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  1. HI, I had been given a ticket on my car for parking at 4 CHURCH ROAD, ASHFORD - TW16 2UT When I got to the car park I had gone to buy a ticket, because I didn't have the right change I quickly went into a convenient store to get some, roughly in about a minute when I come back to pay for a pay and display ticket I see someone taking pictures of my car I approach him he said that I was being fined for not displaying a valid ticket. I explained that I was on my way to get one and that it had barely been a minute since I parked. (keep in mind this car park
  2. Just a brief overview.. I received a PCN from ES Parking Enforcement about 10 days ago. I attempted to make the payment a couple of days ago now, both by calling the number provided and on their website. It is saying that the number I have entered isn't recognised. They don't seem to make it easy to contact them, as they provide no email address (just an online form, which stated for business correspondence only. . and directs you elsewhere if you want to dispute the ticket - IAS? - but I don't want to appeal it I want the correct reference number!) I do
  3. I recived a pretty unpleasant visit from Mr Sxxx on Saturday saying he was here to take control of my goods! Id been away for a few days and he'd already left me a letter saying he'd been so I was expecting him. Sure enough at 7am someones banging on the front door I figured it would be him. I opened the bedroom window and spoke to him from there. At one point he made out he could break in I called the police and got them to attend, he then insisted that wasnt the case. This all started on the 4th of April, I received a letter which was a notice of enforcement
  4. Hi I am a tenant living a block of flats. I have received at least 20 parking charge notices The main reason stated on the parking charge notice is" not parked correctly within the markings of the bay or space within bay marking". After their initial letter and final reminders and DR agent letter, I have received a letter from their small claims solicitor stating: we act for UKPC and are instructed to recover the charges shown below incurred by you in relation to the parking of your vehicle The total is £900 ( 6 x £150) Im sure I will receive at least two or even
  5. Dear forum community, I've parked my car on Sat 1/3 at Perranporth (Cornwall) car park. This car park is operated during the summer season by the man collecting the money at the entrance. During the the rest of the year it was always free for the last 8 years (2006 I've moved to Cornwall). So acting on experience and being surprised by the very nice weather after a while I parked my car and left for the beach walk. When I came back I've found Parking Charge Notice on my window. I looked around and yes there were couple of Pay&Display machines and notices I d
  6. Hi there - my husband received a parking charge notice from Civil Enforcement Ltd a few days ago for £75 for I had pulled into the car park to pick him up and also find a safe spot to feed my baby. I did not notice any signs as I drove through the entrance warning me I would be charged for waiting there. I didn't leave the car at any point. As with most people who receive a charge like this through the post, I'm pretty annoyed as I do not feel the signs were obvious enough. A £75 charge for failing to pay for 15 minutes is ridiculous. I have read a number of threads in relation
  7. Hi, I received a notice from Civil Enforcement saying they have evidence of me Parking at 77 Clarendon Road in Watford opposite the Watford Junction station. This is true. I was there 11 minutes, and waiting in the car to pick someone up around 6pm on a Sunday. What would be my best option, as I have read people tend to ignore these notices and nothing happens. It is for £150 or £75 if paid within 14 days. Any help would be much appreciated as this is my first instance of this kind of fine. Regards
  8. I got a fine threw the post from the 03/07/2013 that I parked or entered a pedestrion zone but the street they quoted does not excist I put it into all the search engines and not one of them have it in there. Is there anything I can do to challange this as I know if the street is not real I cannot park there. What type of things should I put in the letter to parking agentcy should I put it in as long or just straight to the point. Thanks for help
  9. Hi There, Just looking for some advice on a parking ticket from Parking Eye. My son got a ticket from parking even though he had my mam in the car and displayed a disabled badge, this was in Sunderland hospital and was in a dispabled space. The ticket come through with a picture when he went into the car park and came out, I ignored this as read some stuff on the internet, then another came from Parking Eye, I ignored again but now he has just got a Notice of Intended Litigation and says if we dont pay in 7 days this will go to court and the price is now at £110 This is my first tim
  10. Hi, I just received in the post a PCN for stopping in a bay off the road for less than 2 minutes. The video clip of the incident has been sent to me and it would be wonderful if someone could look at this and tell me if there are any grounds for contesting the penalty. I've stopped on a commercial driveway leading to the back of the buildings and a car comes out of that driveway whilst I was there yet I'm being accused of parking on a pavement. I would really appreciate a second opinion on this although I dont know how I could show you the video! Thanks in a
  11. Please help! I have received a parking charge notice from Vehicle control services Ltd via my car lease firm. The letter was issued on 1/11/2012 and I had 14 days to pay £60 or the fine goes up to £100. I only got the forwarded letter today. I don't even know why I have got it. I pulled up and waited for a minute or two outside the carpark as there was a que in the carpark and the person I was collecting was waliking over to me. I pulled over causing no obstruction in an area that didn't have a build up of traffic or was busy with traffic. I didnt see
  12. Hi I have been issued an Order For Recovery Of Unpaid Penalty Charge by the TEC on behalf of my local authority. The notice states a Bailiff Warrant Application will be made in 28 days unless I pay the full amount. I made an offer to pay but my local authority refused on the grounds it would take too long to pay off and ignored my ability to pay( I am disabled and on benefit). I have found info on the net which says the TEC is not a court and has no legal authority to issue warrants. http://www.trafficenforcementcentre.org.uk/index.html However they do not fight the
