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Found 8 results

  1. Took delivery of a brand new E-Pace and initially all was good until 6th June was drive on a dual carriage way and the front collision detection system triggered incorrectly. The car was bought to a stand still, the hand brake applied, and engine switched off, no vehicles or obstruction in front of car. Luckily the lorry and car behind our realised there was a fault and avoided a collision, wife and daughter very shaken. Reported to dealership who were very concerned and asked to bring it into dealership, they inspected the car found errors or logs relating to the time of the incident. Dealership said we could not have our car back it was too dangerous hire car was provided. were hoping there was an identifiable fault that would be quickly fix but after a week still investigations were ongoing we therefore rejected the car as ‘no fit for purchase’ Initially dealership were onboard and told us to report the issue to Jaguar Finance stating we were going to reject the car. Dealership the found a replacement car but delays started to happen Main issues were the replacement car was £600 which I wasn’t prepared to pay but also I’d used Jaguar Privilege staff discount which caused problems I continued to chase and was told ‘we have to follow process’. By this stage I’d already escalated the issue to the Jaguar Executive team. 2nd June still no updates chased and was told still waiting for report from engineers at which point I expressed concern and threated legal action. Magically a few hours later I received a call from dealership, no Jaguar stating that no fault had been found and as a result they could not replace my car and I’d have to have my original car back. I have stressed that no fault found does not mean the incident did not happen, in theory it is now more serious as Jaguar are aware of an issue and have been unable to identify the cause. Weekly summary of the events below, I have a very detailed breakdown of events Is there anything I can do, my wife now does not want to drive the car, she did feel happier knowing the car was going to be replaced. Now she will be concerned if it happens again. 25/05/2018 1 Delivery and handover of E-Pace 01/06/2018 2 Identified faults, rear fog light wiring, alarm triggered, 3G Issues 06/06/2018. Collision detection system triggered incorrectly 08/06/2018 3 Car returned to Marshalls due to serious fault, refused to return car as logs found, too dangerous 15/06/2018 4 "Asked to call Finance company and inform them car is not fit for purpose and is being rejected. All ad-min good and complete and everyone had approved the replacement. Christian had identifed a suitable vehicle but due to additional cost it needed approval but shouldn't be an issue." 22/06/2018 5 Replacement vehicle hadn't been approved, must follow process. 29/06/2018 6 "Issue relating to Privilege voucher resolved Christian working to locate suitable replacement car. Additional £600 reguired for new car, unwilling to pay extra, Marshalls unable to cover costs. Potential issues with Q3 pricing in comparison to Q2, need to wait until next week." 06/07/2018 7 Q3 SE Specification changed, Drive Pack now an additional £700 cost option.
  2. Hi I've just received a letter accusing me of fly tipping and feel absolutely sick. I have to go for an interview next week. As much as a caution and I will lose my job. They have apparently found evidence with my name and my nans address on. I have never lived at my nans but have had packages delivered before when I've been at work. The place they're accusing me of fly tipping I've never even been and have had to google Maps search to find out where it is. It's nearly 40 min drive from me and 30 mins from my nans in Manchester. We've had 2 skips the last couple of months but through a reputable company and I've contacted them to see where their waste goes if it's passed on etc but they said it all stays within Warrington where I live. I've absolutely no idea how anything of mine could have got there. I haven't had a delivery to my nans for a long time and don't remember throwing any packaging out recently. I really don't know what to do. Please help, thanks.
  3. Hello all. On August 12th a charge notice has been issued to my car by Ace Security known as Pace Recovery & Storage. Pleasse have a look at the picture (google street map) how the place looks like: Around October 20th I've got this letter from Gladstones Solicitors: In a heat of changing a job and starting a new one, which is quite demanding, I completely forgot to do anything about this letter. Yesterday I've got another correspondence from Gladstones which is a Claim Form, so they taking me to the court now. There are a couple of more papers attached: response pack, ridiculous Admission(specified amount) and defence and counterclaim(specified amount). I do not have a problem with paying fines if it is legal, which I believe is not the case here. If I was there that day or not, or I borrowed the car it is immaterial. I do understand that I should now go online and tick the box of defending my case fully and not pay anything. What would be your advice?
  4. Hi. We're in a bit of a pickle. My daughter went to visit her boyfriend's uncle in Dockland's London. She doesn't know his address as she was being directed by her boyfriend. He directed her to park in a visitors bay when they arrived. This was in the evening a few months back. She found a ticket on her windscreen which she still has somewhere, but we read that these should be ignored as they are just trying it on, especially as she had parked in a visitors bay and only for a short while. So we ignored it. The claimant on the form is Pace Recovery and Storage Ltd (or Ace Security as per Google). The contact for sending documents or money is Gladstones Solicitors Ltd. The initial charge was £100 but the claim form says: Particulars of claim - total debt and interest £151.61 and opposite that there's a box with: amount claimed 151.61 court fee 25 legal rep costs 50 total 226.61 My daughter is distraught because we were stupid and ignored it and also because she is broke - genuinely. We are annoyed at the costs, esp the increase in costs from £100 to £151 plus all the other costs. It is particularly bad when we can barely afford to live or pay utilities yet we have no choice but to pay these fines (I don't know why but she seems to attract parking tickets!!! She has been depressed lately and not herself and we've had about six tickets in two months, but this was the first and was a couple of months earlier). We want to avoid a CCJ so will pay it if we have to but what are her rights? If we agree some of the charge, say, the original £100 will the court accept that?? If we pay it all do we pay the £151 or the £226? Very confused. How do the courts view these unfair charges esp as she thought a visitor bay would be alright to park in. Any advice would be appreciated.
