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Found 18 results

  1. Hi, Once again I turn to the wonderful CAG forum to reassure my friends that I am taking correct action and giving correct advice to them with regard to private parking tickets from PCM. Several of us (total of 4 cars) visited a friend's newly rented apartment The site was only accessible through a locked gate that had to be opened by a resident. We all parked in marked visitor bays. Our friend didn't have information about displaying permits from the letting agent; she subsequently learnt these are only available from the concierge who had left for the day. He has told her that PCM are awful and probably won't follow up the tickets. I am certain we should not appeal or pay for these rogue tickets. Unfortunately, the host feels obliged to do so to reduce stress for the other guests, one of whom is now away for several weeks. She even received one herself a few weeks ago in the locked underground car park for which she had a permit but hadn't displayed it as she thought the car park wasn't accessible to be ticketed. Checking threads on here I can see that this company is clearly one of the many that prey on people's anxieties about all the follow up letters, increasing charges etc. I have been here before and got the reassurance I needed to keep ignoring and eventually the letters did stop. My friend currently has the ticket and I will post a picture of it when I get it back. I will also post pics of the signage when I receive them. I am going away for 4 weeks in 10 days time but am confident that I won't need to act on anything during that time. Thanks as ever in advance.
  2. Hi Guys, posting for a friend who needs more than my advice to be reassured what to do, she is on the verge of paying these people! Windscreen ticket in a marked bay for council flats, marked bay was allocated to the resident who was in the car, google nosey neighbour doesn't show the flat's car park as it's gated. The driver was giving the resident a lift home with a baby and helped them into the flat and came out to a PCN, there doesn't seem to be a 'from' and 'to' parking time and the driver says she was only there long enough to drop the baby and shopping off and come out, so possibly over 10 minutes. I have scans of the NTD and NTK in a word document with pictures of the car in the bay and the signage which is too high to see from a car, but I cannot make them into a PDF as I do not have the software or the know how and my PC is on it's last legs so I can't download any new programs. Happy to PM the word doc to anyone willing to help, but it's not redacted either so I will trust you! I suggested doing an appeal that the driver was parked in a marked bay allocated to the resident with the resident's permission which trumps any agreement they may think they have. Advice please guys? 1 Date of the infringement: 01/11/2018 2 Date on the NTK [this must have been received within 14 days from the 'offence' date]: posting date 03/12/2018 notice date 05/12/2018 3 Date received : 05/12/2018 4 Does the NTK mention schedule 4 of The Protections of Freedoms Act 2012? [y/n?] Y 5 Is there any photographic evidence of the event?: yes - photos on www.paymypcn-uk.co.uk 6 Have you appealed? no - need some advice from you guys 7 Who is the parking company?: Parking Control Management (UK) Ltd, SL1 2XF 8. Where exactly?: Capstan Drive RM13 Google maps doesn't show the car park for the flats, car was parked in allocated bay for the flat it was visiting I managed to find someone under the age of 30 to do the PDF conversion on their laptop, please see attached for all the NTD, NTK and other info PCN info for CAG 01_11_2018_01.pdf
  3. For a windscreen ticket (Notice To Driver) please answer the following questions.... 1 The date of infringement? 4/9/17 2 Have you yet appealed to the parking company yet? [Y/N?] Y (stupidly enough to negate my Pofa) if you have then please post up whatever you sent and how you sent it and the date you sent it, suitably redacted. [as a PDF- follow the upload guide has there been a response? Y - appeal rejected 5 Who is the parking company?Parking Control Management (UK) Ltd (“PCM”) 6. where exactly [Carpark name and town] did you park? Right to park in own development ("London City Island" according to lease. Paid £30k for it and MC just washed off their hands There is a clause in the lease that might make my case slightly different to the precedents that I had read: To comply with all reasonable regulations which the Landlord may from time to time make and publish in respect of the use of car parking spaces within the Parking Area I strongly believe that the regulation to display permit and getting "invoiced" for it is not "reasonable" contrary to the clause in the lease. I have already paid for the right to park, being charged for no permit would be unreasonable. CAG pdf_Redacted.pdf Appeal rejected_Redacted.pdf