  13. Hi all I was hoping someone could give me advice in relation to a Parking Charge Notice I have received from Vehicle Control Services Ltd. for stopping in a restricted area. I have been given a £60 fine for pulling up at the side of the road on my way out of Liverpool John Lennon Airport for around 3 minutes (to set my sat nav). I didn't turn off my engine or leave the car. The Notice has a photograph of the back of my car with my registration plate and is addresses to me at my home address (they advise they got my details from the DVLA). I have read some of the advice on h
  14. Hi Guys I'm just looking for the current common consensus about dealing with parking charge notices from a 'well known' parking solutions company. I have ignored the initial ticket - I wasn't driving but also, it's not legally enforceable and blah blah ad infinitum I have ignored the 1st letter I have ignored the second letter I now have a letter from their enlisted 'debt recovery' people which threatens imminent court action. the usual. Am I still to ignore these attempts or should I do a quick letter- possibly the cease and desist or quote statute you intend to take me to
  15. I have just received a so-called parking charge notice, complete with black-and-white checkered border, from Parking Eye for overstaying their limit of 90 min in the carpark of a local supermarket by 17 min. Their extortionate charge for those 17 minutes is £40 if paid within 2 weeks, £70 and escalating threafter. There is no charge for use of the carpark, though a limit of 90 min is stated on signage. How should Parking Eye's parking charge notice be dealt with? trappist
  16. Dear All hope you are well , I am new here , I got hearing court on 9th Feb 2011 . I am disputing bailiff expenses and charge certificate and order for recovery to revoke . this is copy of my statement : I am writing this letter as a support statement to my case filled on N244 form explaining the series of events that took place after receiving an initial Penalty Charge Notice on the 29-11-2010. Once I had received the PCN I appealed the charge on the 05-12-2010 stating why the ticket was issued to me incorrectly. (Evidence attached) to which I received a reply f
  17. I'm new to the site but just came across and need some advice. I'm one thats usually very good with finances so this is all new and scary to me. Anyway, about 3 months ago I received a parking ticket, I didn't pay it as I was disputing it due to it being a bank holiday. The rejected my claim but stated I could dispute again, however, due to new job and finishing uni (excuses) I just kept putting it off. The original fine was around £70 and then went to £112. Anyway still putting it off I received a letter from Equita. I barely read it and stuffed it in a draw to deal with the ne
  18. Lord True & leader of Richmond Council, said: "These cars have been a menace and I for one will be glad to see the back of them!" Evening Standard article
  19. Hi, I received a private parking charge yesterday from a company called OPC and it had official stamp saying BPA approved operator. I had used a car park a couple of weeks before, one that I have used regularly for past 4 years, and is a free car park, and I had stayed for less than 20 minutes longer than the maximum stay. The letter confirms that they have photographic evidence of me entering and leaving the car park which proves that I had stayed over the maximum time. The PPC is for £100, £50 if I pay within 14 days. They state if I do not pay they will take me to court and I may have to pa
  20. I got a PCN today and wondered if anyone could advise on my appeal chances. I paid for the ticket and put it on my passenger seat as the sticky surface leaves residue on the windscreen and only the day before I had a parking ticket slide down my dashboard and get trapped (its still there). I returned within the time to find a PCN on my windscreen and didn't understand. I phoned my dad who said it was most likely because the council seems to think on the passenger seat is not 'clearly displayed'. This being the case, if legally i am at fault for not displaying, I will pay the fin
  21. Good evening all, I've searched the this forum and sticky threads. They have been very enlightening and useful, but I still have a couple of questions.. Firstly in general, under what circumstances should the RK of a vehicle simply just pay the invoiced amount received from a PPC and not try ignoring/appealing? And specifically: If the car park provider's premises have a book in which customers may log their vehicle registration and time of use of the premises, then how does lack of a log entry for a vehicle registration covering the time when the parking charge notice was issued
  22. Message: I need some advice. was shocked and distressed to recieve a letter out of the blue from the bailiffs for removal / seizure of car and household possession to the value of £540 approx in relation to a parking contravention AF89....6A issued at northampton court.I have never ever recieved any previous correspondence regarding this traffic contravention either from the council, court or bailiffs until today.would have paid if I was sent any pcn with evidence. There are a few things I need to point out. bailiff have sent a copy of court order/ warrant of execution. The car regi
  23. Hi All Below is the LAST LETTER SENT TO NEWLYN with whole history of events took place in the account and charges. ------------------------------------------------------------ I was on Holiday from 18th May 2011 till 5th June 2011 but my property was occupied by my mother in law & brother in law during this time. When I returned from holiday after going through all my mail’s I find 1 letter from Newlyn PLC for amount of £138.44 and there was no notification. 9th June 2011 I called to make an automated payment and found out that the outstanding balance on the accoun
  24. i have received a parking ticket from the local council. its not exactly a parking ticket but a notice asking for £100 or face a court action and more charges. i have been into the office today and spoke to a lady who was very helpful, it seems that the ticket is from janaury and the firm have completed the forms as if to say that i owned the vehicle at the time. I never owned the van and i cant say for sure when i drove/parked the van but i am sure that if i had seen a ticket then i would have done something at the time (when it was £30). I dont think that the ticket is down t
  25. I got the following notice, having paid and displayed the ticket but seemingly parked in a permit bay on a SUNDAY when it wouldn't even be used by permit holders in any number. I wasn't aware I'd parked there and although they were markings on the floor they were not in a good state of repair. NOTICE OF BREACH OF TERMS AND CONDITIONS OF PARKING AT A CAR PARK OWNED OR MANAGED BY NATIONAL CAR PARKS LIMITED Location: Shenfield Station SP Contravention: Parking in a permit bay without clearly displaying a valid permit Parking Convention Charge of £75 is now payable within 28 days. A
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