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Found 13 results

  1. morning all travelling back from holiday and have had a bit of a bump, stopped and swapped details of course but not sure how its likely to go. came off M60 on slip road and theres two lanes to go around onto M67, i was in left hand side of the two (video shows markings on road) went to go around the lane (stayed in lane) and unfortunately someones come from the 3rd lane and tried to go straight on - straight into side of the car not sure how insurance is likely to view it to be honest (especially as its wife insurance as named driver) the only other detail is that
  2. Hi, I wanted to get some opinions/advice regarding an issue I have and wanted to know what the general feeling, or even better someone who has experienced this problem and what the outcome was.... I purchased an Audi A3 1.8TFSI and the car has the same oil consumption issue as the 2.0 TFSI (mainly Audi A5's but A3 and other models also). I went for the 1.8TFSI as I didn't think it had the same oil consumption issue but it appears it does, just less well known. My local Audi dealer is doing all of the tests and in a couple of weeks they will have all of the details to put fo
  3. Hi folks and thanks for taking an interest. I have a consumer issue which I would like some opinions on please? Please forgive me if this is in the wrong place. On 18/07 I selected and booked accommodation for two nights via the Booking.com website for a place called Juras Mols in Bigauņciems Latvia. I was hoping for a few days away from consumer related hassle, ha ha, must have broken a mirror recently. The website clearly says on the accommodation page: 2nd Paragraph: “Guests can enjoy a sauna and a heated indoor pool. ….” 4th Paragraph: “Free Wi-Fi and free private parkin
  4. Hey, A bit of background: After I hit 80 kg (176 lbs) [btw I'm 1.78cm] I decided to start exercising. I found a nice dumbbell + PU + crunches plan and will try to stick to it. Before that I was on keto (when loosing weight) or on a low carb diet (loosing slower/ maintaining). Now my question: Are there any reasons to stay on low carb when trying go build muscles? Are there any downsides on a low carb diet? From what I understand It probably doesn't matter as long as I get enough protein, but I want to make sure I didn't miss anything. Thanks for helping out
  5. I recently contacted Wonga to ask for my loan history, when I spoke to them tthey told me that some payments sent by my debt management company had been added onto the account after the debt had been written off, and they would return these payments to me. I thought this was a bit strange as the payments had been sent about a year before the write off. I proceeded to send them my bank statement so they could verify my bank details and return the payments. The next day I recieved a call from them and they said the payments had in fact been added before the debt write off and they wouldn't
  6. Hi, To cut a long story short I am being formally investigated by another manager. The company has a formal procedure in investigations and part of this is checking IT. They will find in the recycle bin pictures depicting the Boss in an uncomplimentary manner....I got rid of them a long time ago as they were innappropriate, but I did not empty the recycle bin! I never sent them to anyone else or printed them but I'm sure that they will find them. Do you think this would be Gross Misconduct ?? Thank you.
  7. Good morning everyone, In the small town where I live with have a branch of a quite famous german supermarket (with Parking eye cameras) and two other supermarkets both with their own PPC's. I have recently helped a couple of people defend Parking Eye, speculative Invoices with 100% success, However, I would like to setup all three companies and detail the process of getting the charges dropped in the local media, My idea is this: 1. Overstay the Parking Eye park and get an Invoice, also double dip this park with witnesses present to record me times of arrival and departure
  8. I would like some opinions on the following problem. A lady in her 60s received a letter on Monday morning from her employer, stating that she had been summarily dismissed for " gross misconduct", the employer is a franchisee for a convenience store chain the letter was from a manager. The reason for dismissal being stated as " failing to recognise a test purchase re sale of alcohol" test carried on the previous Saturday by TS and Police" Others (younger) counter staff have failed such tests and have been " given a second chance". There has been absolutely n
  9. I have a civil claim against a former employer under the Employment Rights Act and unlawful deduction of wages. Tomorrow afternoon i have a conference call with the court mediation service to try and settle this claim before it goes in front of a judge. I am asking for peoples opinions on this process, is it objective, does it work, or is the Mediator more interested in any form of settlement rather than justice to the cost of either the claimant or respondent? Thanks
  10. Hello, I just need some insight into the email below txtloan have sent me. I mean I am not new to this and believe I should pay what I owe and that is that but sometimes other people can say things which open other doors. I took a loan from txtloan in march/april for £300 and set up a repayment plan when I couldn't pay in april for £20 per month for 6 months which ended on 30th november 2012. So my original loan was £300 (£351 w/interest), I have paid £120 which should leave £231 but the DCA is claiming my balance to be £540. And how can they still charge me interest even when on a repaym
  11. My daughter, who is in her last year of school, has just brought home her school report. In amongst a long line of 'above average' and 'excellent' in the behaviour column, and A's, A*'s and B's in the predicted grade column, her Science teacher has graded her behaviour as 'poor' and her predicted grade is now a 'U' - she's been at this school for a year and a half, and her predicted Science grade has always been 'A', and her grades on her mocks and coursework have all been A/B's. When I asked her what had happened with Science, she shrugged and said 'New teacher. She's given more than
  12. HI In need of car insurance right now and the cheapest i have found is with the green insurance company. Anyone dealt with this or know if they are worth using or avoiding? thanks
  13. I know this is a consumer site, but i need a bit of advice. Brief as poss situation. I was wrongly arrested for Actual Bodily Harm and Criminal Damage on the 9th sept 2011. The charges were dropped on Tuesday 22nd May 2012 the day before my 3rd court appearance. I had to appear as instructed by my sols, so we could go for a costs order. To my horror the court would not entertain my loss of earnings, £652.50p. Only reasonable expenses. Fuel, car park etc, Now i consider my loss of earnings to be reasonable, dont you. So this is what i am thinking. Should i take t
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