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Found 8 results

  1. I originally had four outstanding loans with lending stream. I contacted them and they agreed to me paying them five pounds per month by standing order. Since then they have sent one of the loans to CRS who are demanding payment. It's only 34 pounds but why should I be paying them when I have already set up a payment with lending stream? CRS tell me I jmust send bank statements to them proving I'm paying lending stream but surely it would be quicker for them to contact lending stream directly?
  2. i have an outstanding debt with creation finance which has been passed onto pastduecredit solutinons. i completed an income and expenditure form online for them which they dont seem to have received. i have also paid them £30 pounds. i received an e mail from them asking me to ring them to confirm how long i have lived at my address and when did i vacate it. they claim this is for data protection purposes. i have not vacated my current address at all. i sent them 5 e mails confirming that this is my address and i have not vacated this property. today i received an e mail asking me to ring them to confirm this . i am uncomfortable ringing them plus i simply cannot afford to. i have asked in my e mail for them to contact me by e mail or post. just what are these muppets playing at
  3. orlauk

    cap1 & freds

    can anyone help me by giving me some debt advice regarding capital one
  4. hi everyone . been off sick and got into £200 pound debt with wonga. have sent them repeated e mails and income and expenditure budget sheets offering to pay them £10 per month. they replied they want £17. got an email yesterday from them telling me they have transferred the account to moorcroft and i need to contact moorcroft directly. what i need to know is do i wait for moorcroft contacting me or do i do as they say and contact moorcroft themselves
  5. i originally owed wonga £169 but defaulted on the debt ten days ago as i have been off sick from work and been unable to pay the debt. they charged me £30 immediately for doing this. i sent them many e mails explaining i am unable to fill in their repayment plan as it expects me to £199 over three months and wont accept anything less. i explained at the moment i can afford only ten pound per month. they eventually replied that they would stop all collection activities for 38 days and freeze all interest while i sort my debts out. today though i have discovered they are charging me a pound interest everyday. what can i do about this?
  6. i owe wonga £150 and cannot pay the interest they charge to roll it over. im trying to set up a repayment plan with them. i have cancelled my cpa with them and notified the bank. what i would like to know is that although ive cancelled my cpa with wonga, can they still take money from my bank account?
  7. i have recently been off sick and therefore been unable to pay pounds to pocket and quick quid. because they both belong to the same company, i have cancelled cpa with my bank and with them. i have contacted them with regards to setting up a repayment plan. they have agreed to do this but only if i set up a direct debit, use cpa or a third party account. i am not willing to do this as i feel they could take any money out of my account any time they wanted to. i have asked if i can send a cheque or set up a standing order. they either ignore these requests or simply reply with we can only use direct debit , cpa or third party payments. any ideas folks on what to do?
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