  4. Hi all, need some urgent help please, have been asked to post here by suggestion. Noticed CCJ issued on my credit report prior to applying for mortgage. Found out that it is for PCN issued on 12/11/16 by PCM UK LTD in Academy Central Development. Passed onto Gladstones and onto DCBL. I recall this moment where I parked near my friends apartment and was not aware of signs or did I know I needed to pay. I did not update my DVLA or V5 until recently which is very stupid of me. I moved out of my apartment on 01/12/16 to temporary accommodation. 01/03/17 I moved into my permanent apartment, all utilities etc set up since move in day. Never went back to collect mail at my old address. Default Judgement passed on 16/06/17. I have no trail of any letters at all to date. DCBL are requesting I pay debt of £353.53 and they can mark the file as satisfied. However, to me this is same as having CCJ and this is not an option I will accept. I genuinly was not aware of this situation otherwise I would have resolved if I knew about it. I can prove via my statement that I had money to pay PCN. Below is the information that I have collected :- 1. Court Case reference number 2. PCM UK - PCN reference number 3. DCBL reference number and amount owned (£353.53) 4. Gladstones reference number 5. Images of vehicle from evidence & sign (attached) Out of panic I have directly called DCBL, Gladstones & PCM asking how I can settle, not sure if this was right thing to do. What are my options and next steps to have it removed off my file completely? I do not want it to sit on my file for 6 years, even with satisfactory? I need to resolve this as soon as possible as I have made a house offer and now cannot get a mortgage. Look forward to your advice and any help is very appreciated! Best wishes Mindaugas
  5. Just out of interest, Just looking on PCM website and I noticed the the successful CCJ only go upto 2016 ? http://www.parkingcontrolmanagement.co.uk/legal.php
  6. my wife parked the car in Colindale and I got a pcn from parking control management, addressed to me the registered keeper, I wanted to fight it but I think I'm way out of my depth , i was under the impression that because i was the registered keeper and not the driver I wouldn't be liable, i also read that i should ignore the letters and wait for it to go to court the 26/02/2017 PCN was issued 05/04/2017 i received a keeper liability letter, which states that under the protection of freedoms act 2012 schedule 4 states the registered keeper of the vehicle becomes liable, and its too late to name the driver and everything is on me , i thought it was just threats and i should wait it out 31/05/2017 23/06/2017 i have now two debt recovery letters from Trace asking 160 pounds any suggestions would be greatly appreciated having looked into this further i see that there is a very strong case for defence,and its getting favourable decisions in county court Defence I assert that I am not liable to the Claimant for the sum claimed, or any amount at all, for the following reasons: 1.***** I was, at the relevant date, the registered keeper of the vehicle in question. On the material date, I stopped in the layby for a very brief period of time. I did not see any nearby signage prohibiting this. 2.***** I subsequently received a Notice to Keeper from the Claimant, alleging that a charge of £100 was due to them. I did not send an appeal to the Claimant. or a further appeal to the Independent Appeals Service (IAS), the allegedly independent body appointed by the Claimant’s trade body, the Independent Parking Committee (IPC). My research revealed that the IAS, far from being independent, is a subsidiary of the IPC, which in turn is owned and run by the same two Directors who also run Gladstones Solicitors, the individuals in question being John Davies, and William Hurley. Such an incestuous relationship is incapable of providing any fair means for motorists to challenge parking charges, as well as potentially breaching the SRA Code of Conduct. As such, the Claimant does not come to this matter with clean hands. 3.***** The Claimant’s signage with the largest font at this site states “No Customer Parking At Any Time”. A further sign with much smaller writing and higher up states “The loading bay is only for authorised vehicles actively loading & unloading when delivering to the commercial tenants of Heath parade”. It is submitted that if these notices are attempting to make a contractual offer, then as they are forbidding they do not fulfil the basic requirement of a contract, which is that each party to the contract must offer valuable consideration to the other party, on clear terms capable of acceptance. In this case neither the Claimant, nor their principal the landowner, is offering anything to motorists. The notices cannot, therefore, reasonably be construed as having created a contractual relationship between the Claimant and