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Found 12 results

  1. Dear All, I am new to this and i would need your precious help. My car was parked inwalmer street in manchester and the driver bought a valid ticket from the machine. Upon shutting the door this ticket has fallen on the floor without the driver realized that. On return the drivers find on the windscreen the penalty charge as "as no ticket displayed". The driver tried few times to call the number on the ticket in order to talk to an operator but the number rings out. Once at home the driver send proof of the valid ticket to SIP through their website and for an appeal against the charge explaining the circumstances. After a week the appeaq was rejected and been advised to pay GBP60.00 instead of the original GBP35. Advised to appeal to IPC if unsatisfied. Replied to several email but SIP said they will NOT reconsider the decision. What do you suggest to do now? Should the driver contact the IPC? Please your help is needed Thanks sandrofio
  2. Thank you to anybody who decides to help. My family are having money problems and despite never doing it before, I for some reason decided to slip some cosmetics into my pockets. I had made my way out of the store when a security guard had stopped me and brought me into a security room at the back of Boots. the police man was there and gone and nobody had really explained anything to me. I asked the security guard what to expect and she said that I would be banned from Boots, they would take my photo for the Retail Crime Operation, in which i would be banned from all the shops also under it for 12 months. They also gave me a notice of Intended Civil Recovery from RLP and said to expect a letter regarding what I need to pay. I signed something accepting the 12 month ban and was sent on my way. I am really seeking advice/info on what to expect, whether this can affect me in any other way, the likelihood of how long RLP will badger me or if they will take me to court. Please help!
  3. Firstly, hello and thank you for taking a moment to consider reading this and helping A close friend used this before, said the advice and support saved him through a very tough time financially, as a result he came out the other side and contributed back to the forum, I hope I'm able to get some advice too. I welcome an experienced user moving this thread to a correct forum, I'm afraid I'm unsure which one is best. I'm reaching out to people to seek advice on a very tricky financial decision we find ourselves stuck in, I'm listening to as much advice as I can get, I hope you'll take a moment to read through it, I've tried to be brief. Thanks in advance.* Myself and my wife have been together 15 years and have 2 children (age 4 and 2)* We lost a long term family business to liquidation in which we were both involved; as a result personal bankruptcy followed immediately afterwards. Myself and my wife are now 5 months into the 12 months of personal bankruptcy.* After the initial assessment into our statement of financial affairs we were signed up to a three year income payment agreement and now pay £80/mth (£40 each) This was originally worked out on two salaries of £30k each and payments are due to be paid for a further 2.5years.* * As can be expected we've found the process incredibly hard, however I find we've gone from a happy relationship of 15 years to near divorce and now have regular (albeit free) counselling sessions. I've contemplated suicide for a while and come fairly close three times. We're short of money every month and have to beg from parents to cover one off expenses that were outside the budget.* On a more positive note, she has just been offered to transfer to a new job at £90k earnings. This is comprised of £40k basic and projected bonuses for around £50k. She's fully investigated and is happy with with proof on how realistic the bonus scheme is. These bonus payouts will fluctuate significantly on a month to month basis.* The income from this one job is far higher than the income for two separate jobs.* The job would involve a huge life change with personal sacrifices on both sides. It would probably also mean me stopping work to look after children full time. She would have to travel more, work away four nights of the week, see the children far less amongst other considerations, however in the weigh up in this area it seems at first definitely worth doing.* It's also worth noting our childcare expenditure is also changing soon with one child moving from nursery to school saving £350/mth and in January the other child's nursery fees reducing by £150/mth as the 15hrs/week childcare allowance kicks in.* There are plenty of variables for us to consider whether this is the right thing to do, we're seeking advice from this forum for knowledgable third parties on the main issue: It is to do with declaring the potential income and expenditure changes.* What to declare, how much is handed over, how, when and for how long etc etc. *Basically this would help us know whether to make so many life changes and if it is all (at least financially) going to be worthwhile.* Any input and ideas in relation to this issue would be gratefully received. Please also reference what experience you may have had in dealing with anything similar.*
