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  1. Hi there, Not sure who to contact on this matter. I am planning to have an eye procedure that will improve the vision almost perfectly in my left eye, but still some need for glasses when reading because of my right eye. I have worn glasses or corrective lenses for almost 20 years as a driver. Do I need to get my information changed in the licence system once my left eye is healed? Or would I still be under the category for wearing lenses because I will need glasses to read? I found a medical issues number here but was not sure if it is correct. thanks, RM
  2. I had to reregister. I was pj2, but CAG no longer has a password renewal option (or it doesn't work, as the page doesn't exist), so there was no way I could get back into the forum. After years of paying an old debt slowly, Robinson Way sent me a letter: "our client is today offering you a 50% reduction of the balance you owe in settlement of your account. Paying XXX will clear your account and you save XXX and become free of this debt. Please note that where this account is recorded on your credit file and you pay by reduced settlement, this will be updated as partial
  3. Hi, I brought 2 sofas from Furniture Village on 20th December 2015 for the total price of £1000, they were on offer after being ordered by another customer and rejected on delivery due to a colour difference. We paid by debit card on the day but didn’t take delivery until the 5th January 2016, at the time we had a complete house refurbishment so stored them until early March 2016, 5 years’ warranty was standard then, now 10 years. In July 2016, we noticed the stitching coming apart on 2 seat cushions and on the sofas fame (one sofa), we called Furniture Village and asked the pro
  4. Hi Wondered if anyone could help?? I have been payin of my debt for a LONG time through StepChange, to be precise i've paid off around £11k in 8/9 years and recently have changed to Pay Plan who have advised me to to a debt relief order which i don't really want to do. However my grandad recently passed away and my dad has £4k that he said he is willing to pay off my debt if i can get reduced payments on them all. Using the National Debt Advice Service templates and calculator i have sent letters to all my creditors which are all debt collection agencies to if th
  5. Hi guys, would appreciate your help on this. I currently have 25K of debt which is being administered with Payplan. I defaulted on all accounts in 2012 during a separation. Next year I should be receiving early inheritance to the value of 25/30K So I would love to clear all outstanding debts and be debt free. However I would like to apply for a mortgage with my new partner in a couple of years and understand that companies like Halifax look at your credit file in fine detail. A - Should I clear all debts at 100% of value before the 6 year default period ends (a couple are
  6. Hi, all the charges are in my husbands name I did not know about them until they had already gone to court and been put on the property, they have been on the house since 1997 heard nothing from two of them no request for payment or anything since 2000 but one is with Adams & Sons and they contacted my husband last year have a lovely letter from them saying that they are going to get a local estate agent to drive passed my house to do a valuation then try to force me to sell it their charge is for £5000 offered them £2000 but they said no and havnt he
  7. Hello Please help me with this. I received this offer but went through many other topics and I'm worried that they can sell rest off balance to other company. I should go for that offer? Or I should ask for Full and Final?? Already send them email that I can afford 2,700. Thanks for any help 1st Credit Reference : 00000000 Original Creditor : Partner Finance Your Balance : £10,000.00 Dear EDITED , We would like to thank you for your continued commitment to paying down your debt and progressing towards your debt free day. To support you in
  8. A friend has had a Money Claim but cited with a co-defendant with whom she has not had any business association whatsoever. There were two amounts - one hers and another owed by the co-defendant. Unfortunately she did not enter any defence and has received Default Judgment for both debts, Court Fee and a Solicitor Fee of £100 (no invoice submitted as proof). She now is prepared to admit her debt and offer instalments but needs to disclaim the debt of the other Defendant. What Form needs to be submitted N244 or N245 or both? As she has a very low income
  9. Hi guys. My question is pretty straight to the point. I am trying to become debt free. I have a few accounts which have defaulted. The accounts that have defaulted are the following: 2 accounts defaulted in 2011 - £100 each, no payments made towards either 1 account defaulted in 2014 - £390 Currently making token payments of £1 for the past year I managed to clear off two accounts before they defaulted. Now, what is the best course of action regarding the 3 defaults, which remain for 6 years? both defaulted accounts in 2011 have offered a 60% settlement. Won't change the default mi
  10. hi, (back from a while ago) One of my creditors has offered a settlement figure, which is within my reach. (done all the CCA stuff, etc, as per earlier advice) The letter I received seems quite generic in its wording. Is there a specific wording I should look for / ask for? If I pay the smaller amount, can they still sell on the remainder to another company? What wording should I ask for, to ensure the settlement means no further sums are due, to them, or anyone else? thanks. (for info, a debt of 4400: offer 1200 accepted)
  11. Hello All, I would dearly like some advice, if youcan provide. I got into significant debt (132K) with 29creditors. This was due to my ownstupidity thinking I was managing my debts. In the end, I was taking out cash on credit cards to pay monthly minimums! How stupid can you get? I’m sure others have done this too! In mid 2010 I just didn’t have the money to continue to pay. All accounts were defaulted and I utilised the fantastic services of CCCS, now StepChange. They set up a DMP for me which meant I could be debt free by 2021.
