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Found 27 results

  1. HI, I had been given a ticket on my car for parking at 4 CHURCH ROAD, ASHFORD - TW16 2UT When I got to the car park I had gone to buy a ticket, because I didn't have the right change I quickly went into a convenient store to get some, roughly in about a minute when I come back to pay for a pay and display ticket I see someone taking pictures of my car I approach him he said that I was being fined for not displaying a valid ticket. I explained that I was on my way to get one and that it had barely been a minute since I parked. (keep in mind this car park is almost empty) He insisted that I go online to make the payment and there was no point in displaying a ticket... With frustration I left the place without buying a pay and display from the advice given I ignored the letters from the debt recovery companies, which spelt my name wrong on the title.. I've now received a letter from Gladstones Solicitors, dated 19th April which i received today (24th April) it states: Re: Our client: Parking Control Management (UK) Limited Amount due: £160.00 Vehicle Registration: XXXXXXX You have previously been written to questioning the settlement of a parking charge. Due to the absence of payment or a valid appeal against the charge, our client has instructed us to recover the total amount due to them as shown above As all other attempts have failed, out client may now instruct us to take legal action against you in the County Court. To prevent such action, we invite you to make a payment immediately or confirm to us in writing your proposals in respect of this debt. In order to avoid any further action you should pay the full amount outstanding within 14 days of this letter. You can make a payment online (Cant insert the link here) or by calling 03330230049 It is important that you understand that if the judgment is registered against you then this could seriously affect your chances of obtaining credit in the future as this information can be made available to any interested parties via the Register of Judgments, Order and Fines, and will remain there for 6 years. If you are unsure about anything contained within this letter, you should seek advice from a solicitor or contact one of the following organisations who may be able to help you: Yours sincerely Gladstones Solicitors (NO SIGNATURE)
  2. Just a brief overview.. I received a PCN from ES Parking Enforcement about 10 days ago. I attempted to make the payment a couple of days ago now, both by calling the number provided and on their website. It is saying that the number I have entered isn't recognised. They don't seem to make it easy to contact them, as they provide no email address (just an online form, which stated for business correspondence only. . and directs you elsewhere if you want to dispute the ticket - IAS? - but I don't want to appeal it I want the correct reference number!) I don't know how to go forward with this. I have no 'proof' I have attempted payment, so if it did go further it would be my word against theirs. I was thinking of writing a letter requesting the correct PCN reference number from them, but how much information should I include on this letter? Should I put my car registration number and date and time of issue, or just the original number they've issued me and let them deal with it. I know that sounds awkward, but they don't seem to make it easy for you, and the more I have read about them the more anxious I am getting about their response, as I don't imagine they'll still 'honour' the £60 'discounted' charge as by the time I've written to them and received a response it'll be outside the 14 days. Do I have a right to refuse to pay the 'full' amount of £100 based on the fact they have (presumably) written the wrong number on the ticket? Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks
  3. I recived a pretty unpleasant visit from Mr Sxxx on Saturday saying he was here to take control of my goods! Id been away for a few days and he'd already left me a letter saying he'd been so I was expecting him. Sure enough at 7am someones banging on the front door I figured it would be him. I opened the bedroom window and spoke to him from there. At one point he made out he could break in I called the police and got them to attend, he then insisted that wasnt the case. This all started on the 4th of April, I received a letter which was a notice of enforcement saying I hadn't paid for 2 outstanding parking tickets that were issued last year. I immediately rang the council that had issued them and explained that I was unaware of one of the fines and the other one I had paid for the parking I sent the ticket back to them with the paid reciept and thought that was the end of that . They advised me that I would need to file an out of time witness statement which they emailed me. I completed the form and sent it straight off. On the 26th of April I recived a letter from HMCTS saying my application had been refused, they dont have to give me any explanation and if I want to appeal it will cost me £255! Fantastic! I emailed Marsrons on the 27th of April with my complete