  4. Name of the Claimant: MKDP LLP Date of issue: 01 Dec 2014 (Happy Christmas!) What is the claim for: The Claimant claims the the sum of 12,964.30 being monies due from the Defendant to the Claimant under a regulated agreement originally between the Defendant and Barclaycard. The defendants account number was XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX and was assigned to the claimant on XX/07/2011, notice of this has been provided to the Defendant. The Defendant has failed to make payments in accordance with the terms of the agreement and a default notice has been served pursuant to the Consumer Credit Act 1974. The Claimant claims the sum of 12,964.30 and costs. The Claimant has complied, as far as is necessary, with the pre-action conduct practice direction. What is the value of the claim: 12964.30 + 410 costs Claim is for credit card Entered into the original agreement before 2007 Account assigned and transferred to the Debt purchaser who has issued the claim. Received nothing headed "Notice of Assignment" is this what it would have had to say? But they bought the debt during 07/2011 Did you receive a Default Notice from the original creditor?: I think from Mercers Have you been receiving statutory notices headed “Notice of Default sums” – at least once a year ?: No there is nothing in our records to show this, we have kept all letters from DCA's, would this have come from Barclaycard or DCA? Why did you cease payments:- My Wife and I had the same employer which 9 years ago suffered an immediate and huge loss of revenue from a large customer, my promotion withdrawn, no bonus pay increases etc just after we bought a new house. Had to use cards to make ends meet, took secured loan to pay cards (HUGE mistake due to rip off rate rises that’s for another thread) with the intention of remortgaging after fixed period expired, unfortunately this was then 2008, so mortgages became unobtainable, and to use cards again to make payments, Later on employer paid us late so missed payment date on DD with credit cards, so Barclaycard rate jumped from 6.7% to over 30%, ended up juggling credit cards until breaking point in 2010, since then all unsecured debt has been on token payments as advised by C.A.B. Wife very ill in hospital while pregnant for three months then made redundant after having 1st child, became ill with post natal depression, not able to return to work. Managed to sell parts of property to reduce secured borrowing to less than half original amount and pay arrears at the time, still unaffordable though. Wife then ill in hospital with second pregnancy for nearly six months diagnosed pre-natal depression and then post natal, still being treated 3 years later. Hanging on by skin of our teeth trying not to lose house but most importantly mortgage, as with our now ruined credit record would be hard to get new one. PLEASE DELETE ANY OF THE ABOVE OR BELOW IF ITS IRRELEVANT OR TOO PRIVATE Was there a dispute with the original creditor that remains unresolved? no Did you communicate any financial problems to the original creditor and make any attempt to enter into a debt management plan? Yes, originally with mercers who could not accept token payments officially but said to pay them anyway, but they quickly handed to Moorcroft, then when MKDP took over the account in July 2011, we received first contact in August 2011 we were very confused as their letters only listed their own Reference number and that it was for a Barclaycard debt, no credit card number to identify which card it was in relation to, my wife also has a Barclaycard debt that I became point of contact for and also an Egg card debt that keeps getting referred to as Barclaycard. At the time we were convinced that moorcroft had the debt and thought that due to the lack of detail on the letter from MKDP that it was a mistake. Then 1 year later Sept 2012 they sent another letter saying Final Notice and that they would transfer debt to pre-litigation department. We sent a letter to them a fortnight later, saying that we do not know which one of our card accounts this relates to as there was no account number in their letters, and could they send us some more info so we know which card they are dealing with. Just under 2 weeks later we had a letter from them to say that they were in receipt of letter and thanks for writing, that they were unable to resolve query and would liase with original creditor. They said they would conatct us as soon as a response received but no later than 8 weeks from the date of the letter. We actually got no response until late March 2013 but it was another letter saying that they were unable to resolve query and would liase with Barclaycard. They said they would conatct us as soon as a response received. Then another letter early April stating that they were unable to resolve query and would liase with original creditor. They said they would conatct us as soon as a response received Quickly followed a week later by a letter saying please find enclosed documents that you have requested RECONSTITUTED CREDIT AGREEMENT. This was weird as I had never requested this, I only wanted to know the account/card number. Even weirder was that included with the reconstitued agreement was a letter addressed to me from Barclaycard dated March 2013 referencing MY request for the section 78 information request. I made no such request and can only imagine that MKDP forged a letter from me to Barlcaycard in my name!!! Now having the card number we wrote to them at the beginning of May 2013 to explain our dire