the Defendant. The above point was recently tested in the County Court at High Wycombe, in the case of Parking Control Management (UK) Ltd v Bull & 2 Others (B4GF26K6, 21 April 2016), where District Judge Glen dismissed all three claims, stating in his judgment that: *“If the notice had said no more than if you park on this roadway you agree to pay a charge then it would have been implicit that PCM was saying we will allow you to park on this roadway if you pay £100 and I would agree with Mr Samuels’ first analysis that essentially the £100 was a part of the core consideration for the licence and was not a penalty for breach. The difficulty is that this notice does not say that at all. This notice is an absolute prohibition against parking at any time, for any period, on the roadway. It is impossible to construct out of this in any way, either actually or contingently or conditionally, any permission for anyone to park on the roadway. All this is essentially saying is you must not trespass on the roadway. If you do we are giving ourselves, and we are dressing it up in the form of a contract, the right to charge you a sum of money which really would be damages for trespass, assuming of course that the claimant had any interest in the land in order to proceed in trespass.” While this is a County Court decision and therefore not binding, it is on all fours with the present case and may be considered as persuasive. A full transcript of the Approved Judgment for the above case will be provided in the event that this case proceeds to a hearing. 5.***** In addition, the Consumer Rights Act 2015 rules that if signage has multiple interpretation the interpretation most favourable to the consumer applies. It is clear from this the signage with the largest font should apply. 6.***** In the alternative, if it was held that the signage was contractually valid, it would be impossible for a motorist to have read the terms and conditions contained therein from a moving or stopped vehicle, and if the vehicle is stopped, the ‘contravention’ according to the Claimant is already committed. 7.***** The above point was recently tested in several cases regarding Hayes and Harlington station. There a similar situation arises as the vehicles were charged for briefly stopping but the signs are far away from vehicles and high up In all cases it was ruled that no contract was entered by performance as the signage could not be read from a vehicle. No transcripts are available but as PCM UK were the claimant in all cases they will be fully aware of the cases;*C3GF46K8,*C3GF44K8,*C3GFY8K8**,* 8.***** *The IPC code of conduct states that a grace period must be allowed in order that a driver might spot signage, go up to it, read it and then decide whether to accept the terms or not. A reasonable grace period in any car park would be from 5-15 minutes from the period of stopping. This grace period was not observed and therefore the operator is in breach of the industry code of practice. Additionally no contract can be in place by conduct until a reasonable period elapses. 9.***** Thus the signage is simply a device to entrap motorists into a situation whereby the Claimant sends them invoices for unwarranted and unjustified charges, for which motorists can have no contractual liability due to the terms and conditions not having been sufficiently brought to their attention. This activity is bordering on, if not actually crossing the boundary of, a criminal offence of Fraud By False Representation. my question is what do i do, do i ignore it and take it to court or contact the debt recovery company and let them know that according to my defense they are wasting their time
  7. hi all, I have received a fine from pcm ( parking control management(uk) Ltd. SL1 2XF. a pcn was not issued , but a person was taking photos of my car. this happened at hayes and Harlington station. They send me a letter by post with photographic evidence. saying a pcn was issued : (date) my question is are pcm taking people to court now? or should I ask them to issue the popla code.
  8. I was on a private road which goes to Hayes station. There was a lorry infront of me turning, blocking g the road, so I stopped and let my wife out, turned round and went, instead of waiting to use a parking bay. The images sent to me are two mono 2 x 3.5 cm. The car in the picture is only 4mm's wide. Nothing on the vehicle is identifiable. SOME WORDING FROM THE PCN 0n 30/10/15 when this vehicle was packed in a manner whereby the driver agreed to pay a charge: " parking outside a marked bay / on restricted roadway / landscaped / paved area or causing an obstruction or inconvenience to others," - The signage in the area is clear and concise. Time stamp for my offence is one time only, does not state a period. No VAT registered details, or VAT breakdown of payment. The height of the text maximum on the signs is 1.5cm's. They are not lit at night.
