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Found 9 results

  1. Hi , could a techie help, please - I've been trying to get into & download the interest calculator spreadsheet listed but when i click on to any of the links i get a message (with the CAG logo) saying 404 Page Not Found - and below it is a picture of a missing person, and caption saying "neither is xxxx". Any ideas anyone? Are the links themselves corrupted?
  2. Hi this will take some explaining but with try my best! My granddaughter ( aged 2 and a half ) decided she would play with the mouse on my pc while my back was turned, no idea what she has done but I now have a screen that has a big margin at the bottom! This means I can now see my desktop picture where before I could see the whole page, hope this makes sense! I have tried everything to get it how it was but can not find how to get it back, The zoom is 100% so that is fine, just at a loss to what to do, I did restart the pc in the hope it would rectify itself but nope! It is a bit hard I guess to explain this, and not really sure if can do a screen shot? I am not very PC Savy lol Thanks Sandy xx
  3. Good afternoon I have received the attached response following a CCA letter. Is this contact or not as they are now saying the debt has become enforceable. If not correct what do I need to do now. Below is my original post re this Many thanks http://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/showthread.php?467679-Unable-to-pay-DMP-as-now-unemployed CCA return.pdf
  4. https://m.facebook.com/npowerofficial/photos/a.458948164151561.113457.453780661334978/913197612059945/?type=1&comment_id=943978288981877&offset=0&total_comments=462&src=email_notif Anyone like to tell those people to come here for help.
  5. We will no longer be able to give advice or to comment on the Npower Nightmare Facebook group because we have been blocked. If you are a member of one of the other groups – Npower Boycott, Nasty Npower, Consumers Against NPower, etc and you see comments which are posted on this forum or in one of those groups and which you feel might be useful to the people who are on the Npower Nightmare Facebook group, then you might think to relay those comments to those people because we will be unable to do so directly. Some of you might also feel inclined to let the members of the Npower Nightmare Facebook group know that the Consumer Action Group has been blocked because I expect that most of them don't realise it. The way that the Npower Nightmare group is being conducted would almost lead you to believe that it is a shill group of Npower – but of course that is just being fanciful, isn't it?
  6. Last night (no doubt in preparation of Barry Beavis's Court of Appeal case in a few days times) the RAC Foundation issued a 64 page statement from a highly respected QC questioning the legality of private parking tickets. The document is stunning and is a 'must read' for anyone with an interest in these dreadful private parking tickets. http://www.racfoundation.org/assets/rac_foundation/content/downloadables/RACF_Private_Parking_Public_Concern_John_de_Waal_Jo_Abbott_February_2015.pdf
  7. Why is it quicker to get a CAG page to load by double clicking ? This is not unique to CAG. If you experience slowish page loading on any site, if you double click quickly, the page is much quicker to load.
  8. The top part of the CAG emblem is cut off which includes My CP, sign out, etc along the top. Tried on another PC and same thing. Help required please. Thanks team
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