finacial circumstances and offered to start repaying the fines (the origanal fine was £82 each although one had somehow now come to £112) Marstons had by now added £75 compliance stage fee to each fine i had one fine of £187 and one at £157. I heard nothing from them until the bailiff turned up this Saturday (21/5/16, three weeks later). I explained to him that I had tried contacting Marstons to resolve the matter and had made an offer but he said he hadnt been made aware of this I rang Marstons myself, they also say they had no record even though they did admit at one point that they could see an automated response had gone out to my email address. I also showed the email to the bailiff through the window. Their argument now was that on the back of the Notice of Enforcement it says a payment plan must be set up by the 18/4/16 and because it hadnt it had now gone to enforecment stage which meant another fee off £235 had been added, im not sure if thats to both fines or just an overall fee. I had a right going on with Marstons on the phone, the guy I spoke with was hopeless and knew nothing, he just said I had to deal ewith Mr .......now. Eventually I got put through to a supervisor who said all I could do was file a complaint. Ive spoken to National Debt helpline today and their advice is to just start making my payment offer to them through the website but they say I cant get out of the fee's. Im just wondering if anyone has any other thoughts or informaion on this as it seems highly unjust to me! Dont think I have much more to loose, as far as Im aware they cant add anymore fee's unless they get in to my house which isnt going to happen. I have no vehicles or possessions to speak of and am on a low income. Any advice happily received. Thanks
  4. Hi I am a tenant living a block of flats. I have received at least 20 parking charge notices The main reason stated on the parking charge notice is" not parked correctly within the markings of the bay or space within bay marking". After their initial letter and final reminders and DR agent letter, I have received a letter from their small claims solicitor stating: we act for UKPC and are instructed to recover the charges shown below incurred by you in relation to the parking of your vehicle The total is £900 ( 6 x £150) Im sure I will receive at least two or even three more of these as my notices are at least 20 ( ie a total of maybe £2700-£3000). Im panicking now. My worry is that I was parked on private land managed by the management company. I am a tenant not the owner of the flat. However, as we have two cars, but one car space, I parked within the perimeters of the property, but somewhere where I had never caused an obstruction. Whats really astonishing is that I have even received 2 charges on a single day, within 12 hours. I have also received 4 on four consecutive days inclusdng te weeknd when I was off work. I want to emphasise the difference between my case and others who have very kindly posted theirs on this site in that: 1. I was parked in a non designated parking area on the private property I live in, rather than the parking bay 2. I have not appealed any of the claims. The thought of £900, and even more, if they are successful is stressing me out. Cant sleep. Cant focus on work Tried citizens advice bureau, but not much of help. Tried calling some solicitors, but they aren't that interested. Tried rip off Britain and waiting. I feel all doors are closed o me and I will end up in court and lose. Im doomed and gloomed I feel. Pleas please please advise. I would really be very very appreciative. Many thanks Mo
  5. Dear forum community, I've parked my car on Sat 1/3 at Perranporth (Cornwall) car park. This car park is operated during the summer season by the man collecting the money at the entrance. During the the rest of the year it was always free for the last 8 years (2006 I've moved to Cornwall). So acting on experience and being surprised by the very nice weather after a while I parked my car and left for the beach walk. When I came back I've found Parking Charge Notice on my window. I looked around and yes there were couple of Pay&Display machines and notices I didn't see, because I wasn't expecting them. Ok, my mistake I said, but the the real shock came when I've seen the amount they've been asking to pay £100 reduced to £60 if you pay within 14 days + All card and online payments are subject to an additional £3.00 administration charge. £103 for what??? I wrote to them, providing all my details (probably mistake) and explained the situation that I was acting with no malice or prejudice and offered £25 (10X parking fee) as a retrospective honesty payment and I sent the money. on 10/3 they declined my appeal and refunded me, but as a GESTURE OF GOOD WILL they placed this "PARKING CHARGE" on hold for 14 days to submit additional evidence. There's no additional evidence. I've made an honest mistake and was willing to compensate, but £63 resp. £103 and after 28 days £150 plus court costs is an awful lot! What can I do? they didn't provide any verification number for appeal at POPLA. Should I pay £63 or is there anything else I can do? Please help!