  9. Hello, I am writing on behalf of my granddaughter who received a PCN from a management company as above subject (PCM) for not displaying her permit. Her car had been in for repairs and the permit on the floor of the car. She wrote to the company and explained; but she received a refusal back. They do not dispute she holds a valid permit but the "operative was unable to determine whether the car was allowed to park there" . They say in the letter she has a number of options:- Pay the £60 charge within 14 days, if not it increases to £100. If she believes the decision is incorrect she can use www.theIAS.org to appeal. If she uses this service the offer of a discount would be withdrawn! She is 19 and gets the minimum wage. Her mother purchased 3 of these parking permits when she moved in last year. Does my granddaughter have a leg to stand on. Any help would be gratefully received. The letter from them is dated 23 March so the 14 days has gone by because she said she didn't think she could do anything about it but I said I would get some advice from you.
  10. Hello all, A friend has referred me to this website as I've got an issue with a PCM parking fine. We have a car park that requires permits to be displayed last week my car was issued with a parking fine outside my home. Unfortunately on this occasion I had forgotten to put my permit back up in the window and the next day the car was issued a fine. The permit is not stuck in my window as we transfer it between cars. I move the permit onto the car floor when driving as I cannot drive with the reflection of the permit on my dash in the windscreen. This is highly frustrating as it was a simple error made on my behalf, and I shouldn’t have to pay the fine when I have a permit and I parked outside my own property. When making an appeal to PCM - what would be the best approach? I made a genuine mistake and can prove I have a permit. Do you think this will be sufficient and could you provide further advise? Thank you in advance
  11. Hi, I've challenged PCM Ltd three times without any concrete reply over 4-month period and now they've sent DRP recovery letter. They are accredited with IPC who are useless. I've also tried with land owner Taylor Wimpey but they are not interested (must have an agreement with PCM to share revenues). In short, my challenge is based on the following grounds: -parking bays are on a public road (with inadequate fence signs) which I didn't see. In my opinion they are designed to trick drivers into parking next to clearly visible DISABLED road markings. It's unreasonable to read these small board signs installed on a fence without walking away from the car. Should they not be placed as road signs? What are the regulations? I'm not able to post a pic of my car, here is the address: Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park - 10 Olympic Park Avenue - Stratford - London - E20 1FT, maybe somebody knows the road. -parking area was empty so there was no inconvenience caused for the landlord, Taylor Wimpey. Taylor Wimpey responded that parking is restricted to safeguard parking for customers and prevent potential damage from oil spillages. Can I claim disproportionate costs of the invoice (160 on DRP letter) to their loss incurred? What is your advice I should do next? I admit it was easier to pay in the beginning but now it's a matter of principles. Thanks for your advice.
  12. Hi ever1 I need your help with a parking charge so this is the story so far:| I parked my car in a private car park so I could deliver medication to my client I was in the flat about 3 seconds when a car pulled up behind mine so I left the flat and went outside. As i went outside there was a guy looking in my car so I said what are you doing he replied your "not ment to park here without a permit" however, I could not move my car as he had parked three foot off my back bumber and there was a wall in front of me so I could not move my car. He then procedd to photo my car as I asked him to move after about 1 minute of him ignoring me he jumped back in his car and said ring that number and drove off:mad2:. I have spoken to the company who say he was aloud to do that I have checked the law and this is now a criminal metter so Hampshire police are not investigating the matter (Offence of immobilising etc. vehicles) (1)A person commits an offence who, without lawful authority— (a)immobilises a motor vehicle by the attachment to the vehicle, or a part of it, of an immobilising device, or (b)moves, or restricts the movement of, such a vehicle by any means, intending to prevent or inhibit the removal of the vehicle by a person otherwise entitled to remove it. The company are members of IPC so there codes of practice are somewhat blurred I have appealed and lost with IAS who agree I breached the terms of parking. I am now getting debt collection letters for £180 but would preferr my day at County court please any advise cheers PS sorry forget to say I had NHS parking card on display as health care staff on duty (Nurse CPN)
  13. I live in Ingress Park, Greenhithe. Back in February, I came back late at night to find a car parked in my allocated bay. This is not the first time it happened. I took photos for proof. and parked temporarily in a Visitor Bay. In the morning I had a ticket (as I hadn't been able to find a visitor permit and there is no out of hour number to call) I assumed it would be fairly simple to get this sorted , and possibly even send a warning note to the owner of the car in my bay. How wrong I was - PCM refuse to back down. Ingess Park management didn't really help much. I've been keeping a quiet record of other misuses since, including cars without permits continually parked in a disabled bay. In fact , I have an email on record that PCM decided not to check the disable bay. I have been through all the various nice letters. Now I get threatened with court action. To me, I have a reasonable counter claim, which is that PCM / Ingress Park failed to adequately enforce parking restrictions on the allocated bays, so those in the know simply park in them with impunity. Any thoughts? Do I have a good case? If I lose, will my credit rating be screwed for years?