circumstances and to make a token payment of £5 per month as advised by C.A.B. Just over a week later they replied and said that they were unable to resolve query and would liase with original creditor. They said they would conatct us as soon as a response received, identical letter received in June, July and August 2013. We wrote again in November 2013 to say we had not heard from them as to whether they accept our offer of payment. (all this time we were unable to pay them token payments as they had not provided any bank details) We then heard nothing from them for over a year and assumed they had passed the debt on, the period of silence has become quite common when there are gaps between DCA’s that we have dealt with. Then this month we receive the County Court Claim Form. I have contacted Barclaycard customer service who deny that MKDP contacted them since the debt was sold and certainly was not liasing with them, they said the the debt with them is effectively settled and is now sole responsibility of MKDP and has need since July 2011. So all of the afore mentioned letters from MKDP are lies! What can we do next, we have no money to pay anything other than token payments, our income and expenditure still shows serious deficit. I don’t believe that this should be going to court as they have dealt with this account poorly and obstructed us from payng them any money. We HAVE been in contact with them! I feel that trying to claim the full amount owed through court when they will only have paid a fraction of the amount for the debt is totally unjust. I owed the original amount to Barclaycard, they have written that off now. They may have tried phoning throughout the process, but I never answer again as advised by C.A.B. Should I try to speak to them over the phone to point out their shortfalls in the hope of them withdrawing court action? Never been to court before and am afraid, don’t know what to do for the best, please help!
  5. Hi everyone i am back again for support and advice on an issue that i can not think of any way to solve. I made a bad choice in 2002 and opted for an interest only mortgage because it was quick cheaper payments and i had the intention of swapping to a repayment mortgage as soon as i could. However money i was owed by my sister was never received and i became ill in 2006 and ended up in arrears with this company. It went to the FOS who agreed with me they had been unfair and had not shown forbearance their fees and charges were refunded and arrears remaining original arrears capitalised and suspended repossession order removed. This was the one time that i am aware of that the FOS actually made a company comply completely with their requests. I have been paying in full on time ever since. 2006. Then last year i got a letter from ge money stating my term was up in 2015. I got the shock of my life because i thought it was up in 2020. I had arranged my morthage through a broker and this was the third time i had remortgaged with this company and the other times the mortgage term was for 15 years so i stupidly presumed this one was 15 years also. I remember my broker saying did i want it over the same term and i said yes so i dont know why this one is only over 10 unless the broker made a mistake. However i am in a situation now with no money to pay off the mortgage next year and ge money saying tough u signed the agreement. I was wondering if there was anything i could do because the extra five years would allow me to stay in my home and i would have the money to pay it off then. It just seems so unfairi i have a mental illness and couldnt cope with having to sell the house i am so tired of all the fighting with these companies as i am with the other demon too acenden and am on the 4th complaint to the ombudsman with them. I was so naive ten years ago. I thought companies were fair amnd if you were honest with them and genuine they would bend the rules a bit to suit individual circumstancres like they used to back in the day when you dealt with a manager face to face. I feel like giving up i dont have any more strength left in me to fight. Its just making my ilness worse and on top of that i have suddenly developed a problem with my legs that keep giving way and have been yold it could be cauda eguima which is serious and if left untreated could cause me to become inconyenant and never walk again. I am beside myself i just wish i had a magic hand come out of the cloudsto help lift all this worry from me i usedto be so confident and sure of myself but i just dont know were to start anymore or even if i should bother anymore as all these companies seem to win in the end . I have just had enough thankyou for taking the time to read this i know its long but had to give it one last go in hope of a miracle cher69.x
