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Found 2 results

  1. Hi Guys, Brand new to this site, but it has already helped me so much. It iscurrently 6am, I've not slept. Too stressed, worried and sick. I've been stuckit payday loan debt for ages and barely staying sane or knowing how to dealwith it. It has been going on for years and getting progressively worse. Feltstuck, helpless, ashamed and constantly anxious. Its got to a point now where I just cant take anymore. I feel a completefailure for even getting involved with these loans, but it seemed to be onething coming up after another. Then having to afford the interest charges....so another loan would be needed. So I spent around 2 years in self pity andworry. It was my fault for getting myself into this mess, so I felt I wouldhave to suffer and figure a way out myself.... just buried my head. I came across this website the other day, and I can not express my gratitudeand appreciation for all the advice. If I could just outlay my debts and what Ihave done, please could people let me know if I have done the right thing?? I came across this website the other day, and I can not express my gratitude and appreciation for all the advice. If I could just outlay my debts and what I have done, please could people let me know if I have done the right thing?? (F) Credit Debts Balance Offer (monthly) Note (4) Quick Quid £848.75 £38.67 Wonga £872.38 £39.75 Pounds Till Pay Day £565.00 £25.75 Wage Day Advance £600.00 £27.34 Text Loan £350.00 £15.95 Cash Genie £325.00 £14.81 Lending Stream £286.00 £13.03 Capital One £656.00 £29.89 Vanuish Visa £480.00 £21.87 HSBC Overdraft £1,052.00 £47.94 Total owed (F) £6,035.13 £275 First thing I have done is set up a new Bank Account yeserday. I've cancelled all Direct Debits I've reported my Debit Card stolen I'm taking my money out of the account then transferring it. I have now sent a Letter from the library on this site to each paydaycompany offering the amounts shown above and my income and expenditure. So Ihave asked for a payment plan. I assume that they will say no as the amountsare so small. Is there anything else I should be doing now? Thanks
  2. In Feb, while looking at my bank statement I noticed that a sum of money (£100+) had been taken from my bank account by txtl..n.co.uk - a payday loan company. I have never had any dealings with the company but they (or somebody) seem to have obtained my debit card details and fraudulently used them to withdraw money. I had dealt with three other payday loan companies but was absolutely clear what I owed to each by when, so having this amount debited from my account was a real shock and I certainly can not afford to just write off the stolen sum. I contacted my bank and they take the stance that I may have given my details but I know that I did not. I asked all of the payday loan companies that I dealt with if they pass/sell customer details to affiliates/third parties and they all categorically deny this practice - I know that this might not be entirely true. My bank suggested that I call the company (which I had already tried) but the numbers listed on the website require a registered customer telephone number (which they won't have for me as I have never dealt with them!) or is just a recorded message and is not answered. In the end I e-mailed the company and I received a standard "if you believe your details have been obtained and used fraudulently,... close your account and report it to the police, ..... give us the crime reference number". This action seemed drastic but I was worried that it would happen again so did cancel the card and report it to Actionfraud. I went back to my bank and the fraud team seem very reluctant to get involved and gave me another number to call the payday loan company to try to question/establish whether the loan company believes that the transaction is legal - before they will do anything. So far, the number (02081332138) has been uncontactable over several hours/different times of day - I get a recorded message saying that the destination is subject to high traffic and to try again later. It seems that the loan company/somebody has found a way to defraud people and established blocking tactics so that you can't get answers from representatives at the company to so that you can get your money back. What is the likelyhood of me getting my money back?
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