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Found 4 results

  1. Hi all, i work for a car park who have reently acquired another in the same city. I work alone on a shift basis, as do the employees of the other car park. They state the reasons for possible redundancy are new technolgy (control room) and reducing costs. We have just been told that they are considering making half of us redundant (from 10 to 5 staff) and that one employee would be expected to cover both car parks, which are about two miles apart, over a twelve hour shift. Any unattended requests for help would be dealt with from a central control room in London, although the actions that they can take are limited. They have told us that we can use a company vehicle to travel to each site. We have now been invited to one-to-one interviews for us to give our thoughts etc. My question is, ares their reasons reasonable , and is it also reasonable to say that we dont want to have to drive as part of our working day, as that was never mentioned as part of our original contract. thanks for reading
  2. Hi all, I have been trawling this site for a while hoping to find an answer to my issue, but nothing with the exact specifics and was looking for some advice. Over 6 years ago now, I was forced to leave my job (long story that is out of the scope of this query!), meaning I was no longer able to afford the lifestyle that I had bought into. Hence, credits cards, loan and car were the victims, and I unfortunately defaulted on all (5 debts in total, to the tune of approx. £20k). The job market being the way it was, I found no further work, and decided to try and enhance my future by returning to education. I informed all creditors that my income had vastly reduced to that of a student, and hence came to the agreement that I could make token payments of £1 to each individual one, and that was that. Since, I have not even attempted to apply for a single bit of credit, and lived with a basic bank account, which has served me well - one thing I have certainly learnt how to do is not to live up to the limit of my means!! since the defaults, I have moved house twice, and have lost track of the debt collection agencies that were involved (I believe the debts were sold on), although I have maintained the token payments as they were simply standing orders set to go out automatically. Hence, I have no idea of any communication that may have been made. This week, I checked my Equifax and Experian history out of interest to see if the old defaults had fallen off, and all looks good, the last two due to go by March. However, I have come to realise that despite this, the creditors may still decide to take enforcement action against me at any point, which is rather disconcerting; I have just begun my PhD, which is due to last for another 4 years, hence a total of 10ish years on a poor income!!! Of course, I have the full intention of settling this money when I finally graduate and get employment (prospects look quite good for future salaries in my field), so don't want/need advice on how to dodge, however, what I want is to break the hold of them being able to take action against me on their terms, as this hanging over my head is a bit worrying. What advice would you give? I have thought of two things, but not sure of there true implications: Cancel the token payments and hope that enough time passes for the limitations act to apply and then repay when I can? Or, make contact and offer lower full and final settlements (family may be able to help with lump sums)? Any other thoughts? Regards AM
  3. Hi all, We hit a sticky wicket back in 2007 when I had to close out business. In 2009 we sold our house, cleared the mortgage and have been living in rented ever since. We also fell foul of a few defaults at the start of 2009. We have slowly but surely built our lives back again and are now 'starting' to think of home ownership again. We have not taken any loans out since 2007 and have been on a DMP with Payplan. I suppose my initial question would be what you all think our chances are of getting a mortgage, with whatever company be it high street or back lane? Will we have to wait until the 6 years have lapsed for the defaults? Only we have had it suggested to us that some companies do not worry too much about defaults over 3 years old..? Any help or advice would, as always, be greatly appreciated
  4. Hello Folks, I have an interview for Santander Consumer Finance In Redhill this week and i wanted to do some leg work of what to expect from the consumer side... I have searched CAG and not really been able to filter it out... It will be for the Car element of the business but want to see just how bad they can be? Filee
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