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Found 3 results

  1. Hi All, I've been a member here for a few years since the original debt caused me problems, but I cant remember my log in details. At the end of 2011 I had a Tmobile phone stolen and £340 rung up before I realized and reported it missing. During the phone call to discuss the bill with their complaints dept, I was offered a goodwill gesture of £170 *IF* I took out a new 18 month contract at a higher monthly rate than I had been paying. I asked for some time to think about it and took an email address (as at that point I wanted to get things in writing). After I had done some research, probably here, I discovered that I was liable so I emailed Tmobile to accept the offer. Tmobile emailed back saying they had withdrawn the offer as it was a "one time only telephone offer", so I would have to pay in full (I still have both emails) I thought "then" and cancelled the direct debit. A few months later Sigma Red started writing to me about the debt, and marked my credit file with a default against them not Tmobile. As I have a few debts in good standing , having this one default hasn't really caused me problems and I am happy not to pay Tmobile when they are acting as "fences", but I have been looking forward to having the default drop off my file for personal satisfaction reasons. So that's the history. I have just started to receive letters from these Lowell people saying that my account was "sold to them by Tmobile". firstly, should the "sigma Red" debt now show as paid on my file? Secondly, will Lowell enter a new debt? I understand I can make them remove it but still it will be a PITA. thirdly, as this debt is 18 months from being SB'd what are my options in dealing with Lowell? is there any realistic chance of a CCJ? Many thanks for your time.
  2. In another thread a member asked if paying with a credit card would be a better option compared to say a debit card - which inspired me to share this, as I thought it was common knowledge that credit cards offer greater protection on purchases than standard bank issue debit cards. When you buy something on a credit card, you are essentially purchasing the goods on finance. Credit laws in the UK means that credit providers such as Visa and Mastercard become jointly liable to you, to ensure that you receive the goods that you paid for, in satisfactory condition. In practical terms, this means that if the shop you ordered something from were to go bust, or they didn't deliver the goods, or they did but were in poor condition or significantly not as described, then you could seek compensation from the credit card issuer (a full refund) if attempts to resolve any disputes with the retailer don't work out. Plus, when you use your credit card details online instead of your bank debit details, if any unscrupulous persons were to get hold of your card details, they could potentially try to purchase other items at your expense - but if you paid by credit card, it will be easier to resolve the matter as the credit card company wont hold you liable for any fraudulent payments. If you do pay by credit card, take care to pay off your balance in full to avoid paying interest charges. The following link leads to an infographic poster about credit cards, shopping online and cyber crime, with some interesting facts about shopping presented in the form of an illustration. Edit: Removed advertising and link whilst permission being sought
  3. Erics sister-in-law got an invoice for overstaying in a supermarket car park so as I was preparing a letter to deny any contract I decided to do a check on who owns the land etc. My enquires lead me to the Valuations Agency who were very pleased to receive my calls and email as the supermarket concerned bought the land and demolished the buildings and made the car park but failed to tell them or local council that the land was no longer derelict. VOA will be sending their chap round to evaluate but tells me over the phone the rateable value of said property is £250k. That will be a big bill for PPC or supermarket to pay when backdated 6 years! I bet PPC tell VOA that they arent responsible and ONLY work for supermarket. Also reported PPC for not having planning permission for signs and enforcement officer to visit site so hopefully they will be fined for breach of planning regs or better still forced to remove them (poss close car park?). I will keep you posted. Just wondered, should I tell supermarket Head Office why they have been dobbed in?
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