  6. Hi there, i really need some help with this, i'm not very good at explaining it in short so apologise in advance but here goes: Partner had credit card in sole name with MBNA around 2003/4 approx. £10,000 balance. MBNA kept on adding late payment charges and then interest at extortionate rates so fell behind with payments, they then instructed Restons to act on there behalf. Feb 2009, after being hounded by Restons, i sent them on behalf of my partner a CCA request unsigned with £1 cheque enclosed. Restons replied stating that they were not the creditors and that the format i had used was widely available on the internet and it couldn't possible be a genuine request as it was unsigned and therefore they would not accept it, on the very same day received another letter from them offering a reduced final settlement. March 09, sent CCA request directly to MBNA same as above. March 09, received a "Judgement for Claimant" (in default) from Northampton County Court, then about a week later received a notice which literally said that the claim had been transferred to Edmonton County Court for enforcement. April 09, sent the no response CCA request to MBNA direct as we hadn't heard anything from them since sending the first one. May 2009, MBNA sent a blank unsigned photocopy of T&C's with a covering letter saying they were pleased to enclose a copy of your most recent T&C's and then goes on to say they we shouldn't forget the other fantastic benefits of the account! April 09, i receive addressed only to me a B136 (CO) notice even though its a joint mortgaged property. July 09, Restons send both myself and my partner a copy of Interim Charging Order, it read as if there wasn't anything we could do about it even if we did attend court on the day, my copy even stated that i shouldn't even acknowledge receipt of the application. Aug 09, my partner received a Final Charging Order stating that we were not aloud to sell our property until we had discharged our liability to the claimant and that they may apply for an order of possession. and that takes us up to the present day when out of the blue we both individually receive a notice of a claim for an Order for Sale from Restons BUT its on behalf of ME111 Ltd and not MBNA, its dated 15th May 2014. The bundle contains letters they are claiming to have sent us after the final charging order but with which we have never received, and to make matters worse has been compiled by a trainee solicitor who comments that she believes this is the only way to make us pay. I really need some advise as to how and even if we are able to defend this as i'm absolutely petrified that we are going to lose our house and i have no idea how to even start completing the defence response so if anyone can help it would be greatly appreciated.
  7. Could someone please give me some advise regarding a letter my son as received today from Vehicle Control Services Ltd asking my son to pay a fine of £60.00 or if he fails to pay within 14 days then the fine would go up to £100.00. The letter is dated 15th May 2013 but apparently the offense was on the 16th March 2013 at 23.06 hours, I have spoken to my son about this so called offense and he states he was parked on a road behind the nightclub in Leeds and no parking penalty notice was issued on his car, nor was there any signs stating you had to pay or that you couldn't park there either. The letter states that the reason there was no parking charge notice to the vehicle was because whilst it was stationary the parking attendant couldn't place a fix penalty notice as the driver drove way. My son is adamant that this is not the case due to him not leaving the night club until at 3.00am. Could someone please advise me if my son as to pay the fine or should he just ignore the notice. Any help is appreciated.
  8. i did couple of jobs as event steward with a company in summer 2011 and i got the pay for my first job after been waiting and struggling for more than 6 months. last week when i called them to ask the pay for my second job which i also did in summer 2011 the refused to pay me straight away and told me that i have not attended that job or might be i forget to sign in and sign out but the reality is i did that job and also did sign the attendance sheets moreover this is what mentioned on my online portal that i have attended that job, so when i told them that i have done that job and this is also mentioned on the portal about my attendence the manager replied that they might be wrongly mentioned on my portal about the attendance. i have called them more than 20 times for the same thing in last 6 months but vain, so is there anybody who can help me in this matter that what am supposed to do further to get my pay i am obviously deserving for. * i have also saved my portal web page in my pc so might be i can use it as evidence
  9. hi, not good on pc and spent 2 days trying to post on here so please forgive if its in wrong place. im part disabled and like lots of people badly in debt. i have a main mortgage with abbey, this is paid via dwp and is in fact in front with payments due to the interest rate. i have a 2nd charge on the house with future mortgages, yes not good. the house is valued at around 80k. i owe abbey 75k and furure 55k. so i have negative equity for around 48k. every month is a struggle and health food and everything is really bad as its so difficult paying future there 450 per month.. if i was to look at bankrupcy what would happen i dont want to loose the house. there would only be about 7k left for future morgages if the house sold for 80k. im not trying to default as if i was i would have walked away from the house a long tim ago. can any one offer some advice thank you
