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Found 13 results

  1. Hi everyone This is my first post here, so i hope you will bear with me if I get it wrong. In 2010 I was diagnosed with MS and due to deterioration in my physical condition I had to stop working. To keep it short, I had to sell my house and paid off most debts, however a debt to Barclaycard CC remained. In Oct 2013 a reduced payment plan was agreed with Barclaycard and to date I have kept up these payments firstly with them and subsequently with Link. I have listed below a summary of events. I have a couple of questions and any advice would be very appreciated. Should I respond to Links request for a financial review of the current plan by phone (they have supplied an 0800 number) or in writing ( they have supplied an income/expenditure form). Unfortunately I do not have my original Barclaycard Credit Card agreement or any statements of my payments when the card was active. Having read about PPI ect.. would it be worth me getting this of Barclaycard and if so, how do I go about doing this. Again any advice would appreciated. Oct 2013. Barclaycard agree due to my circumstances, reduced payment plan of £26.00 per month for 12 months.. Balance £4451.91 Oct 2014. Barclaycard continue agreement at £26.00 per month to be reviewed in 12 months.. Balance £4139.91 Feb 2015. Barclaycard write to tell me they are transferring my account to a third party called Asset Link Capital (No5) Limited. This is in line with the Terms and Conditions of the account and the transfer will happen in Feb 2015. They state that Asset Link Capital (No5) Ltd have been chosen after a rigorous selection process. My agreed repayment plan is to remain in place for a minimum of six months after which Asset Link will get in touch to review my financial situation and may agree a new payment plan. Feb 2015. Asset Link Capital write to tell me the following: We write to notify you that Barclaycard has assigned your account, as referenced above to Asset Link Capital (No5) Limited ("ACL5") on 27.02.2015 with an outstanding balance of £4035.91. ACL5 has appointed Link Financial Outsourcing Ltd to service your account on their behalf. They acknowledge payments of £26.00 per month under the terms of an informal agreement, and will review this payment plan at the date agreed with Barclaycard or six months from this assignment. Jan 2016. Link Financial Outsourcing send letter for payment plan review.
  2. right then guys, where do i begin with these un-helpful people. My partner and i got into alot of debt about 7-8 years ago. We have 5 creditors at present and one of them being link financial. We have been in a so called debt management program for six years with (unfortunatly) spectrum financial services, although they are known with many different names. Our original plan was five years and our creditors will accept a reduced settlement for us to be debt free. The five years came and went and when i contacted spectrum to challenge them, they say there was never a five year plan between us, i disputed with them , but hey where do i stand eh ! I then told spectrum to go away and contacted stepchange who are now helping me free of charge to manage my debts. This management is to include paying my debts with s/o at the rate of £1 per month, all creditors have accepted this offer accept these idiots link financial, who are demanding a minimum of at least £5 a month, which they say is their policy (which i have read time and time again on these forums), unless i claim jsa and am not a homeowner, and then they will accept the £1 i have offered. The original debt is with GE money for double glazing that i was pressured into buying with safestyle uk, The amount was for £1000, during the time i was with spectrum this amount was the same until last year when all of a sudden they have increased the total amount we owe to more than £2000. After sending them a statement of affairs and offering £1 a month, they refuse to accept it and they demand more, which i am not prepared to accept. I am more than prepered to take these clowns on in a court of law, but i need your advice on what to do next,, with your help we can get one over on these money making [problem]s and put them to bed so who is prepared to help me all the way ? I can't do this without you, so please help yours sincerely
  3. I got into quite a bit of financial trouble some years back and, through hard work and kindness from my family, managed to climb out of most of it. Unfortunately, MBNA were one of my creditors and they weren't at all helpful in resolving my problems. To cut a long story short, I paid off pretty much all of my debts apart from MBNA who were receiving a minimum payment each month (and I was watching the debt reduce by maybe 5% of the minimum payment). I had a 20% pay cut and something had to give - MBNA were it. I rang them and explained what had happened and asked for help; they refused to give me any. Eventually, I didn't have any choice but to stop paying them. I'm now back on full pay, but before that happened, I received a letter from Link Financial Outsourcing telling me the debt had been passed to them for collection - all £8,000 of it. Fair enough, my own fault. I rang them and asked the guy I spoke to if I could set up a repayment plan. I racked up the debt, I expect to have to pay it back. Somewhat unbelievably to me, he refused. When I asked why, he said they like to give people time to try and arrange a full and final payment. I told him that wasn't going to be possible and that I'd like to set up a repayment plan. He refused again, again citing that I should be able to raise the funds. In three weeks. I asked how he expected me to do that and he said I could probably get it from family and friends. I told him I wasn't going to do that, couldn't do that. He said I'd have to try. I accused him of being less than helpful and he said he'd been very helpful and very reasonable - after all, he'd offered to reduce the final payment amount to £6000 and given me a month to raise it. Then he terminated the call. They called me a few more times to see if I'd raised anything. Each time I spoke to them, I asked them if I could set up a repayment plan as it wasn't going to be possible for me to raise such an amount in such a short time. They refused each time. At one point, I asked why I couldn't pay them back over time.. . I was told that because I was a home-owner, they wouldn't accept a repayment plan, they'd just take me to court. I asked what they hoped to achieve from that, and they said it was their company policy. This morning, I've received a Letter Before Action stating that court proceedings will now be issued against me by IDR Finance UK Limited (who?) without further notice. I'm pretty stressed about this and I really have no idea what to do. Please, please, help! I am not trying to weasel out of the debt - as I said, I made mistakes and I admit I owe money and I want to pay it off; but there's just no way I can pay £8000 (or even £6000) in one go. I'm terrified that they'll take me to court and somehow find a way to take my house. I don't know if that's possible, but it keeps me awake at night. I have a wife and three young children and times are tight. All I want to do is to come to some agreement with them and start paying them off! If anyone has any advice on what I should do, I'd be very grateful. Thanks for reading.
