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Found 7 results

  1. Hi - Recently I refurbished my concrete garage floor. Scrubbed and acid-etched it, applied epoxy primer and 4 coats of epoxy paint for a lovely deep colour. Then finally applied a transparent protective topcoat, which went horribly wrong. The topcoat was supposed to be "smooth satin finish with excellent flow”, but it was actually quite viscous and didn't flow or settle well. Even worse, it didn't dry transparent, but with a cloudy white effect - the floor looks like a glazed doughnut. All materials were highest quality major brand and all bought retail on-line from same UK supplier (nearly £400). I am now in discussion with the supplier about this, and working through the predictable excuses ("you can't have mixed it properly", "no-one else has complained" etc). I am absolutely confident that it was correctly mixed and applied, using scrupulously clean tools etc. I had successfully applied 5 previous coats, this wasn't my first rodeo. The topcoat has set hard, and can't be removed. My only option is to paint over it all again, and this will probably need two coats of epoxy paint to reinstate the deep, rich colour. The materials for that will be around £100. I am hoping that the supplier will provide this additional paint without charge, and if so I'm happy to settle. If they won't offer a reasonable solution, then I will buy the necessary paint from another supplier and pursue it through the small claims procedure). What I'm not sure about is the basis for the court claim, should that be necessary. The supplied topcoat was materially defective, but I can't realistically return it for a refund because it's stuck to the floor. Also a simple refund of one can of topcoat sealant would only be about £40, leaving me well out of pocket. So I think this is maybe a "consequential damages" situation, or a tort? Would I pursue that in the ordinary way by reference to Consumer Rights Act 2015, or is a different model of claim necessary? Grateful for any advice, and especially for links to relevant information. Thanks
  2. Hi all, About 12 months ago my partner and I bought three ceiling lights from Dunelm and fitted them using the recommended bulbs. Over the past 12 months dark stains have appeared on our ceiling above each bulb. A sample light was sent back to Dunelm who investigated the issue with the supplier and eventually accepted liability, offering to pay to have our ceilings repainted. This is all great and we're happy with the service. We obtained quotes and sent a middle-of-the-road quote to Dunelm for approval, however they refuse to send me the money, instead insisting the money is paid directly to the decorator we contract to do the work. I have a few issues with this. It's not the decorator who has suffered a loss, we have, so why is not us who are compensated for an agreed sum? Second, I have never paid upfront for any work in the past, which appears to be what Dunelm expect me to do in effect. I guess my question is, is there any basis on which to insist it is me who is compensated, leaving me free to contract whomever I wish?
  3. I am currently tidying up the house doing little jobs. The bannister rail was varnished in a dark colour, most of which I have been able to remove and will keep going until it is fully removed ( bit of a job) The question is whether to re-varnish in a lighter colour or to prime paint, then coat with a hard wearing oil based white paint. With varnish over a period of time, grease from hands gets into the varnish making it unstable and needing to be removed, re-varnished. With white paint, it will get a little dirty over a period of time, but if you clean it regularly with a damp sponge, it would not look too bad. The option of leaving it as bare wood is not really an option, as removing the varnish will have caused slight noticeable damage. What do people suggest ? I know it is a question of personal taste to a certain extent.
  4. Home base have done me wrong! I'm here because I've never had an issue to really complain before. I had paint mixed to the colors I wanted in satinwood but even though it says satinwood on the tins it's matt. All my hours of rubbing down the chairs ruined, also they've been freshly woven with fabrics so to repaint is impossible but it's all peeling off. Also my kitchen cupboards are ruined and peeling. I am an amateur so thought I'd done something wrong but as I'd sanded and sugar soaped everything when a friend who paints visited and I asked them why the peeling was happening they got a cloth and WIPED the paint off the door they told me it was matt. How do I go about getting compensation from such a big place? Will I have to take them to court. Please help, I can't afford to reweave chairs let alone can't face rubbing and now stripping everything
  5. On the 10th March 2014 I ordered some car paint from a company called Car Paint Repair and paid by VISA debit card £16.49 including postage. After a week days and no delivery, I emailed them to query it and the reply was that the goods were in post and to wait a few more days. Yesterday and today I emailed them and no reply. I have tried phoning but no answer. I have since done a search and found a number fo bad reviews for this company. My fault I should have checked them out first for reviews. Is there any way I can get my bank, Nationwide to cancel the transaction and refund the money back to my card? thanks.
  6. Hi folks I am stuck and hope one of you clever people can help me. I bought a new VW Caddy last year for work, 03/11, and after a few months the paint started flaking off the 2 rims on the driver side only. No problems on the passenger side... I mentioned this to VW at time of service, 03/12, but heard nothing back. Yesterday I cleaned the van and noticed that the paint has now flaked off on about 25% - 35% of the driver side rims. Both front and back. Drove over to VW and they fobbed me off with it's down to "external factors" and will not be covered under the warranty. WHAT is "external factors" I only ask because the guy at the dealer couldn't tell me and said that the warranty manager said it's "you know, external factors" Has any of you come across this before? Surely this is a new van and they can at least respray them? It looks really tatty... Thanks for your help in advance!!
  7. Hi guys, Need a little advice as to what my rights are on this!! So, let me start at the beginning. Happy little ol' me gets new car home, waits a month and then takes into the garage about 6 weeks later for its 1000 mile/1 month service. Now to begin with, it arrived with a scratch which they had admitted was done when fitting a panel and agreed to repair. This was only small and in a fairly unobvious place so I was fine with the small paint touch up required to fix it. Here comes the worst part. While there, parked in the lot post service, some lovely inconsiderate idiot opened their door into my car (or so I have been informed) leaving the usual trademark door dent. Now, normally with my little old car I would have been happy with the paint repair job and all would have been well. However, this is a 6 week old vehicle that went in with immaculate paintwork, not a scratch (bar the small one at time of fitting) and not a dent. So, my concern is that there will still be a visible blemish either to the frame or the paintwork. In fairness is my other gripe that is that this was my first brand new car all specially made for me waited for months and now it has been spoilt, but on this I dont think I have a stand point. Apologies for the ramble but thought it would be best to explain in full. What are my rights here? I haven't seen the car yet but I just want to go in prepared. Am I entitled still to a full refund as the car will no longer be 'as new'? Any help and advice would be much appreciated!! On a cynical note, why is it that my local garage my old car used to go to never did anything and now both cars I have taken to a dealership have been returned with damage (the last was on my old car which made it easier to accept though equally as tiresome!)!!!! A frustrated car owner who is in desparate need of some advice!!!!
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