  10. Hi there if anyone could help me I would be very gratefull. Basically me and my fiancee rented out a property in September last year for a period of 12 months, when we wieved the property it was lovelly and it was smelling nice. After we got the keys problems had started. I have bad chest problems and there is a loads of mould and damp in the flat which is 22sq meters studio flat and anywhere you move you get mould and damp. I've contacted the agency via e-mail with photos of mouldy clothes (which we got after month of living there) walls (behind massive tv unit, fridge, washing mashine, cooker) and many other places ( total of round 8 e-mails from Sept till Dec 2011). In mean time our bed was soaking wet and matress started getting mouldy as well. In a property there is a dehumifyer which we use nearly every day and it produces pint of water a day, we dry our clothes in tumbledryer, I open windows for at least 30 minutes a day, I do "general" cleaning of everything including matress bed frame inside cuboards and undernethe bath every single week as it kind of helps my breathing for a day or two. The humidity in the house is way above average ( 70 - 80 % and suppose to be 30 to 50 %) and the story could go on and on and on ... We wanted to terminate contract at start of December but we have been told that we would have to pay the re-advertising fees and that our landrod knew about the mould before ... nobody said nothing to us ... We decided to stay and live with the mould We've made an application for a council flat back in June (before we moved in to the studio) and now last week we've got a council flat offer (based on my health issues) that we've accepted. We suppose to move to the new property mid of February and I do not know what to say to agency people. On top of that loads of people that we spoke to about ending agreement before set date said that we will be lucky if we could go through cancellation without any BIG problems. PLEASE HELP ME AS I NEED TO CALL AGENCY ON MONDAY !! Thank you very much for reading and replying.
  11. Hi, I am working for a bookmakers and my Area manager has falsely accused me as sexually harrasing my collegue. Collegeue had complained and he gave the conclusion that I am the culprit without even having a meeting or chat with me. This was proved as false and I won the hearing.. while I was saved on this matter he immediately suspended me on picking a issue that I have taken longer breaks and fraudlantely claimed money from company... When he called me for a meeting on this topic, I explained him that I went on official work and then told that he is Re-suspending me at the same time for security issue. My cashier voided the bet and I was suspended. This security issue was also cleared but he is still prolonging my issue on longer breaks. It looks like he is picking me up. I am in this job from 5 years and never had a disciplinary till now. Please advice me and can he actually sack me on ths issue??
  12. Firstly, words cannot describe how ANGRY I am with this company.. They are truly unbelievable in their methods of recovery.. 1) They tracked me down to an address that I have NEVER lived at and began threatening the occupiers with letters.. When this tactic didn't work, they began posting as many as three letters a day asking for the occupiers to contact them urgently.. I live at a secure address due to ex-partner being violent towards me so I don't have a 'registered' address anywhere longer than six months at the moment.. 2) I did the dutiful thing (or so I thought!) and contacted them to ask what this was in relation to.. I never gave my name and said I was phoning on behalf of my elderly parents who were being harrassed by the company.. To my utter disbelief, the operator began merrily telling me all about 'myself', all the addresses that they knew I had lived at, my date of birth and various other details.. I was horrified because this is also how my ex found me last time - by phoning some dumb call centre operator!!.. I then pointed out to the girl about the data protection act and she hung up on me very quickly!!.. 3) I have written to RW three times asking for all the CCA's and documents about this debt - sending the correct fees to have them sort all this out!!.. I've heard nothing for four weeks, the letters that I do get are so vague about the debt and more asking for how I'm going to pay.. I'm pretty sure they aren't even referring to me personally but possibly that of the ex??.. I've resorted to sending them a 'Failure to comply with a Data Request' Letter which also asks them to go and do one lol.. I had a letter just today saying that 'doing nothing about this debt COULD have a detrimental affect on how you apply for credit in the future' and I just laughed out loud at the stupidity of a debt company that can't even tell me about a debt that I supposedly owe them or who it's supposedly with... I would recommend caution with this company.. Get all the details FIRST BEFORE you own up to anything.. It might just possibly be that they are either chasing an old debt or don't actually want you and are looking for someone completely different.. Regards Mx Just remembered another little 'gem' from Robinson Way.. A letter asking for my correct signature was received about 2 weeks ago!!... NEVER NEVER send them your real signature.. I always use a fancy font from Word or something along those lines.. Imagine what they co do with a true copy of my signature!!.. They must've thought I was completely round the bend to send them that!!.. The worrying thing is, that some people would do, thinking they are being dutiful and compliant but in actual fact, they are 're-signing' and old CCA or worse!!.. Mx
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