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Found 2 results

  1. Hi all, For approx 8 years now I have had a space in a council locked car park which I pay a weekly rent for. There are numbered spaces which you have allocated to your vehicle. you must provide MOT and owner info showing that the vehicle is roadworthy etc. You are given a permit and in the entire time of my occupation it has never been either checked or indeed enforced. ( We have always had issues with access being blocked by twats parking in front of the gates on a yellow cross hatching and double yellow lines etc. They get away with it frequently on an almost daily basis. The thing is clearly marked and you would need to be blind and stupid to not realise what it is. ) Until recently. It has now been allocated to a Private Company. New permits were issued and new signs put up. In the last 2 weeks I have had 3 tickets for not displaying my permit. One poor lady has had a ticket for parking incorrectly. I have done my research and appealed the first ticket. i gave the second one back to the attendant and told him...not to stick anything else to my windscreen and further not to force my wiper out of position as they are electronically positioned with rain sensors etc. He ignored me and came back with stronger glue which Ii cannot get off and is now damaging my passenger side wiper. Along with this I had my car MOT'd and as I know the guy professionally he told me that it would be perfectly reasonable for it to fail...due to significant driver view obstruction on the windscreen. I have told all this to my local council. A manager answered my call when I phoned to complain. His response was to remove me from the car park for no other reason that they need the space back. He was rude, arrogant and dismissive and when I stated that I was prepared to go to court for the tickets and the damage to my vehicle he said..' yeah, i like your style'. I was dumbfounded. Where do I go from here. I am uncontrollably angry and l want to go tot he council office and knock this Piers Morgan right out. which wont get me anywhere.
  2. I'm shocked and scandalised!!!! I see that a tax-payer funded organisation which is a crucial part of the British justice system is deliberately passing itself off as a private parking company!!!! In case you don't know, Passing Off is a tort at common law and means that you gain an unlawful benefit by operating your business in a way which can make people think that you are another business - which is more respectable and more worthy than you own. Passing off happens when you present yourself in such a way that consumers are confused into parting with their money because they think that you are someone else. Passing off is about competing unfairly by trading off the goodwill of someone else's business. Geddit? Now I see that the Crown Prosecution Service is trading of the hard-earned goodwill of that nice Private Parking Company - UKCPS. It is shocking!!! I can imagine that many criminals or accused persons only bother to pay their fines or do their stir or even just turn up at court because they think that they have been commanded to do so by UPCPS - when in fact if they realised that it was simply the United Kingdom Crown Prosecution Service, they probably would have simply not taken any notice. (And quite rightly) I expect that you find this all so unlikely that you don't believe me????!!!! Well check it for yourself. If you Google "UKCPS" you will find that the Crown Prosecution Service have cunningly opened a Youtube channel called UKCPS. Anyway, just for clarification, here is the truth:- UKCPS (Parking Service) and UKCPS (Prosecution Service) Right. Hopefully no one will be confused anymore
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