  5. Hello everyone... this is my first post! I hope somebody can give me some advice as I'm sick with worry. I've read and understood all the other Fly Tipping Posts but this scenario is a little different. I live on an estate and at the top of my road there's a council public waste bit. I think it's only there because it used to be a bus stop there but that service no longer runs. Anyway, over the last 2 years there has been an accumulation of black bags from residents surrounding this bin. Indeed, even the council road sweeper man leaves several bags there on his weekly rounds. A council lorry comes very regularly and collects it all. What I'm trying to say that the location appeared to be an accepted place where rubbish was being left & collected on a regular basis. Anyway, a few months ago I remember adding my own bag there as my own bin was full and wasn't due to be collected until the following week. Well, today I received a letter from the local Council saying that items of waste directly connected with me has been found in an illegal area. They want me to attend a PACE interview in December and I'm scared to death. I want to co-operate but if I say exactly as it was I know will be prosecuted which will have direct consequences for me (I'm a newly qualified Nurse applying for posts). My friend says, irrespective of circumstances they haven't got enough evidence to prosecute but as soon as I tell tem what I've done, under caution, they'll have me and proceed with prosecution. I really didn't appreciate that my action was classed as fly tipping but, because of the circumstances described above, I thought it was okay. I can't afford a solicitor and my local CAB are too stretched to offer any support. My friend further suggested that I say I have no idea how the items got there or just keep saying "no comment" but I'm not that type of person. My only defence, if you can call it one, is that the council themselves deposit waste there (I'll need to prove that) but I don't think that excuse will wash. I now appreciate I've done wrong and I feel so ashamed! Thanks for reading! Debbie
  6. Hi Guys, I recently got a letter from Pace Forward asking me to 'contact them about a personal matter.' Reading about them on this forum gave me enough info as to who they are and what they do, ie. a DCA phishing for debts. So i expected the follow up letter. This was from Rockwell and informed me i owe apprx £440 to Arrow Global, original lender Royal Bank of Scotland. I know nothing about this debt. The only dealings i've had with RBS was when I had a joint business account nearly 20 years ago. The account was closed in about 1992/93 and not in debt. I could do with some advice. I want to ignore the letter, as i don't want to give them any opportunity to 'phish me.' However i also want to protect myself and my household (from phone calls, possible house call.) So should i send the 'prove it' letter? (i have the template letter.) Any of your thoughts and advice wold be appreciated. The most annoying thing is, when I got the demand letter there was a part of me that said 'just pay it and get them off your back' which is exactly why they do this. Because a lot of people get a bit shaken when the receive official looking and out of the blue demands for money. Which other organisations can I complain to and ask for advice? Am going to CAB tomorrow morning. thanks
  7. Hi Guys, I received a letter today which states the following: Dear Mr (my name) We are trying to contact (My Name) to discuss an important personal matter and have been provided with this address. If you are the above please call us urgently on 01702 444766 in order to discuss this matter. Should you believe the information we have is incorrect please contact us so that we update our records and stop any further correspondence on this matter being sent to your address. If we do not hear otherwise within the next 10 days then we will assume we have the correct address? We thank you in anticipation of your assistance and look forward to hearing from you as soon as possible. I lived with my ex partner for 10 years before moving to where i am now in 2007 in a different county, about 6 months after i moved in i received a phone call from some debt agency saying i owed them money for a computer i had purchased from kays catalogue, i did get a computer but i never signed anything it was always in my ex partners name, i cannot honestly remember signing for anything? Foolishly being gullible, they scared me into paying £10 a month, even though i'm on low benefits, this went on for a few years when my benefits were cut and i rang the debt company and explained, they said don't worry about it and i stopped paying, that was 2 years ago and i'm surmising this is what this letter is all about? I'm just so worried where it says if we do not hear from you in the next 10 days they will assume that this is me. I just lost my dad in august and could well do without more trauma - i'm really scared. Any helpful advice you could give me i would really appreciate it. Kind regards steve
  8. Hi, I hope someone can help me or give me some advice, I'm really anxious and don't know what to do for the best. Basically the story is that I got in from work last night and had a letter waiting for me from a company called 'Pace Forward', it says that they are trying to contact me 'in order to discuss a personal matter'. I was immediately concerned as the wording of the letter is very vague, it doesn't say what it is relation too but it says to call them immediately, it goes on to say that if I am not the person named above then to contact them so they can remove my address from their records. When I was younger, (about 6 years ago) I was living with friends and ran up some debt, I have almost finished paying everything back but I remember that I defaulted on a credit card which was never resolved to be honest, I'd pretty much forgot about it as its been so long and I have never heard anything from anyone in all this time. But then I get this letter out of the blue and its the only thing that it can be, I'm now really worried as I have just about got myself sorted then this happens. I checked my credit report about 3 months ago and there was nothing on their regarding this credit card so I was just hoping that I wouldn't here anymore about it. I don't even know how much they want from me, but my instinct is not to ring the number, but equally how am I going to find out? Does anyone know if this sum will have just been accruing interest for all these years if so, I don't know how I'm ever going to be able to pay it back?? I'm meant to be buying a house with my girlfriend in the next few months and i'm worried that this will scupper any chance of that by damaging my credit rating. If anyone could give me some advice I'd really, really appreciate it, at the moment I just feel a bit worried and I don't know what to do for the best. Thanks, worriedandconcerned
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