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Found 6 results

  1. I bought a EE PAYGO simcard this week, topped up with £10 on Monday, the next day I rang EE to transfer my existing number with another provider over to EE, which they happly took. Once my number was ported to EE on Tuesday, the next day I saw a better cheaper deal with another network, rang EE on Wednesday to request a PAC code to leave, I was told to ring back today, which I did. I requested a PAC code and was asked how much I had topped up. I told them £10 on Monday, EE said thats not the correct information on their system I explained I bought the simcard, topped up with £10, then the next day I ported my number over to EE. EE said that does not match what they have on their system. I logged into my online EE a/c and saw for 6 Oct/6 Nov 2 amounts of top ups in made in the a/c, which I could never have done (as was not even with EE and only ported my number this week to EE) for over £100 each in Oct/Nov. My available credit was showing as 1pence, after I had used it up to ring EE. How these 2 amounts of £100 plus top ups that were done in Oct/Nov for £100 plus are showing in my a/c I have no idea. Have EE somehow mixed up my data with another customer? I rang EE spoke to a guy, who asked how much I topped up and what card I used, provided the information he tells me, thats not what he can see on his system, I explained I bought the card this week, topped up £10, the next day after topping up I requested a PAC code to leave, was told to ring back after 2 days, which I did. EE guy point blank refused to provide PAC code, told me my a/c had been locked because I 'provided the wrong information', at this stage I was livid, all I was asking for was a PAC code. EE guy told me to go with ID to an EE store and ask them to provide access to my EE a/c, then ring EE again to go through security. I was cut off by the EE guy, rang again, got through to another EE guy who was even more aggressive towards me. I asked to speak to his team leader, who was the same. I explained the situation, the team leader said, the bank statement will not show to which number the £10 top was made to, so that was not valid, when I said I would email it him, after he asked to see it, then changed his mind. I requested the EE team leader listen to the call I made a day before requesting a PAC code, being asked how much I topped up (£10) and by which method, which I correctly answered and was told to ring back the next day (which is today). EE team leader said, you need to show ID at EE store, then ask the store to give access to your account, then ring us and we can try to give your PAC code. I was boiling at this point and refused his request, telling him, why should I take my ID to an EE store when I've only this week, ported my number to EE, topped up £10 and now requesting simply a PAC code to leave. EE team leader said he would not discuss the acc with me, because I provided the wrong information, I asked him how on earth were 2 top ups in Oct/Nov showing in my a/c for over £100 each, when I only topped up £10 this week, then ported my number the next day, then asked for a PAC code to leave EE when I found a cheaper deal. Please please can anyone with experience please help me. That number is over 10 years old and I have no intention to lose it because of a mistake by EE. How on earth are 2 top ups made in Oct/Nov for over £100 each are showing in my acc, when I was not even with EE. think they had made a big mistake somewhere and mixed my details up with some? Please help, I have been crying after the terrible aggresssive attitude of EE and they demanding I take ID to EE store, they were talking to me like I was a criminal:sad: EE have refused point blank to discuss my a/c and even explain how on earth those 2 top ups for over £100 in Oct/Nov are showing in my a/c, they talked to me like I was a criminal, all I called for was a PAC code, I provided correct information. Could an EE employee I could have spoken to have done this to my acc, to make it look dodgy somehow? Because I asked to leave the same week?
  2. I have seen the following issue on a couple of occasions, particularly EE but I think it may be common. When you leave a company, you commonly need to give 30 days notice provided you are not in a longer agreement. If you want to take your number with you, you commonly request a PAC code, which is only valid for 30 days, effectively is the start of your notice, and you leave when the PAC code is actioned by your new provider. On two occasions now with EE, relatives have decided to leave, informed them and got the PAC code to transfer their number. They have always ensured that the PAC code is actioned after they have paid another months service amount - to ensure the 30 days is covered. On both occasions, EE have refunded an amount left relating to the unused days of the 30 day advance payment taken by DD - even though this was not requested or expected - BUT then charged them a larger fee for giving less than 30 days notice. In addition to everything else, if not spotted, and you have cancelled the DD with them, then you could end up with them chasing you for unpaid debts. My other half is about to leave EE/Orange and we will watch it very carefully They have already credited her with £10 (after complaint) for failures in service related to this.