  4. Hello everyone, After a phone call from an "Investigator" to my wife, my address was confirmed. Im now receiving letters from Link who have been appointed by Thesis demanding payment in full for an outstanding SLC loan. The loan was taken out 97/98, and should be the old type, however sometime around 1999/2000 i received a CCJ (despite pleading that i had notified them of a change of address, therefore not received the deferment ) being young and broke I panicked and had been paying a monthly figure up until 2009 (I had to close my bank account from where I was sending the standing order). I very nearly called them to negotiate a settlement but after discovering this most fantastic forum, decided to ignored the 1st letter and see what happens next. I have stored the number they used to contact my wife with in my phone as DO NOT ANSWER and get the odd voicemail asking me to call urgently. I don't intend to speak with them. Is there anyway to find out what other numbers they use? so we are not caught off guard. Im expecting it to get worse. The next letter I received seems somehow less threatening, however states their intentions to not allow me to leave the account unpaid. They also note that they are aware that i maybe avoiding contact with them but they are sure that when I borrowed the money I had every intention to pay it back!? The next paragraph says something along the lines of-- If this dept has been registered with a Credit Reference Agency it will be held against my name.. I thought it had already been held against me after the 1st CCJ? The Last Paragraph says that they may place my details with the Asset Investigation Department to validate my personal data and pursue any action that may prove necessary to recover the balance. Am I in a position to continue ignoring them? Or should I start down the road of fighting back? after the way the SLC/Thesis and now Link have dealt with this matter, I have no intention whatsoever of parting with any more money for them! Hopefully, I've tried to be as concise as possible Yours Thankfully Soundman
  5. Hi I hope somebody can help me. I have a debt of c £2,700 which I presume Link bought from MBNA. I have been paying £15 per month for over 10 years and they have now all of a sudden started telephoning me. I dont know how they have my number as it is ex directory and in a different name to the debt. I no longer work and am disabled and really cannot afford the £15 but keep paying just to try to pay the debt off. I owe over £30k in total as I had to give up work due to ill health and I have two very small children also. I have MS and this is making me ill with worry. Please can somebody help and give me some advice. I have sent the letter asking them to confirm that they own the debt but I am now frightened to answer the phone in case its them. Help help help please. Thank you Charlie Do you think I would be better declaring bankruptcy?
  6. I've recieved a letter from Link Financial Outsourcing Limited (hereafter LFO) who now state that 'Link Financial' own an alleged debt from MBNA from 2006 for £5900.00 and that LFO have been instructed to attempt collection. My research this far has suggested that LFO seem to collect on debts which are pretty much uncollectable and without paperwork. Would this seem a fair analysis? I'm just going to wait for something more concrete before responding as I think this is just a stab in the dark for them,
  7. Hello, I really hope you can help me. I am a single woman and have recently found myself in quite severe financial trouble. I have a debt of £2300 with Lowells (Black Horse Finance - 2007) and £2950 with Link Financial (Barclaycard - 2001). I had an arrange with both of them, paying £50 PCM. I am not currently in a position to pay this and I am scared of what will happen next. I don't understand how the law sees this situation. They phone quite regularly. I have read here that I don't have to answer their calls. Is that true? I don't know if I have PPI. Thank you for reading this.
