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Found 6 results

  1. Hi all. I am new here however, I really need a qualified advice. I received a statutory demand on 13/01 this year. However in the email they are stating this was served on 21/12/2015/ Even I moved house I was regularly visiting my old address and no letter was delivered. The statutory demand is served on my based on judgement from foreign EU country. I was not present on the hearing (I did not know about it) but a representative was pointed to represent me. I found that the Judgment is not enforceable in the UK according to EC Reg 2001/44. I would like to apply statutory demand to set aside but I am not clear about my grounds. On the form 6.5 is stated: © Insert one of the 8 following alternatives or if none of them are applicable state grounds on which you consider the statutory demand should be set aside (1) “Do not admit the debt because…” [here state grounds] or (2) “Admit the debt but not that it is payable immediately” [state reason], or (3) “Admit the debt as to £ , and that this is payable but that the remainder is not immediately payable. I am prepared to pay the amount of £ immediately” [state reason], or (4) “Admit the debt and am prepared to secure or compound for it to the creditor’s satisfaction by …” [state nature of satisfaction], or (5) “Say that the debt is a secured debt” [give full details of security and its value], or (6) “Have a counter-claim (or set-off or cross demand) for £ being a sum equal to (or exceeding) the claim in respect of” [here state grounds of counterclaim etc.], or 2. That I © (7) “Say that execution on the Judgment of the Court has been stayed” [give details], or (8) “Say that the Demand does not comply with the Insolvency Rules in that ………” [state reason] I would choose number 8 and describe that it was not served in correct way. Not sure if I can use the part about judgement from foreign country. Any help, advice will be much appreciated. Many thanks
  2. I received a letter two weeks ago from Arrow Global informing me that I owe them £3.950.39. the original agreement being with HSBC dated 06/10/2007, being transferred to Arrow Global on 13/5/2011 and telling me it has now been transferred to Rockwell who I should now direct all queries to. Yesterday I received a letter from Rockwell telling me the full amount is now overdue and must be paid within the next ten days or they will take "immediate action", or if I cannot pay in full to telephone them immediately!. Now the debt that Arrow quoted was indeed a debt I had way back in 1996 through Midland Bank made up of two separate accounts, a Midland Bank Account and a Flexiloan account which the bank closed and transferred to make up the total amount, after my life took a turn for the worse, (lost my business, wife and kids, and home) which left me in a lot of debt and misery and began the worst 8 years I have ever had. Continual harassment and abuse from DCA's. Solicitors, etc, etc. However eventually with the help of a lovely lady (now my wife), and a new son, (I am by the way, now 74 and a pensioner) we gradually turned it around and over the past few years life has been good, having got rid of nearly all the debt, and managing our finances best we can. So much so that I was recently offered a Free transfer credit card from Nationwide who I have had a current account with for the last 14 years and I accepted it to allow me to transfer a Capital One account that I had never defaulted on, to get lower interest and reduce the payments. We have been paying the debt quoted by Arrow every single month without fail since 1997 it started with Shakespeare solicitors then DG Solicitors in 2005, onto Phoenix then Fredrickson 2007 then we were being sent paying in books which then changed somewhere along the line to a card from MCS? that allows it to be paid at the post office which we have been doing regularly every month since, right up to date. I have all receipts dating back to 2004. The last previous contact we had with anyone was an annual statement from Fredrickson International on the 24th October 2009 that says phoenix Recoveries (UK) Limited were the original creditor, and Phoenix Recoveries (UK) Limited S.a.r.l listed as Assignee. Now I am terrified that all the hounding and threats are going to start again, and I am not going to be able to cope. Do I contact Rockwell if so, how, to my knowledge Arrow have not been involved at all, never contacted me before and this is the first I have heard of them. Do I keep paying with the card, because I'm now not sure where the money is going. I have now also received a letter from a company called pace forward entitled Important Address Confirmation saying they wish to discuss an “important personal matter” and to ring them urgently. I certainly am not going to ring them, but it seems strange that these letters have only started to arrive since I recently got my Nationwide credit card!. Could someone please give me some advice, as I want to try and fight these people, I'm fed up of being made to feel like I do.
  3. Hi all I owe £5700 on my barclaycard. I used this to pay off my sisters back rent, bailiff charges and council tax as she was going to be evicted. She is repaying it at a reduced rate now of £50pcm as she cannot afford the full repayments. barclaycard have frozen interest on the account for a period of 12 months which is almost up and they are expecting full payments to resume which we cannot meet. I was wondering if there is any way to make the interest freeze permanent to allow the debt to continue decreasing as if we cannot do this it will just keep increasing. Thanks in advance for any advice also are the any letter templates that may help with this.
  4. Hello all, A bit of back story, I was discharged from bankruptcy in 2010, the reason for it was not due to my own money mismanagement it was essentially fraud by family member which put me in this position- but that's irrelevant as far as credit reports go. I recently applied for finance on a new cheap car and was refused, now I know that this is possibly to be expected with bankruptcy being present on the credit file however I know of many individuals who have been bankrupt 2 times and on the day of discharge were able to obtain finance on a car, mobile phones but did get offered a credit card from my bank. I know things are tighter now but one person I know was made bankrupt in the same year as myself, he now has a mortgage, finance and mobile phones which leads me to believe that something unusual is in play. After discussing my situation with him it was suggested that a problem on my credit file could be responsible for my rejections. I recently signed up to Equifax to determine the cause and now I am non the wiser. The Bankruptcy order is present in the court section - should it be? There are defaults in the credit agreements that were associated to the initial bankruptcy order, should they be there? Does age affect the after discharge consequences? I was 22 when I received my discharge letter. Another important question playing on my mind is, I am relocating for work within the UK in 2 months, I am now very worried that I will be unable to obtain rented accommodation despite currently living in rented accommodation. Should I be concerned about this considering I am unable to even take out a mobile phone? Thank you for reading and I eagerly await your advice.
  5. Please help. I Have a court date next week for an overpayment of 5 500 over 2 and a half years. the overpayment is as a result of failure to notify the council of my student status. I was claiming housing benefit and council benefit prior to starting uni and due to ill advice to the fact that lone parents are entitled to hb and ctb I continued. I know the overpayment occurred because of my own ignorance and stupidity but I honestly thought I was entitled to it. Now my worry is the courts will find me guilty of benefit fraud and will ruin all my career prospects. I have recently finished a degree in nursing and a conviction will mean crb will come with a criminal conviction and chances of registering with the nmc are like zero. Is there a way any way of avoiding a criminal conviction. I have never stolen or had a brush with the law. I am willing to repay all the overpayment. I am so scared and suicidal please heelp
  6. Can anyone give me some advice, i feel suicidal and have no one to turn to, i am guiltyof claiming wtc still when my husband came back home for the last year, I have a son in long term hospital and suffer from severe depression myself, most days i don't know if i am coming or going, but have still managed to keep working. i had aletter from wtc saying they knew my husband was living with me, and i had 30 days to prove otherwise. i am at my wits end, do i do nothing , or just tell them that i have made a bad mistake and own up, will i be definitely prosecuted , will i go to prison, i don't know what i should do. i have claimesd about 2100, overpayment , please can anyone give me some help..
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