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Found 8 results

  1. in December i borrowed some money for 247 money box, the loan with interest came to £288 and was due to be re-payed 26.1.16. on the 26.1.16 i received a email from 247 money box saying my payment had been received, so i thought no more about it. in February i took another loan for a much smaller amount, which i paid off in full at the end of the month - now as far as im concerned my account is settled. today i received a email saying they haven’t received payment in January for £288 and i will need to settle this on my next payday (in 4 days time) i have now checked my bank and despite the email from them confirming payment, and the funds being available they didn’t take any money.. can they just demand payment in full with such short notice? I have not budgeted for this and this will cause some problems for me, having done some reading tonight, I’ve come across some very worry stories about this companies collection practices. any advice how to deal with them would be greatly appreciated
  2. Hi, I am a new user to this website and have found some of the posts extremely helpful. Unfortunately I found myself sucked into the pay day loan trap and ended up borrowing more and more in order to pay off other debts. I am in the process of setting up repayment plans with my creditors and most of the lenders have been happy to accept my plans. I have received numerous email and phone calls from Northern Debt Recovery regarding on of my pay days loans stating that they have taken over the debt. I have agreed a payment plan of £75 per month in order to pay off this debt but noticed that they have added considerable fees and charges on top of the original loan amount. My question is, is there a limit to the amount of fees and charges they are allowed to add onto my loan amount, and is there any way I can reduce the amount payable? Thanks
  3. Hi everyone I like may others have fallen into the pay day loan nightmare and now i'm determind to get out of it. I have read the other threads and theres some great advice that i'm going to follow. I've already opened a new bank account to have me wages paid into and then i can start setting up some sort of payment plans with these pay loan people. I know its going to be a hard struggle but anything is better then having these payday loans bleed me dry every month. My wages will start getting paid into my new account next month which is great. But i wonder if anyone could help me with a little problem i have now. I got paid yesterday and some of the payday loan payments came out except one, which was for wonga. The bank put a stop on it because they thought it was fraud. So i thought great i'm going to transfer the rest of my money into my new account. This is were its all gone wrong, even though the money was in my account the bank still hasnt transfered the money to my new account. Does anyone know what might have gone wrong. I dont have the money in my new or old account anymore. i rang them yesterday and they said they would transfer it straight away but still nothing. I know both accounts accept the faster payments system. I'm really stressing about this to the point of being sick, if anyone could help that would be great and give me some advice. Thanks idiot1971
  4. Hi all, Just a quick question as I want to finally sort my finances. I'm looking to go with eithers cccs or payplan (possibly do it myself but I'll ask that in another subforum) and as such I had a look at my experian credit report today. I'm sure there are a few things missing from there (guess I'll have to do statutory with equifax and callcredit soon) but one thing I noticed with all my payday lenders but Early Payday in particular was that the initialloan was for under £200 I defaulted at £460 and now the balance reads £1250ish. I know I should have contacted them sooner but this does seem pretty high! So should I accept that? or is it worth challenging? Also, quick question last year I did an experian statutory report and saw Wonga on there for about 1900 (I kept a copy so I'm sure of this) I've done a report today and there's no sign of Wonga or even a similar amount? Are they reporting to a different agency or something now? Should I contact them to get my account details or how can I find the information? Many thanks
  5. Hi, I have 2 payday loans worth 650 pounds. I am not in a position to repay it. I am also leaving the UK soon and will not be coming back at least for the next 2 years. Will i have a problem entering the UK again if i plan to come back? will i have a criminal record? I am also planning to close my bank account. can the PDL companies still get data about me from my bank? PLEASE HELP..
  6. Hi Guys, Brand new to this site, but it has already helped me so much. It iscurrently 6am, I've not slept. Too stressed, worried and sick. I've been stuckit payday loan debt for ages and barely staying sane or knowing how to dealwith it. It has been going on for years and getting progressively worse. Feltstuck, helpless, ashamed and constantly anxious. Its got to a point now where I just cant take anymore. I feel a completefailure for even getting involved with these loans, but it seemed to be onething coming up after another. Then having to afford the interest charges....so another loan would be needed. So I spent around 2 years in self pity andworry. It was my fault for getting myself into this mess, so I felt I wouldhave to suffer and figure a way out myself.... just buried my head. I came across this website the other day, and I can not express my gratitudeand appreciation for all the advice. If I could just outlay my debts and what Ihave done, please could people let me know if I have done the right thing?? I came across this website the other day, and I can not express my gratitude and appreciation for all the advice. If I could just outlay my debts and what I have done, please could people let me know if I have done the right thing?? (F) Credit Debts Balance Offer (monthly) Note (4) Quick Quid £848.75 £38.67 Wonga £872.38 £39.75 Pounds Till Pay Day £565.00 £25.75 Wage Day Advance £600.00 £27.34 Text Loan £350.00 £15.95 Cash Genie £325.00 £14.81 Lending Stream £286.00 £13.03 Capital One £656.00 £29.89 Vanuish Visa £480.00 £21.87 HSBC Overdraft £1,052.00 £47.94 Total owed (F) £6,035.13 £275 First thing I have done is set up a new Bank Account yeserday. I've cancelled all Direct Debits I've reported my Debit Card stolen I'm taking my money out of the account then transferring it. I have now sent a Letter from the library on this site to each paydaycompany offering the amounts shown above and my income and expenditure. So Ihave asked for a payment plan. I assume that they will say no as the amountsare so small. Is there anything else I should be doing now? Thanks
  7. Hello, I am in the process of setting up DMP for my payday loans. I have had a reply from Text Loan advising I would owe £554 instead of the £350. What should I do? The email as follows: Dear Richard, Thank you for contacting us. If you require a repayment plan for a period of time exceeding the 60 days of our credit cycle, the full overdue balance to be repaid will be £554, which is fixed as after 60 days the interest and charges are frozen. We are prepared to accept £15.95 monthly payments. Please be so kind as to provide the exact dates we can debit your card, or set up a standing order. -- Kind regards, Adrian Young Client Account Manager Any ideas of what I should do? Should I just pay the £550? Or shall I contest the amount? thanks
  8. Hello...this is my first time on the forum,so i apologise in advance for not doing something correct. To cut a long story short i have entered into a dmp with cccs who are setting this up now with my creditors.The problem i have is that one of my creditors..wonga...are due to take a payment from my bank account in the next few days.Now i am obviously not able to pay them as i have a dmp in process,but wonga insist they will try to take payment from the account.Knowing this would happen under advice from CCCS i opened another account with my bank (barclays),a basic account as the dmp will include an overdraft from the previous bank account that WONGA will try to take payment from.... My question really is when WONGA do try to take funds from my old account (which is maxed out with the overdraft) will Barclays transfer funds from my new account to the old account to satisfy WONGA or are they not able to transfer the funds without my permission? Sorry for the long winded attempt but i am very worried that funds will be used from one account to satisfy a creditor on another account. Thanks in advance.
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