  3. This whole nightmare started when I upgraded to a sim only contract but they got it wrong (third time) so I phoned to cancel the upgrade. When they cancelled the upgrade they also cancelled my contract which they are calling a glitch. I now have had no service for 2 days and just want to leave. The problem is as they have cancelled my number so a pac code cannot be generated. It gets worse though because when I asked to just cancel my contract they told me the early termination fee would be £540! This is because the cancelled upgrade will only be processed when my service is reconnected. I had less than two months left on my original £38 a month contract. They are giving me a refund of line rental for the days I don't have service and £10 for the inconvenience (how generous!) Originally they said it would take 24-48hrs to get reconnected and now they're saying 48-72hrs. I feel trapped and don't know what to do in this situation. They've also deleted my account so I can't see bills or anything and as my number is cancelled I can't even phone them as you need to enter your number when you call. I've ordered a giffgaff sim in the mean time but I'm so angry at how they've treated me and others. I kept asking to be let out of my contract without penalty but they just ignored me #11196366
  4. My 18 month Vodafone contract ended back in 28/05/2013. I only found this out by talking to a chap in a local VF store, who also kindly asked why I had 100MMS and free calls to 0800 number add on as most people wouldn't use this. My response was, I never asked for those services nor knew I had them so you tell me why they are there!? He had no idea and intimated they must have been on since I started the contract. He took the add on's off and advised I would now be saving £5 per month. Confused as to how those services are on my account, I asked what about the past 18 months worth of £5 lots??? Can I reclaim those? Unfortunately not was the response. After speaking numerous times to online assistants and emailing cust services I was made aware that these add on's were added at THREE different times throughout my contract, once for the 100MMS and twice for the 0800. Now, not only do I not need or want these add on's, but they have been added to my account without my knowledge!!! I'm dumbfounded. Now I've visited my store twice and have been told twice that due to the account being in arrears VF won't allow me to give notice of cancellation (even though I am out of contract) and will not issue me a final bill. They will not issue a PAC. They have agreed to refund the value of the add on's but this is immaterial, my issue is with the unethical addition of services without my consent or knowledge!!! Now I am being told I will need to wait until VF cuts the line off before I will get a final bill, which considering the line is currently out of service means I will be paying another £80, pushing me into further arrears with VF for a service/line rental I CANNOT USE... How can you charge a consumer for a service they can't use??? I told the chap in store: "Imagine I own a garage and you come in, fill up and I charge you £40 for petrol. But you don't get any petrol. You've just been charged for something you can't use." This goes against everything I know in GC23 and if not resolved I will be speaking with OFCOM, which will cost VF £330, considerably more than the amount o/s from myself. So far here's my laundry list of issues: Twice VF have taken a DD payment from my account on a different day than specified, costing me bank fees and degrading my credit score. On 11/04/2013 100 MMS Add on added without my knowledge or consent. On 20/01/2013 Free calls to 0800 Add on added without my knowledge or consent. On 08/02/2013 An updated Free calls to 0800 Add on added without my knowledge or consent. This is frankly unbelievable and a fine example of miss-selling IMHO. 4 Times now I have asked to end my contract, which ended on 28/05/2013. I have been refused my PAC code. 2 Entirely ridiculous live chat convos with VF team, rude and unhelpful. "You: I am no longer in contract with VF You: And as such am entitled to end my agreement Amr Ismail: You are in contract with us as a month by month contract You: Any outstanding monies should be billed accordingly upon termination of contract You: And I am within my right to cancel You: If you continue to keep my contract active against my wishes I will not pay any additional amounts You: Please send me a document containing your terms which state that you can keep me in a contract against my wishes Amr Ismail: I do apologize about any inconvenience Mr Farmer. If we can cancel the contract now we would have requested it for you. I'm afraid we won't be able to cancel the contract before you make a payment with the outstanding balance You: Which means if I am unable to make payment I will incur further line rental and call charges??? You: For a service I am telling you now I no longer wish" "You: Who do I need to speak with to discuss this in more detail, concerning both the mis-selling and PAC