdens are claiming i owe this money to. Also, it looks like this debt will become SB'd in December of this year, Dec 2017. There are 3 entries, of which this is one, on my CF that are "closed", whatever that means. where do i go from here? Do i just ignore Drydens, do i ask who this is they claim i owe money to? Do i try and ride it out to SB'd? Any advice appreciated. S
  18. Hello fellow CAGers, I'm trying to help my Uncle here. He received a notice to apply for a warrant with a £300 debt. However, he paid the debt in full 2 days before the hearing. EON went ahead with the hearing and got a warrant. Two days later they (or their agents) created huge panic with my Aunt and Nieces when they used a locksmith to break into the house to fit a prepayment meter. The meter is on the outside of the house and easily accessible so there was no reason to break in. (I understand they may want to inspect appliances). My question is what can be done? The warrant was obtained illegally/immorally and the representative must have confirmed to the bench that the debt was outstanding and cannot have exercised due diligence to confirm that the debt was outstanding or they lied. A complaint was made to Eon a few weeks ago and they have not responded despite saying they will reply within 5 working days. I'm thinking a lot of wrongs here. No debt, warrant obtained illegally/dishonestly/negligently, tort, alarm and trespass. Thoughts on next course of action?
  19. 27 june 2017 bought 2.0t sidi vx line sri insignia 5000 miles on clock, paid around 17k for it, 9k trade in rest on 2 credit cards. dealer is 140 miles away from me - a very big vauxhall dealer. when i bought the car i started to notice a rattle, it really sounded like braked pads rattling, so i thought when i get time ill pop it into my local vaux dealer to get them sorted. however recently the rattling sounds got worse, it does it when letting clutch out, pulling away, travelling at slow speeds ie few miles per hour and did it when i went over a rumble strip i took the car into my local dealer yesterday who told me this noise was normal - i argued it was not and went on my way home, i got got home and called the dealer again and asked for service manager to call me i also lodged a complaint with vaux head office today the service manager called and asked me to bring the car back in, i can replicate the rattle every time with the clutch and i heard tyhis noise several times, they are now saying they dont know if this noise is normal or not and are going to get in touch with higher up people at vauxhall, vaux head office called me today to say they are taking charge of this and will call me again soon. what are my rights if they say this noise is normal? because i refuse to belive it is normal - metal is clearly hitting metal some where on the car - it is 100% not the brake pads now. this is a top of the range insignia, and i like it alot. theres 2 more of these cars available, id be willing to do a like for like swap, well moreso a full refund on mine and start again buying the other etc if i can reject this one, as i say im worried there going to say this noise is normal where do i stand guys?
  20. Hi, First post, just looking for a bit of guidence for a potential issue! I bought a used car just over a week ago (28th April). It was purchased from an independent car dealership and came with a 6 month third party warranty (A1 Approved). It's a 2007 Mini Cooper with ~100k miles. On Friday I was taking my daughter to nursery when the clutch failed somewhat spectacularly - the thurst bearing failed when changing gear on a dual-carriageway and damn near burnt the clutch out. I managed to limp it back home. I called the warranty company who advised me to take it to a local garage for an inspection and get them to liase directly. Luckily there's a garage literally round the corner from us, I took it in and they confirmed that the thurst bearing's gone and it needs a replacement clutch. I've had a call from the garage today saying that the warranty company are being incredibly evasive and won't authorise the repair without photos of the damaged part. Unfortunately there's half a days work to get to it so it seems pointless odd that they'd do this when the garage have already told them what's wrong. Called the warranty company myself and, big suprise, they're very very evasive and told me that they can't authorise anything as it may be wear and tear. Whislt I appreciate that things do wear out I've had the car a week and thrust bearings don't usually wear out before the clutch itself. I explained the situation with the garage having to strip half the car to get to the clutch but they stuck my their refusal to authorise it. I've been left with little choice but to instruct the garage to proceed with the repair, take the required photo and agree to settle the bill directly with them should A1 refuse to pay out - otherwise it's several hunderd £'s just to do an inspection and the same again to actually do the repair. I've contacted the dealer in writing to explain the situation as I believe they'll be liable should the warranty not pay out but I'm not sure where I stand on having the work done - I can't exactly get the car to them when I've followed their warranty terms and had it stripped for inspection and I'll be damned if I'm paying for the labour to put it back together and ship it to the dealer for a new clutch! Thanks in advance! Dan
  21. Helping someone . I bought my house in a auction and knew the house was suffering from some sort of damp problem. I never had a survey done as there was no mortgage and there was a damp problem. I have managed to sort that out and will be having a damp course done in a few weeks time. However now some 16 months on cracks have started to appear on inside walls. These are vertical ones and are very thin. I have checked the wall above and because it has wall paper on cannot check if the cracks have gone up. I did however contact my insurance company who took down the claim an are in the middle of appointing a Surveyor to come out and inspect this. Do i have anything to worry about if i cannot produce a survey ?
