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Found 2 results

  1. Evening people, slightly confused and really needing some advice. I would just like to front im not a bad customer, im not one of these who complains about everything I am actually quite considerable, as apposed to the person I am dealing with quite frankly taking the ...... Anyway onto the point, I made an order on January 4th 2014 for a full computer build over at Overclockers UK. I paid £1.1k for the full system and everything was great all until the 9th May 2014 just 4 months and 5 days from the original purchase date where the graphics card failed. After buying all new parts to 'test' upon their advice it turned out to be what I suspect it of. Being scared of getting charged for sending back an unfaulty product, it turned out it was faulty and it took over a month to get it sent back, repaired and replaced. All is good, I have my build back up and running, then comes the 24th September 2015, 1 Year and 4 months after having it replaced the exact same problem happens again.. Under warranty and at my cost £40 now to send it back (including the first time) I have the card sent back to be repaired. Instead this time they sent me back an actual graphics card that they had received from another customer sending it for repair. So they sent me a totally different, second hand repaired graphics card. That's two completely different cards I have now been in possession of, once again it ran fine everything was good up until recently, the 25th July 2016 the card had the exact same fault, it basically crash's under 3D load deeming it absolutely void from its primary usage. The card is now not under warranty, and they are pretty much just telling me to **** off. I even asked for advice on their forums and they closed the thread and told me to 'Post in the customer support section'. Below is the full correspondence so far; ((Note, this 'discount offer' was after I asked them to confirm the address in regards to me sending them a letter via post)) At first they just wanted to shoo me off, I kept at it and they finally somewhat budged.. I just dont know, I am down £400 right now. I could partially understand if I had no issues prior but still, this is the 3rd card in just over 2 years with the exact same issue and they are just not having any of it. Any and all advice is highly appreciated, thank you for taking the time to help me in advance.
  2. From my recent experiences with Overclockers UK, it would appear that they have a policy NOT to issue refunds on the outgoing shipping charges in the event they sell you a faulty item. I purchased a new computer display on Friday 13th (should have known better!), which arrived the following day. This display was touted as being extremely accurate in colour expression, which is one of the reasons I opted for this model. It was only released a few weeks ago. http://www.overclockers.co.uk/showproduct.php?prodid=MO-211-SA The display itself had terrible backlight bleed and it's colour accuracy, probably because of this, was awful. [ATTACH=CONFIG]56098[/ATTACH] I spoke to Overclockers on the Monday to arrange a return and full refund due to the fault. To their credit, they did arrange to collect the item the following day. I since picked up a much better screen at around half the price. Yesterday I received an email from Overclockers informing me that I would be refunded in full, less my shipping charges of £20.70. When I rang to query this, I was told that the shipping component was a seperate service that had been supplied and it was not Overclocker's policy to refund such charges - even when the goods are faulty. (N.B. They agreed the backlight bleed was really bad). There is nothing in Overclocker's T&C's that states this. Regardless the Sales of Goods Act states that a full refund should be given, including postage costs and any other losses that have been incured as a direct result of recieving faulty goods. Had I simply changed my mind about the display (i.e. if it was not faulty), then I would have still been entitled to the basic cost of getting the item to me as per the Consumer Contracts Regulations 2013. Overclockers' T&C's state something similar. However, when presented with this information I was still refused a refund. Furthermore I was refused a conversation with the manager, even though the advisor himself had consulted with him/her only moments before. Again, something along the lines of "Company Policy". Only after repeated insistence that Overclockers would be breaking the law should they not provide a refund, did the adviser apparently receive a "thumbs-up" from his manager to "authorise a refund in this instance". Great - but it would still appear the company stance is not to provide this automatically for other consumers! Incidentally, the display itself is now listed at a £60.00 reduction for "this week only". Wonder why... ----- Sadly, I did record the conversation using a new app on my phone but the record quality is terrible! If I can clean it up I'll try and post it on YouTube.
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