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Found 2 results

  1. Hi ,I have been looking at other posts and I am unsure what to do. On Friday I parked at Orpington Station car park and paid £6 in advance online for my parking ticket. It said my number plate will automatically be picked up but to be sure i printed out my receipt to leave on the dashboard. I returned to my car that evening to find a parking ticket! I asked the man in the station and he told me that they have special 'sections' that you have to park in before 9.30am. However throughout the whole online booking process i was not told this and the worked at the station said theres a sign as you drive in but thats it! I looked for the sign as you drive in but could not see it (probably due to overgrown bushes and builders advertisement boards etc). He told me i should appeal it as i did pay and a lot of people dont realise about the areas, expecially if its their first time parking there. However from looking on here everyone seems to be saying ignore it? If i ignore it what is the likely outcome that will happen? would anyone suggest appealing it?
  2. Hi All, Last week in a hurry to catch my train I had to drive to Orpington station, parked, ran and bought a ticket (paid £5.50) and displayed clearly on my dashboard. When I came back to my car I had a lovely little notice from Meteor say I was in breach of their "Terms & Conditions". I was absolutely outraged that they had given me a ticket despite the fact that I had paid and clearly displayed, the problem being I was parked in a permit holder bay rather than a bay for non permit holders. I rarely use this car park and was unaware of this "rule" as I would normally get a bus to the station. In my anger, I wrote a very pleasant non-aggressive email to their appeals department which surprise surprise got rejected. I regret doing this as the majority of advise is to ignore these notices until they give up and they now have my name email address and number plate, and I also acknowledged that I did not realise I was in a restricted area (although I realise this doesn't hold much weight). In the appeals response: " Breach Code 10: Parking in area restricted for use of permit holders without displaying a valid permit before 09:30" They go onto say what I assume is the usual stuff they tell everyone.. Having reviewed the photographic evidence, which is also attached, there is clear signage to state that the area is reserved for permit holders only before 9:30am. It clearly states in the terms and conditions that daily and weekly ticket holders are not permitted to park in areas reserved for permit holders as permits are classed as monthly or longer tickets. You will note that the Parking Charge Notice also clearly states, “This car park is regulated by the Terms & Conditions of parking displayed at the car park. By entering the car park you have agreed and contracted to be legally bound by those Terms & Conditions. The Parking Charge Notice was completed and attached to the windscreen of the vehicle, with photographic evidence taken of the vehicle. The parking notice clearly provides information on payment terms, which are: “if payment is made within 14 days the Parking Charge Notice is reduced to £45.00”. Payment made after this time should be paid at the full amount of £90.00 is then due. It also advises any representations regarding the issue of the notice should be made in writing. However, this is the choice the owner would make and is not imperative. Having reviewed the circumstances surrounding the issuing of the above Parking Charge Notice, and having considered your reason(s) for appeal, I have concluded that the parking notice should remain and my decision is to uphold the Parking Charge Notice. Payment at the reduced rate of £45.00 for each parking notice will be accepted if received within 14 days of the date of this letter. Zoë Page Meteor Appeals Department I wanted to check these Terms and Conditions this morning and managed to find them under incredibly poor lighting (see attachment Station1 and Station2). Further, the appeals department stated I have supposedly breached upon Code 10 (Station3). Code 10 in these Terms & Conditions have absolutely nothing to do with parking in a Permit Holder space, so I am under the impression Meteor Limited have lied to me about which code I have supposedly breached - is this a fair assumption or is this referring to some other term & condition or breach elsewhere? For me even needing to ask this implies this whole procedure is confusing. I have researched this thoroughly online, and the majority of people say to ignore these notices, my main concerns are: - Credit Rating - is there any chance this could be affected? - Byelaws - could someone help explain what these are and how it could hurt/help me? - What are the chance of this going to court/maximum charges that could be incurred? I still have my original tickets as purchased on the day and will be keeping hold of these. This forum is excellent and I look forward to any advise that can be offered here. I do not want to give these people a single penny unless I have too - this £45 would be much better off going to charity. Thanks in advance! Underfined.
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