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Found 5 results

  1. Hello I'm hoping someone will be able to help regarding 2 parking tickets I have received on residential land and whether or not I should pay them. I was parked on double yellow lines in a residential complex visiting a friend as many other cars were parked in the same way as the visitor car park was full so I thought that this would be acceptable. I have done this many times before and had no issue and then received 2 tickets on separate occasions very close to one another. Foolishly perhaps I ignored the letters from them on advice of other people but have now read that appealing may be better? The reason on the ticket is 'Without a valid permit or authority' am not sure if I would have a case at all but obviously do not want to pay £250 in fines if I can avoid it. Please see all the letters and a copy of the ticket attached. Even though it was parked in the same place the 2nd ticket reason is 'Out of a marked bay'. If it matters the time on the ticket is different to the time on their letter. Please someone help me I've read so many threads and I'm still none the wiser! Thanks in advance
  2. I received a Charge Notice from CP Plus yesterday for parking in the Stirling MOTO Services (just off the M9) for 7 hours and 39 minutes. It advises that you are only allowed to park for 2 hours free of charge before parking charges apply which you are supposed pay for by phone on the day. The charge is for £100 however if I pay within 14 days they will accept £60 (how generous). Also it advises if payment is not received within 28 days an initial debt collection charge of £40 will be incurred. Unfortunately I didn't see any signs advising of this otherwise I wouldn't have parked there. I was travelling up to Dundee for a meeting and agreed to meet a colleague at the Stirling Services to allow us to travel up together in one car, leaving my car parked at the services. My colleague also didn't see any signs advising of this. I've read a few of the threads on here for similar situations and can see that most of the time the advice has been to appeal the charge however in most of the other cases the reasons for a prolonged stay have been a lot more helpful to an appeal (eg pulled over to rest for a few hours due to long drive). I've also noticed in a lot of the other threads that people are advising using POPLA as a tool in the appeal however as this is in Scotland am I right in saying POPLA doesn't apply? Do I still have grounds for an appeal? I am the only named driver on the insurance for the car so am I able to play the "I'm not legally obliged to name who was driving on the day" card? Can anyone offer any advice as to what my course of action should be? Thanks in advance
  3. Hi guys, I got a ticket from Civil Enforcement last year. I have since been following the popular advice online and have ignored all correspondence with them from all the dirty tactics they were using by switching names in every letter (and using names of fake solicitors companies) and their heavily threatening letters. However, i now have what appears to be a genuine County Court Claim from Northampton county council, with what appears to be a genuine seal and claim number (sticker)! They claim I was parked for 2 hours and 16 minutes in a co-op car park where the limit was 2 hours. I honestly do not know if i was even ever there. The crazy thing is this car park can hold approximately 200 cars and there are no more than 20 or so cars in there at any one time. I have 4 drivers on my insurance policy (i know, but insurance isn't exactly cheap nowadays ) and none of them could even remember being there at the time, at the time i felt hard done by, i turned to Google and ignored all correspondence from CEL. What do i do next?? I'm really panicking here. I've read these letters through and they really don't make any sense to me at all. I've got 2 peach letters from the court with one titled ' N1 Claim Form' and the other 'Particulars of Claim'. And also a response pack which has an 'Aknowledgement of service form', a 'Defence and Counterclaim form', and an 'Admission' form.
  4. Hi Guys, I recently parked in Manchester City centre at night. There seemed to be some old lines, which were heavily warn out (I've attached the Images the bottom), so I thought there was no parking restriction, or enforcement. After I received a PCN, and sent off an appeal, explaining the lines were non-existent in parts, I got the following reply: "Maintenance of signs and lines is the responsibility of the Council, and councils cannot be expected to keep all signs and lines in pristine condition. Minor road works sometimes interfere with, or even obliterate, small portions of a double yellow line or a single yellow line, but it will nevertheless be apparent to a reasonably diligent motorist that a parking restriction exists. Although the lines are faded in places, it is considered that they are fully enforceable." In short, they have rejected this initial appeal. Can anybody with some expertise help on whether this level of line degradation is enough to challenge this further? Also it doesn't look like the lines end correctly either, which was not too far from where the car was parked. Any help would be much appreciated. Cheers, [ATTACH=CONFIG]49836[/ATTACH] [ATTACH=CONFIG]49837[/ATTACH] [ATTACH=CONFIG]49838[/ATTACH]
  5. Good Morning,I have just received a 'Parking Charge Notice' from Parking Eye for overstaying at a free car park by 35 minutes (the allowed period is 2 hours). Teh charge amount is for £100, reduced to £60 if paid with 14 days of the notice. I think that is mad for overstaying by 35 minutes on a sunday, the car park was not even half full.The retail park where we parked contains 2 large shops, and 2 hours is a bit tight to get round them without rushing. Also we have 3 young children (all under 4 yrs old), one of whom needed breastfeeding whilst we were there. This just made getting back within the 2 hour limit impossible.Are these charges actually enforceable? what should I do?
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