  6. Hi there - my husband received a parking charge notice from Civil Enforcement Ltd a few days ago for £75 for I had pulled into the car park to pick him up and also find a safe spot to feed my baby. I did not notice any signs as I drove through the entrance warning me I would be charged for waiting there. I didn't leave the car at any point. As with most people who receive a charge like this through the post, I'm pretty annoyed as I do not feel the signs were obvious enough. A £75 charge for failing to pay for 15 minutes is ridiculous. I have read a number of threads in relation to ignoring or appealing the charge, but some are quite old and I'm keen to hear from anyone who has ignored their demands or sent an appeal recently. How many/what letters can I expect to receive from them? How heavy do they get? Has anyone had bailiffs round? I understand in the past a registered keeper could claim he was not the driver (I drove into the car park and my husband drove out) but this can no longer be used as an argument? Thanks in advance for your help!
  7. Hi, I received a notice from Civil Enforcement saying they have evidence of me Parking at 77 Clarendon Road in Watford opposite the Watford Junction station. This is true. I was there 11 minutes, and waiting in the car to pick someone up around 6pm on a Sunday. What would be my best option, as I have read people tend to ignore these notices and nothing happens. It is for £150 or £75 if paid within 14 days. Any help would be much appreciated as this is my first instance of this kind of fine. Regards
  8. I got a fine threw the post from the 03/07/2013 that I parked or entered a pedestrion zone but the street they quoted does not excist I put it into all the search engines and not one of them have it in there. Is there anything I can do to challange this as I know if the street is not real I cannot park there. What type of things should I put in the letter to parking agentcy should I put it in as long or just straight to the point. Thanks for help
  9. Hi There, Just looking for some advice on a parking ticket from Parking Eye. My son got a ticket from parking even though he had my mam in the car and displayed a disabled badge, this was in Sunderland hospital and was in a dispabled space. The ticket come through with a picture when he went into the car park and came out, I ignored this as read some stuff on the internet, then another came from Parking Eye, I ignored again but now he has just got a Notice of Intended Litigation and says if we dont pay in 7 days this will go to court and the price is now at £110 This is my first time on here and glad I found this site Any advice would be great Thanks inadvance Lisa
  10. Hi, I just received in the post a PCN for stopping in a bay off the road for less than 2 minutes. The video clip of the incident has been sent to me and it would be wonderful if someone could look at this and tell me if there are any grounds for contesting the penalty. I've stopped on a commercial driveway leading to the back of the buildings and a car comes out of that driveway whilst I was there yet I'm being accused of parking on a pavement. I would really appreciate a second opinion on this although I dont know how I could show you the video! Thanks in advance.
  11. Please help! I have received a parking charge notice from Vehicle control services Ltd via my car lease firm. The letter was issued on 1/11/2012 and I had 14 days to pay £60 or the fine goes up to £100. I only got the forwarded letter today. I don't even know why I have got it. I pulled up and waited for a minute or two outside the carpark as there was a que in the carpark and the person I was collecting was waliking over to me. I pulled over causing no obstruction in an area that didn't have a build up of traffic or was busy with traffic. I didnt see any signs saying I was not supposed to do this but did see other signs stating parking fees, which I wouldnt have to pay anyway as I was only picking up. The letter says 'the parking charge notice is issued for allegedly breaching the car park terms and conditions of access to the privately operated roads at John Lennon airport by stopping on a roadway where stopping is prohibited'. This was detected by and recorded by mobile traffic enforcement cameras recording my stop for 42 seconds. I can appeal or pay. What do you think I should do?
  12. Hi I have been issued an Order For Recovery Of Unpaid Penalty Charge by the TEC on behalf of my local authority. The notice states a Bailiff Warrant Application will be made in 28 days unless I pay the full amount. I made an offer to pay but my local authority refused on the grounds it would take too long to pay off and ignored my ability to pay( I am disabled and on benefit). I have found info on the net which says the TEC is not a court and has no legal authority to issue warrants. http://www.trafficenforcementcentre.org.uk/index.html However they do not fight the issue of the warrants but take action after the event. I want to stop the local authority now. I have also read through the DOT Guide to Local Authorties Parking Policy and Enforcement. I have also been told if I start paying at the rate I offered the council cannot refuse but would this stop them getting the bailiff warrant? Thanks for reading.