  22. Hi, I was recently travelling South-bound on the M1 and I got snapped at this location; (Unable to post links so co-ordinates are 53.671763, -1.548704) I was travelling at national(70) until I saw the 50 variable pop up, i slowly slowed towards 50 to reach it when i reached the smart displays above me, but I got snapped way before reaching the signs, by the HADECS 3 camera on the right hand side on the opposite side of the moterway on the north-bound side, I was travelling at about 60 during the snap, while still slowing down to 50. But it may of been a coincidence of speeding cars on the other side - the camera placement is on the opposite side of the road for oncoming. What my question is, will the HADECS camera pictured on the google maps be snapping the south-bound side of the road which i was travelling on or only the road that it is attached to, north-bound. I don't believe I was in any wrong here, slowing down to 50 just before hitting the variable speed limit signs.
  23. Blimey, it's been a while - hello lovely people! I'll save the recap of the last 8 years for another thread (all good though, largely thanks to CAG!) I was shredding old statements last weekend and noticed payments to Barclays Select (the revolving credit/loan facility they provided way back when) On the offchance I called Barclays PPI claim number and after a great deal of faffing around he managed to get a useable reference from the old statements (as the computer denied I ever hair a Select Loan!) After he admitted I did actually have a Select Loan he went through the mis-selling spiel and has submitted a my (potential) PPI claim online I have no idea if there was PPI on there or not, although on a few threads I see there was a box to be ticked if I did/did not require insurance - which I would not have ever ticked hence zero PPI claims for me! However it does seem some people had copies of CCA's with both unticked boxes and PPI was still applied. Anyway, will let you know what they say, and unless it's a "yes you have PPI" will SAR/CCA just to be sure - for now will sit on my hands and wait. Interested if anybody has any successful Barclays Select Loan PPI refunds? Cheers for now
  24. As above I've got a Birmigham city council penalty charge notice for entering a bus lane. Its £60 or reduced to £30 if paid by the Christmas eve (merry christmas to me. I did drive in the bus lane but I just want to make sure it is being enforced correctly and that they are doing their bit correctly and legally, not trying to evade it or anything I just know these are likely done in bulk. For anyone that knows Birmingham city centre, it was St Martins Queensway. It was saturday afternoon and absolutely manic + my engine was overheating. Will be honest I've not driven this route in about 15 years and was fully using the satnav. See this link, my sat nav was telling me to turn left so I crossed over fairly late and turned into the tunnel which is as can be seen in this photo a bus lane, by the time I had noticed it was too late and I went into the tunnel about 40 yards where there is a gate on the right which I used to turn around in and come back out the way I had come. Now the thing is that the photos they have provided show me coming back out of the tunnel and turning left back onto the main road not going in. The lane I am in does not say bus lane. https://www.google.co.uk/maps/@52.478504,-1.8932093,3a,75y,236.94h,96.8t/data=!3m6!1e1!3m4!1sCqmX0jiPV2qJIHxsCBR0Rw!2e0!7i13312!8i6656 Now if you go back up the main road the way I had come, it was poorly signed and there were likely buses parked infront of the signs, I suspect I had only entered the left lane at the last second and entered the tunnel. Just to be clear I admit doing it however I think its pretty unclear and I was causing no danger or did I make or mean to make any gain from doing so. I guess I just want to make sure they are legally doing this correctly and if I have any grounds to appeal. I'm not going to risk £30 and my time if its not worth the effort. Its the principle though.
  25. Hi there! I am so pleased to have come across this group and see that I am not alone This is my first post and I have spent a good hour reading through similar situations, and feel a lot more informed that I did when I woke up this morning. I took out an overdraft with Lloyds TSB aprox 5 years ago for 1,500 pounds when I was living in the UK (I now live in Spain and have done for 4 years). To be perfectly honest, I foolishly became so involved in life here that I forgot about my overdraft in the UK. That was until the beginning of last year when my step-father called me to let me know he had received several phone calls from Lloyds requesting to speak to me, and then letters demanding immediate payment. The most recent letter was received this year from AIC. I telephone Lloyd's debt collection last year when I first learned of this and advised them over the phone of my address in Spain, and reiterated to them several times that I did not live in the UK and did not appreciate them hassling my step father. They aknowledged my address and phone number, and said they would send a payment plan to me with international bank details so I could start making payments. Two months later my step father was receiving threats from the bailiffs and I had still not heard anything from Lloyds. Again they aknowledged my address in Spain and said they would send me written communication, and promised to remove all the UK information from their system. However they did tell me that they did not know how to go about setting up international payments but that they would "look in to it". Six months, and nothing. I called again, and was told the same thing. I asked for a mailing address or a fax number so I could send my request in writing and was refused. Then came the letters from AIC at the beginning of this year, AGAIN to my step father's address in the UK. He opened one of the letters and called me in a very distressed state, especially considering I had promised him that I was dealing with the situation. I called AIC two months ago and spoke to an arrogant young man, and explained the above to him. Needless to say he was less than interested and demanded ful payment. I said I could not make a payment of 2000 pounds. They took my Spanish address and phone number (again) and promised to write telling me what options I had. I heard nothing untile yesterday when I received a letter from them stating that as they had not heard from me they would be sending my file to their legal team in Spain, and that I should contact them immediately. Conveniently there is no return address so I cannot write to them. What irritates me is that I have had NO correspondence from Lloyds nor AIC until yesterday despite me informing of my address several times. I am happy to make repayments but need to know where to make them to!! Could anybody advise me on what to do as I do not wish to have legal proceedings started against me in Spain, and more so considering I was happy to make repayments on this debt but its now arrived at this point due to the considerable incompetance of both Lloyds and AIC. Do AIC have a mailing address? Many thanks to all of you
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