request? Kimo: actually to be able to get the PAC code, the cancellation team can assist you with this, however they wouldn;t be able to do that now until the balance on the account gets cleared, that's why we advised with it You: What about my concerns with mis sold services Kimo: actually you are now out of this contract, and you don't have a proof to tell that the services are not added as part of the contract, so we are not able to refund anything that has to do with them You: Irrelevant of your note, I have been paying for services I did not ask for nor require. This is the definition of mis selling You: Whom do I talk with to escalate this further? Kimo: you are talking to me now Kimo: and it's not about who you talk to Kimo: this is an ended contract You: As I do not believe you have the status to assist me correctly Kimo: so we can't discuss a refund for smelting that you have been paying for on your bills (clearly) every month Kimo: something* Kimo: specially if you don't have a proof to support what you kindly say (that you don't know they are there) Kimo: so regardless who you would talk to, this is the same advice that you will get You: I wish to take this matter further. Please advise who I need to speak with Kimo: we are sorry to advise that even taking it further, will not get you any refund, so we are advising with this to save your time You: Please direct me to whom I can talk with You: VF have not acted in me, the consumer's, best interests. Irrelevant of being in or out of contract this is still miss selling and can be upheld. Kimo: where did you get the contract from, was it a Vodafone store? You: Yes, I advised this to you earlier. Kimo: great, then you can kindly go the same store that as per your advice missold you the contract and discuss it with the store manager You: I am unable to go to the store. I wish to discuss this in more detail via telephone" I am at my wits end here. I am being told I will be kept in contract until I pay a bill or VF decides to cut the line and send to a debt collector. They don't seem to care or think it is unacceptable, unethical and/or just plain wrong to add services as they see fit. After emails, numerous live chats with VF, two trips to the store and still no resolution I am at my wits end. Please help.
  5. Its a long story. But basically I need to remove the phone number I have on my Orange contract and put it on another phone on a different contract. BUT, I have another 12 months left on my contract, and they wont give me my PAC code unless I pay a £535 contract cancellation fee. I am happy to continue paying the orange contract with a new phone number. But they say this is impossible. What I don't understand is that they are more than happy to give me a new number, but cant give me the PAC code for the current number before they do. Where do I stand? What are my options? Thank you in advance
  6. The Public Accounts Committee (PAC) has warned that the £66 billion paid by taxpayers to bailout Lloyds Banking Group and the Royal Bank of Scotland (RBS) at the height of the financial crisis may never be recovered. In a report published today looking at the Treasury’s handling of the Northern Rock crisis, the PAC, chaired by Margaret Hodge MP, said: "The Treasury was unable to respond promptly when the banking crisis hit because it lacked the right skills and understanding.” She said that overall the rescue of Northern Rock is likely to cost taxpayers £2 billion and that the sale of Northern Rock to Virgin Money had been “fortunate.” Ms Hodge does not expect the same thing to happen to Lloyds Banking Group or RBS and warned that it could take years for them to be sold. The UK taxpayer currently owns 40 per cent of Lloyds and 82 per cent of RBS. Since the part-nationalisation of these banks, there share price has plummeted meaning that if they were sold now at their current market value, the government and the UK taxpayer would lose billions of pounds. The share price of RBS has improved over the past 12 months, up from a low in January of 175 pence per share, up to 280 now. Meanwhile, Lloyds share price has doubled during the past 12 months from a low of 22.5 pence per share up to today’s figure of 45p. However, in order to get the taxpayers stake back, the government would have to sell RBS shares at around 500 pence per share and although Lloyds share price has enjoyed a similar rise this year, the shares would have to rise by about 40 per cent from their present level. The PAC report suggests that there is a risk that the £66 billion used to bailout the two banks may never be recovered. In a scathing attack on the Treasury and UK Financial Investments (UKFI), the body that took over the taxpayer interests in RBS and Lloyds, the report said after nationalization the Treasury “failed to effectively challenge the optimistic business plan put forward by the bank's management to split the bank.” More: http://www.myfinances.co.uk/investments/2012/11/16/pac-highly-critical-of-treasury-over-bailout-of-lloyds-rbs
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