  12. Hi this is a bit complicated by here goes I took out a loan in 2006 with Creation finance one of those buy now pay later deals. Due to financial difficulties I was unable to continue with the repayments from August 2008, and I had assumed that the account had gone into default. In the middle of 2009 I contacted Creation finance and offered them a partial settlement and after some wrangling they agreed that they would accept what amounted to two thirds of the debt and not chase me for any more. I cant remember if they accepted my terms as full and final or partial settlement, but it was p
  13. Hi, been in a DMP for circa 4yrs+ now so my original defaults I guess were registered at the time I started to default which is probably circa 5yrs ago. I have opportunity to clear one of my creditor debts (£800) and contacted them hoping for a good percentage but they would not go below 75% settlement (ie offered me 25% off) . I had hoped for 50% as they had offered me that much back in 2013 but now say my account rules have changed because I am in regular DMP payments. I have been offered the full amount by a family member but to be honest as my credit rating is shot anyway I am u
  14. Hi, I've been dealing with debt collecting agency by letter, regarding monies I owe, and can't pay back in full. I made two offers to pay the debt as "Full and Final", they accepted my second offer, and I have now received a letter as shown below, please can you advise me on whether to accept this, kind regards. "We can confirm we are willing to accept your offer of xxxx in partial settlement of this debt. Once paid, you will not be pursued for the remaining balance by us or any other third party. Once the account is settled, our entry on your credit file (if ther
  15. Hope this is posted in the right place... I have a debt that has been with Wescot since 2008. I’ve paid this monthly since the debt being with them but I’ve got some cash to make a settlement offer now. Original balance was around £10k, now down to around £6k. They have said they will only do a partial settlement of £3k but won’t sell on the debt to anyone else or chase me again for this debt. I have a couple of questions: As the debt is old I assume the default is off my credit rating anyway so having partial rather than full settlement won’t make a diff
  16. I ordered a power supply from a retailer 17 months ago and it developed problems. I sent it back they found problems and they said that a replacement was not available so they would refund me, but they would only refund me £20. The product i bought (XFX 1050W Fully Modular PSU) cost £150. The warranty they provide is 2 years. They gave me some crap about it being only expected to last 2 years. Now im sorry but a top end PSU only lasting 2 years is ludicrous, its beyond crazy. I would say a 4-5 year minimum on high end top quality PSU's indeed i have 2 others which were both high end at th
  17. If anyone can help with the following it would be most welcome - I have a deadline for this of the 30th September 2014. I will keep it as brief as possible.... I have had two credit cards (HSBC and MBNA) for ~ 7 years. During this time I kept up with monthly repayments of ~ £50 a month. 18 months ago I entered a bout of ill-health which culminated in me having to resign from my job. At this stage both cards were at ~ £2000 each. I went on to benefits which gave me enough to live on but not enough to keep up with the card payments. I informed th
  18. If anyone can help with the following it would be most welcome - I have a deadline for this of the 30th September 2014. I will keep it as brief as possible.... I have had a MBNA credit card for ~ 7 years with a balance of £1,800. During this time I kept up with monthly repayments of ~ £50 a month. 18 months ago I entered a bout of ill-health which culminated in me having to resign from my job. I went on to benefits which gave me enough to live on but not enough to keep up with the card payments. I informed MBNA and they transferred my account to the specia
  19. If anyone can help with the following it would be most welcome - I have a deadline for this of the 30th September 2014. I will keep it as brief as possible.... I have had a HSBC credit card for ~ 7 years with a balance of £1,950. During this time I kept up with monthly repayments of ~ £50 a month. 18 months ago I entered a bout of ill-health which culminated in me having to resign from my job. I went on to benefits which gave me enough to live on but not enough to keep up with the card payments. I informed HSBC and they transferred my account to the specialist team (due to ill health). A
  20. Hello All, Need some advice, I recently SAR'd HSBC, I had a business account in 2002 which was closed in 2003/4 I think and I also had a current account at the same time which ran until 2006. HSBC have sent me my current account transactions but they are only for the period of July 2005 to July 2006. According to the sheets they sent me, the sheets are numbered, the first one is marked at sheet 60 and the last one numbered sheet 84. They haven't sent me the sheets previously. The letter that was sent said and I quote.. "As discussed on the phone, the earliest stat
  21. Hi, Had my tribunal today and was placed in WRAG, so a partial victory.... I'm trying to find out exactly what it entails. how often do I have to attend the fake interviews, and basically what do hoops do I have to jump through in order I don't get sanctioned for some trivial misdemeanor? I would prefer facts, and not hearsay, as I am at the point of exploding at the minute
  22. Hi guys, this has undoubtly been asked before but finding the answer is beyond me. I have agreements in place at 0% interest with 3 debt recovery agencies. I have sold my house and car and i am in a position to try and negotiate a deal. I have asked all the questions and used the template letter and sent it to the companies but what i want to know is, is it worth settling the full outstanding amounts or should i just partially settle. The defaults will be 6 years old this year, so the defaults will be removed from my file pretty soon. Will a pa
  23. Good afternoon, This is my first post so apologies if my etiquette is out! I have recently looked to improve my credit score. My history in the last 4 years is pretty good (2/3 late payments aside). However on my credit file I have 2 defaults (one is 4 years old for £1096, one 2 years old for £210). I'd like to clear these defaults off my account. I cannot afford to pay both straight up and have looked into a partial settlement. Can someone please advice me on the best approach to handling this debt? Is a partial settlement worth it? What will happen to the debt after 6 y
  24. Hi everyone, This is my first question here, The background to my query: On the 7th March I purchased several items related to vehicle servicing from an online store using my Mastercard. The total amount of the order (including all items) was £118. Part of the order was delivered within a week, however the order sheet enclosed with the goods showed two items marked with "to follow" and those items were not included with the original delivery. I emailed the shop on the 7th April to express my concern that the two items remained outstanding. I request
  25. Hi, I hope this is the correct site to post this thread:???: I purchased an item from a major oxford street retailer via an online account. It was a present for my wife and was purchased 27/1/14 and was presented to her on 28/2/14. A fault was identified and the item was returned with agreement that I would be re-imbursed for the postage . Subsequently I have had a "partial" refund made to my account for the item cost and not the original delivery charge of £4.95 I am in discussion with the store over other factors but I want to be clear. Does the sale of good
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