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Found 7 results

  1. anyone had to go here before, if you can advise what's the best way to get there ie car or tube as it's going to take me almost an hour to get there by either mode. just trying to keep the cost of getting there as low as possible and as convenient as i can. travelling from east london closest station is upton park slightly longet to get there by tube than car but i dont know how easy it will be to find parking there. thank you your help is much appreciated
  2. Have PATAS got it wrong?This morning I went to the Parking & Traffic Appeals Service, which I thought was going to be a straight forward win for me. Box junction offence. (Enfield Council) Upon entering the box junction my exit was clear (I was in lane 1), the van in lane 2 move across into my lane without indication and this resulted in me having to stop behind the van in the box junction. Vehicle Registration Number xxxx Penalty Charge Notice xxxxxxxx https://parking.enfield.nslservers.co.uk/TicketDetails.aspWhen watching the video please allow for stopping distances, at the time I approached the box junctions my lane was clear.The adjudicator agreed with Enfield Council and I lost, stating the letter of the law “no stopping in a box junction”. I explained my case that my exit was clear at the time I entered the box junction and he said this is in the Highway Code and is not the law (which I am confused about).The video evidence details is above, I would really appreciate your opinion as I feel I need to take this further, mainly to the fact I think the Adjudicator is wrong. I had an exact same case a few years ago and the adjudicator found in my favour. There appears to be no consistency at the Parking & Traffic Appeal Service.
  3. Having seen this thread (and this post in particular ) http://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/showthread.php?396732-Lost-POPLA-appeal-what-are-my-chances-in-court&p=4284319&viewfull=1#post4284319 I am wondering what chance I have of appealing via the county court since I did provide proof of purchase and the council were in no way at a loss as I had proof of purchase I went through the informal, then formal NTO procedure, and onto PATAS (upheld) believing the council had retained a ticket I had purchased in order to check why it did not remain on the windscreen after applying. After no budging from their side I was eventually threatened with bailiffs and a seizure of a vehicle to cover their 'losses' and paid up approximately £400 on top of the original penalty. Now following a FOI request it turns out the Council policy did not inspect the ticket, nor send it off for evaluation, their standard procedure confirmed in writing being to destroy any and all original correspondence sent to them (including the ticket), and retaining only electronic copies, which is absolutely no use to anyone when they have been asked to check for a defective product supplied / purchased for the purpose of 'pay and display'. Does anyone else know if I migh have recourse using the courts ? I have already been through to the LGO, who (despite confirming the PATAS procedure should not have been the next step, even though it was suggestd as only route by the Council) they have their hands tied in contractural red tape. Any parking legal eagle I should call, to check on probability of success ?
  4. hi i am in need of some urgent assistance. attended my patas hearing in person (first time ive done this) and the decision is refused appeal on 18/04/12. at my hearing, the adjudicator stated that my NOR had been served on 25/01/13 making my patas form late as it was received 25/02/13. however i have just come to realise, that the NOR sent by the EA was dated 25/01 and would have been deemed served 29/01 hence making my patas appeal in time and the CC the EA issued on 4/3/13 a ground for procedural impropriety. i know the dates on these can be crutial and im not very good of establishing the exact dates when words "within" and "from" are used. am i correct about the date of service, i remember reading it when i was going through the legistation over 6 months ago but obviously i dont know which one or what section off the top of my head so will have to read through to find it again. and my question is, is this a solid ground for review? because clearly if i have got the dates right, the adjudicator has made a misintrepetion/miscalculation the dates and allowed my pcns which should have been cancelled. any help to clarify or help me understand would be appreciated.
  5. Hi Folks, Apparently PATAS only allow six grounds for appeal - otherwise they throw out your appeal automatically. Have searched the PATAS website but cannot find any info on this. Can anyone provide a relevant link? Cheers, Art
  6. Trying to help a friend challenge a PCN for performing a prohibited turn issued by one of the London Boroughs. He has lodged an appeal with PATAS and has asked for a personal hearing. My question is - is the Authority required to serve him with its bundle prior to the hearing
  7. I have been fighting a ticket I received by Harrow Council for parking in a resident bay without displaying a valid permit even though I had a visitors permit which had fallen back from the dashboard out of visibility. I wasn't able to attend my Patas hearing as I forgot all about it because my father was in hospital for emergency surgery. so the outcome was decided in my absence and the appeal was refused (i ahve attached the decision). apparently even though i had a permit, i am not exempt from paying just because it fell off. this does nto seem fair - is there anything i can do? is it worth appealing the adjudicators decision or not? any help would be much appreicated! not wanting to complicate things but one to point to mention is that i actually recsived 2 tickets on 2 consecutive days for the same reason and the photos of the dashboard for both days look different even though i know the car was parked there without any further any entry for those 2 days. also interestingly i had my other ticket cancelled before it got to patas. i am not sure how much arguing about the photo would help though, because there doesnt seem to be an issue of him believing me about the permit falling back, but that this is not sufficient grounds for cancelling. is this true? i thought people have won appeals based on tickets with no adhesive falling down? thanks decision.doc
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