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Found 7 results

  1. Hi, Can anyone please help to see if I can challenge the attached PCN. I parked in a goods vehicle loading bay at around 9pm and I assumed wrongly that it wasn't during restricted times. The PCN was issued using CCTV and the operator observed the vehicle for about 3 minutes at which point I can be seen on the CCTV images returning to the car. Is there a grace period for parking in loading bays? Is the council permitted to use CCTV for this type of contravention? Are there any mistakes on the PCN itself? Thanks in advance for your help.
  2. Hi CAGgers My first post. Two wrongs :- 1. My brother had his work van ticketed in an area parking wardens are not allowed to enter. 2. His truck taken away from outside his house by alleged bailiffs who now demand £1100 to resolve it. He was doing major gas pipe work on the main road and had coned off a section of the road for health & safety reasons and to park his van within. A council parking warden entered the coned area and put a parking ticket on his van. He tells me his van, although his, was exempt from parking tickets as the company he works for has an exemption certificate. Further, for health and safety reasons the parking warden was not allowed to enter the coned area. He has since left that job and the court/council have not contacted his old job to confirm the exemption certificate stands in this case. Can anyone suggest how to fight this? Thanks in advance
  3. On the 9th June I had to attend an interview for a job in Colchester. I made my journey from Grays and decided to buy a travelcard as I thought this would cover my journey. I was wrong, as I boarded the train an inspector informed me that the ticket I had was not valid for the journey, instead of making me pay the excess he gave me a penalty fare. As I was not able to get home from Colchester (the inspector informed me I had the wrong ticket so there was no chance of getting home) I was forced to cancel the interview and went home from Harold Wood (and NOT Colchester as the penalty fare suggests). According to the Penalty Fare Rules “If a passenger travels on a train on which their ticket is not valid, it is more likely that the restrictions were not properly explained to them than that they are deliberately trying to avoid paying the right fare. We believe that it is up to the train operators to make sure that each passenger understands the restrictions which apply to the ticket which they are sold. Under rule 7, a passenger may not be charged a penalty fare if he or she has a ticket for the journey which they are making that is not valid on that train only because of a ticket restriction. In these cases, the passenger only needs to pay the excess fare, in line with the National Rail Conditions of Carriage.” Wouldnt this mean that i only have to pay the excess and not recieve an actual penalty fare? I have appealed twice and IAS have ignored the fact that I had didn't even realise that my ticket was not valid for that particular train. They have also ignored the fact that I didn't go to Colchester (I have proof- Had to phone the NHS, explain and cancel the interview). I would really appreciate any advice anyone could give me on the matter.
  4. hey y'all, someone may have already asked..... but...... my car was caught driving in a bus lane 3 times, 2 on the same day, within a minute of each other, i was not driving at the time, when i got the notices i sent them back with details of the driver and received nothing in response, i now have court notices to pay triple the amount £270, when i phoned they said they not received anything, that they sent a notice to owner ( i did not get it) and that it was tough, as the owner of the car ...... i still had to pay whether i was driving or not, is this correct? i am a full time carer to a severely disabled child struggling to pay a mortgage and make ends meet on my meagre "carers allowance" and benefits i absolutely cannot afford 270 pence let alone £270! thanks in advance
  5. My car brokedown on Saturday night (16/01/2011). I called the AA.. They came within an hour.. The agent couldnt fix the car and diagnosed it as a broken timer belt with possibly bent valves. The car was dead and immobile. The car was recovered by tow truck and left outside the garage.. The car was set down by the AA agent in whatever space was available near the garage. He parked it with the near-side two wheels on the footpath. It was dark and raining heavily. The garage was closed on Sunday.. On Monday morning (18/01/2011), I met the garage guys and handed over the keys and they then took a day or so (due to bad weather, incessant rain and lack of staff) to move the car and start work on it.. They had the car for the rest of the week and I picked up the car on the Saturday. When I picked the car there was a PCN stuck on the windshield. Here I must clarify there was a sign allowing parking on one side of the sign and my car was parked on the other side. The sign at the location indicates, using an arrow, the direction and point from which you can park with wheels on the footway. I appealed against the PCN and also had attached the garage bills. Soon after my appeal, I got a letter from Redbridge Parking asking for proof in the form of a letter from the AA. I called the AA and got a letter which I sent them. Now I have got a letter from them rejecting my appeal. Redbridge say that they cannot cancel the PCN because the AA moved the vehicle to the location where it received the PCN therefore the vehicle should have been parked correctly. I have two options now.. Pay the reduced amount £50 within 14 days.. If I do not use this option, a Notice to Owner will be sent to me, the Registered Keeper, at the full penalty of £100.00. I am then entitled to a further representation to the Council’s Appeal Services. Should your representation not be accepted then I will have the option to make a further representation to the Parking and Traffic Appeals Services (PATAS). As I have indicated, the circumstances were not normal. I was not in charge of the vehicle when the alleged violation happened.. The car was dead and wouldn't start.. There was no place to park near the garage. This infuriates me.. This is greed, opportunism and a frantic way by the council to make more money out of me. Any help would be appreciated. Should I fight, what chance to do I have of winning this case with PATAS.. Am I better off paying the reduced amount. Sincerely
  6. I recently received a Penalty Charge Notice (PCN) for alleged parking contravention (02) Parked or loading/unloading in a restricted street where waiting and loading/unloading restrictions are in force. I visited the site and found no kerb blips which I understand are required for this contravention to be valid and penalty enforceable. I have made representations to the London Borough of Hounslow and expect my PCN to be cancelled. I am looking for ways to compel the council to suspend issuing these PCNs till necessary corrections are made to the road markings and also to repay penalties collected in the recent past. Any advice would be much appreciated.
  7. Today I got back home and had the joy of finding some correspondence from the South West Trains Prosecution Department. The letter, I think relates to a time when I found out that I did not have the cash on me to buy a ticket but needed to get to work. I intended to buy a ticket and had the money to do so but I just didn't have it on me at the time, hence I could not pay any of the penalty fare either. (Now with the sob story over I will continue with my question.) Anyway in the letter there is an issue, firstly the date referred to as the "incident date" is not correct, not by a long shot and so the letter effectively refers to an incident that did not occur. Furthermore there is no reference to me having not payed a fare, it simply states to someone who gave my name and address having been questioned by a member of rail staff about an incident that occurred on their property. Had the letter that came through had the correct details I would have no option but to answer honestly and directly, however the details that they have provided means that the honest response is that I was not even close to their property on the date of the incident stated in the letter. So my Question is:: Do I have any obligation to correct the mistakes they have made on their correspondance? If am not obliged to do so, should I answer honestly that I was not involved in any incidents on the date that they mention? Do I risk a higher fine/ legal ramifications should they correct their mistake at a later date? Am i better of not responding at all and letting this incorrect date go to caught where the case would be invalid? Any replies will be greatly appreciated as I only have 2 weeks to respond.
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