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Found 5 results

  1. New measures to beat plague of nuisance calls READ MORE HERE: https://www.gov.uk/government/news/new-measures-to-beat-plague-of-nuisance-calls
  2. Ever after coming across this Documentary back in 2013 it has slightly worried me. Now old Tawnyowl i must admit believes a lot of what people say to me. Have been fooled many times.And never learn any lessons.. Now once again i find it hard to believe this documentary is just a advert for a magazine. Any wise ones,any economists,anyone who has a little time and who has not seen it can you tell me if there is any truth in all this. As i say it has bugged me slightly since 2013. Well it is out there now anyone,please have your say and at least i can put it to the back of my cluttered mind now. Bear Garden seemed the right place for it. Here we go settle down strap yourselves in and be very afraid very afraid. U certificate it isn't that bad.Perhaps many have seen it before. The Plague of the Black Debt http://topdocumentaryfilms.com/plague-black-debt/
  3. Knowhow Coverplan is the worst company I have EVER dealt with. I bought an expensive computer in PC world as I am currently a PhD student. It was approx 1200 euro and covered it with them. It was stolen in Athens in June. I filled in the documents and had a police report etc etc and sent it all in. Weeks later I had heard nothing and contacted them. After a long wait I got a guy who said it had been processed and they had sent me a cheque but that it could take TWENTY EIGHT days to arrive. 28 days to get from England to Ireland ??? I was very specific with him about whether it was a cheque or voucher as I said I would but a new laptop now if it was a cheque as I needed it for my studies but I would be forced to wait if it was a voucher. 28 days later still no cheque - so two weeks after that again - today the 25th August - 3 months after it was stolen I rang them again. I was put on hold for over 30 minutes after which I was told there was a "glitch" in their system and I had been sent nothing. They then told me they would give me a voucher number over the phone - no cheque. A voucher is obviously of no use to me now as I have already bought the laptop. All I was told was that the guy I was dealing with shouldnt have told me he had sent a cheque as they dont do things that way. Somehow he cant be traced as he has "conveniently" deleted his login details for the conversation ! I asked to be put through to the customer complaints department whereon the person put me through to the general services department who cant deal with complaints ! He then transferred me back to the coverplan people who I had been originally talking to, but after 30 minutes no one answered the phone and it cut me off. How does a company like this manage to get away with this type of thing ? How does PC World continue to use a company like this ? Obviously a voucher for 1100 euro is no use to me as a student now that I have replaced the laptop - it looks like my only recourse is to contact my solicitor a nd sue them to have them refund me the money rather than give me a useless voucher.
  4. I looked around and it looks like Kwik Fit is very "kwik" to cancel unilaterally car policies. Obviously they must be making a good profit out of that, right? It happened to me too. I get paid weekly, and Direct Debits which are imposed as the only payment method by most insurers, are maybe good for monthly salaries, but matching a date of the month to a day of the week when I get paid weekly, is a total nightmare. So, after a text message telling me of the usual 7 day notice and asking to get in touch, I sent Kwik Fit an email via their website for customers, on Tuesday 16th of June that due to payment mismatch date, the instalment would be paid on the Friday of that same week, 19th of June. That's just 3 days away! I always get paid weekly on Friday. Kwik Fit did not bother to get in touch, but I did not expect them to get in touch because they never do. This kind of date mismatch happened on two previous occasions with Kwik Fit and it was not a problem. Anyway, on Friday 19th of June I called Kwik Fit, as promised in my email to them 3 days earlier, to pay the insurance instalment. The Customer Rep was not able to process the payment and had to investigate. I was put on hold. He then returned to the call to tell me that the policy had been cancelled. I called them again an hour later and was put through another Customer Rep and had a massive discussion about this. He did not reinstate the policy. A few days later I got a demand for £430! Now, the matter has already been passed on to the Financial Services Ombudsman. Basically, I really do not care about what the rules say! Whatever they say, it is clearly unfair to the Consumer and the rules are far too easy for the companies. It is clear they hammer the consumers left, right and centre! I actually suspect Kwik Fit did not respond to my email on purpose, then let the policy cancel in order to then claim an outstanding balance. Good strategy for Kwik Fit, maybe. But as far as I am concerned, I will not pay this. I understand that if I did not bother to contact them, then they would have a good reason to act like that. But I DID contact them and promised to settle the instalment on Friday, just 3 days away. And I fulfilled my promise to pay because I DID call them to pay the instalment on that Friday! I just find Kwik Fit utterly despicable to do this. I find those in charge of regulations also at fault for not changing rules which run against the consumers all the time. :mad2:
  5. My father ordered and paid for some goods from Easylife who are based in Kent in December 2012. On arrival the goods were found to be faulty and he returned them within 7 days. First time was on 4th January 2013. They were replaced and the replacement was faulty and sent back and replaced once again with another faulty unit. On each occasion my father had to pay to send back the faulty goods. At end of February he requested a refund of his money, but all they did was send another replacement which again was faulty. He has been chasing them for a refund ever since and every time he phones there is always an excuse. My father is 87 and on Pension Credit and the refund of the goods plus postage costs would be welcome. The item in question originally cost only a few pounds, but with postage csots he is due a refund of at least £27.68. I have written a "Letter before Action" to the company, but fully expect it to go via small claims court. I am wondering if Trading Standards would prosecute due to their flagrant disregard for Distance selling Regulations and Sale of Goods Act? According to this website my father is not alone with delaying tactics by this company. See here.
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