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Found 6 results

  1. Myself (and other employees) declined (politely) to have our photos taken for an annual report. We were then punished by our operations manager who stormed up to our desks and demanded loudly that we take extra work because we had let the team down. This is despite the fact that that we had manned the office phone line and worked on our tasks while the photographer was taking photos of others. This happened less than half an hour before we were due to finish work and was the last working day of the week for a number of us. No reference was given to the fact that I have childcare responsibilities and had to leave on time to pick my child up. Can our employer discipline us for not having a photo taken? Is it not our right to refuse permission for this? The wider background is that this is a very unhappy workplace. Previous photos taken were used for purposes other than what was originally stated by a partner organisation and we were given no guarantees as to the scope of use for these new photos. Personally I informed my manager twice that I felt really uncomfortable and anxious about having my picture taken and was given no reassurance but just punished in front of the open office. There are also LOTS of other issues unrelated to this but any advice on the photography issue would be hugely appreciated. Thanks in advance!
  2. Hi I recently came in to possession of a photography light, through my works. It was broken so they let me have it. I assumed the repairers my company uses was overly priced without really knowing or trying them first. The problem occurred when I called upon another photographic retailer who also offers repairs. Again assuming it would be cheaper than where I work. Broken photography equipment is something I am familiar with and although my store does not actually fix anything we send it off to our sister company that completes our repairs and is quite well regarded in the industry. Part of our process involves us informing customers there is a charge for the estimate prior to the actual repair. This camera shop I took my light to, neglected to tell me there would be any estimate costs. Optimistically expecting a saving I was shocked to discover the repair was not only pricey but in addition almost 4 times as expensive to have my light inspected to get an estimate. As nothing was mentioned about the estimate cost initially and I have no paper contract. What would you say my consumer rights are?
  3. Hey everyone, At the start of last year (January and February) my wife and I took our kids in for two different photo shoots at the same place. It was one of those groupon deals where you pay £30 or so and you get a free print, but you have the option afterwards to either walk away with your one free print or buy some more of the photos. Both of these times we set up a payment plan for these two different sets of photos and signed a piece of paper to say we agree to pay that amount. The total amount was £310. We had a really rough year last year, my wife is severely disabled and I'm her carer, and my mum also passed away from cancer in October. I completely forgot about these photos and the payment plan. I had a letter at the end of January this year (which seems to be dated 19.01.16) that says a "recovery cost" of £100 has been added to the balance, and £24.80 of interest. The letter also states that he has tried numerous times to contact me by phone and has sent out several invoices, none of these I received. The letter states that if he doesn't receive the full payment in 7 days he would take court action. I emailed the photographer enquired about the added charges, he said right off the bat that he would waive those if I made a payment. I made a payment of £30 and said that £30 per month was all I could afford, we both agreed on that payment plan. I also asked him to send me copies of the letters I signed when we came to the agreement. He emailed me these recently and it says nothing about added charges and interest being added, nor does it say anything about a date that the balance had to be paid by. I asked him again what it was exactly that he did that cost him £100 pursuing the debt and he gave no specific details. He has now become very annoyed and has said that "if I still want the photos" I would need to pay in full because he's no longer willing to accept a payment plan. I'm quite confused, I was under the impression from his letter that i am legally obliged to pay him that money for the photos (which I dont have in my possession), if that's the case then how can there be any "if you still want them"? Is he able to charge interest and just think of a number to add on top of the money I owe? I know it may look a tad silly because he said he would waive the added £100, which seems a bit strange if he had actually spent that amount chasing me up. But I just can't help the feeling that he just stuck it on the letter as a threat to make me get in touch. Despite what the letter said I had no contact from him at all for the whole year beforehand. Any advice you can give would be great. I have the letters and signed documents if it helps Many thanks, Rich
  4. 60 very powerful photographs representing the joy, innocence, despair, curiosity, and undying perseverance within all of us. No matter where we’re from, these are the emotions that unite us – it’s what makes us human. http://news.distractify.com/people/complex-humans/?v=1
  5. A couple of weeks before Christmas I was caught by an offer at a stand within an indoor shopping precinct selling vouchers for a photo shoot for a Venture photo session which includes one 7x5 photo and the option to buy more. I chatted to the lady on the stall and said my son is now engaged and wouldn't it be lovely for him and his fiance to have a photo session and some real lovely photos of the two of them and she agreed and said how nice. I filled in the forms with their names and numbers and took the voucher, wrapped it and gave it to them for Christmas. I've just heard from my future daughter-in-law that they have been refused a photo session as the terms and conditions say it can only be used by 'families' and couples are not families. Any ideas where I stand here? They may never have children, as a couple are they not a family? Any ideas who I complain to? Most of all, I want the photo shoot for them, they were so excited about it when they unwrapped it. Failing that, I guess a refund.
  6. I got a £20 voucher that was worth £145 via Hamleys store for a photo shot of me, my fiance and my 16 mo daughter. The photoshot was lovely! I went back myself to view and ended ordering £3385 worth of prints!! Feel sick and have emailed then asking if it is possible to reduce order as I only ordered yesterday. I know hitachi offer a 14 day cooling off period and I was hoping that as my order was only placed yesterday (Sunday) afternoon that possibly I could work something out with them. Cna anyone let me know if they've had similar experiences and what the outcome was....good or bad!!! If my fiance finds out he'll go mental!!!!
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