  14. Hi, I require help in regards to a letter I received from Parking Control Management (in Slough). My wife required to hand in a letter in college which took hardly 7 min for her to come back and I stayed in a car at all times playing with mobile phone. I had parked my car just outside the college with no yellow lines. There was a space of parking, only 3 cars could be parked in this road side parking which also has got a notice board about Private Parking (which i failed to notice as i took this space belong to college). Roughly 3 min later a guy in a scruffy t shirt and jeans came and started taking photos of my car from his mobile phone, I was just thinking to myself why is he taking photos and then he went back of the car to take more photos. I asked him why the hell is he taking photos for and he replied "you will know once you get a parking ticket, this parking is a private" I said to him he could have asked me to move the car but he did not reply and sat in his car which he had parked on the other side of the road. i simply started my car and came out of parking space and made a U turn and I stopped my car in the middle of the road and I came out to ask him to show his ID. He refused to show by saying "I am not obliged to show you any thing". During this my wife came out of college and we came home. Today I received a letter from PCM asking to pay £100 (reduced £60). The letter also states that the driver drove off before the ticket was issued. How the hell he could have issued a ticket from his mobile phone? What I would like to know Is it legal to start taking photos with the intentions of issuing ticket while the driver is in the car ? I feel it is totally unfair that I have been asked to pay while I was in the car. I would appreciate if any one can help me in this matter Thanks.
  15. Today I parked in a car park formally 'mananaged' by PCM. I some how 'parked after the expired time on the p &d ticket ' by 7mins, which resulted in a parking charge notice. This notice is from UK Parking ltd, no address, only pay by post to pcn parking .... I can pay online to....... paymypcn.net. UK Parking ltd are on the BPA approved operator list but no link to a website. PCM (UK) LTDs website link no longer works. Have the notorious clampers folded? Then come back 5mins later?
  16. Received a notice to keeper from PCM. Appealed to them on the 20th of January 2014. Today received the attached letter from them. I am now seeking advice as to how to proceed from here on in. One added bit of information is that in the notice to keeper, they got the colour my car slightly wrong. I say slightly because they have it down as Grey, while it is in fact Black and the log book also says Black. Don't know if that is significant but I thought it may help my case. Hoping for some advice. Thank you.
  17. Hi guys, My building got PCM a few months ago to check the private parking bays, I own a parking bay there that was bought with my flat. It is located under the building, no public access but some residents don't own a parking bay there. My car get the window forced down by someone but there was nothing in there to be taken, second time it happens. Both tax disc and PCM permit fall from wind shield, I noticed that and reported it to the housing association and a couple of days later I notice a fine from PCM because I forgot to put the permit and the license disc back there. I contacted PCM about the fine and then sent them a letter, no response from the letter and no further correspondence from PCM. A month ago I get a letter from a debt collector asking me for £154, absurd! I have got no way to deal this now with PCM because they refuse any sort of argument saying it is now with the debt collectors. I tried to open a case with POPLA after I got to understand what they are but they need a number for this, which PCM refuses to give me as they say they have already sent. I never got the letter, if they actually did send it. Is this a new tactic to make profit? Now I'm dealing with a debt collector company called newlyn, which put the case on hold and tried to contact PCM regarding my claim. PCM didn't respond to them and they sent me another letter asking again for the money. I called them, they again suspend the case but they can't send me any letter confirming the status of my case, and that PCM doesn't respond to their enquiry. I'm not sure where I can go to get this sorted, paying a fine for my own parking lot is absurd, I'm not sure if this is worth taking to attention of a solicitor as for them £154 is nothing but who else would help me with this? The situation is escalating more and more and this is making me feel very anxious about the whole process. Imagine someone fining you on you own parking lot, that is absurd. It would be helpful to have a few opinions of what I can do please. I really appreciate your help.
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