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Found 5 results

  1. Hi as per my title, caught up in a multiple payday mess. One of which, Wonga, have refused to acknowledge the letter (they have signed for) explaining my financial difficulties and offering token repayments (£20 pm) on the debt (c. £540 inc. interest). Yet they CONSTANTLY pester me, 3 letters, countless phonecalls and multiple emails, claiming to have added over £100 to my debt in interest and fees. Can I 'force' a payment to them via standing order and then claim de facto acceptance of my repayment plan offer in lieu of a response or would I better formally complaining at their failure to respond to a letter I know they have citing my difficulties to repay? Cheers!
  2. Hi Guys, Foolishly I have a flexcredit account with QQ, after running into difficulties, I rang them to setup a plan with a DD thinking it was to clear the balance. They took two DDs one for 40.14 and one for 1.89 and then much to my surprise started chasing me for past due payments again. After many arguments with the collections team I finally complained only to receive this reply. -- This email is to confirm that your complaint has been received We apologise for any inconvenience this misunderstanding may have caused. If you have any additional concerns, please contact UK Final Resolution Team directly. The collection department scheduled a repayment plan exclusively for the amount that was past due portion of your loan, as of 16/07/2014. The collection team has no ability to modify or alter your contract. In addition to the collection payments that you authorised, the ongoing contractual payments are still coming due as scheduled. If you are looking for an exact fixed payment, this maybe accomplished. An application will be sent upon your request. You should be advised that such a modification of contract constitutes a default of the existing contract, and would be reported as such to credit reporting agencies. Please follow up with us regarding how you wish to proceed. Sincerely, Robert Elston -- It would appear they want the payment plan + the additional contractual payments as they become due. Is it also correct that can they just default my credit file when I am trying to arrange a repayment schedule with them? I'm really struggling with all this, Cheers WS
  3. Hello, read a few bits of good advice on this site but i require some further clarification. I currently owe wonga £550 due on the 12th april. I will have just enough to pay this on my payday 12th but this would obviously leave me with almost absolutely £0 to survive for a month thus forcing me to get another payday loan (which i dont want to do) because everytime i do it becomes more and more. I have contacted wonga and told them it isnt viable for me to pay it off in one, the man on the phone suggested to me that 3 days before the money was due, set up a payment plan from the my account section of wonga. My only apprehension about this is any damage to my credit rating (would they mark this as a default on the loan? and how badly would that affect me in the future?) I do have another option avaliable, which would be to repay the loan in full then live off a tesco credit card with 21.9% apr, hopefully someone can give me abit of advice on the matter, it would be much appreciated!
  4. Hi there We recently completed a Voluntary Repossession on our old house. We have not been living there for 4 years and were renting it out, which was not covering the mortgage cost anyways, we were adding more ourselves on top of it so we did not default. The tenant stopped paying so we evicted him and gave the house to the bank. Within 2 months they had sold it for way under the value rate, obviously selling it at auction for as fast as they can, rather than as much as they can. First of all, is there any way I can dispute the amount they sold it for? As it has left me with a deficit of £35k to pay. Secondly Mick and myself have been calling HSBC to arrange paying this off a certain amount each month. We have both been calling since receiving the first letter. Each time we call they say they cannot do anything about setting up a payment plan at this stage. On the 21st we received another letter stating as we had not contacted them with regards to making any payments they demand the whole balance at once. Again we both tried calling them. On the 21st Mick was advised the debt had been passed to a collection agency. I called Jan 11th, spoke to a lady called Anet who agreed to call me back the following Monday to arrange the plan. She did not call back till Tuesday at which point she told me the debt had been passed to Metropolitan debt collection (again?) that day so she could not do anything. She did not call on Monday as she had a training course she did not know about. Well that’s not my fault as far as I’m concerned. She made an appointment to call me to arrange this but did not keep it deciding instead to call me the next day, which by that point was to late. I should not be forced to deal with a collection agency because Anet did not want to call me on Monday. She could have arranged for a colleague to do it, or just kept to the appointment! Not to mention all the other times we called and kept getting fobbed off. I have no idea where I stand with this, and even if I dispute the handling of this, I have a horrible feeling I will be continually hounded by Metro. Any help would be appreciated, Thanks.
  5. Good morning everyone, This is my first post on here although I have been reading various threads from people relating to pay day loans etc. I currently have two pay day loans, a credit card and a grad overdraft: Quickquid - 875 Wonga - 581 Credit card – 4600 (£200 per month payment plan arranged) Grad OD – 1650 My main priority at the moment is to deal with the PDL’s. I have spoken to national debt helpline who advised me to cancel my debit card, write letters to my bank and pay day companies to cancel the continuous payment authority etc which I have done. My PDL’S are due Monday 28th May and as I didn’t want to hang about until my account’s defaulted with these PDL’s I decided to email them as I’ve seen some people do so on this forum. Wonga replied with an income and expenditure form which I returned with basic info and they have now agreed on a 12 month payment plan (I have not agreed to this as of yet). They said I would not receive a default on my credit profile although they did say there would be a note of some form of payment plan. Can anyone give me concrete confirmation that this is correct? And will this still badly affect my credit rating? Quickquid haven’t been so helpful and advised me to go on to live chat which I have done twice now. I explained my circumstances and initially proposed a 12 month plan which they outright refused. They then offered me a 3 month pre-default payment plan of £291 per month. I need to be realistic it would leave me with not much for three months as I’m currently paying rent, bills and £200 per month for my credit card. I explained this wouldn’t be possible and proposed a 4 month payment plan which they refused. The woman then said I should wait until the payment due date and speak to collections who may be able to arrange a 4 month of 3 month payment plan. She then confirmed that I will not incur a £12 late fee or a default if I telephone them before the end of the payment day. My questions are: 1. Will I still be able to agree to a payment plan even though it’s on the payment due date? I somehow recall reading somewhere that they need one day’s notice? 2. Will I receive a charge as I haven’t paid them the full amount on the agreed day and given them notice? 3. Will I receive a default as I haven’t paid them the full amount on the agreed day and given them notice? 4. Has anyone had a 4 month pre-default payment plan with quick quid before? I want to avoid a default at all costs and get this settled asap to get these people out of my lives. Thanks for your time, any help would be much appreciated. Sizer
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