  8. Hi, I received a mobile phone call out of the blue last Wednesday asking if I was me and giving very old addresses as contacts. After asking some questions they said they had bought my student loan debt and demanding payment of several thousand pounds. I was told I had 21 days to pay them - with no option of a payment plan or anything. When I questioned why I had not heard from the Student Loan Company for about ten years and now was getting a phone call out of the blue they advised they had only just managed to track me down. They offered very little information about who they were other than basic information. They did not even offer there company name. I seem to remember they asked me for my address to send a letter to and looking back I don't believe that had my address. They also advised that contacting the student loans company would not achieve anything and they would transfer me straight back to them. I did take out a student loan back in 95-97 and due to the amount I was earning after I graduated, I deferred it for a couple of years. Around 1999-2000 I did not receive my deferral letter and over a period of 6 months went backwards and forwards with the SLC to try and get them to send me a deferral form. I provided them with an alternative contact of my parents address during this time but nothing seemed to work so I gave up and stopped contacting them. I received no further contact either via phone or post and neither did my parents. I have been at my current address for seven years and have never been contacted by anyone about the Student Loan until last week. In a stress I called the SLC the next morning who confirmed they had sold my debt on, confirming the amount and that I owned no more than I was told on the phone. Today I have received a notice of debt collection services letter from Link Financial Outsourcing but it is single page of A4 with some references but no paperwork or evidence to back it up. Unfortunately I also have no paperwork as it has been lost in a number of house moves and having had no contact for so many years. Having read some of the threads on your forum I think this debt might be statue barred - do you think I have a case and what do you advise I do next? I'm sorry this post is so long and thank you in advance for any help and advice you can give.
  9. Ive been getting mail from Link Financial Outsourcing regarding an old student loan. I was deferring the payment as I was unemployed at the time then about 6 years ago I forgot to defer the payment and was asked to pay about 6 months worth of repayments, I told them I was unemployed and I didnt have it but they didnt care so I broke off contact completely with them. It looks like they have sold the debt to Link Outsourcing, my question is this, should I contact them and ask for the original credit agreement and use the statute of limitations defence or should I ignore it? Im not sure if its been over 6 years since I last contacted the student loans company (but I think its been over 6 years) If I contact them and its been under 6 years the debt becomes "live" again as I understand it. Any information would be gratefully received.
  10. Please help!! I've just received a letter from the above saying that I owe them £ from a student loan I took out in 1994 - 97. I have had zero contact with anyone about this since at least 1999, and they say they will not accept monthly payments but want the money within 21 days or they will come round and recover goods! I am in a state. I'm afraid i did foolishly call them as wanted to sort this out, but have been reading that I shouldn't have phoned. Can they do this??
  11. Hi, I hope you can all help My friend was sent a letter today in her maiden name to her home address (not her current but her home address when she was younger) saying that I (maiden name) had given them permission to contact them to give my details to them. It was from link financial outsourcing and the only thing I can think of is it is about a student loan? I am very confused though as I have had statements from the student loan company about how much I owe? Also I never gave my friends address to anyone regarding loans or anything? Is this letter genuine or should we/she ignore it? Thanks F
  12. Hi, I am hoping someone can help me out here. I bought a Ford Focus in December 2008 on a Hire purchase agreement. Unfortunately due to some personal circumstances and a bad time in business, I fell behind on my repayments and my debt was sold to Link Financial Outsourcing (LFO) in January 2012. This means I had repaid more than two thirds of the debt and so LFO would need a court order to repossess my car. I rely heavily on my car for work (I run a software consulting firm) and so rang LFO to see if they would accept a repayment plan on a monthly basis but I was informed this was not possible and I had 6 weeks to repay all the money. Rather stupidly I said, this was something I could do but the payment date has been and gone and I have not paid. Today I received a letter (Dated May10th) explaining they were now issuing court proceedings against me and I had to contact them within 48hrs to prevent it happening. I've tried calling but to no avail. As today is the 15th, I presume they have already set the wheels in motion. My question is; what is the process here? Am I right in thinking that they will try to take out a CCJ against me and that I will then have 28 days to pay this, before the baliffs come calling? Or have I got that completely wrong. I can lay my hands on this money by the end of June (I owe £2,531.86) and would be able to clear the debt in full, but somehow I don't think LFO would accept this at this stage. My Credit Report is completely shot anyway so at this point I am not too bothered about getting a CCJ (I already have one from a failed business deal) which was filed recently so either way it's going to be 6 years before it starts to repair. I would be really grateful if someone could please explain the process that LFO are now going to go through and how much time I have realistically to pay the outstanding debt off. I'd be thankful for any information you can give me. Please ask for any more information you need. Many Thanks, Matt
  13. I have heard today that my company is outsourcing my role and that of 20+ colleagues offshore. They are offering relocation (unlikely as the Indian Subcontinent doesn't appeal) but if relocation is not taken up, they refuse to offer redundancy. Instead they are offering an option to resign with a severance package. This raises questions over Job Seekers Allowance, Income Protection etc. They have categorically said that the are BOUND by TUPE to follow this course; my initial research has found otherwise. Can someone with better experience / knowledge help please as I would to answer "neither" to the offer of relocation and resignation and see what they then come back with and even investigate whether this may amount to constructive dismissal.
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