  13. Hi all I was hoping someone could give me advice in relation to a Parking Charge Notice I have received from Vehicle Control Services Ltd. for stopping in a restricted area. I have been given a £60 fine for pulling up at the side of the road on my way out of Liverpool John Lennon Airport for around 3 minutes (to set my sat nav). I didn't turn off my engine or leave the car. The Notice has a photograph of the back of my car with my registration plate and is addresses to me at my home address (they advise they got my details from the DVLA). I have read some of the advice on here, which is to ignore the letter, but most refer to parking tickets and notices that don't have photographs of the car or the name and address of the registered keeper. I am a bit confused about whether to pay it, appeal or ignore it? Any advice about what I should would be very much appreciated
  14. Hi Guys I'm just looking for the current common consensus about dealing with parking charge notices from a 'well known' parking solutions company. I have ignored the initial ticket - I wasn't driving but also, it's not legally enforceable and blah blah ad infinitum I have ignored the 1st letter I have ignored the second letter I now have a letter from their enlisted 'debt recovery' people which threatens imminent court action. the usual. Am I still to ignore these attempts or should I do a quick letter- possibly the cease and desist or quote statute you intend to take me to court over etc. It's just that the advice has changed over the months and i am finding it hard to be clear on the current advice. Many thanks guys!
  15. I have just received a so-called parking charge notice, complete with black-and-white checkered border, from Parking Eye for overstaying their limit of 90 min in the carpark of a local supermarket by 17 min. Their extortionate charge for those 17 minutes is £40 if paid within 2 weeks, £70 and escalating threafter. There is no charge for use of the carpark, though a limit of 90 min is stated on signage. How should Parking Eye's parking charge notice be dealt with? trappist
  16. Dear All hope you are well , I am new here , I got hearing court on 9th Feb 2011 . I am disputing bailiff expenses and charge certificate and order for recovery to revoke . this is copy of my statement : I am writing this letter as a support statement to my case filled on N244 form explaining the series of events that took place after receiving an initial Penalty Charge Notice on the 29-11-2010. Once I had received the PCN I appealed the charge on the 05-12-2010 stating why the ticket was issued to me incorrectly. (Evidence attached) to which I received a reply from the borough of Hammersmith and Fulham on the 15-12-2010 stating that the PCN that was issued was issued correctly and I have 14 days from the 15-12-2010 to pay a reduced fee of £60 or I would have to pay the full £120 after those 14 days. The letter also mentioned that if I did want to make a formal appeal against the PCN I would have to wait to receive a ‘Notice to Owner’. On 06-01-2011 I received the Notice to Owner from the Borough of Hammersmith and Fulham which again stated the PCN and also stated that I had to either pay the amount of £120 with in the 28 days or failure to do so would results in a Charge Certificate being issued and an increase the amount by 50% making it a total amount of £180, to avoid this increase a representation would have to be made within the 28 days of the letter being issued. On the 21-01-2011 I made a representation to the Borough of Hammersmith and Fulham using the guidelines that were provided for me on the ‘Notice to Owner’. I also asked them to pass the case to PATAS for further investigation and appealing process, furthermore on the same date I sent out another letter officially informing them that I will be changing my address in a month time and mentioning the new address. After I had moved to my new address I sent the relevant forms to the DVLA so as to update my address on time which was processed successfully. (Evidence available) after this I had not heard anything regarding my appeals from any organisation I called the Parking Service Department of the London Hammersmith and Fulham Borough to make sure they had received my updated address and follow up the case as it has been a while since I had received any correspondence. The agent that I spoke to advised me that they do not deal with any case over the phone and any information regarding any vehicles address will be taken from the DVLA in any stage of the procedures, to which I was assumed that the delays with correspondence was due to the fact that there was an address change and the case was determined as successful as my evidence was strong. On 18-10-2011 I went to use my car and I noticed there was a bicycle chain around the front wheel – driver side, with a sticker on my car window asking me to contact a Mr. Anderson. I tried calling the mobile number on the sticker that was stuck on my window but it kept on going to voicemail and there was no reason to why the vehicle should have a bicycle chain on its wheel. I assumed it was illegal clampers trying to operate in the complex where I live. As I live in a gated community with private car park I asked the security and they did not have any idea who and when this chain was placed on the car, as all visitors have to check into security to gain access to the property and no one had regarding this matter . As this become more suspicious I turn to the local police station Ealing Police Station and called the police to report criminal damage to my vehicle. (Police ref no: CAD10009/181011 – Evidence Available) they also advised me to wait till the