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Found 7 results

  1. Hi Between myself and my partner we've had 5 parking notices from a problem with a railway car park. In all cases we have paid a fee using the app but a couple of problems: 1. Due to poor internet connectivity and busy trains we were unable to pay whilst on the train - we got to work to try there but after distractions forgot to pay BUT paid on the day and before we returned to the car. However due to the way the app works it charged the off peak rate and wouldnt allow a backdated payment on that day - we even phoned but they said couldn't be done - but we made sure we paid. Every other day we use it (3-4 per week) we have a good history of paying the right amount 2. My partner paid a fee on the app but selected the wrong vehicle So a combination of user error - and poorly designed system we couldnt / didnt pay the correct fee - the difference is appx 70p My partner has appealed to her 2 because they were for the wrong car so her car didnt have a valid ticket - my car was at home - but they got their fee on the day On the ticket machine the fee is £4.00 on the day - we paid £3.70 on the app - both facing fines of £100 each - escalating to £170. I'll post all the details here shortly using the questions but what are my options? I've read up on Byelaw 14 - no real financial loss - and were prepared to go to court as the difference in what we paid and what was due is minimal. I also had another fine for my car on the same day as my partner. I have proof I paid (which I've now sent them) and my partner also paid (it's one of the tickets described above) because she used the default car on the app. So even though 2 x tickets I still got a fine and intend to use that in defence of the other fines that their system is flawed. If we had failed to pay I would have fewer issues but we did our best on a system designed to trap you Advice greatly appreciated
  2. I had a breakdown in May 2014 after working for 12 years without a break I am sufferring from severe anxiety disorder, have panic attacks, at times agraphobia. I also suffer from back problems after a double slipped disc some time ago. I have received CBT, Intensive CBT and been referred to a psycologist as i have intense problems sleeping and had a number of suicide attempts which I am glad wernt successful. (although at times i wish they were) I was signed on to ESA by my doctor in May 2014 and as of yet, even tho i have telephoned, i have not had my WCA from ATOS 13 months later. Today I received a letter from the jobcentre asking me to attend a work focussed interview to discuss the possibility of me going into paid work. I dont know what to do. I am terrified to attend as i cant cope with face to face situations and the thought of going to work and letting people down or finding out my secret is mortifying. I go out, by cab to help my daughter who is 19 and suffers from severe mental illness, my breakdown was due initially to her illness and trying to support her whilst working. I was sacked from my job after making an error which cost them thousands of pounds on the day my daughter tried to throw herself under a train. I was a pub manager so my work was also my home and we lost that too and was homeless for 9 months 1 month of that my daughter being in a coma. My doctor is supportive but my world is filled with fear and now im terrified i will lose the small amount of benefit i receive if i dont go to an appointment to find work which my doctor and no esa doctor has deemed me capable of doing. I dont know how to handle this and writing this in the vain attempt to get some advice as google searches are coming up with nothing:-( Can anyone help me?
  3. Full story : - http://www.theguardian.com/society/2014/nov/18/panic-room-woman-challenges-bedroom-tax
  4. Hello, I've been reading here all day and I've followed lots of advice but am still paniking!!! I've been stupid enough to get into this situation and dearly need to get straight but Rossendales are being really awkward! The full story, I was in a crappy relationship, rent & council tax were in my name, he didn't pay. I'd ended the relationship & left and suddenly started getting letters to my Mothers house (given to them by the landlord) I contacted council, set up to pay and like an idiot never managed to pay! It was then passed to rossendales. I've been contacting them weekly to set up payments, sent my payment plan, paid a nominal £10 each Thursday and constantly explained to them I did not live at the address they had I was inbetween houses. (Long long one but I was on the last 4 months of a course and the choice was give up 2 years work or allow my children to live with their Dad while I sofa surfed to save money & finish, that has actually worked and I'll have full time work from September & my ex husband has allowed me to take over the mortgage at this point & he'll move out as the kids are settled) Yesterday a bailiff arrived and scared the hell out of my Mum, she did not let him in and I finally got Rossendales to take her address off.... catch being they had to put the ex husbands address on.... like a fool I gave them this and then had a call from the bailiff that he was arriving with a van! I've written out the really helpful letter found on here, locked all the doors & windows and told the kids & ex husband. He is understandably fuming as it is HIS house and HIS possesions and nothing is mine (divorce was 2 years ago and came before he bought this I am on nothing, I left all possesions other than the childrens at the idiot place & yes the ex husband I probably should have just stayed with!) I've been passed between the council & rossendales all morning, when I've tried to phone the bailiff he's threatened to take the beds??? sofa??? kids things??? (he can't do this can he??) and I'm slowly getting myself really worked up!!! Do I leave this house and go back to being homeless and all?? I know he's now visited my Mothers house twice (he went last night and this morning) so can he come here as it's a new address?? Sorry it's long and ranty! I'm in a ridiculous state as I'm stressing that now all the years sacrifices will just be for nothing!! Thank You, Hannah
  5. My 18 yr old son has just informed me that he has finished school, as in signed off 6th form now, last friday (before half term) He is due to start college in september. I only spoke to HMRC the other day about him going to college & it's been put on their system for tax credits. But officially he is no longer in education is he! When he started 6th form, it was a 2 year course, yet it's not 2 years is it?! Am I supposed to stop claiming housing benefit/tax credits with him classed as in education, from now until september? This came about as another lad today said he should claim Job seekers allowance until he goes to college? And it got me thinking. Can he even do that? When I say signed off 6th form, I mean his course has actually finished, he's done his exams. He hasn't left before he was supposed to or anything like that.
  6. Hi Can anyone offer me any advice please. I got a speeding ticket about a year and a half ago. The situation has escalated to where I now owe Collectica £450. I have been paying them back £20 per month as that is all I can afford. But this is not good enough for them. I cannot have a normal conversation with them over the telephone as they are just so rude and aggressive. I am now on my third letter through the door. This third one is a Notice of Intention to Enter and Search my Premises removal notice. What rights do they have? What can I do? I have had a letter from the doctors due to my illness which I sent to the Courts but they have still passed my debt to Collectica. You wouldn't believe how stressful this is for me. I'm a single Mum with no support. Can I use being a "vulnerable" household to get them off my back. Any help would be much appreciated. I've left out a lot of detail for how I got into this position as I wasn't sure if it was necessary. Thank you.
  7. Hi everyone, First time on here any help would be greatly appreciated. Had a credit card with Virgin , MBNA, and ended up with just under 6000 owing on it. Self employed and ended up not being able to pay monthly repayments. After debt being sold to god knows how many different companies ended up with IDR finance from Wales. Made offers of payments, all refused. Below is a time line of following events, really worried now and don't really know what to do or who to turn to. SEPT 2012 sent claim form for CCJ from Northampton County Court.(admitted full liability) OCT 2012 Judgment passed. Repayment of £20.00 PM to be paid. Standing order set up to pay, ongoing no payment missed. DEC 2012 Letter telling me they were going to different court for a reditermination hearing. FEB 2013 Judgement passed. Pay full amount forthwith !!! FEB 2013 I sent in form N245 (I think) it cost £40.00 and had means test on it with my offer of £20.00 PM(filed within 14 days) FEB 2013 Letter from IDR telling me they have applied for a charge on my house. The time from sending in form to the court and receiving letter was 5 days, so they may have overlapped. What will the charge do?. Can they force me to sell. Many thanks All
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