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Found 15 results

  1. Hi, I have received a claim form from northampton bulk centre with asset collections as the claimant. The original loan was from lending stream who sold it to asset, I dont mind paying it but the amount has grown somewhat from the last dca who chased it and i cant afford to pay that much back. I have responded to the claim at moneyclaim. help needed please
  2. Hi, Long time lurker on this site. Now find that I need advice. Bought a SILVER Hyundai Getz for step daughter just over a week ago. Seemed OK on inspection and drives well. I was checking the fluid levels at the weekend and noticed that the underside of the bonnet is WHITE. I then had a good look around and the hatch at the back is WHITE on the inside, as is the boot floor. I am now very concerned that this car may have been in an accident. Why else would someone respray a low value car? My other concern is that I will have difficulty selling this on when we no longe
  3. In January I returned my daughter's Christmas present to the shop to be exchanged. I booked using Parcel2go and they in turn used myHermes as the courier. T he parcel was lost. My problem is this...I dropped the parcel at a drop off shop. I returned to the shop and they looked on the CCTV for me and it clearly shows my parcel being collected by the myHermes courier. The parcel was never scanned in not once. Parcel2go claim that they they have no liability due to their t's & c's. My understanding is that if the t's and c's are unreasonable then they can be he
  4. Hi everybody, I was caught in early November using my father's freedom Pass in the middle of my return journey (I used the Undeground zone 1- travelling to zone 4) I stayed with the lady Revenue inspector around 30 min and she took all the details needed against me in the court (is the station where you are going near your house, how tall I am, what I am wearing...). At the end: she gave me to read the following written in a small paper: “You do not have to say anything. But, it may harm your defence if you do not mention when questioned something which you later rely
  5. Good Evening Forum Once again i am being taken to court by a doorstep lender. I had a loan with them paid in full then took a small loan with them again which they failed to turn up and collect, The whole reason i took the loan as its convenient and i am a full time carer so don't really get out much to do anything so really handy them coming to my house. I have explained to the company the reason why payment was not made and they said it was my responsibility to make sure i got them money to them, I explained that its a doorstep loan and agent shou
  6. Hi all I have been having a lot of financial problems for the last few years, Things got on top of me, and I have let things slip. Well as I have said I am with British Gas, I recently looked at my on line account, and was horrified at the amount of charges. £413 in total. I investigated, to find out that they were for warrant fees, and Debt collection visits. All but 3 I was not aware of. So I challenged B G over this, I am pleased to say that I have now had just over £300 credited back to my accounts So please keep a check and challange everythi
  7. Hi, I was pressured into accepting two CCJ's as appearing in court would have been devastating, if it got that far. Is it possible to mount a new challenge against the debt as I am sure that there is no enforceable agreement? One was a Debenhams store card and the other was a Debenhams loan. Both were taken over by CL Finance. They are a millstone around my neck, in more than one manner. Thanks,
  8. Hi, I've got another question, if you don't mind, please. Recently I changed my JSA claim to another council (rapid reclaim, although no break in signing on). I had a liability order for unpaid council tax and a budgeting loan being deducted each week from my JSA. Both stopped being deducted when I changed council. I've now sorted the issue with the council tax, thanks to some of the advice received on here. But the DWP has also stopped taking my deductions for a budgeting loan I had in August. I owe the money and will pay it back, no question. But can "they" (DWP/COUNCIL) get a li
  9. Hi Guys, I unfortunately caved into the Harlands group ridiculous admin fees and paid them £50 for missing one direct debit. (£25 late fee and £25 for cancelling the direct debit.) I know I shouldn't have paid late, that's my fault. After reading a lot of the threads it appears that I could have possibly been done over by them. Is there any way I could possibly get these fees back? Thanks!
  10. Am I right in understanding that they would need to serve a notice to quit, and once expired they can seek an eviction order? Or is there something I'm missing? Thanks in advance
  11. Would it be likely to be placed on the WP for a 2nd time i.e. 4 years.? Work programme 2 years>6 month post work programme support>employed temporary for X months>back to JSA for 3-6 months> Work programme for another 2 years?
  12. hi well got a letter back from cabot said it would take them 40 days to reply now as there 12 days are up i have sent the second letter to them that was a long one to write its says they should reply within 14 days if i dont here nothing back by then what do i do then
  13. Hi Just wondered if a loan account falls into arrears and goes into a DMP, whether the PPI payment is still included on the debt or is taken off?. I have a 2 loans that ended up being paid off via a DMP. Admittedly I do not have all the paperwork as I couldn't cope with the amount of debt at the time but on the paperwork I have it doesn't seem to have been cancelled. I am looking to claim back PPI but I'm not sure if I only paid it until the account went into a DMP or if the entire cost of the loan and PPI was sent to a debt recovery agency.
  14. The words 'responsible lending' I find a con. I know the amount of debt I am in is my own fault but the last year I have started up payment plans with them and tried to get myself back on track. I have 3 that I use still, WDA which this month I paid off in full and then had to reapply because it is a huge amount. Now I am having trouble with Quid Market. They gave me a PDL when I probably shouldn't have been accepted but it was a massive help none the less. Last month, I was going to pay off my loan in full so I didn't respond to any of the defferal messages and thought it would be dealt with.
  15. Second account with these guys that I apparently owe money on. This time £207.74 and I had already sent them a statute barred letter a couple of weeks back, but they have today come back with a claim that the Terms of the Limitation Act do not apply to this debt as a CCJ was made back 25/10/2003. Surely the fact this CCJ was done almost 9 years ago means they can't still chase this? CCJ or not? There is no record of this on my credit files either. What should I tell these fools? Seems like everyday they are trying it on lately. As always, I thank you in advance for your help.
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