morning so as I could check with the person who clamped the car why the vehicle was clamped with a bicycle chain, which was strange for police as well but they could not intervene as ‘clamping’ is regarded as a civil matter/dispute. The next morning I called the mobile number on the sticker and I was told that the clamp was put on my vehicle due to the PCN fine that was issued to me on the 29-11-2010. I was shocked as I assumed all matter regarding this issues were solved as I did not receive any correspondence after the change of address or received any other notice that the vehicle will be clamped or I had an outstanding amount that I had to pay. After this event I filled in the Out Of Time Application to Traffic Enforcement Centre under the section of the London Borough Parking Contravention act of: “ I made representation about the penalty charge to the local authority concerned within 28 days of the service of the Notice to Owner, but did not receive a rejection notice” On the 20-10-2011 the bailiff came and removed the chain from my vehicle and I then filed an Out Of Time Application to which I received an answer of rejection on 17-11-2011 reason stating that I had received prior notice regarding the outstanding balance of my vehicle in the DVLA registered address from Local authority and bailiff, which is un-true. The statement above is backed up by the email that was sent by the local authority of Hammersmith and Fulham to the Traffic Enforcement Centre County Court Bulk Centre stating that “it is the legal responsibility of the registered keeper of a vehicle to inform the DVLA promptly of any changes relating to that vehicle. Indeed the law requires to presume that the details of the person registered at the DVLA is correct… the bailiff has also wrote to the respondent and attended at the registered address twice. ” I had updated my details and the vehicle details with the DVLA (evidence available) and also called them to ask them regarding this matter previously to which an agent replied that any information regarding the address change of a vehicle will be collected from the DVLA and as all my documentation was completed on time with the DVLA there should have been no reason why my correspondence should have been sent to my previous address and this case to take so long to get resolved. Also the only reason I had received the Notice Of Seizure of Goods & Inventory was due to the fact that it was stuck on the door of my old address and was given to the security by the current resident of that address. Leaving a letter open with all my details to be seen is a break of the Data Protection Act and it is embarrassing if one of my neighbours that might know me would have read it, the bailiffs should have given me proper notice and a final Notice of Seizure if it did reach that far to my new address as in my opinion they must have had my address as my vehicle was clamped in my new address in a separate car park. Although I did move in the same complex, the complex holds over 1000 residents and for the bailiff company to be able to locate the particular parking (my car) within such a large complex without confirmation with the security team in my new address signifies the fact that they should have had my new address and should have served me any notices at my new address. I kindly ask the court to review the court officers’ order at the Traffic Enforcement Centre and to review the refusal of my Out Of Time Statutory Declaration at a hearing. Due to the fact that I did not receive any correspondence to my new address after appealing against the Notice to the Owner and the bailiff should have had my new address and should have been able to send me any correspondence to my new address if they were able to clamp my vehicle in my new car park. I kindly ask the court to grant my application to have the bailiff expenses, Order for Recovery and Charge Certificate revoked. As this is a large amount and I am a full tie student and it is unfair as I filled all my paperwork on time. Thank you for your time and any evidence required regarding this matter is available on request. and sent their statement to me as well AND ALSO THEIR INVOICE for solicitor which cost £400 plus VAT which If I wont successful i need to pay this invoice as well I can send their statement as well if needed please help
  17. I'm new to the site but just came across and need some advice. I'm one thats usually very good with finances so this is all new and scary to me. Anyway, about 3 months ago I received a parking ticket, I didn't pay it as I was disputing it due to it being a bank holiday. The rejected my claim but stated I could dispute again, however, due to new job and finishing uni (excuses) I just kept putting it off. The original fine was around £70 and then went to £112. Anyway still putting it off I received a letter from Equita. I barely read it and stuffed it in a draw to deal with the next day. However, 2 days ago a bailiff turned up on my door. Luckily no one was in but my sister came home later to find a hand delivered letter. I called the bailiff and he told me my balance had now gone up to £414+ and I must pay now unless they'll come tomorrow and increase again around £150. I was absolutely stunned. But to cause any further costs I unwillingly paid and then decided to try and fight it rather than fighting further costs. I am waiting of a breakdown of the costs but as my claim will probably get rejected again I take it I'm not entitled to claim anything back? But surely these costs are ridiculous and I've been overpriced? It will be the last time I put something off anyway. This has crippled me. Any help or advice will be greatly appreciated.
