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Found 18 results

  1. Hi, Once again I turn to the wonderful CAG forum to reassure my friends that I am taking correct action and giving correct advice to them with regard to private parking tickets from PCM. Several of us (total of 4 cars) visited a friend's newly rented apartment The site was only accessible through a locked gate that had to be opened by a resident. We all parked in marked visitor bays. Our friend didn't have information about displaying permits from the letting agent; she subsequently learnt these are only available from the concierge who had left for the day. He ha
  2. Hi Guys, posting for a friend who needs more than my advice to be reassured what to do, she is on the verge of paying these people! Windscreen ticket in a marked bay for council flats, marked bay was allocated to the resident who was in the car, google nosey neighbour doesn't show the flat's car park as it's gated. The driver was giving the resident a lift home with a baby and helped them into the flat and came out to a PCN, there doesn't seem to be a 'from' and 'to' parking time and the driver says she was only there long enough to drop the baby and shopping off and come out,
  3. For a windscreen ticket (Notice To Driver) please answer the following questions.... 1 The date of infringement? 4/9/17 2 Have you yet appealed to the parking company yet? [Y/N?] Y (stupidly enough to negate my Pofa) if you have then please post up whatever you sent and how you sent it and the date you sent it, suitably redacted. [as a PDF- follow the upload guide has there been a response? Y - appeal rejected 5 Who is the parking company?Parking Control Management (UK) Ltd (“PCM”) 6. where exactly [Carpark name and town] did you park? Right to park in ow
  4. Hi all, need some urgent help please, have been asked to post here by suggestion. Noticed CCJ issued on my credit report prior to applying for mortgage. Found out that it is for PCN issued on 12/11/16 by PCM UK LTD in Academy Central Development. Passed onto Gladstones and onto DCBL. I recall this moment where I parked near my friends apartment and was not aware of signs or did I know I needed to pay. I did not update my DVLA or V5 until recently which is very stupid of me. I moved out of my apartment on 01/12/16 to temporary accommodation. 01/03/17 I moved int
  5. Just out of interest, Just looking on PCM website and I noticed the the successful CCJ only go upto 2016 ? http://www.parkingcontrolmanagement.co.uk/legal.php
  6. my wife parked the car in Colindale and I got a pcn from parking control management, addressed to me the registered keeper, I wanted to fight it but I think I'm way out of my depth , i was under the impression that because i was the registered keeper and not the driver I wouldn't be liable, i also read that i should ignore the letters and wait for it to go to court the 26/02/2017 PCN was issued 05/04/2017 i received a keeper liability letter, which states that under the protection of freedoms act 2012 schedule 4 states the registered keeper of the vehicle becomes liable,
  7. hi all, I have received a fine from pcm ( parking control management(uk) Ltd. SL1 2XF. a pcn was not issued , but a person was taking photos of my car. this happened at hayes and Harlington station. They send me a letter by post with photographic evidence. saying a pcn was issued : (date) my question is are pcm taking people to court now? or should I ask them to issue the popla code.
  8. I was on a private road which goes to Hayes station. There was a lorry infront of me turning, blocking g the road, so I stopped and let my wife out, turned round and went, instead of waiting to use a parking bay. The images sent to me are two mono 2 x 3.5 cm. The car in the picture is only 4mm's wide. Nothing on the vehicle is identifiable. SOME WORDING FROM THE PCN 0n 30/10/15 when this vehicle was packed in a manner whereby the driver agreed to pay a charge: " parking outside a marked bay / on restricted roadway / landscaped / paved area or causing an obstruction or inconven
  9. Hello, I am writing on behalf of my granddaughter who received a PCN from a management company as above subject (PCM) for not displaying her permit. Her car had been in for repairs and the permit on the floor of the car. She wrote to the company and explained; but she received a refusal back. They do not dispute she holds a valid permit but the "operative was unable to determine whether the car was allowed to park there" . They say in the letter she has a number of options:- Pay the £60 charge within 14 days, if not it increases to £100. If she believes the de
  10. Hello all, A friend has referred me to this website as I've got an issue with a PCM parking fine. We have a car park that requires permits to be displayed last week my car was issued with a parking fine outside my home. Unfortunately on this occasion I had forgotten to put my permit back up in the window and the next day the car was issued a fine. The permit is not stuck in my window as we transfer it between cars. I move the permit onto the car floor when driving as I cannot drive with the reflection of the permit on my dash in the windscreen.
  11. Hi, I've challenged PCM Ltd three times without any concrete reply over 4-month period and now they've sent DRP recovery letter. They are accredited with IPC who are useless. I've also tried with land owner Taylor Wimpey but they are not interested (must have an agreement with PCM to share revenues). In short, my challenge is based on the following grounds: -parking bays are on a public road (with inadequate fence signs) which I didn't see. In my opinion they are designed to trick drivers into parking next to clearly visible DISABLED road markings. It's unreasonable to read these s
  12. Hi ever1 I need your help with a parking charge so this is the story so far:| I parked my car in a private car park so I could deliver medication to my client I was in the flat about 3 seconds when a car pulled up behind mine so I left the flat and went outside. As i went outside there was a guy looking in my car so I said what are you doing he replied your "not ment to park here without a permit" however, I could not move my car as he had parked three foot off my back bumber and there was a wall in front of me so I could not move my car. He then procedd to photo my car as I asked him to
  13. I live in Ingress Park, Greenhithe. Back in February, I came back late at night to find a car parked in my allocated bay. This is not the first time it happened. I took photos for proof. and parked temporarily in a Visitor Bay. In the morning I had a ticket (as I hadn't been able to find a visitor permit and there is no out of hour number to call) I assumed it would be fairly simple to get this sorted , and possibly even send a warning note to the owner of the car in my bay. How wrong I was - PCM refuse to back down. Ingess Park manageme
  14. Hi, I require help in regards to a letter I received from Parking Control Management (in Slough). My wife required to hand in a letter in college which took hardly 7 min for her to come back and I stayed in a car at all times playing with mobile phone. I had parked my car just outside the college with no yellow lines. There was a space of parking, only 3 cars could be parked in this road side parking which also has got a notice board about Private Parking (which i failed to notice as i took this space belong to college). Roughly 3 min later a guy in a scruffy t shirt and jeans came and started
  15. Today I parked in a car park formally 'mananaged' by PCM. I some how 'parked after the expired time on the p &d ticket ' by 7mins, which resulted in a parking charge notice. This notice is from UK Parking ltd, no address, only pay by post to pcn parking .... I can pay online to....... paymypcn.net. UK Parking ltd are on the BPA approved operator list but no link to a website. PCM (UK) LTDs website link no longer works. Have the notorious clampers folded? Then come back 5mins later?
  16. Received a notice to keeper from PCM. Appealed to them on the 20th of January 2014. Today received the attached letter from them. I am now seeking advice as to how to proceed from here on in. One added bit of information is that in the notice to keeper, they got the colour my car slightly wrong. I say slightly because they have it down as Grey, while it is in fact Black and the log book also says Black. Don't know if that is significant but I thought it may help my case. Hoping for some advice. Thank you.
  17. Hi guys, My building got PCM a few months ago to check the private parking bays, I own a parking bay there that was bought with my flat. It is located under the building, no public access but some residents don't own a parking bay there. My car get the window forced down by someone but there was nothing in there to be taken, second time it happens. Both tax disc and PCM permit fall from wind shield, I noticed that and reported it to the housing association and a couple of days later I notice a fine from PCM because I forgot to put the permit and the license d
  18. Do I have to pay more than £1 pcm?
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