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Found 4 results

  1. I brought a monthly pass using my bf’s student card accidentally and then I discovered few days later. The reason I didn't realise at that time is that we have the same card holder and both with the ID photo facing down, and we both have the 18+ student oyster card so the charge for the monthly pass is the same as well. Then we decided to keep using it and make sure is only me (one person using the card), so we didn’t take any advantage of tfl. as we are new to the country we didn't know the consequences of using someone else’s oyster would be so serious (eg criminal record). I got caught today on my way back home on the bus, the inspector took my bf’s card and took my personal details, and told me the tfl would send me a letter to ask me clarify the situation. I don’t think I am taking any advantage of tfl by paying less using a discounted card but I have seen some of the case on the internet and I am surprised by how serious of the consequences. I am really worried about it now and can anyone give me some suggestions on how can I write my letter? Or having the same experience as me that can share with me how did you manage it? Also, anyone can tell me if I am having a high chance of getting a criminal record from this? I really hope that it can resolved outside the court as I am an international student studying healthcare related subjects. Having a criminal record would mean that I cannot get a job in this field and wasted my three years of education. Thank You and I really appreciate it if anyone can help me.
  2. Hello, I haven't received a letter from TfL yet, I just have been reading threads here and want to seek early advice before it arrives. Here is what has happened, I took the wrong oyster card when i left in a hurry after seeing my brother and I used a PAYG. He thought he has lost it and didn't report right away. It was my bad habit that I always don't check the monitor on my way in and way out as I only commute between work place and home Monday to Friday and I work out the number of journeys I make in a week and therefore top up weekly. As you all know it didn't take me that long to find out this card wasn't mine when I was doing the weekly top-up. I told my brother that I had his card and he said I could keep it since he didn't use it as frequently as last year and I just started my internship and he thought it could help me a bit since I was saving up for a qualification course. I must admit that I had made a hugh mistake back then by continuing to use his card in the hope that I wouldn't get caught that easily until yesterday. Detail of questions being asked: - whose card it was, answered it was my brother's - who bought the monthly passes over last 2 months, admitted it was me - why used my brother's card, told him that our cards got mixed up and I thought it was mine plus I didn't check the monitor on my way in and out and I agreed that I should have done so. - when start using his card in April, answered I was unsure about the exact day. I didn't tell him that I have been using it for more than 2 months. All i was thinking back at the station was that he only got the evidence of last 2 months and I only answered to what he has got.... - Do I have another card to use, I told him that I have a ordinary adult one. What is the purpose of asking this question? I don't know if I have made my situation worse by doing so and I really worried sick, even more when thinking of the serious consequence of having a criminal record for being a fare evader. I can't afford to have a criminal record since I just started my career. I feel so stupid and regret for my action and looking back I have made it through in an even worse financial situation. I certainly wouldn't do it again. I understand I will be receiving a letter from Tfl soon and I know I can't do anything but to tell the truth and how sorry I truly am. Is it a good idea to voluntarily disclose the actually start date of the misuse? any specific advice on what to include to make them believe that this is only a one-off case will also be much appreciated. Thank you very much.
  3. I've just been caught using my little sisters Oyster card today at 17:00. Her Oyster card was taken by the inspector and is currently being used as evidence. I've been told I will be contacted in 10 working for my side of the story on why I was using my sisters Oyster card. The inspector said that if I write back to them and give a clear reason of why I used the oyster I.e "picked it up by accident" before leaving home it may be a sufficient enough excuse and a settlement may be issued. Please give me advise on what i should do. Should I do anything at all ?
  4. Hi all, I have read up on some threads about fare evasion in general and felt that it would be useful if some experts could advise me on my specific case. So to lay it out - my girlfriend graduated last year and has been jobhunting for a while. She obtained a temporary job which required regular travel and i thought I could let her use my student oyster (she paid for travelcards herself). I personally used a PAYG oyster as I prefer to walk/cycle when the weather is nice and only tube when the weather is horrible. Obviously, she was caught at the station with my card and was informed that we would receive a letter from TfL soon and face prosecution having signed a statement of some sort. We realise now how stupid it was and would never do it again - a criminal record for a new graduate in the current climate would really ruin our lives. I should mention that this is a first time offence if it's not obvious. As i understand, we should soon be receiving a letter for TfL and a court summons shortly after. I intend on writing to the prosecution manager as soon as possible with an apology and hope that TfL will not continue with the prosecution (it's in my opinion that the prosecution would probably be successful. It's hard to deny that she was using my student card when it is linked to her bank account payments, as well as regular travel) Could you give me any advice on how to proceed? Specific advice on how to write the letter and what to include would be really much appreciated - what would construed as "exceptional circumstances" (referring to tfl.gov.uk/assets/downloads/revenue-enforcement-and-prosecutions-policy.pdf, section 8.3(e)? Any advice I would be incredibly grateful for. EDIT: Edit with details of questioning by the inspector: She was taken aside by the ticket inspector and was asked to show a valid ticket - she showed my card She was asked who's card it was - answered that it was mine and admitted that she had been using my card She was cautioned about upcoming questions Ticket Inspector asked questions, noting down questions and responses as follows: Do you realise you're not supposed to use someone's card? Yes - realised, but didn't realise seriousness of consequences Do you know it's an offence not to have a valid ticket? Yes What was your previous card for travel? Student Oyster card and recently graduated Do you have another card to use? No How long have you been using the card? November but unsure. Asked again who's card it was and reason for having it - boyfriend's card and used it because he began to cycle What is your occupation? Temporary work having recently graduated I'm not sure if this can help in any way but I thought the additional information may be useful to get a better idea of the situation.
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