  18. Lord True & leader of Richmond Council, said: "These cars have been a menace and I for one will be glad to see the back of them!" Evening Standard article
  19. Hi, I received a private parking charge yesterday from a company called OPC and it had official stamp saying BPA approved operator. I had used a car park a couple of weeks before, one that I have used regularly for past 4 years, and is a free car park, and I had stayed for less than 20 minutes longer than the maximum stay. The letter confirms that they have photographic evidence of me entering and leaving the car park which proves that I had stayed over the maximum time. The PPC is for £100, £50 if I pay within 14 days. They state if I do not pay they will take me to court and I may have to pay up to £400. I had never took any notice of the signs in the car park previously and so I honestly did not realise there was a time limit for parking there. I re-visited the site and there are quite a few signs in the car park showing maximum stay and confirming you will be fined if you overstay the maximum time, I do not know how I failed to notice this, although the signs are quite small - but you don't expect to be fined if parking is free? My question is should I pay up quickly to avoid higher fees, but the fee seems very high especially as it is a free car park and it was not busy the day I parked anyway. I am an honest person and I do not want to get into trouble, the thought of court is scary but this seems very unreasonable to me. I am concerned as I am the only person insured to drive my car so it is obvious who would have been driving it, so I do not think I could argue this as suggested in other posts. Please can someone offer advice, even if it is to pay up! I have heard that they can only sue for actual losses so if it is a free car park wouldn't that make the losses nil??? I am very frightened about just ignoring this as I can not afford £400. Thanks
  20. I got a PCN today and wondered if anyone could advise on my appeal chances. I paid for the ticket and put it on my passenger seat as the sticky surface leaves residue on the windscreen and only the day before I had a parking ticket slide down my dashboard and get trapped (its still there). I returned within the time to find a PCN on my windscreen and didn't understand. I phoned my dad who said it was most likely because the council seems to think on the passenger seat is not 'clearly displayed'. This being the case, if legally i am at fault for not displaying, I will pay the fine before it doubles. Even though its horrendously unfair when I bought a ticket and displayed it face up. However I am wondering about the contravention code I was issued - number 11P. Looking this up it appears to be "Parked without payment of the parking charge". This contravention didn't occur as I can prove with my ticket. If I committed a contravention it would seem to be code 6 "Parked without clearly displaying a valid pay and display ticket or voucher". This would mean the code listed on the PCN is wrong and therefore the PCN is invalid. Edinburgh council doesn't list code 6 on their site however so are they lumping them together into code 11 and did I contravene code 11 by incorrectly displaying? P.S. the envelope my PCN was in has a sticky strip along the top (and the bottom I tore off) that says 'the cover strip is removed by the officer' but this hasn't been removed - does this by chance invalidate the ticket? (long shot I know)
  21. Good evening all, I've searched the this forum and sticky threads. They have been very enlightening and useful, but I still have a couple of questions.. Firstly in general, under what circumstances should the RK of a vehicle simply just pay the invoiced amount received from a PPC and not try ignoring/appealing? And specifically: If the car park provider's premises have a book in which customers may log their vehicle registration and time of use of the premises, then how does lack of a log entry for a vehicle registration covering the time when the parking charge notice was issued effect the validity of the charge? Obviously I've heard of somebody receiving a charge notice issued on the same day (although not necessarily the same time) that they were using the provider's premises and did not log their registration to show when they used the premises. I would like to know what is the best advice in such a case and greatly appreciate your help!
  22. Message: I need some advice. was shocked and distressed to recieve a letter out of the blue from the bailiffs for removal / seizure of car and household possession to the value of £540 approx in relation to a parking contravention AF89....6A issued at northampton court.I have never ever recieved any previous correspondence regarding this traffic contravention either from the council, court or bailiffs until today.would have paid if I was sent any pcn with evidence. There are a few things I need to point out. bailiff have sent a copy of court order/ warrant of execution. The car registration mentioned is not the correct registration of my car, correct digits but wrong order eg instead of A 123BCD, it is A 132BCD. The car colour or time of contravention or reason for contravention is not mentioned. However the name on the notice sent by bailiff is mine and so is the postcode and house number. I tried calling the council (which probably issued the cctv notice?) and traffic enforcement centre at Northampton county court today but both places were closed as it was a saturday. I did call and speak to the bailiff company. Even though the car registration is wrong and the address mentioned is not fully accurate, I was told by the customer representative at the end of the phone that this all could be a clerical error BUT I would still be liable for costs and seizure. I do not understand if all the above errors might have resulted in me not recieving any prior correspondence regarding the matter, but I cannot be held responsible for another persons errors or clerical errors resulting in wrong car registration numbers or letters sent to incorrect addresses which have contributed to the problem. This also might be the reason why I have recieved no previous tickets or letters at all, interestingly the person at bailiff company said I had been sent previous letters by them but I have not recieved any of these either. Whoever has made the clerical mistakes/errors should be responsible and held liable for all the increased costs. I also cannot see how the bailiffs company can sieze car/goods/assets based on a notice for another registration or wrong registration. Do I have grounds for appeal and what can be done? Can they still clamp the car/take away goods even if the wrong car registration is mentioned on the warrant? What are the total costs and charges involved? Will I need a lawyer/solicitor to stop the bailiffs? dont want car clamped. thanks a lot Zha
  23. Hi All Below is the LAST LETTER SENT TO NEWLYN with whole history of events took place in the account and charges. ------------------------------------------------------------ I was on Holiday from 18th May 2011 till 5th June 2011 but my property was occupied by my mother in law & brother in law during this time. When I returned from holiday after going through all my mail’s I find 1 letter from Newlyn PLC for amount of £138.44 and there was no notification. 9th June 2011 I called to make an automated payment and found out that the outstanding balance on the account was £384.44. There is clearly a mistake, I called to speak to one of the Newlyn Plc staff and find out further £246 charges was added to the above account for two visits by the Bailiffs on the dates quoted below. I requested a breakdown of all the charges in writing and did not receive the breakdown charges letter till 16th of June. 27th of May 1st Visit 4th of June 2nd visit Please confirm the above are the two dates that the Bailiffs had visited the property? Having checked with my Mother in law & my Bother in law I am sure there was no “Bailiffs” visited on 4th June because it’s was a Saturday and they were present in the property, also there were no “Note” or “Card” left at the property as a proof that a bailiff had visited. Newlyn Plc to answer the following Question: 1. Please confirm were their any “Note” or “Card” left in the property by the visiting Bailiffs? 2. Do you have any copies of the “Note” or “Card” left in the property? 3. Did you sent any letters to inform the additional changes added to above account before 9th June 2011? 4. Do you have any other proof for the bailiff visits and what is it? 5. Please confirm you sent the fist ever “breakdown” changes letter for the above account dated 13th June 2011? 6. Please confirm that I have not been informed of the additional charges, in writing until 16th June 2011? 16th June 2011 For the first time that I received a letter of “Breakdown” and additional charges that had been added to the account and total amount of £384.44. The Breakdown charges letter did not provide dates of when the charges were added. Instead it was just list of description and amount. Below are the listed charges totaling to £384.44 Original Charges • Council Debt £125.00 • First Letter £11.20 Additional Charges • Visit fee 1 £39.00 • Visit fee 2 £61.00 • Enforcement fee £105.00 • Vat £43.24 Additional Amount Total of £248.24 Failing to see the dates on the letter for when the charges had occurred, I called Newlyn Plc and have asked the staff again to confirm the dates for the “Breakdown” charges, but Newlyn staff quoted details listed below and also confirmed by Newlyn staff, that they had copies of the “Note or Card” left by the Bailiff & a GPS tracking of the visits. 31st May visit fee £46.80 31st may Van hire fee £126.00 6th June visit fee £73.20 Total of £246 Clearly there are discrepancies between what Newlyn staff quoted over the phone & breakdown letter details. I wrote to Newlyn PLC dated 16th June 2011 to request all the details as per “Data Protection Act 1998” and requested for all the information held against the above account. I have sent two cheques on 16th June 2011 for the following amounts; • £138.44 - Original amount owed on account • £10.00 for the statutory maximum fee for Details to share under the Data Protection Act 1998. 22nd July 2011 Received letter from Newlyn PLC with the following information; • Copy of transcript of all calls made up to 20th June • Copy of new balance after receiving the payment of 138.44 • New balance as of 22nd July 2011 is 246.44 • Copy of Warrant of execution for the amount of £125 (which is already paid by cheque dated 16th June 2011). Within all the information provided under the “Data Protection Act 1998” there were no real evidence to back the claims of Bailiff’s visit to the property. Please confirm evidence that you have provided that proves that a bailiff had visited the Property on the dates quoted? According to the information that you have provided there was the hiring of a Van on the 31st May 2011, where are the receipts? And why was it not included as part of the “Data Protection Act 1998” information shared? Where are the Notes, Cards and GPS tracking data you confirmed as a proof of bailiff visits? 1st of Aug 2011 Letter was sent to Newlyn PLC detailing my concern regarding the additional charges. 2nd Aug 2011 A letter was received for an amount of £315.84 without any explanation of further charges, also the letter seem to suggest Bailiff Removal visit to seize the car and household possession. 1. What are the further charges? 2. On what circumstances was the charges added? 8th Aug 2011 Threatening text message received that a bailiff visit was scheduled at 5pm. Why did a Bailiff scheduled to visit while I was in communicating to resolve the account? After reviewing the information that you have provided, I can clearly say that you have failed to provide any supporting documents that proves of the bailiff’s visits. The details of the charges on the transcript & breakdown letter have conflicting information as indicated above therefore either of these documents/letters are not valid as a proof. I like Newlyn PLC to provide answers to the all of the above questions and to review the charges added to the account. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- The Answer from Newlyn for the Above Letter is Bailiff will be visiting in 14 days to remove goods. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I am tempted to pay and end the nightmare but I know NEWLYN are -[problem]- hiding under the legal system and I don't want to pay them. I have to find way to beat them and if I find and answer just tell every one how to fight these Pests. I am thinking to pay if they turn up on my door. what should i do?
  24. i have received a parking ticket from the local council. its not exactly a parking ticket but a notice asking for £100 or face a court action and more charges. i have been into the office today and spoke to a lady who was very helpful, it seems that the ticket is from janaury and the firm have completed the forms as if to say that i owned the vehicle at the time. I never owned the van and i cant say for sure when i drove/parked the van but i am sure that if i had seen a ticket then i would have done something at the time (when it was £30). I dont think that the ticket is down to me and i dont think that the firm should be filling in forms saying that i owned the van, especially as i was only filling in for a few weeks. Can anyone advise what to do? The lady at the council thinks that it has gone too far to just pay £30 but is speaking to someone. many thanks.
  25. I got the following notice, having paid and displayed the ticket but seemingly parked in a permit bay on a SUNDAY when it wouldn't even be used by permit holders in any number. I wasn't aware I'd parked there and although they were markings on the floor they were not in a good state of repair. NOTICE OF BREACH OF TERMS AND CONDITIONS OF PARKING AT A CAR PARK OWNED OR MANAGED BY NATIONAL CAR PARKS LIMITED Location: Shenfield Station SP Contravention: Parking in a permit bay without clearly displaying a valid permit Parking Convention Charge of £75 is now payable within 28 days. A discounted amount of £50 will be accepted as full and final settlement if received within 14 days. I'm sitting tight on the advice here, and successful conclusion it seems!
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